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Flan's Mod: Modern Weapons TDM

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Text Comments (142)
lil lol ll (3 months ago)
I friended you on roblox pls accept it pls
Nadia Saul (7 months ago)
“Krig is down..AH! I’m ded
Westley Conner (1 year ago)
Chris u are awesome
Chantelle Bigby (1 year ago)
chris plz may you make a dino map plzzzzzzzzzzz
Alicia Brown-Ferguson (2 years ago)
Cool. 😍☺️😘😘😘❤️😀😄😎🕶🕶👕👖👔🙈🙈🐲
Alicia Brown-Ferguson (2 years ago)
Cool. 😍☺️😘😘😘❤️😀😄😎🕶🕶👕👖👔🙈🙈🐲
GameScaper (2 years ago)
Virii got what? DOUBLE KILL!!
kenneth katz (2 years ago)
Emperor AssMan (2 years ago)
Chris messed up the team chooser so badly
kenneth katz (2 years ago)
you da best chris
canlas ruby (2 years ago)
i agrie
Denise Coulter (3 years ago)
Cris do you play on 1.5.2 I am making a horror map
Hunter Moore (3 years ago)
How do you get the gun mod Please tell me
Piliboef (3 years ago)
James Boyd (3 years ago)
yeah i was just using some examples but thank you anyway
Piliboef (3 years ago)
BUT you require the simple parts pack
James Boyd (3 years ago)
its the flans mod. drag the flans mod into your mods folder. Then get the pack you want (Modern weapons, WWII, Extra parts,ect) and put it in the folder called flan (after you put the actual mod into the mods folder it should create it)
Mad Pizza (3 years ago)
How to set teams?
CMplaysstuff (3 years ago)
I remember Chris use to do that minecraft family thing.
cbracho01 (4 years ago)
Chris vs Garlian lol
Isaac Martin (4 years ago)
Chris your echoing MAJORLY!
MegaSega (4 years ago)
Chris it would be great if you do a draw my life :)
xLuna1980 (4 years ago)
Wow oh my...XD
Sharon Barnett-Lewis (4 years ago)
Did you and carflo see viri on round one
Sharon Barnett-Lewis (4 years ago)
Kia L (4 years ago)
Can you make more of these videos please?
Madison Cook (4 years ago)
you should play cops and robbers again
Kris Notchris (4 years ago)
Lol Chris u keep yelling in this vid 😂
Elmer Yam (4 years ago)
Do more
AdamC24 (4 years ago)
Did u guys hear ecos?
Rogue Samurai (4 years ago)
Chris how did you put the guns to look 3D I know I am a noob
JasiekDamm (3 years ago)
Minecraft Moondust (4 years ago)
Ben Lema (4 years ago)
You're mike is echoey
Roselynn Marcos (4 years ago)
haha viri in the beginning lol
Kewpie and Eek (4 years ago)
Love ur profile pick :)
Adriana Reyna (4 years ago)
Anyone know what TDM mean?
JasiekDamm (3 years ago)
team deadmatch
Uriel Enriquez (4 years ago)
Can someone put the link to get it. Tanks! (lol im punny) jk
Kewpie and Eek (4 years ago)
Good puns :) They were very factsinating! (Lol bad pun)
haran4162825771 (4 years ago)
Kat (4 years ago)
Garlian's squeal xD <3
The Hack Zone (4 years ago)
This was fun to watch
basit bhai (4 years ago)
Do more
Jordan Holloway (4 years ago)
They should do a capture the flag with that mod
ahmad irfan (4 years ago)
Beth Rudolph (4 years ago)
U guys should do ''the ornifinige " Its scary
Javar Thompson (4 years ago)
should i subscribe again
Javar Thompson (4 years ago)
Krissie_😘lov3 (4 years ago)
Yes ! Yes u should 😆
Erick Melendez (4 years ago)
I think this series might be awesome if u continue it and add some buildings and stuff like that
Adam Muhammad Harith (4 years ago)
Do more!!!!
fame (4 years ago)
play minecraft bingo
justmine limbat (4 years ago)
Hai chris you a good play minecrft..........
Izzy (4 years ago)
Can you guys start garliano games again?
Kazuto Kirigaya (2 years ago)
+Itz Izzy never watched them all though I've watch about 3 but I already love them
Izzy (2 years ago)
+keneki ken Yess I still miss those videos.. 
Kazuto Kirigaya (2 years ago)
Yea start garliano games again plz this is after I reset my phone oh wait I need to subscibe again I think
John Medina (4 years ago)
They should make a cod or battlefield mod
Vito Xavier (4 years ago)
Use the mp5! It will send enemies flying Because of knockback like etho did!
