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Check out what Mark Zuckerberg did ON CAMERA

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He didn't even try to hide it WHILE ON CAMERA!! (wait for it) All links to the videos and articles mentioned in video are in today's poGm blog entry at: http://remnantofgod.org/blog/index.php/2018/04/13/facebook-donated…lling-zuckerberg/ The ORIGINAL Zuckerberg Testimony video: (start counting at 32:00) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyJosQBtzsw CONFIRMED: Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/24/report-facebook-spent-swamp-lobbyists-1q-ever/ ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ MAIN SITE: http://www.remnantofgod.org
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NicholasPOGM (4 months ago)
CONFIRMED: Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/24/report-facebook-spent-swamp-lobbyists-1q-ever/
NicholasPOGM Amen brother
Bob (22 days ago)
+Lizzie Burgose ..its US foreign policy of petrodollar enforcement that spreads hate, fear & tyranny around the world & it does so as the govt is not held accountable by the people & the corptocracy of reps/dems both willfully ignore constitutional law, when it comes to state surveillance, civil & voter rights etc. The very same senators ignore international law with the use of killer drones by claiming its stop terrorism, yet stats prove contrary to the claim!! A new drone base is being built in Niger for $280MM, yet Flint still doesn't have clean water, homeless veterans are disguarded in the gutter & 30MM+ still don't have healthcare in the richest country on the planet...😶 Please tell me you can see this hypocrisy or do you only want your side to win because you've been told you live in God's country..??
laurentiu 1982 (23 days ago)
Go to hell Zuckerberg 👿
galaxyhood (24 days ago)
Your like/dislike ratio says it all.
CC Languedoc (26 days ago)
Brian Powell River
Ariel Higurashi (5 hours ago)
Well God forbid if anyone nods.....This is crap..first video in all my life would click dislike (still didn't). "Check out what Mark Zuckerburg did on camera" What nod??? He can't nod??? LMAO this video was a waste of time
NicholasPOGM (4 hours ago)
Perhaps this will help you see what everyone else sees... CONFIRMED: Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before http://www.breitbart.com/big-governme...
My Will (7 hours ago)
he sold his soul
Ali Houzifi (9 hours ago)
He ☺ because he knows an insider and he thinks his free dog Jew
Ali Houzifi (9 hours ago)
Kill the 🐀
Slaric Take (15 hours ago)
Should have be called Senate grills with Suckerberg......not to mention he hung out with all of them the day before
Crazy Stuff!!
Wan Javad (2 days ago)
miriam moore (2 days ago)
he gives smiles too as he nods
Marivel Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Keep up the good
I completely understand how Mark Zuckerberg made an ass out of himself in front of Congress, has been giving information, probably personal information to the U.S government for years through Facebook. But If you're going to make a short documentary regarding his horrible reactions to questioning and blatent lies. Or the fact it was 7.8 million to 3 seprate congressmen great . And mentioning it was a small "donation" then a significant "donation" 4 hours after the first hearing suggests everything in itself. This is not religious ,the Book of Revelations? That's giving Mark Zuckerberg a lot of credit, don't you think?? you're basically saying he's bringing end times. So the man who invented Facebook is going to end the world or a profit there of is not logical and little crazy and you give Mark Zuckerberg way too much credit. He's a puppet of the real international banksters that run the show and he probably is allowed in the little cabal club now but he's a rich minion. Sorry but it's true he sold out the world's personal lives and memories to the highest bidder. Then claimed there's no privacy implied or stated that requires that information to be ours. How about intellectual property, thought and idea.
Ivanka Trumpovich (4 days ago)
He's not Human. He's some type of MK ULTRA, or robot or some THING. He said once on camera "I used to be human". Those eyes are a dead giveaway. Evil. Pure evil.
DJKloop (5 days ago)
How dare he say hello to everyone
s3cr3t1359 (6 days ago)
Execute JEWS and their congressmen JEW WHORES for treason!
