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Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

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Let's play the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on PS4! We sit down with the Toys For Bob team to see a level from the second game in the collection: Idol Springs. Enjoy the show!
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Beyond (5 hours ago)
What i really want to see is how the 3 homeworlds look like now that they've been reworked and remade. My personal favourite was Autumn Plains,man was that home world so gorgeous looking back in the day,alongside the other two worlds which were summer forest and winter tundra, the best thing about winter tundra is that the soundtrack was just flatout phenomenal. Looking at the idols in this levels,i can definitely say that this is idol springs.
Gills Gills (5 hours ago)
Really hoping charge jump is still in the game. Made movement really enjoyable.
vitaminangry (9 hours ago)
Too bad they got rid of 3d UI from the original game Spyro the Dragon. As a kid i liked this golden letters and other elements of UI.
Omar Kamp (18 hours ago)
What happened to using L2 and R2 instead of using the Right stick.
Stellupine (1 day ago)
Spyro is undoubtedly my favorite game ever. I grew up with it as did so many other people and it's so amazing to see it coming back with Stewart Copeland, Tom Kenney and so many other amazing creators, along with it keeping all of the best parts of spyro, it's all just so cool to see ;u;
CHINASAUR (1 day ago)
So beautiful❤️
Mr333a222 (1 day ago)
Has this game HDR?
So want this game
Devin the retro Gamer (2 days ago)
I can’t wait for this to come out
MrPaperboy78 (2 days ago)
memories 😭
ScottMconnel (2 days ago)
This is everything i could have wanted from a remaster of one of the most amazing series of all times, but seriously, the orbs need to do the bouncing animation with the little ding sound
Adam Cunningham (1 day ago)
ScottMconnel *remake
Angelo Falls (2 days ago)
My inner 5 year old is screaming at the sight of this nostalgic beauty of a game of the trilogy!!! I CAN'T WAIT TIL SEPT 21ST!!
Isa the Rebel (2 days ago)
Don't tell me this game don't got the charge button
Reloaded Past (22 hours ago)
ofcourse it has the charge button
Michael Pruden (2 days ago)
We NEED this on switch..
Joe Baker (2 days ago)
Why am I triggered he's not collecting all the gems
Emmet O Driscoll (2 days ago)
can't wait for this 👏
Jane St. Valentine (2 days ago)
Zoe looks so pretty... :)
This Is Mahba (3 days ago)
Rykr Davidson (3 days ago)
Man, this is how you do a remastered game. It looks fantastic and fresh. If you've never played the originals, you'd never know it was a remaster. But I guess that goes without saying. :3
Adam Cunningham (1 day ago)
Rykr Davidson It's a remake, not a remaster.
Salim Cobarrubias (3 days ago)
Back in my childhood it was all about crash bandicoot & spyro...
Michael Kinley (3 days ago)
I am so buying this for christmas!
Lady Love (3 days ago)
Ugh they left out that hula girl dance and the lightning strike 😕
Alexander Kayzer (3 days ago)
Hmmm..need for nintendo switch.
Adam Cunningham (1 day ago)
Nel Tra Sure.
Nel Tra (1 day ago)
Adam Cunningham someone deleted a comment where he said that it wont happen ^^.
Adam Cunningham (1 day ago)
Nel Tra Why not? Crash Bandicoot is on Switch.
Nel Tra (2 days ago)
william don't be so sure about it.
Blick Winkel (3 days ago)
come on original zoe looked much better i wonder if there are still those opening-ending movies on levels, those were cute
Toastywhiteboy Dab (3 days ago)
Sooooo beautiful!
SpiritualPants (3 days ago)
I dunno but I hated Idol Springs together with Colossus.
SpiritualPants (3 days ago)
william x Really didn't like the art style. Those monks looked hella wierd. I really liked Hurricos instead.
J_Shepz (3 days ago)
It all just looks a bit... dull?
Adam Cunningham (3 days ago)
J_Shepz I disagree
Dan Esp (4 days ago)
Do you have any idea how long my child self took on that block puzzle?!
Daniel S (4 days ago)
and its likely going to be on steam
Leigh Joye (4 days ago)
I really cannot wait. I used to play this when I was little on my Playstation. :3
v01ce (4 days ago)
Something about the UI seems off. I'm guessing it's still work in progress.
PangoPixel (4 days ago)
To all the people whining in the comments: get over yourselves. Stop judging a game that isn't even out yet just because an orb doesn't bounce or whatever. Give constructive criticism (aka offer suggestions) instead of just complaining. This game looks amazing thanks to all the hard work of Toys for Bob and it's super cool having a remake of this beloved series. Thanks
Jeff1011b (4 days ago)
Please add the "quacking" sound when you collect gems. I loved that sound
himez123 (4 days ago)
Looks awesome and it seems they kept the og voice actors ??
