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Far Cry 5 Zoo (Bigfoot\Yeti)

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Far Cry 5 Zoo SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Text Comments (146)
Faiq Ali (1 month ago)
I love far cry 5 game
Haris Arifin (1 month ago)
3:47 thx me later
Brian Kelly (1 month ago)
Where are all the females!!??
Brad McBride (1 month ago)
Jordan Tan (1 month ago)
Birds look like ceiling fans
KaptainKpop (1 month ago)
Hey rebuild the fang center except make it look like what to supposed to look like before the cults
SUPER CLASH (1 month ago)
The fence on that bison habitat was not big enough at all
Is that on ps4
Arclawz Gaming (1 month ago)
Where's pewdiepie???
TNTTurtle Gaming (1 month ago)
The zoo is really good, the enclosures probaly need to be bigger though
Evape (1 month ago)
Watch out for PETA lmao
MoonshineHeeHaw (1 month ago)
Evape they are banned from the zoo
Cody Maverick (1 month ago)
I think u should move the wolves away from see so the wolves stop braking and the deer stop running
Andreas Hammerer (1 month ago)
Ist total verlogen...... ich habe kein Zoo im Spiel 😭😭👎👎👎
Jalte bobo (1 month ago)
Fatty Buccha (1 month ago)
This is virtual animal abuse! XD
Necro philia (1 month ago)
why so many whaling mate call
Seth Leoric (1 month ago)
I think you should put more safety railings and bigger fences I don't want any more Harambes
Aiden (1 month ago)
So many animals cx
sim Ou (1 month ago)
WEired zoo
sofia herrera (1 month ago)
no hate though love the vid!! <3 c:
sofia herrera (1 month ago)
if this was a real zoo it would be terrible. Low security and animals sound like they are about to die
MoonshineHeeHaw (1 month ago)
Brand new zoo with new exhibits like our Mars 👽exhibit and our ZombieLand🧟‍♂️! Check it out by clicking this link! https://youtu.be/xDwjhY6cER0
N00B TUBE (1 month ago)
Cheeseburger and me: **walking* *Sees a bear* Cheeseburger: **run* Me:go cheeseburger go
Stefans Hyper (1 month ago)
I don't very like this zoo :\
EWH (2 months ago)
this is called the awesome use of far cry 5 editor
EWH (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw no problem, keep it up man!
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Thanks 😃
It would be tiring for those eagles to fly 24/7 in one place lol
Abraham Shekelbergstien (2 months ago)
I would never take my kids here...
Gypsy The Dog (2 months ago)
The poor Animals
Heriyanto Hasan (2 months ago)
Fuck you
Giovanni Fontana (2 months ago)
Eagle bug
alexander soto (2 months ago)
When Will you make a human zoo...........
alexander soto (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw, hehehe, you tease me
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Next video watch 🙃
Ali Khan (2 months ago)
Where is this place in map
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Arcade mode
mark carlin (2 months ago)
So is this an arcade game I can go to and play/visit the zoo
mark carlin (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Yeah I just need to publish it I will let you guys know the name when I do
Bread man Chubbz (2 months ago)
Dude hopefully they add A dinosaur farcry like FARCRY:EXTINCTION
Welcome hoy
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/bI_SGqgc1Tk New video! Be sure to go watch it and leave a like!!!
Spirit Guided (2 months ago)
The animals look unhappy due to gross overcrowding. this is a cruel Zoo
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Spirit Guided Stick around and we will release a better zoo, one that is good for all the animals
akmal khairul (2 months ago)
This reminds me of zoo tycoon. Anyone else?
Belac (2 months ago)
Does far cry 5 have a sandbox mode????!!!!????
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Cthulhu Gamez n vlogs it sure does! 🙂
lego boy 359 (2 months ago)
fucking stupid yetys kill them
lego boy 359 (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw nice zoo bye the way
lego boy 359 (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw ok 😳
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Carno guy I will 😈
Sebastian Villarroel (2 months ago)
This game honestly looks great but I actually prefer far cry primal
Otaku Izumi (1 month ago)
Omg! Same I prefer FCP Too
Sebastian Villarroel (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw yeah it's amazing
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Sebastian Villarroel Never played far cry primal is it good?
Mr Rainbow Creeper lol (2 months ago)
XD the animals are funny only some
Mr Rainbow Creeper lol (2 months ago)
Can you substitute to me :3 please
Mr Rainbow Creeper lol (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
They sure are funny! 😂
Harlene Cacho (2 months ago)
I like your video so muck keep on going :) and add a jurassic word to so thats even better :) :) :)
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Thanks man! 👍
Harlene Cacho (2 months ago)
I mean world XD
Colin Little (2 months ago)
Bananaa is Lit (2 months ago)
Birds look like christmas ornaments 😂
Gangster Guy (2 months ago)
If this was a real zoo this would get shut down straight away lol look how small the bears enclosure is
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
In China the polar bear enclosures are smaller
Velhos Tempos (2 months ago)
How make this?