Jesper Madsen (6 days ago)
Mr slurping nod doll 😂
Michele Adkins (7 days ago)
How stupid is Mark Zuckerberg to sit there and nod at all the people he paid off!!! That's alright Mark Zuckerberg everybody knows where you live!!! I'm sure when the truth comes out you'll be long gone baby!!!! And those poor Hawaiian people can have their land back that you literally stole from them!!! And by the way I don't have Facebook!! I knew that was a bad deal when it first came out!!!! What are all you criminal Elites going to do run into the Rothschilds?? You think they can protect you!!??❤️🙏❤️ TRUMP
JOHN RICHARDSON (7 days ago)
After seeing this sicko I am glad I cancelled Facebook when I did.
It is such a disgusting experience to look at Zuckerberg’s big nose Zionist face...
NicholasPOGM Zionism is not a race, it is a sick agenda against humanity and morality. I am with people, I am for people, but I am against One World Government! Sorry, it seems you misunderstood me!
NicholasPOGM (9 days ago)
Why are there so many racists people in the world. Seriously.. do you actually think you will be allowed in Heaven with all those different races when you have declared you refuse ot get along with them down here? I Pray you repent.
Vince O (10 days ago)
Why are you so idiotic!! His nods were in acknowledgement of people he recognised. You nod to say hello, NOTHING MORE. Jeeze you people are deluded!!
NicholasPOGM (10 days ago)
Perhaps if you did a bit more research you wouldn't be so blinded on this... Report: Facebook Spent More on Swamp Lobbyists in 1Q than Ever Before http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/24/report-facebook-spent-swamp-lobbyists-1q-ever/
Aleister Midnight (10 days ago)
yes we all caught it. as a test that day I went on fb and talked about it to see what would happen with my upload...it uploaded just fine and was viewed apprx 148 views. the next morning I wake up to chk my fb messages and would you belive it. I had a ness from fb saying they took my video down because it violated copyrights! huh?!? So they did exq tly what I knew they would do. they had to wait to see if people would watch it 1st and when they saw it was being viewed, they went into action. I no longer use fb. I deleted my acct 3 yrs ago. fb is also turning your Web cams on and watching you and listening. if u don't use ur Web cam put a piece of electrical tape over the lens as well as the mic. it will help muffle your voice mkn it harder for them to hear you. better yet....and if your smart. you'll stop using fb altogether! Delete ur acct and move on.
Beast P (10 days ago)
His stiff movements are quite weird
belle mcellis (10 days ago)
John (11 days ago)
He isn't nodding he's malfunctioning.
Richard Hurrell (11 days ago)
He is not human
val zod (11 days ago)
Straight clone ...this dude been dead for years
Antti Laaksonen (11 days ago)
dimmyt sivad (11 days ago)
I bet they nod back it's like waving hello. Dude is weird but nodding isn't nothing new. YouTube is making everyone cawazzy
Lex Luther (12 days ago)
His handler blinks 2ce before he nods
Lex Luther (12 days ago)
We are doomed
x_WILD_ CHILD_x (12 days ago)
He a weird looking lizard dude lmao
Shahrukh Ali (12 days ago)
Creepy looking 😓😓
j pw (12 days ago)
Well done, Nicholas! Great catch haha.
NicholasPOGM (12 days ago)
Thanks j pw ;)
IMA B. LIEVER (12 days ago)
I don’t have Facebook anymore, either… Like some of you have been stating… I don’t like Mr. Zuckerberg and I don’t trust him or the people he works with… However… Nodding at someone doesn’t always mean “we are in on this together so let’s get the ball rolling, fellas“… That’s how a lot of people say “hi” to someone from across a room. I have no problem talking about all of the evil that’s going on and who’s doing it… But, let’s not make something out of everything, shall we? We have to be honest with ourselves and be in some kind of control of our minds, reactions and thought processes or we will just fall off deep end. We have to be smart about this. And I’ve said this all only after watching three minutes and 48 seconds of the video, so maybe there is something after that I haven’t seen… So far I’ve seen nothing more than what I’ve seen my minister do when people are walking in and sitting down. He looks at them nods and is waiting for everyone to sit down and start church. Does this make sense? “Next nod comes in 46 seconds“??! Come on people… Get a grip of yourselves... PS. You missed a “nod” in between number 15 and 16. I’m just being facetious...and trying to make a point.
