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Mass Effect 3: James Vega Dances Like a Lady - Citadel (DLC)

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Dameon Grey (1 year ago)
Sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen. OMG Give me a guy that can dance like that, please. He can make up for my shitty Shepard moves. D8
Aleksa Petrovic (1 year ago)
Vega dances like pro. Liara dances like she just woke up. Kaiden......no comment.
Smokey Fox 0600 (1 year ago)
... Kaidan WTF are you doing?
CangoNorit (2 years ago)
A stripper on Omega, called "Jimmy" Vega. Garrus knew all along.
J.D. Harkin (2 years ago)
Kaidan, what. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing?
Alexander Bobylev (3 years ago)
Well, Vega's had enough vodka for this party. I laughed more when I saw Kaidan and Cortez "dancing'. It's like they are electrocuted)))
James Fabrizi (3 years ago)
I think his dance moves are awesome! Liara and Kaidan dance like retards here but Liara can dance as we've seen from the build up mission to this one when you have to infiltrate the casino and you can dance with Liara - shes very elegant at that point now shes dancing like a guy :D
Splendid Beaked Man (3 years ago)
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. He coud knock someone out with those moves
Actually, I thought that he dances like El Chavo del Ocho XDDD!!
Poe (4 years ago)
And they say Shepard can't dance
Kris Norge (4 years ago)
I need to find James's dancing teacher . . . and shoot him . . . or ask him to teach me . . .
Stuck Daydreamin (4 years ago)
but look at liara though. Oh my gosh: D
Rodrigo Santos (1 year ago)
SHe's dancing a reggae music!
Jessie Jay (4 years ago)
He's very......energetic......@_@
elf spiros (4 years ago)
What The Shit ??
MatsuLoveLust (4 years ago)
I'm facepalming at their dance skills
Ykskolme (5 years ago)
I wanna see Veha trying the russian dance
Yuki Kiryu (5 years ago)
LMFAO, nothing else to say xDDDD
Rolando Valenzuela (5 years ago)
Wow great! James Vega dances like a stripper!!!!
Corazón (5 years ago)
name of the song ?
Marco Torres (5 years ago)
Glad I'm not the only one xD
REKCEP (5 years ago)
Keep distance of James while he dances or you may end losing an eye or something.
D Lott (5 years ago)
Ronny from Jersey Shore
DesertStateInEu (5 years ago)
Pole dancer on Omega :-)
I LOVE VEGA hahahaah , the fucking best
livster493 (5 years ago)
I don't think anyone can be as bad of a dancer as Liara....OMG
James Brooks (5 years ago)
I tried dancing like that at a party a few weeks ago. I thought I was doing good but I was told otherwise. So I showed my friends what I was trying to look like. They said I looked more like Kaiden...
JunGull (5 years ago)
He dances like a bro.
Apemopo (5 years ago)
some physical supremacy right there boi
MissMuffinCookie (5 years ago)
Sorry, Kaidan, but you're just ridiculous XD
TheRamen (5 years ago)
Kaidan, James, plz. At least we all know Shepard isn't the only one who can't dance.
Kelsey Parry (5 years ago)
Dem moves Vega lol!

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