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Mine Little Pony - Mine Little Pony mod - w Ch8kenpig - Part 21 -

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Text Comments (70)
Harley Fox (11 months ago)
You guys forgot your music box and disks at the old base
azm walin Domidi (1 year ago)
الشاشة كلاها أسود
Mia_Loves _Unicornz (2 years ago)
Why is there mine little pony and mobs are not ponys like zombies And Zombie pigman
I really like your vids! I even dream I play with you guys! Srsly!!!!
martine wemaux (2 years ago)
ssa en faist di donc
Kayla Chan :3 (2 years ago)
😄loving u vid
Please make more videos 😁😁
Spanner _ (2 years ago)
kiMi cotton (2 years ago)
don't Even tri Beck's I ma one 6
Jade (2 years ago)
Make more videos
Jade (2 years ago)
White Mouse (2 years ago)
+OPPuppyLady That would be so cool:D They are the main reason why we made Mine Little Pony series:3
Gallia Escalante (2 years ago)
I subscribed to you 12 hours ago
Tisha Neeley (2 years ago)
I thought you said was a girl
KummyGames and etc (2 years ago)
what is 100,000×500,000
TitleToxic AJ (2 years ago)
+candytwist cow.... the answer is cow C O W cow ( XD idk anymore)
Gallia Escalante (2 years ago)
Lisajeanmarie Samo (3 years ago)
do you have pocket edition of Minecraft if you do can we play the server together
I have Minecraft PE
Peter G (3 years ago)
Danika Rizqiamulia (3 years ago)
+Ariana Castles i am 8 years old too
Gallia Escalante (2 years ago)
I'm 8 years old too
Cookie Cue (4 years ago)
Lol I regret rewinding the video to listen to it again and find out what Jon was saying xD... BTW try being in my mind :3
Expensive Ice (4 years ago)
And I don't know what I am talking about!
Expensive Ice (4 years ago)
McChicken and your banana
Keilah Mossman (4 years ago)
What's that at 4:20 on the rocks?
Keilah Mossman (3 years ago)
That's weird...
Sapphire Valentine (3 years ago)
+Water Lily It looks like a skeleton because when it moves sideways you can see a glimpse of it holding a bow in his magic... :3
Glittery girlyGirl (4 years ago)
light glitch!!!
kim pate (4 years ago)
Derpy Hooves no I am :{
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
LSD -leisbein solider dragon
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
LSD- leisbein spider
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Already thought to late ?
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
I'm guessing that it's Something nasty
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
I have no idea what johns going to say but if it's Inappropriate I don't want to hear it
Malayssia Brodeur (4 years ago)
Derpy Hooves, are you sure?
Yaneth Laubach (4 years ago)
Hey man this is so freaky someone in your world but who
Zoey Fen (4 years ago)
I love you'r videos ch8kenpig
Rheannan Murphy (4 years ago)
Make a swimming pool!!!!!!!!!!
Rheannan Murphy (4 years ago)
Make a swimming pool!!!!!!!!!!
XXURSI (4 years ago)
johns mind must be full of apples and pies and blocks
XXURSI (4 years ago)
and the evil poisoned part of him when he passes out then turns evil all of a sudden and can't talk.
Emily Barragan (4 years ago)
Go To the END!
Noodle (4 years ago)
Noodle (4 years ago)
this couldve been longer... just sayin
Tara Animates (4 years ago)
when is the next episode coming out can you please tell me?! btw you guys are the best i'v watched you from the start
Booflez (4 years ago)
Totes not Booflez
Arianna Saechao (4 years ago)
When are you going to make another video of my little pony
party face: <3:)
Kokichi Ouma (4 years ago)
Now I'm back on track. Phew.
:oooooooooooooo   ol
Emily Barragan (4 years ago)
Go to the END
darkenedangel beast (4 years ago)
Bring john back
Chilllyhood (4 years ago)
Lilly W (4 years ago)
Can u make a video on twilight sparkle on March 20 cuase it's my b day and I have pssas 😞
Derpeh Cat (4 years ago)
Yay! New episode!
Sugarsnap Caely (4 years ago)
If it were possible for me to download the Mine Little Pony Mod and play with you guys on the PlayStation3, then I would TOTALLY be Pinkie. And then, together, we could have some...( One Awkward/Suspenseful silence later) FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
Sugarsnap Caely (4 years ago)
05:49 Where did you get your science and history books? Because that doesn't sound accurate. I think you've been pranked.
Sugarsnap Caely (4 years ago)
9TH COMMENT!!!! Score for The Pinkie Lover. Yes, I gave myself a nickname. HEY! No need to be rude! XD
Luna-Dragneel (4 years ago)
yay your back :) great vids
Candy Notes (4 years ago)
Lol cool!
Rainbine (4 years ago)
Momizi JAM (4 years ago)
yay ^.^
violet gamer (4 years ago)
I missed you guys
julia brown (4 years ago)
4th comment
Gallia Escalante (2 years ago)
No one cares
tabbypetty (4 years ago)
love it! makes me feel less sick!
jenna diescher (4 years ago)
FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apricity (4 years ago)
no one cares

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