Mn Nn (12 days ago)
The first beast is the Vatican ? Are you drunk
NicholasPOGM (9 days ago)
You are taught to bow before statues of Mary, right? THAT is an act of worship. You are taught to pray to Mary do you not? THAT is an act of worship. You are taught to obey Popes that have been proven to be Pagan, THAT is worship. I don't say that to anger you. I say it to try and wake you up. I was a devout Catholic 29 years until I actually opened up the Bible and discovered the truth. I pray you do the same SOON. Visit my main site with over 14,000 pages exposing every aspect of Roman Catholics and the Pagan goddess from the book of Jeremiah that angered God. The Vatican changed that Pagan goddess' name to MAry. See proof here... http://www.remnantofgod.org/evilqueen.htm Also see many quotes from the Popes and prelates ADMITTING in writing that Catholicism is over 85% Paganism listed here... http://www.remnantofgod.org/beastword.htm#babylon And see literally hundreds of documented Pagans rituals found in Catholicism listed here... http://www.remnantofgod.org/whoreofbabylon.htm
NicholasPOGM (9 days ago)
I already did years ago and found it was a demon. Here's the historical and biblical proof... http://www.remnantofgod.org/Notmary.htm As for conversions. No, the only true conversion is when it is based on Scripture and Jesus Christ. NOT "Mary" a human woman even though she is blessed among woman.
Mn Nn (9 days ago)
+NicholasPOGM .Why don't u Google MEDJUGORJE. The spinning sun there. The millions conversions. It's better for ur spiritual and mental health. There s evil n temptation everywhere n mostly in holy places .Google the priest *GABRIELE AMORTH*
logan steele (12 days ago)
💩what I think of him .
logan steele (12 days ago)
Yes the eyes that some see with well most are blind .
Raphaël (13 days ago)
Everybody talking shit but nobody can delete their facebook account.. Waste countless hours comparing your life to others.. He wins, you lose (jews run the show)
tanielle Williams (13 days ago)
He is very robotic...I understand being nervous,but damn come on! Its so strange!
Ruth (13 days ago)
If Jesus Christ is the saviour and saved your life. Why will you try hiding it from people and be selfish not telling them what you know!!! Instead be glad to help people by telling them Jesus Christ is the true God. He is truth alone. Why so selfish????
NicholasPOGM (13 days ago)
Who are you talking to Ruth? If you are addressing me, perhaps if you saw what the Lord has wrought via the work He has given me to do you will not be so quick to judge next time. My site has over 14,000 pages of data that glorifies the Lord, His Word and His prophetic truth at www.remnantofgod.org
Karen Strong (13 days ago)
Doesn’t he just think he’s got it all in the bag .. arrogant sod .. he’s just a mere man at the end of the day .. he blinks a lot
joyce boyd (14 days ago)
Emotionless! Tight smile like A hidden. Smeek
joyce boyd (14 days ago)
They own that robot looking Man. The deal must be done That water thing Is too Way out. His mannerisms Are stiff, LIKE, one step beyond.
Mariana Mendoza (14 days ago)
MAybe he sent his robot self or clone to attend the hearing while he sat from a jet or something
kathy rathbun (14 days ago)
Those nods ARE interesting! Any idea WHO he was nodding to?
Norlee Garcia (14 days ago)
Oh wow look at chick behind him in black jacket n white shirt he blinks then she blinks but harder. Actually they are all blinking simultaneously. WTF moments for sure. Robotic communication perhaps?? And Who the hell are all those fools typing in the back ground r they feeding him answers could that be the reason for all the blinking???
wali lowe (14 days ago)
Why is everyone blinking so much?
reace m (14 days ago)
Looks staged to me
nepokatneca II (14 days ago)
D N (15 days ago)
I'm guessing most of the subscribers to this channel are Alex Jones fans.
