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Far Cry 3 Stealth Walkthrough - Camp Murder Outpost

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What's better than some hilarious commentary and an awesome game? Nothing! Cowboy here bringing you a full walkthrough series for the Far Cry 3. Stealth! Action! Drama! Deaths! Sadness! It's all here! Who needs TV when you could watch this all day and be amazed at the brutality I inflict upon the crazy pirates of Rook island. In these videos I'll be providing you with a full walkthrough and commentary for all story missions of Far Cry 3, in addition to checking out some of the side missions along the way. Enjoy! This video features a stealth clear of the pirate outpost, Camp Murder.
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Text Comments (177)
fucklovejah _ 17 (1 year ago)
I did that outpost
Sajid Karim (2 years ago)
There's a similarity between all Machinima videos/ Machinima sponsored videos, They all look like that they've been recorded on a potato xD
Bas Roessen (2 years ago)
i was like USE THE FUCKING CAMERA ALREADY!!! all the time
Kushodhaj Datta (2 years ago)
why don't you refill arrows before takeover the outpost????
mr br (3 years ago)
you don't now play far cry
Yuri Lebrun (3 years ago)
After you do a take down you don't let go of the moving stick
ishaan singh (3 years ago)
you are so poor you are wasting the time
jesper hedlund (4 years ago)
I liked it 
Zou (4 years ago)
fkn stupid can't throw a hundred rocks at the same time they will be looking for u then and it will be 100% harder to be stealthy...
TheTastyDuck (4 years ago)
How can you drag the bodies away, if they are being took down?
jasveer474 (1 year ago)
The takedown drag skill. (Use it.)
ricchy capy (3 years ago)
search the skill tree, there is a skill that let you drag bodys after you kill him
Pita bread (4 years ago)
saxy voice <3
Evilwave x (4 years ago)
Stealthy as shit
Dovah Kiin (4 years ago)
anybody know how much XP you get for liberating outpost and the alarm was triggerd?
Dovah Kiin (4 years ago)
Quite true. It's not like we haven't gone "Fuckit" and used out trusty Shotgun before. "Worth it"
Barbora Holubcová (4 years ago)
+Dovah Kiin yea, you're right... then it's 500 I guess, but then again, when you kill the reinforcements you still get some sweet XP for the kills
Dovah Kiin (4 years ago)
I thought that was Without alarm triggered? I mean when reinforcements come
Barbora Holubcová (4 years ago)
550 I think
Dovah Kiin (4 years ago)
50,835th sub! aaaaaaaand your voice.... Is beautiful. This is amazing commentary so far!
Trysten Clark (4 years ago)
Dont rush stealth you stupid haters
OrcCorp (4 years ago)
Pfff.. Im sorry man, love some of your videos, but I got one tip for you, related to this specific video: learn to play the game yourself before you make guides for it :P This is painful to watch, because you fail on many levels. Sorry..
OrcCorp (4 years ago)
Gameplay and walkthrough are 2 separate things. Gameplay is unplanned casual gaming, whereas a walkthrough is planned session, where you're supposed to show how something specific works, or is done. Walkthrough can be made in unedited fashion, making it close to being a gameplay, but if you call it a walkthrough, you should know what you're doing in the video. Semantics, sure, but either way the video was not what I expected, because of the difference in the title and the content. And even if it was named properly, it would've still been not pleasant to watch, because you make so many mistakes in the gameplay. Im just very careful with this kind of stuff when it comes to my own content, and I expect everyone to see the same. Of course, there are certain points in video making, which are true for all. If you make a video about yourself not playing very well, you should be ready for the shitty comments about it. Not that it really matters, its an old video and all, but I just felt the need to unwind my thoughts on this. I dont do it much, because it usually turns into an unpleasant quarrel about opinions. I dont mean to be offensive, just honest :)
L3G4CY12 (4 years ago)
This is terrible
pleb - ist (4 years ago)
The stealth thingy will get removed if that thingy that comes up goes to full. If it once goes full you will not get the 1500 xp even tho you kill him and no one else hears or sees it! You can shot without silencer and still the 1500 xp! Only that without silencer they know kinda where the shot came from!
James turner (4 years ago)
They still even kinda know the general direction of where you shot even with a silencer which is kinda stupid
Chrissy Cougar (5 years ago)
or thing
Chrissy Cougar (5 years ago)
if you want your arrows back you walk over teh person u killed
jaedon ramirez (5 years ago)
Do you know how to use the camera???
TemptationTurkey (5 years ago)
You actually get 2000 XP from a full base capture, if you also include turning the alarm off and (I think) if you assassinate all of them in melee instead of using weapons.
