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Kingdom Hearts 2 | Ep.12 | Wrecking in the Mansion!

1869 ratings | 62764 views
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Text Comments (394)
Princess TeenToni (4 years ago)
Kingdom hearts is awesome.
Thunderboy 179 (4 years ago)
55 hours?!?!
ZZoesterZZ (4 years ago)
What makes them so strange? They used to be mysterious!
KupaKreepa (4 years ago)
Sly, Roxas is Sora scrambled with a f**king x in the middle. So take the x of of Roxas and u get Sora. ROXAS IS SORA U IDIOT!!!!
Bryan Osuna (4 years ago)
Namine is Kairi nobody
Terra zaleski (4 years ago)
Terra zaleski (4 years ago)
Naming is half a person of kairi
promise omorogbe (4 years ago)
i played kingdom hearts 358/2 days and kigdom hearts chain of memories
Koro Gunso (4 years ago)
FacepAlm everytime he thinks he needs to fight every enemy
Thunderboy 179 (5 years ago)
multiple facepalms each time he doesnt see the chest on the stairs
Andrew James Drake (5 years ago)
Actually Sly... the game makes just as much sense even if you played Birth By Sleep and 364/2 Days. Kingdom Hearts is just... weird. In a good way.
lil_ri (5 years ago)
Yung Shiiino (5 years ago)
Dont mean to spoil any other game but Axel gets a keyblade
TheChazzyC (5 years ago)
probably, I used to do that when i played kingdom hearts on my PS2
Scotchbrite (5 years ago)
darkfalcon2180 (5 years ago)
тruebeliever! (5 years ago)
Sly: Kingdom hearts is getting deep Me: Its was always deep man
OutCast Gamer (5 years ago)
his play time went from 2:51 to 55:16 wtf
Luke O'Brien (5 years ago)
He has, you'll have to go through his playlists to find it, he did it like a year ago.
Kallista Dodson (5 years ago)
This nobody crap is like the soul mate prospect of Ni No Kuni
the neon gemini (5 years ago)
do kh 1
Isabelle Guadian (5 years ago)
best part of game.......
Evan W (5 years ago)
I got the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ad before the video :D
Crazy Gamer (5 years ago)
How dare you hate Dolan
Pondu TheFoo (5 years ago)
I hate Dolan
Kyle Lavender (5 years ago)
its all right. besides i like that u share your opinions
sora blade (5 years ago)
lol ikr
sora blade (5 years ago)
omg why would you do that in the first place XD
L&R Productions (5 years ago)
Got beat them all Pokemon lol
Suzu Maki (5 years ago)
Your singing during battle is very amusing
Andrew Heard (5 years ago)
lol, he thought Vexen was Sephiroth.
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
Oh, thank you for correcting me... I'm still learning XD LOL, what a coincidence! o_o
LiquidCloud (5 years ago)
"...Look *more surprised than angry" Sorry for that ;P And like you i am also brazilian o_O What are the odds? lol
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
Sorry, I am no good at express myself, I wanted to look most suprised than angry '-' And you're rigth! Brazil here o/ And I really have a problem with long comments, sorry, I just can't summarize myself, people always keep telling me that XD
LiquidCloud (5 years ago)
Its okay dude. I think that i thought that you were super mad because of the caps ;P And i'm guessing that you're from another country or/and you're pretty hyper active or has some severe ADD or something 'cause you just keep talking and talking anmd talking lol
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
(+) game plot, it's a small thing if you compare to other things more relevant, but I found that important for the build of the characters, to know their story and who they are and all. Well, it's just my opinion, so...don't get it soo serious XD (and sorry for my comments being confuse >_<)
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
Sorry, I understand your point, it's just that I get a little angry when people talk that 358/2 is not important, because I really believe it is to understand all the events of the series XD And I have to admit that the gameplay is really boring, what I really liked in that game was the story. I understand that because anyone remanber her, Xion has no impact in the game, but I believe that she can have some impact later...it's just a guess...Their relation is not THAT important for the WHOLE(+)
LiquidCloud (5 years ago)
Before you get butt hurt mad let me rephrase it to you: "...that I didn't know....." Its good background and stuff but there is NOT a story changing moment in that game. It showed alot of stuff that you would otherwise never know unless you played it but its not worth it 'cause the game itself is a piece of shit! The gameplay is more boring than the card games in my opinion. And you can assume/try to understand Axel's relation with Roxas and Xion's existence so its not THAT important!
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
Agreed, well...just speaking about story...the gameplay, in my opinion was a litlle boring...it's just because I become a little lazy when is about the worlds of KH1 XD But the story of the game is fantastic! I never hsve looked to the Organization with the same eyes again after playing that.
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
I don't think so...it's the cronological order, but not the order you must play to understand, if you play BBS before all, you will understand very little at the time. For me the order is KH 1, CoM, 358/2, KH2(to tell the true, I really prefer to play KH2 before 358/2), BBS, Re:Coded(you don't even need to play, only the final is important to me in this one -.-) and then 3D, this is the order you must play to understand everything, in my opinion of course o.o (and sorry for my bad english XD)
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
WHAT!? AND ABOUT XION? ABOUT ROXAS? AND AXEL!? AND THE ORGANIZATION!? 358/2 show you a lot of things that matter! The order that I played was KH1, KH2(but I did know about almost verything in CoM, because a friend of mine), CoM, 358/2, Re:Coded(wich I didn't finish yet..really, Re:Coded is too boring >.<), saw the whole gameplay od Birth by Sleep(don't have a PSP), and 3D. I played KH2 again after 358/2 and I cried, really, I cried o_o
Milenart Meire (5 years ago)
And what if it is pixelated? I really loved the story, and you can find how Roxas lived before KH 2 and maaany other things. When you play 358/2 before KH 2 you almost cry in the "end of beggining"(?)