NicholasPOGM (15 days ago)
Nope.. Alex Jones works directly for the Pope. He is not just a Roman Catholic. He is a Jesuit coadjutor. PROOF? See this... http://www.remnantofgod.org/jones.htm
D N (15 days ago)
And what big corporation isn't buying political influence in our country? You can thank the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United. And stop voting for Republicans and Corp Democrats. Look to progressive candidates.
NicholasPOGM (15 days ago)
And by progressive you mean socialist? See this... http://www.remnantofgod.org/VaticanSocialist.htm
D N (15 days ago)
Hey... you know else has ALL your pvt information? Your bank. Your doctor. Your employer. Your family members. The only thing failbook does is target advertising to you. Enough with the idiotic paranoia!
Debo Ondebox (15 days ago)
Breitbart News is payed for by Jewish ZIONIST MONEY!!! I do not trust them!!!!!!
Jews = evils
James Fletcher (15 days ago)
He looks a lot like his evil grandfather...David Rockefeller.
Robert Harden (15 days ago)
What a dog and pony show .oh boy
Nation wide (15 days ago)
All of them have received multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars from Zuck. So yeah.
Westley B (15 days ago)
There's something screwy going on with that guy I don't even think he's a real person might be from another planet
But everyone still has a smart phone when we do not need one. Think about what the smart phone is a stepping stone to. That and crypto-currency. Demonitization has already started in other countries and it will becoming to the US soon. Once they have acclimated us all like fish to new water with the new buying and selling system, we will be trapped - no way out. We'll have to barter underground with our brothers and sisters in Christ, because no one is making a stand now and throwing away their smart phones. We all need to refuse to continue acclimating to this world and start stepping backwards. Most importantly, we all need to start learning how to love one another - truly and sincerely. Peace and Love to all of you.
Rina Freeman (15 days ago)
That man crazy or slow he weird to the max
Rina Freeman (15 days ago)
Weird white lady behind to
Marco Reyes (16 days ago)
A video of a man nodding😂 whats next his breathing count?
420 soundgood (16 days ago)
😂 just look at all their faces and you will see the conspiracy... He looks like " omg forgive me for what im doing to all this 5 billions of people" this is so sad for those who dont know this is all true. Jesus christ the only real saver and son of God coming for all of us very soon💝💯yeesss and nobody cant stop it 😎.
Anthony Castaneda (16 days ago)
Looks like polite nodding since he can't personally greet each one. Your trippin man.
NicholasPOGM (16 days ago)
perhaps if you looked at the articles showing how HE PAID THEM OFF you would see clearly what's really happening here. AND, he was NEVER sworn in. It was all political theater.
He knows everyone in the courtroom probably was all a show
junior84 (18 days ago)
Mark Zuccerberg, if you see this message you are not human and come at me bro, you can fuck off you lizard son of a bitch
Luke Camp (18 days ago)
Fb sucks.. Glad I don't have that crap
Vig orniensis (18 days ago)
What's the fat wench keep smiling about? Is she retarded? She also keeps blinking a lot as well!
Angelica Luce (18 days ago)
'RECKLESS LOVE" - what IS the biblical story behind it?
NicholasPOGM (18 days ago)
Watch the video.. I explain it
zander dennis (18 days ago)
Dumb fake shit
zander dennis (18 days ago)
What all he's doing is speaking to people
lauren c (19 days ago)
Zuckerberg is evil part of the swamp Facebook, google and most media is fake news part of the deep state brainwashing Americans their goal is Agenda 21 People are starting to wake up!
Who the fuck is green dress 👗 girl grinning at? Evil
Dr. Demento ! (19 days ago)
That Bitch in Green knows what’s going on,she even laughs about it ! ! ! ! ! !
Patrick Mula (19 days ago)
Zuck is going to HELL FOREVER
Mary Lingo (19 days ago)
Watch him is he a clone or a robot. He has strange facial features and expressions. He blinks a lot and has a set bland look. Peace ✌️ out.
lee ystenes (20 days ago)
is zuckerburg the mark of the beast?
