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FAR CRY 5 Live Action Trailer NEW (2018)

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MKIceAndFire (2 months ago)
FAR CRY 5 FIRST 90 MINUTES - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMC_R0O_eYE
Sebanett (20 days ago)
I finished the game and if you did too then you will know why the song: "Only You" scares the shit out of me...
A Pack Of Goblins (10 hours ago)
How do we get them to make a movie?
SAO Asuna Yuuk1 (1 day ago)
OML the father.....it's Jeremy from the series Bitten lol, I only just noticed 😁
IVIasterEmpire (2 days ago)
Did anyone notice that Joseph left saliva on the guys forehead
Lydia Perez (3 days ago)
Mickii Darkness (4 days ago)
i just download the game and it says Far Cry 5 (Mena), what does mena mean
Is that a movie trailer ?
prime 2001c (9 days ago)
The girl he drowned was the little girl but older I think
Ahmed dpdp (14 days ago)
The best farcry
Games Legend (15 days ago)
The man in thumbnail looks so Real
The Weeknd 245 (16 days ago)
Wait what?!?!?!?. I thought i have killed him
EdyGk2K'sOnlyTM 2k (17 days ago)
I love Ubisoft games... but one day they will accidentally" or not" create something that will make someone really angry. They kinda push it to far away... Bolivia drug cartels, now this.. Some people may see it as games and movies but some others may not share the same opinion.
Earl King (19 days ago)
Dat spit thread
Márk Dorszki (19 days ago)
Den Pro (20 days ago)
Ну завтыкал... с кем не бывает?)))
Sebanett (20 days ago)
I finished the game and if you did too then you will know why the song: "Only You" scares the shit out of me...
BigButler (22 days ago)
we need a real Far Cry Movie !!!!!!!!! PLZ not fucking Till Schweiger diese Null braucht keine sau!
Lil Wölf (26 days ago)
we need the movie.
Jenia Litvinski (26 days ago)
This song is fucking amazing!
Thorolf (27 days ago)
Farcry l’un des dernier jeu ou le mode histoire t’emporte! 👌🏻
PanderMan (29 days ago)
arnaud3022 (29 days ago)
Do you know da way
Ventures Wit Hoyos (30 days ago)
Far cry needs to make movies josheph as Mathew mccauhnwhey, John , as Ryan Reynolds, n Danny McBride as hurk
BJkreulach (30 days ago)
I loved this guy. More than Vaas, and that's saying something, as far as Far Cry villains go.
Quentin Bury (30 days ago)
On dirait le même Joseph c'est ouf
Alex Michtomonpral (1 month ago)
Simplesmente foda e a música de fundo melhor ainda!!
Simply Ryan (1 month ago)
The background song is called Red Sex by Vessel.
This game is Soo good it's my newest favorite game out of my whole game collection I am glad I got it
Anderson Siswanto (1 month ago)
What settings are that?
Benedict Siray (1 month ago)
best game trailer i've ever seen ..
Jonathan Longden (1 month ago)
Joseph Seed best villain i seen in years
Raynald Robots (1 month ago)
wait,did he just killed the pastor?
What is this music called? Tall me place!
Solid Gamer (1 month ago)
The world is ending but not the way people think , end meaning end of a cycle , cycle of suffering , more human are awakening to life , it time human becomes more conscious and sensible in life.Joseph seed was right about the society , government and the matrix we live in but the method he used contradict what is trying to achieve , its not about sin , its about overcoming those things if not it rules your life but not your authentic self.
Misty Front (1 month ago)
That was a really moist kiss...
ANPA US (1 month ago)
Happy (1 month ago)
Next game all main character s team up to fight korea? Hmmmmmmm
14 (1 month ago)
Shouldn’t John be doing this?
14 (1 month ago)
Shouldn’t John be doing this?
John Conrad (1 month ago)
Amazing trailer
Reiwire Gameplays (1 month ago)
The real game has more beards
Gabriel Prohera (1 month ago)
falloutairsoft (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does Joseph seed look like David koresh
Yannkam 212 (29 days ago)
falloutairsoft A mix between him and the VA. The permanent glasses are definitively inspired from Koresh
ezequiel fernandez (1 month ago)
Tenian que poner a maluma que es mas parecido
TorroDash (1 month ago)
The graphic is 100% like real life
Slatena ART (1 month ago)
He's like: Errr.... I changed my mind. *runs*
Abdul Karim (1 month ago)
Wow the grapics
Rockman Rossi (1 month ago)
the game is soooooooo boring...