Velhos Tempos (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw ah ok, thanks!
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Velhos Tempos with the arcade mode in Far Cry 5
Mappy Flappy (2 months ago)
Wow good job my boi
MoonshineHeeHaw (2 months ago)
Mappy Flappy Thanks man! 🙂
SpyDino -Ģaming- (2 months ago)
Roleplaying in an intense game ha nice!
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
Far Cry 5 🌎☄️ https://youtu.be/zzCQm9oAWy4 Meteor impact aftermath!
Harlene Cacho (2 months ago)
Miguel Herique (3 months ago)
🐯 🐻
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
New Far Cry 5 video! 👽 https://youtu.be/Ui3Qec3MQP8
New Gamer (3 months ago)
far cry 5 map editor 😇
tom Panassac (3 months ago)
+1 abo
Max Korsak (3 months ago)
як називая тся ігра
Mátyás Szabó (3 months ago)
ManuOniX67 (3 months ago)
Wow i'ts original,i liked :D
El anonimo que comenta (3 months ago)
Pretty well
viros player (3 months ago)
Eu só o único BR
Stormcloak Soldier (1 month ago)
pedrinhopeco (2 months ago)
Você não está sozinho
Far cry 3,4,primal are better in many ways far cry 5 sucks cock
Boi Boi (3 months ago)
can someone game share me this game im on xbox my gamer tag is boiboi606 dont ask why
Deborah Taurino (3 months ago)
Good I like zoo
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
Thanks Deborah another one will be coming soon! 😊
Abs Sidd tech (3 months ago)
This the most amazing thing I have ever seen
Abs Sidd tech (3 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
More will be coming out in the next few days
Aaron Rubio (3 months ago)
Nice job
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
Thank you Aaron 🙂
lisek z lasu (3 months ago)
Let some. Animals out...
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
In a future video I will
Pikasan Jeans (3 months ago)
I love how the buffalo is lying down in the game
Justin Y. (1 month ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
It looks pretty cool
Chiara Campagnola (3 months ago)
THE BROTHERS (3 months ago)
The game İt's Boring
Haseo (3 months ago)
Primitive graphics
Jacob seed BG (3 months ago)
Where park?
Deadfox785 (3 months ago)
The park yellow stone xd
Lenard Tót-pál (3 months ago)
Lenard Tót-pál (3 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
Thanks Lenard
Joseph Seed (3 months ago)
Okay, I've been trying to put the yetis in the far fry 5 arcade for so fu***ng long! I can't figure out how to get them. can you please tell me how?
Joseph Seed (3 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw welcome to Edens gate
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
Joseph Seed sign me up!😂
Joseph Seed (3 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw Thank you. would you like a job at Edens gate?
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
Joseph Seed Well they should be in your animal section if you go all the way down you should see them
Ninja kox (3 months ago)
fortniter fortniter (3 months ago)
Where is the wolverines
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
They will be in the next Zoo I promise
Eigher Son (3 months ago)
Do takiego bym polazł😀
Fruit 53 (3 months ago)
So this is our sealing fa...*COUGH* Bird of Prey enclosure.
Mr. stark (1 month ago)
Lol why the heck dont you have more likes
Yasmin Osinaga Mendez (3 months ago)
Hola que los vendiga dios
ella si te ama (2 months ago)
Yasmin Osinaga Mendez gracias
Daniel (3 months ago)
The car's got parkinson
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
I noticed that too 😂
Hannibal the Cannibal (3 months ago)
Welcome ... to Jurassic Park
Mr. stark (1 month ago)
Darrick Ting (1 month ago)
Seth Leoric (1 month ago)
The omega boba fett 69 (1 month ago)
Life found a way
Darrick Ting (2 months ago)
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
More Far Cry 5 content incoming! Subscribe!
MoonshineHeeHaw (3 months ago)
No you can build it on map editor
animal stuff05123 (3 months ago)
Is the zoo a mod
hamza tafzeel (3 months ago)
Mahendren Vathanan (3 months ago)
give a wife for that bear lol
Gregory Murphy (3 months ago)
What about the wolverines
Aaron Layne (3 months ago)
You should put the elk with the bison.
Charlie Wynne-price (4 months ago)
where are the moose
Thesuperleopaerd08 (3 months ago)
You can see one on the ground at 3:42
Dad (3 months ago)
The micen
jereme Erxleben (3 months ago)
Charlie Wynne-price mooses
thisis myswamp its actually pronounced Moosen
MoonshineHeeHaw (5 months ago)

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