Margaret Phillips (20 days ago)
Oh you mean nodding hello at people he knows personally. OMG that's so shocking. it's definitely some kind of conspiracy. The advanced AI technologies, and the process of creating habit forming design is out in the open. There have been books written about how FB and other technology companies utilize these strategies. Are you seriously surprised that Mark Zuckerberg, a billionaire, personally knows people in the US govt? Wow. Idiotic.
Anti Kamalizim (20 days ago)
Suck Berg
Thomas Jr (21 days ago)
That is weird and interesting I've never seen this before. They are definitely all working together. This is very revealing. This shows you how the elites have each other's backs even when it involves crimes or any failure to do something they look out for each other. Seeing him nod like that looked very evil and cunning. I believe he was maybe innocent at one point but because he sold his soul for riches and whatever else he has been taken over by the devil. It's sad to see this because he's a young man who seems very intelligent and if I am correct he is also Jewish. He is definitely working for people over him and more powerful then him. It just shows you how Facebook is a Trojan horse and is a tech spy and tool to gather information.
Michael E (21 days ago)
This is a bit funny, since "Sheeple", is defined as , Meekly submissive, on Wiki! LOL! Meek means; teachable or teacher, according to it's Olde English definition! Hahaha, Hahahahaaaa!
IknowwhoseIAM 1 (21 days ago)
He and the woman are initially scared of someone to their far left 3:30 but manage to win them over at 4:14 and seem more at ease after this. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. You can have your temporary fun now.
Mattia Friso Friso (22 days ago)
Guys stop with this stupid conspirator theories the guy just has asperger syndrome
chuck s (22 days ago)
Zuckerberg Is A AI Robot...Non-Human !
Sally H (22 days ago)
Facebook is flooded with Demonic Entities attacking Christians and Conservative thinkers. It is nothing more that a TOOL used by Satan and his followers to attack and belittle Christians. I am not kidding that is for REAL.
NicholasPOGM (22 days ago)
A M E N !
couponcrzzy (22 days ago)
He looks trained/ conditioned to do all that he did
TIME TO WAKE UP (23 days ago)
You dont get that much influente without "connections" at the top.. But yeah..something is NOT right with him..his eyes, his face expression is not..human. At this point NOTHINGH is Off limits..i expect anything from these elites.he can be a clone, an android or possesed...something is sure: this guy is NOT clean !
Scotty boii (23 days ago)
Not being funny but if this guy is human then my mum's a virgin
Baco Miric (23 days ago)
laurentiu 1982 (23 days ago)
He is one ugly droid😂
AnaJasmine Castellon (18 days ago)
Totally agree 😂😅😄😃😀
laurentiu 1982 (23 days ago)
Zuckerberg is the biggest terrorist of all time
Ernie Billings (23 days ago)
Somethings wrong with him....cold and emotionless.
Jesus Alvarez (23 days ago)
Fuck your bell nod count!
broom@google.com (23 days ago)
Suckerberg is one of the most evil people.
Runsontrails (23 days ago)
It must be his lawyer behind him he is nodding as well. But seems better at it.
jpin0002 jpin0002 (23 days ago)
So he admitted to listening in on private conversations yet no repercussions whatsoever? End times confirmed
Yaki kobi (23 days ago)
He is not a clone or a Robot lol, he is just insecure and very nervous.
Just Me (23 days ago)
I read he had asbergers syndrome and if you do research, others have said they feel like they are from another planet and a different species than human. He actually shows a lot of symptoms. I really don't think he's robot, alien, or a reptilian as everyone thinks. Poor guy gets a lot of shit.
criss dee (24 days ago)
He looks like a weirdo wound not like to meet him late at night
Tim Flaherty (24 days ago)
Hes david rockerfellers grandson his real name is jeff greensberg
Silas Ditzer (24 days ago)
Satanic friends I might add

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