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Automated Photogrammetry To Game Res Pipeline | Luiz Kruel | GDC 2018

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As Photogrammetry becomes a deeper part of productions, the need for a pipeline emerges. Luiz will show how to use Houdini and Reality Capture to generate high resolution meshes and convert them to game ready assets in minutes.
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M Skonicki (24 days ago)
Here's a tutorial on Photogrammetry pipeline: https://youtu.be/NFePN_nEa2A
Nicolas Vandenbruaene (26 days ago)
Hey, awesome work as always, huge time saver , thank you guys! Any news on those delighting nodes ?
Nicolas Vandenbruaene (26 days ago)
Nevermind, found it !
vfxexpert (2 months ago)
Hey, awesome stuff. But if I could add one thing it would be a Zremesher node (instead of instant mesh). My idea was that this node would zremesh your model without opening zbrush or as commandline. I don't know if this is possible but I've been trying to make something like this because I prefer the zremesher above instantmesh
Mopic3d (2 months ago)
Definitely the topology is the weakest link here. Might work for some objects, but definitely not for characters.
Danyl Bekhoucha (3 months ago)
For those interested I have made a similar tool for Blender, it's less powerful but available for free and in one click: https://youtu.be/-Fy7g3g6uCI
akaBez (3 months ago)
Hey, your software never ceases to amaze me. looks really cool! I guess this feature alone would have make me consider buying a licence, but i am wondering how this workflow is with manual retopo from Topogun, 3D-Coat or perhaps from some other solution and not necessarily zbrush. Instant meshes is great but only for static object naturally and Reality Capture and Photoscan decimation is worst. I am not sure how zbrush's manual retopo tools are compare to topogun's or 3D Coat's ones. Dose Houdini have manual reotopology tools as well? if it dose, shame you didn't cover this topic in the video, even if briefly. This is a very interesting direction which I like allot but it leaves... just a little bit more, to be desired. At least for me. Sorry if it's a little misplaced comment, no disrespect of course. Great stuff regardless!
akaBez (3 months ago)
Hey @Crow, I am sure I could use parts of this automated workflow and incorporate my own manual retopo in it. however, in the name of streamlining scan capture data from scan to game ready object, a very important aspect in the workflow demo here is not covered (proper retopo not automated which is good only for static objects). If Houdini dose have manual retopo tools it's just an added bonus of using one less software, and I think it's a shame it's not covered here if it exists. Again I know the title is "Automated Photogrammetry ..." but I am just wondering how well if at all can Houdini help with proper retopo with out relying on external software. To make it more clear, a big part of the workflow for me is exporting meshes to 3D Coat from RC just to manually retopo it. then export from 3D coat back to RC to bake color map. If I could manually retopo inside Houdini directly from the RC plugin it means I could essentially skip the export mesh step entirely until I have a ready properly retopoed mesh and than export a mesh only one time already with all the texture maps (normal, AO, curvature, WSN and so on). Huge time and disk space saver! Hope I am clear enough
Crow (3 months ago)
One of the nodes he covered takes the high res and low res to generate the maps. So you would be able to use your own topology for baking.

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