Naaman Got Game (5 years ago)
stick a tooth pick in there
JokuRandomPoju (5 years ago)
Lemmonsinspace (5 years ago)
ha sucks for u, its so fun
JokuRandomPoju (5 years ago)
Goddamnit my playstation has a disc stuck in it so i can't play this shit, FUCK!
playstationma1 (5 years ago)
Seen all the way u lose the undetected bonus( when the bar flashes fully)
playstationma1 (5 years ago)
If u get seen u will automatically lose the undetected bonus
Based Kuroneko (5 years ago)
Well if you play this on hard difficulty you would be dead in 1 shot.
Daniel Gallagher (5 years ago)
You get too cocky and look away when pirates are close to you in all your videos
CodPlayer951 (5 years ago)
awesome video, a 10 out of a 10, i stared replaying this at a friends house early this morning and really forgot how awesome it is to play, spent almost 5 hours just taking over towers and looking for crafting gear, subbed and hope to watch more
Glenn Cash (5 years ago)
iWillWakeYouUp (5 years ago)
Stealth bonus rewards not getting spotted. They can PERCEIVE you, but as soon as you're spotted you should start again before comleting the outpost or you'll not get the bonus. Shutting down the alarms doesn't add any more points when you get the stealth bonus AFAIR.
Raishon Peterman (5 years ago)
bow all day
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 years ago)
Why the pirates of this Cook Island are all looking that are Drunk as hell?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (5 years ago)
I´m MagDabor and I´m the Mastar Of da Willniversss...
Mason Converse (5 years ago)
Don't get me wrong y wouldn't u go in there guns blazen
paragontethras (5 years ago)
Dude, your voice is fucking sexy.
Ben C (5 years ago)
How'd you make it so they don't pull the alarm. for me as soon as they realize im around they run for reinforcements.
János Szabó (5 years ago)
mark up many fucks as we can xD
Minh Nguyen (5 years ago)
farcry 3, y u no have cancel shot like tomb raider :))! man i finished farcry 3, collected nearly everything on the map, there's not a thing for me to do. got so bored that i have to start looting every single chests to get money to buy all possible weapons camos, then kill our friendly AI, like, they should have made the game so we can unlock all skills before the ending is near. i've never used gunslinger takedown, nor air take down., nawmeen?
Wendy (5 years ago)
Your stealth or `undetected` rank is decided by if you are discovered by 2 or more enemies during the course of the liberation. Detected by 2 separate enemiesdosent count. The pirate or privateer you startle has to alert another pirate or animal
Chris Rumpf (5 years ago)
not the juggs tho
Jill Erickson (5 years ago)
how do you pull yourarrow back
stekke (5 years ago)
you do know you can also use mines and still get the stealth bonus :)
Martin (5 years ago)
you can also fire a shot in the air and run far away to cover to lure multiple enemies at once
Illidan Stormrage (5 years ago)
Thanks for replying fast. But I'm trying to figure out how to see total played time on pc for far cry 3? I use uplay and I have been trying to figure this out FOREVER. please if you know how leave me a message.
Illidan Stormrage (5 years ago)
Hey man, your really funny and btw I subbed. Just wanted to ask what would you prefer a suppressed sniper rifle, or a bow? And what's better at what time?
dragontooth0123 (5 years ago)
if you throw multiple rocks in a small amount of time they will find out that there is some idiot out there throwing rocks on the wall so all of them will start looking for you
SeedsOfHatred (5 years ago)
I'm thinking he was probably complimenting you...
sether218 (5 years ago)
You sound like dexter!
GERMANIZER (5 years ago)
You are the badest stealther ever
Tejan Dua (5 years ago)
he doesnt know how to play!!
Tejan Dua (5 years ago)
Never seen anone play far cry 3 this bad he needs a full year coaching to play such games...NUB!!!!
Ian Leibowitz (5 years ago)
I can never get this outpost
TheArkOfArt (5 years ago)
i never use rocks if you thin i should like this comment :)
Antypas Andreas (5 years ago)
Go throught the tutorial at the beginning of the game if you are a starter. Anyways, if you want somebody to come out of the fort, then shoot a loud weapon, if you dont have one, then hit a guy with a rock. He will come to you. Hope I helped
Brandon Davis (5 years ago)
Just captured my last outpost today! don't know what I'm going to do anymore. :(
AsymptoteManuki (5 years ago)
You can always tag with weapons, i usually zoom on them with a sniper to tag them, I barely use the camera because I jsut didn't take that habit to tag ennemies.
thegtaman2003 (5 years ago)
Doesn't work for me now, i press up and Jason just puts his weapon into his holster and gets it back out, i also can't use the rocks.
thegtaman2003 (5 years ago)
Cowboy how do you open the camera? I try pressing Up on the D-Pad but it doesn't work and that makes the outposts very hard.
