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Minecraft Daily | Ep.44 Ft Kevin | Super Deluxe High Horse Barn!

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Text Comments (1068)
Pink Batman (1 year ago)
2016 "Lets build a wall" - Trump -_- They told the future
Cole Smith (4 years ago)
He didn't open it
Stayalive619 (4 years ago)
It's beginning to look a lot like craftmess xD
Gemgem (4 years ago)
Dat ending though lol
Ocean Pacific (4 years ago)
Are you good T this game
Aaron LePage (4 years ago)
How can you Fuck your life... if you don't have wood? *dances around with noodle arms* PUNPUNPUNPUNPUN!
Kailee Robertson (4 years ago)
You made the villagers mad
appieloosa (4 years ago)
yes he does it is amazing
5qa1 (4 years ago)
Sphax BDcraft
PiggyProtecter (5 years ago)
He doesn't have a house.
cyndaquilofpower (5 years ago)
what texture pack is this?
Ibfinity (5 years ago)
It was painful watching Sly trying to place the steps for 10 minutes. But worth it.
Brandon Maggard (5 years ago)
Sly vs Steven iron hoe match
Hyper Star (5 years ago)
haha he ending! XD
Myth PvP (5 years ago)
:3 kisses pshh more like fapping o.o
John Schaefer (5 years ago)
"Its beginning to look a lot like Non-Denominational Holidays!"
Djhood97 (5 years ago)
Kinda ironic that the add before this ep was about people smuggling..... kevin
Yung Shiiino (5 years ago)
Theres diamond on the wall at 23:55
Gui Shark (5 years ago)
He opens it at the 25th this was 1 year ago
YoshiMan223 (5 years ago)
Sounds late
VyZE (5 years ago)
A LOL charictor
NoodleNayru (5 years ago)
That ending XD
Mugman (5 years ago)
To many items he has it
Wes (5 years ago)
me at the end: 0_o
Djdani1 (5 years ago)
That is looking awsome
Fire Ant (5 years ago)
It's beginning to look like bullshit- Whenever i look at you faaace~
Kutlwano Ndlovu (5 years ago)
Lio Lyons (5 years ago)
sonic heros (5 years ago)
well fuck u than dont watch it
froteet (5 years ago)
the snow on kevins house reminds me of a bird
lovewolfes66 (5 years ago)
Who is draven
colton everling (5 years ago)
You can still see the doors under water
alexis baker (5 years ago)
thay are all going to open their presents on Christmas Dec 25
MegaCool1100 (5 years ago)
Okay im fine with sparkles Swifty And Bashur
Sand Dreemurr Steele (5 years ago)
Is look before you leap a parody of the episode look before you sleep? Or vice versa?
Samantha Johnson (5 years ago)
speaking of bringing people on you should bring ChimneySwift, The Sky Army, Bashur, AntVenom,and Captain Sparklez
kimmy a (5 years ago)
Right at the end when u were kissing i started laughing soo hard i almost pissed myself
bob9doto (5 years ago)
Look at the date ._.
Laurel Tennant (5 years ago)
first they talk about sex then when they like "kiss" sly says thats nasty.......such logic behind that
Devon Smith (5 years ago)
You have to tell Kevin your the one who burned his house down.
Sarah Johnson (5 years ago)
That kiss made me laugh so hard
Eric Ton (5 years ago)
Looks like both Sly and Kevin got a second present
Victoria (5 years ago)
Did anyone else notice the dick on the right of steven's house at 22:14????
Mike Meza (5 years ago)
It's beginning to look a lot like bullshit
Dan Keeling (5 years ago)
The only Christmas is when Draven is over...
Lane.Hayes (5 years ago)
rock the gasbard!
LunaPup P. (5 years ago)
i posted that 2!
LunaPup P. (5 years ago)
is biganing to look like draven!
NEO_Creater (5 years ago)
whoops caps lock.
NEO_Creater (5 years ago)
bella phillips (5 years ago)
he has not opened the present in this ep because he was doing a countdown to christmas. THIS WAS POSTED ON THE 17TH OF DECEMBER
markus jönsson (5 years ago)
Danmarks flagg on the big packet, under the christmas tree.