Vito Xavier (4 years ago)
Use the mp5! It will send enemies flying Because of knockback like etho did!
Brendan MacDonald (4 years ago)
What happened to ace of spades
General Thomson (4 years ago)
Ace of spades all over again.
Hollis Williams (4 years ago)
can yall do a gta online series with u carflo and maybe your mom or somebody else or all of u that were In this video
ROCK LEGEN ROCKS (4 years ago)
I saw herobrine
Taiwo Akinola (4 years ago)
Jessie Ong (4 years ago)
I first thought the TDM in the title was the diamond minecart but never mind.
Rocketxu Google (4 years ago)
Whoever kill chris will die by chris too lol
Kewpie and Eek (4 years ago)
I saw the "Elemental creepers" stadium in the back round. :P btw Chris never stop doing this. I love it :)
Noe Mendez (4 years ago)
Ze Lucky block mod Chris play it now please 🐕♒
Paulina C (4 years ago)
The arena should have been a jungle biome
Kenzie Barron (4 years ago)
Minecraft Famorlie
Animu Person (4 years ago)
There using the map from elemental creepers
rama shahin (4 years ago)
That laugh tho
Moussa Shehata (4 years ago)
Chris,I bet u know that there is a Flan - Vehicles Mod ! Make a Race Map!
Rocketman887 (3 years ago)
My favorite pack is the monolith pack it has crazy amounts of weapons and tanks, vehicles etc
Moussa Shehata (4 years ago)
Titan Pack is actually one wich contains 2 Mechs wich can carrie Drills and weapons ( and other stuff)
Moussa Shehata (4 years ago)
There is also a Flan's Future Pack Mod , where u can fly with airplanes and UFO's and a Nerf Gun Mod , and a Flans World War 2 Pack, and a Titanpack ( Don't know what that is)
Moussa Shehata (4 years ago)
Dwight M Hammon (4 years ago)
Good idea
kyler vasek (4 years ago)
do the lucky block mod please
Spilled H2O (4 years ago)
30TH =D
Megan Rice (4 years ago)
Raymond Qiu (4 years ago)
Brian Caranza (4 years ago)
Maybe you should get gun mods with maps... If there is a call of duty mod
Brian Caranza (4 years ago)
Maybe you should get gun mods with maps... If there is a call of duty mod
Fredrico Harris (4 years ago)
Do the rival rebels mod
Marissa Lakeford (4 years ago)
1st comment but it took forever to upload but im still first NO HATE :)
Isobel S (4 years ago)
Marissa Lakeford (4 years ago)
Well At least I now How To Correct Myself :)
Kewpie and Eek (4 years ago)
+Marissa Lakeford I mean no offense in this comment at all Marissa, but u were acting just a teensie bit like Kitty. Thanks for standing up for me though.
Marissa Lakeford (4 years ago)
Sweet Kitty Your Not So Sweet, Your A Little 2 Year Old, Do you Think Cyber Bulling Is Fun? NO! People Can Kill Themselves From This, Your A Terrible Person Inside And Out, SO WHAT IF I COMMENTED BEFORE YOU!
Kewpie and Eek (4 years ago)
+Sweet Kitty I am too a pre teen! Who cares I sound like a seven year old? And I know 20 year olds that play with americangirl dolls!
Sophiethesimer S (4 years ago)
Nathan? (4 years ago)
Dan tdm
Myla Woodley (4 years ago)
35th like c:
TwoCrazies (4 years ago)
We have Verii WUT lol
Ryan Thompson (4 years ago)
Make this one a series
33 veiw!plz dont hate=)
claire agatep (4 years ago)
Lequitha Dykes (4 years ago)
What do you mean by tdm
Catherine Holcomb (3 years ago)
+Ivory Denny best episode ever and I have seen pretty much every video he has
Ivory Denny (4 years ago)
+Gita Patel love the Picture of the flowers lol
Alexia Paquin (4 years ago)
JexxGaming (4 years ago)
So did I love TheDiamondMinecart
Edgy Jackie (4 years ago)
Ivory Denny (4 years ago)
nkrose (4 years ago)
Ivory Denny (4 years ago)
Jake Ross (4 years ago)
Lyann Hernandez (4 years ago)
loves this random mods keep it up!
Jake Ross (4 years ago)
Good ep
TheAlchemicWolf (4 years ago)
Lol on instagram someone put a pic of Elsa in front of a fridge saying love is an open door lol sorry it was the luv is an open door ad
BlueSlimedRob (4 years ago)
First like
rama shahin (4 years ago)
TheAlchemicWolf (4 years ago)
Luv it

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