Jacob Seed (1 month ago)
Sacrifice the weak
PumpkinLicorice (1 month ago)
What is going on with that forehead kiss?? ;-;
AMYSLOAN TV (1 month ago)
I still don't know if i like this or not. Halfway through and i'm bored...same old same old. Irks like the wingsuit not coming on fast enough, weapons have lost their 'flair' (they all seem the same now..I dont even care what guns i have in my inventory anymore) . Melee is pretty much usless unless its' for a stealth attack. No crocs or sharks or anything to challenge you in the water (aside from swimming bears which was a nice touch). LONG boring storylines with 'maniacs' talking a load of bollocks...I've got too much of a life to be bothered with that crap so most of the cut-scenes (which were repetitive as hell (you get caught...maniac talks crap....you escape...You caught again...The maniac talks more rubbish...You escape)) YAWN...I just skipped though. The wildlife was boring as hell too...I know it's based on Montana but it's just a game for goodness sake...Could have sneaked in an escaped lion or some maniac let loose thousands of 'supercrocs' or something. Fighting was boring too...Some real fights like sleeping dogs type action would have been good. Yeah I'm bored of far cry now. Theyd have to do something drastic to make me be in the least bit exciting for far cry 7. The creator needs to stop thinking he's the Tarantino of videogames and start doing something unique because the whole "I seem really sweet and nice but really I'm a sadistic maniac" thing has been done WAY too much in this franchise. Vass...Min...This new idiot...BORING. ZORAN LAZAREVIC from uncharted 2! ... Now THAT was a baddy! That's how it's done! Even the way he walked was menacing...Who the fk would be scared of that silly baldy religious twat in the new game? - I've pushed harder out the way to get to a fight.
Palpatine (1 month ago)
KRYSTI4N. (1 month ago)
wushlc (1 month ago)
hot damn these trailers.. so epic
JediKnightwing (1 month ago)
The scariest FC villain so far. Sure Vaas was memorable, but the very fact that similar cults actually exist in some manner is particularly terrifying for me.
f0rtuzer0 (1 month ago)
Yea, `great` story etc etc but, err, any kinda game in there anywhere?
Sammy 4T7 (1 month ago)
"Can I help you, son ?" "I believe you can"
jefferson almeida (1 month ago)
Holy shit, he just killed her :O
Joseph Seed (1 month ago)
Sorry about that, a simple mistake. Happens all the time I’m sure
Gabriel Sodré (1 month ago)
Far Cry 5 remastered for PS7
Annika Rutgersson (1 month ago)
I wise for an PS4
Espada kurosaki (1 month ago)
some serious asmr in this video anyone else?
Seth Ellison (1 month ago)
Man.. can you imagen this game as a live action movie??
Mia. (1 month ago)
The game was freakin awesome. Now I've seen this. PLEASE, UBISOFT. MAKE A MOVIE! 😭
GiLByStarrK (1 month ago)
O mi fuckin goood
BFX 002 (1 month ago)
I'm playing *FARCRY* *5* ...Still enjoying all trailers and short film😍
Cameron Blake (1 month ago)
It's made to turn people off Christianity further, by fueling the narrative that all christians are far right racists.
ThatOneFish (1 month ago)
I’ve seen this
TheGamingSugar maybe (1 month ago)
Damm I love far cry 5 I think it's the 2nd best game behind far cry 3
Dino A Hugo (1 month ago)
The worst trailer I've ever seen...but best game I've ever seen...😊
TokyoPlays (1 month ago)
Can help you son ?
Dvir Fight (2 months ago)
far cry 3 the best ever
StarFox85 (2 months ago)
so disappointing game :-(
MickeyMac (2 months ago)
WOW!! i love it!!!
Kitahara Haruki (2 months ago)
El peor Live Action de un videojuego
Daire Smith (2 months ago)
I hate the music in this but it fits so well with the trailer that I like it.
AMMO KING (2 months ago)
I want a movie
OMG craft (2 months ago)
Bro that music...
Dizzy nuts You wot m8? (2 months ago)
This is the father in real life just look like him in the game
Ruben Van De Vegte (2 months ago)
cant ubisoft or something make a book or a movie about joseph seed his past?
Tinky Winky (2 months ago)
The graphic are more real then my life
bego (2 months ago)
Movie !!!!!
Holy Knight Henry (2 months ago)
That gooey kiss lol..
Shdjdjs Skdj (2 months ago)
I’d pay big fucking bucks for a tv series of this game
PusshocK (2 months ago)
This background fits perfectly here
Hellbound (2 months ago)
Feels like Bioshock Infinite all over again
Lord Miskosisko (2 months ago)
Praise papa Seed
Ichigo (2 months ago)
Rosie Clarke (2 months ago)
Is it bad that I love kinda want Joseph to fucking raw me
Mega Beast69 (2 months ago)
whats this track called
Tobias Dettinger (2 months ago)
Actor of 'the father'?
PhluppeHimself (2 months ago)
So that's what happened to the guy that survived jigsaw's trap.
Ethan Snyder (2 months ago)
Bad as the ending was, I really want a feature length movie.
Blue (2 months ago)
John Cusick (2 months ago)
think this is the worst FC in the franchise. i wanted to just put a bullet in his head or could have just shot missiles at the WOOD church from a helicopter. but nooooo have to have the BS endings. FU ubisoft, i was impressed by Origins but the very opposite with this game
Father (2 months ago)
She got what she deserved. =D
Ferst (2 months ago)
Trust. Read it. Obey.
Batmanx 99 (2 months ago)
so awesome

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