StevenTheWonderPony (5 years ago)
For a 14 year old you have unexpectedly horrendous grammar. I don't even think what you're typing can be defined as English.
THEULTIMATEID (5 years ago)
i am 14 and you can't fly in KH2 you can GLIDE ya piece a shizz
gimilifan (5 years ago)
because its not really my top priority on the internet
Angela Quinto (5 years ago)
Bobby Rare (5 years ago)
55 hours? someone leaves the system on over night ~
EclypsetheWyvern (5 years ago)
Stoppiez??? Really??? *Facepalms*
DoctorDo1234 (5 years ago)
So you asked me something,in you'r first comment? so you asked me something before knowing of my existence? ya no that makes sense.
THEULTIMATEID (5 years ago)
i know who is sora i was ASKING you and you probably didn't read my whole message RETARD
Cannon (5 years ago)
Poopoo on da faces!!:)
DoctorDo1234 (5 years ago)
"who the fuck is sora" by that i mean that you don't know who is sora,becaus you ask who he is. and by that you are either haven't played this game at all,just a troll,or really retarded
CydonianKnights (5 years ago)
Just one thing: I'm Gonna Wreck It! :D
Cole Holland (5 years ago)
that is such a cute fox sly!
destinyislandgirl (5 years ago)
There also re-re releasing it along with Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on PS3 this year =)
DarkMoon Rising (5 years ago)
I like sora better
Scrungo (5 years ago)
Honestly I like Roxas better than Sora.
Fuoleo (5 years ago)
Damn that playtime o.O
Millie Perdue (5 years ago)
puppy chef reminds me to like everytime.
Matt Castellon (5 years ago)
Really?? You think so?? I honestly like the PS2 installment better it feels more comfortable and easier to maneuver imo.
Dimguye360 (5 years ago)
14:00 MAN I love that Trickster boss music
Frank Mendoza (5 years ago)
JaguarRawr (5 years ago)
Did he leave his ps2 on for 3 days? Look at that play time o.o
lhf1995 (5 years ago)
2:23 So... they are Unitologists?
kim stewart (5 years ago)
lOL. "Oh god. Somebody pressed CTR, ALT DELETE ON HER!" Best line ever. XD
PlanetRay (5 years ago)
why no use scan?
Travis G (5 years ago)
You can just watch the cutscenes on good old youtube like I did to find out the story instead of spending money on a system you would only use once.
Infected Nobody (5 years ago)
Shit I'm only half a person!
Elijah Ryles (5 years ago)
Gooby and Doland Sly... Really
67TrianglesInARow (5 years ago)
It's funny how clueless Sly is. It's pretty easy to just guess a lot of things at this point.
DrChuck45 (5 years ago)
Sly is ruining this game
SicklyMinecraftable (5 years ago)
only sly can make a deep game sound like an advil commercial
someonedifferent08 (5 years ago)
kill the pokemon born to be a master............... What the hell sly
Jacob Coe (5 years ago)
did you really say bandilizem
MasterCJ117 (5 years ago)
watching this in a dark room is not a good idea mostly because of that white ass fucking room i went blind for a minute there that hurts so bad.
NurtleThurtle (5 years ago)
Did everything pause for anyone else? I can only hear his voice right now
Lafalot54 (5 years ago)
how did the time thing go from 2 hours, to 55 hours!!
Sachuan Kejuk (5 years ago)
You know you can play in first person mode right?
Calvin Vo (5 years ago)
Roxas can now go on Facebook
Ishwar Khaira (5 years ago)
Or wait for the hd collection in October ;)
Ishwar Khaira (5 years ago)
The game was released in 2005... I feel old
Chojichan26 (5 years ago)
Sly, You can play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the PS2, they re-released it on to PS2 calling it Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. That way it can fill in the missing peices from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2.
maxotyi (5 years ago)
hai dooood im a man of da bacca fuzz 4 lyf
maxotyi (5 years ago)
hi derpy hooves
CastGaming (5 years ago)
CastGaming (5 years ago)
I love dis dood
ORPHAN PINTO (5 years ago)
I hope you knew I was joking. XD
altoid345b (5 years ago)
HAY WAS THAT SEPHAROTH: me saying "no it vexen ... wait how did i know that"
that1guywhoknows (5 years ago)
shut up andy (5 years ago)
00:58. Rasist
ThatChainmecha (5 years ago)
*final form
Moshix (5 years ago)
Guys Seriously how is this Spam he only wants to tell people what he wants to happen and his hopes and dreams im sure if u goto his channel subscribe he will really be happy just have some respect and let people be honest and ask just seriously guys ...
sad lol (5 years ago)
please don't grind and if you do cut them from the video unless their funny
Dolan Duck (5 years ago)
@chip Kline it's a bad joke. Dolan and gooby are parodys in a Internet comic.
Dolan Duck (5 years ago)
Sly, you should have waited to play tell the hd remixes come out. Also you should play mgs ground zeros whenever that comes out.
mike hikes (5 years ago)
i saw so many parodies ofthe part where roxas destroys the computer its hilarious
xxmastaxx21 (5 years ago)
Sly, please... I've been a Homie for over a year now... And I haven't really cared for when you talk during cutscenes for most games but uh... For the love of all the fucking nostalgia in the Kingdom Hearts series, please. PLEASE shut the fuck up during the cut scenes. I'm sorry, Homie, but really. Just during the cutscenes, please. Although, yes, you addressed this, and before people start replying talking shit, I'm just voicing my opinion. That's what the comments are for.
_ Teknoor _ (5 years ago)
i know
Zerograviga (5 years ago)
And the reason the only thing left in the journal is "Thank Namine" is because Namine removed all memories of Castle Oblivion from Sora and co.

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