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Wrath of the Wasteland #3 (Fallout 3 modded)

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meatwagon22 brings you Minecraft videos, Zombies, mods like Tekkit, Feed the Beast & play through videos like Far Cry 3 and Fallout, Call of Duty (Modern Warfare, Black Ops 2), Custom Zombies, and much more. My other channel, YouAlwaysWin is about playing games, having fun and sharing a laugh or two. Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin Games I play past present and future: Call of Duty world at war zombies PC modded zombies Call of Duty black ops call of duty Black ops 2 Black ops 2 domination Black ops 2 search and destroy call of duty modern warfare 3 mw3 minecraft meatycraft survivorcraft Dumb and Dumber minecraft Gladiator minecraft Borderlands Borderlands 2 co-op mp campaign far cry 2 far cry 3 co-op campaign "call of duty" "black ops 2" " Black ops 2 zombies" "Borderlands 2" "far cry 3" Fallout 3
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Text Comments (65)
Alan Christoffersen (1 year ago)
the traveling band of assholes
TheShortGamer (1 year ago)
the brotherhood is a army for hire
Craig Harper (2 years ago)
what do you need the fingers fot
Knave36 (4 years ago)
ik this was a while ago but it might be all the brotherhood+ the gunfire+ the rain
MilkyDischarge (4 years ago)
your lack on knowledge of fallout 3 is funny :P
MilkyDischarge (4 years ago)
those guns are so OP
kenny wu (5 years ago)
They aren't outcast they are like a military fleet
Bob Luis (5 years ago)
stop bullying people TrankWithAnR
G62x (5 years ago)
Wow, people are WAY too stupid.
Chad Parry (5 years ago)
shut the fuck up no one bullied u
Dillon Bananaa (5 years ago)
Fallout is a long game
bdog3513 (5 years ago)
yep,fallout wanderers edition
Justin (5 years ago)
heroin... HEROIN!?!?!?!?! ;]]]]
shippa1234 (5 years ago)
Mine was made in 1997....
shippa1234 (5 years ago)
Meaty the FN FAL is a mod you are thinking of the Assault rifle
dorjani12345 (5 years ago)
Where do you get FN FAL? Is it a mod?
anon1664 (5 years ago)
If your grenade icon is not showing are you missing the file DarnUI Support for FWE 6-02
TheK1ngdom (5 years ago)
6:28 Woot Meaty doin a jig.
MegaWoking (5 years ago)
your gay men channel
dragonbro (5 years ago)
Not my fault. That's your problem.
Harrison Coleman (5 years ago)
meat's computer 2 yrs mine 7 yrs
Dukestboy96 (5 years ago)
Wow that was a whole lot of outcasts. Don't wanna fuck with them
B A D G E R (5 years ago)
no autistic's type like me :)
evan holbrook (5 years ago)
that lizerd got whats coming to him
Kosho969 (5 years ago)
poor lizard man hahahahahaha
Joe Seep (5 years ago)
hey meaty i think you sould do more lfd2 and black ops 2 zombies and try myltiplayer with gunns and bently
dragonbro (5 years ago)
You type like a fucking autistic.
dragonbro (5 years ago)
minerman80 (5 years ago)
I think the widow maker's skin is the one they used from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games
Redcoat1709 (5 years ago)
Post yo mods! Please....
Hunter Harris (5 years ago)
Man a platoon of outcast neve have i seen mor than 2 or 3 together wow
CODfReak897 (5 years ago)
... Btw when I said its a great series I mean this fallout 3 series not cod it sucks now ( it used to be good )
CODfReak897 (5 years ago)
B A D G E R (5 years ago)
i never said it was good but i said i liked it sooooo... opinions matter buddy
CODfReak897 (5 years ago)
It is a great series
CODfReak897 (5 years ago)
CODfReak897 (5 years ago)
This is an awsome series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CrayolaHobo (5 years ago)
no cods just a bad game
awesomchicken7 (5 years ago)
it's about surviving after nuclear Fallout
J Empty (5 years ago)
The fn fal isn't vanilla meaty
cashboy JADON (5 years ago)
I want to see how the Chinese assault rifle works
John Falkenstern (5 years ago)
Meaty the FAL is actually from a mod it's not part of the base game just saying. Any gun with the real name isn't from the original name they use all fake names for guns
B A D G E R (5 years ago)
y cods a good fun game that u dont want to watch cause u suck at it
draco128408 (5 years ago)
Try the guass rifle is beast
Silent Edits (5 years ago)
Why not :(
carrotkidful (5 years ago)
Meaty, that is not the place you go for the mole rat wasteland survival guide quest, for that you go to the sunken sewer by dukov's place and the monument where you go to find the mirelurk nest, so don't worry about not being able to complete that
Rawmon94 (5 years ago)
i believe that FNFAL isnt from the game, i mean i played the whole game a thousand times and i dont think i ever found one
Silent Edits (5 years ago)
Hey :) We are a small sniping channel! :) We make COD and Minecraft videos and have very little feedback. :( We have good videos but we want them to be the best! If you could please go give us some feedback on our videos we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks :)
Rafael Romero (5 years ago)
Your awesome use some op weapons next time
2bbaby2 (5 years ago)
It works
2bbaby2 (5 years ago)
No it's fine on every video
2bbaby2 (5 years ago)
There's no sound
Heikki Helppi (5 years ago)
reload the page!
2bbaby2 (5 years ago)
It won't load
DooIie (5 years ago)
FAL is not from the actual game
Tyler Carnohan (5 years ago)
Half of those brother hood dudes have rpgs holy thats just awesome
Joshua Johnson (5 years ago)
Plenty of mole rats in fallout 3, no need to worry about that. Also My guess on the lag was all the brotherhood guys weapons plus unseen groups fighting in the distance.
Luis Limon (5 years ago)
When you find your dad you are going to go to the museum and your dad is going to die.
James Foster (5 years ago)
Pick up the fallen brother armour
Hrobi- Miguel (5 years ago)
do an episode of meatycraft with ihascupquake
THEBLACKYOSHI11 (5 years ago)
Hi meat if u ever do a 2 player survival can i play with u please it would be awesome
Trever Vick (5 years ago)
What's your Skype name so we can play
rocknroll1321 (5 years ago)
Matt Myers (5 years ago)
XxObeyDomoxX (5 years ago)

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