Got it. Thanks, mate!
TheGoldenAsian (5 years ago)
nope. you wont get it. the detection meter can't fill up. if it does, you won't get the stealth bonus.
Billy Baker (5 years ago)
Cool vid man lol!
Sam Fuentes (5 years ago)
great video man lol
Let me be captain obvious. So if pirate notices me and I stab him and he didn't scream, it still counts as stealth and I get 1500XP?
Hunter Seitz (5 years ago)
on pc u push R on the keyboard
CoffeeShopleBox ! (5 years ago)
How do you do it? I just beat the game, But im fucking horrible at stealth. You rock haha
EdgarBau5 (5 years ago)
You suck !!! Fucking retard ! -.-
Icon Echo (5 years ago)
but all i have is oreos D:
AVE (5 years ago)
how did he ("you" if you read this message cowboy) do to get back when he press the shooting push-button but he finaly don't want to shoot the arrow ? (sorry for my bad english and thx to answer me!)
TheParatroopingWasp (5 years ago)
MrCostari (5 years ago)
It's the best, easiest and safest way.
MrCostari (5 years ago)
Nope they don't/.
Dirty Dan (5 years ago)
Note to anyone watching the video:DONT fucking spam rocks.Its retarded cause you are only making the pirates paranoid
Tyler Grosso (5 years ago)
ding ding fightincowboy713 is a winner
SinistaSoul Gaming (5 years ago)
even dogs take off ur stealth points if they notice u. :)
RsHabibi (5 years ago)
@DoctorDwayne Sniping an outpost is pretty boring.
Etc Gavin (5 years ago)
try my method, throw rock, group, cooked grenade....
yaboy trey (5 years ago)
how did you get unlimited arrows ?
Alex Iulian (5 years ago)
Hey cowboy!When you loot the chests you find money and some stuff like poker cards.Can you do something else with this stuff without selling it???
RandomGames (5 years ago)
what do u have 2 do when uve got all the camps under control? isnt it gonna be boring then? or can u like replay them in some way?
YaBoiSpence (5 years ago)
@fightincowboy713 I learned that when your indication bar reaches full, then does the flash thing, you have been detected and will not recieve the stealth bonus
t8rtot01 (5 years ago)
Another question: does the surpressor attachment provide the same stealth as the recurve bow?
t8rtot01 (5 years ago)
A quick question: are there achievements for playing on warrior difficulty? Currently i am having a lot of trouble with a specific fort.
micoma49 (5 years ago)
Just wondering, again -- at same point in game & on warrior level I had to deal with wild dogs & the drunks did also, setting the surrounding area afire. Best I got was no alarm, as they were running around outside the camp. Any recall on the wildlife at that stage.
DoctorDwayne (5 years ago)
well i went to copy you after watching some of your stealth stuff and my first try i think i took about 40mins and some losers still came along on the road and saw me, alerting the last 2 in the camp. after second or third try i got the hang of it.... one thing I can't agree with yon on though is the bow. Silenced M-700 is soooooooooooooooooooooo much easier. still get the stealth bonus too. anyway awesome videos man keep it up
DoctorDwayne (5 years ago)
this wasnt very stealthy.mostly just awkward and took far too long. i like your other videos, though :D
Barry Sims (5 years ago)
you are so fucking funny :)
J. Jonah Jameson (5 years ago)
Mate, your voice is badass.
Nick Vanse (5 years ago)
You can get it if you have a silencer on your gun too
micoma49 (5 years ago)
Okay, and since Badtown ain't available yet in the storyline ... BTW, enjoying the videos & x-rated :) narrations ...
micoma49 (5 years ago)
Dated I know, but -- would have enjoyed seeing u cross the island to this camp -- "balls deep" & only 3 arrows remaining indeed! Just wondering as to why go to Camp Murder at this stage -- was it 4 the hunter quest?
Chris Mustaine (5 years ago)
How I clear camps: Famas with a supressor and scope, or the Shredder SMG. Remington M-700 with a supressor and high optics scope. Ignore all the above and rain death with the GL-94.
kokos1able (5 years ago)
The slower the better smartass. Have you seen hunters? Do they shoot an animal In a moment's notice? Too*
kokos1able (5 years ago)
P.S The slower you do the camp the better. Good one
kokos1able (5 years ago)
ARE YOU SERIOUS? If the 2nd camp you did is this one, you're are really good at this game. Good Job, Good Video, You earned yourself a subscriber
ronaldinhoisfat (5 years ago)
@TheMightyHarihar true dat
alk420id (5 years ago)
What are you christian or some shit? He swears exactly the right amount.
Travis Macindoe (5 years ago)
what is the best stealth loadout

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