Urie Tan (5 years ago)
XLR8SHIFT (5 years ago)
Bacon pancakeses bacon bacon pancakes
Coolstuff115 (5 years ago)
The barn is bigger then everyone s house
Anthony Pratt (5 years ago)
Kevin "beat his ass", sly "beat his ass", me "whoop dat nigga" LolXD
Basic Trash (1 year ago)
boy bye
Kyle Knight (5 years ago)
i <3 being a homie
Laufey Erla (5 years ago)
its beginning to look a lot like ''Dravin'' everywere i go....
Gerardo Godoy (5 years ago)
He will probably build a mansion, not a house
Aiden Hodge (5 years ago)
bring AntVenom
TheImmortalArcher (5 years ago)
xXKevinFoxXx <3
Naolis Light (5 years ago)
I have found a fellow sburbian
karkatinq (5 years ago)
zboski1 (5 years ago)
trader said to the skeleton RUIN MY BLACK FRIDAY HELL NO
Matt Owen (5 years ago)
hahahaha lol
cathleen rickle (5 years ago)
check your dang present
Liotahcheion (5 years ago)
Kevin's Never ever busy he is in every minecraft daily since they brought him in
TheGhostranger8 (5 years ago)
Steven is summoning herobrine:)
Anonymoose (5 years ago)
best ending ever
Avenchist (5 years ago)
UponTheOcean (5 years ago)
Lol you soon pots
Obie Bowen (5 years ago)
you commet on every one viedo
TheCrazyBacon (5 years ago)
I love that Kevin sounds like niko belic,mordern warfare ac-130 guy and draven....
RENO ROCKSTAR (5 years ago)
Uploaded on my birthday. Thanks sly :). I know its late
Robert Shelton (5 years ago)
Duke is the king.
Frosty Winwinter (5 years ago)
Last episode when he was like, I build 7 workbenches wtf was a lol when he already had 6 workbenches I was yelling at the screen lollll
luis vazquez (5 years ago)
erase the fucking r Word
Zar mo (5 years ago)
i love ur ending song
Ry :. (5 years ago)
If only immortal waz there to join the kiss what noise would he make
Thezoruateam (5 years ago)
17:12 was a cow trapped becuase cobble stone was in front of it?
Mirroku9 (5 years ago)
22:45 if you look really closely you can still see the doors under the water that Sly used to get over to Kevin's boat and burn it down
Mirroku9 (5 years ago)
17:10 When Sly destroyed the cobblestone, it revealed a cow in a hole that the cobblestone was blocking
4432jt (5 years ago)
See a duck u got a hit it with a shovel
SecondMass (5 years ago)
Nova didn't build a house when he was there...
Mason McLellan (5 years ago)
hit that duck with a shovel
Grace InkMindLibra (5 years ago)
Captions actually makes this even funnier, but yes that shouldn't have happened.
SagePaladin (5 years ago)
18:08 With captions just reinforces the fact that YouTube needs to start monitoring their captions.
laffy_taffy (5 years ago)
Day 44
YoloSwag01 (5 years ago)
What mod is he using that gives him all those new seeds?
PipBitz (5 years ago)
I kept thinking Sly was gonna say: It's beggining to look alot like STEVEN. x)
Rave Pony (5 years ago)
whats gold???
Voxollous (5 years ago)
what is this 'gold' you speak of.
Blueeyesthewarrior (5 years ago)
Villiger at 2:25 - You'll never take me alive!
chirey (5 years ago)
you need camp bears to kill animals and make more room to build
Epic One Productions (5 years ago)
Kevin better watch out for the Mongorians while hes building the shitty wall.
SHADELS 007 (5 years ago)
My computer is getting a lot of lag so I can't even see what the heck is going on!
Etahn Endulear (5 years ago)
SkyDoesMinecraft, NOW!!! JUST DO IT!! WE ALL WANT IT!!! DO IT SLY!! DO IT!!!
x Blurry x (5 years ago)
C351t4 (5 years ago)
Idk about that because sky is more of a adventure maps guy not a survival adventure
Potato guy POTATO (5 years ago)

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