Skoogles (4 days ago)
Please PLEASE call it Gateway to Glimmer in the European version 🤞🏻
Richard Castro (4 days ago)
I want to hear if the music is the same as the old game, also the only thing I don't like is the blue diamond that you see when you collect a gem, the gem that you collect should be the gem that is displayed when you collect it
AlwaysHarmony (4 days ago)
RYNOROSSFILMS (4 days ago)
Honestly, as fun as Spryo 1 was, I wanted to see how the other games looked, so I'm glad they posted this gameplay demo for the second game. Can't wait to see a preview of Year of the Dragon!
RYNOROSSFILMS (4 days ago)
Fireworks for the music and the dragon boss fight. I also liked the beach level from Spyro 3. The bonus objectives were fun as a kid.
MurphysPuppet (4 days ago)
I cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!! I also hope for a Switch Version!!! I'll buy both!!! Toys for Bob take mah Maneyyyy!!!😂😂😂 will it also come out to PC?! I would buy all oft it instantly!!! I dreamed all oft my life of those 3 games to be rerelaised!! Thank Tod its happening after such a long Time! 😎😀😋
Gemma Kirkby (4 days ago)
This is looking great guys!! I can't wait until September. Been waiting for this to happen since they Crash came back out.
Dragon-Lord Ember (4 days ago)
I can't wait for the R34 that I'm sure already exists of this
José Hoyos (4 days ago)
Parece arathi
Jonathan Amalidosan (4 days ago)
Remember when PlayStation underground were demos you could play
Kawun Lynch (4 days ago)
This game can't get here fast enough.
Joy (5 days ago)
This is the one I'm looking forward to
iam16bits (5 days ago)
Terrance Johnson (5 days ago)
Please just make the lighting less yellow.
Cheyenne Galliac (5 days ago)
My excitement for this could not be any bigger! 💜
PokémonMaster Red (5 days ago)
My question is will there be button input cheats for the remasters like in the originals? You know like the 99 lives cheat?
Sebastian Brinkmann (5 days ago)
Medieval next?
SarahTheRed (5 days ago)
Just gotta wait for that Switch release :c
SarahTheRed (4 days ago)
Um, no i'm not, I only own a switch, I know it'll be a year or so, it's not stubborn when you can't afford a PS4. But thank you for shoving poverty in my face.
Zeno Salazar (5 days ago)
Rain dance? Where's the rain cloud?
TheAmagiChallenge (5 days ago)
I love this game this game was my favorite of the original trilogy I spent hours upon hours playing all three of the original Spyro games I can't wait until this game releases I'm so excited to play them all again!
TheAmagiChallenge (4 days ago)
william x Alright cool yeah I am gonna be getting it day one.
TheAmagiChallenge (4 days ago)
william x My PSN is DmCDevilHunterX.
TheAmagiChallenge (4 days ago)
william x Yeah not that long now September 21st will be here before we know it.
Suzy94 (5 days ago)
i loved this level!!!!!!
Slevin (5 days ago)
I'm really not a fan of the lighting - original used to be so bright and colorful. This always looks like he's evening or something.
dial-up noise (5 days ago)
I'm having so much trouble accepting the palettes in this remake. the originals had such vibrant and beautiful colors but the footage I've seen so far, the colors are kind of toned down and boring. it's disappointing.
Asriel's Diary E&S (5 days ago)
I can't wait to play it portable :D
Asriel's Diary E&S (2 days ago)
william x of course on the switch :D, I bought crash bandicoot for ps4 when it launches thinking that it would be exclusive, but it wasn't i will not make the same mistake, i will buy this when it comes on the switch, they already confirm that
Matt Dymond (5 days ago)
Please keep the original 'Gateway to Glimmer' title for the SCEE release. Don't like the US title.
Matt Dymond (4 days ago)
william x Yes I know, thanks for pointing out what I already said. Crash Bandicoot had a different cover for Warped, but they kept that true to the regions too. I'd rather they kept Gateway to Glimmer for the SCEE regions.
BIll Smith (5 days ago)
His legs look a bit weird plain
Yunus (5 days ago)
I kinda miss the gruffer voices of the foremans but it looks a lot better now, plus the music doesn't cut off abruptly now
James Hope (5 days ago)
We've had Crash Bandicoot, next we're getting Spyro, Ratchet and Clank has two more to go..... anyone else screaming for a Jak and Daxter remake?
Slevin (5 days ago)
That doesn't need a remake. What we need is a new Jak game. Sadly, Naughty Dog is into scripted cinematic trash now.
Jeff Stacy (5 days ago)
2 things that REALLY need to be fixed in this video... Zoe, her New color is absolutely terrible. The dress needs to be half as short and bright yellow like the Original. And The water... l dont like the merky texture... l much prefer the Crystal see through water from the Original... Other than that, the rest looks great...
- ICE - 125 - (5 days ago)
never expected the ps4 to remake abes oddworld crash bandicoot spyro
Adam Cunningham (1 day ago)
- ICE - 125 - But you didn't mention those developers.
- ICE - 125 - (2 days ago)
I meant the generation of console the developers i'm talking about are: vicarious visions oddworld inhabitants
Adam Cunningham (3 days ago)
- ICE - 125 - Sony didn't remake these games.
- ICE - 125 - (4 days ago)
william x I said that because it has a sequal in the works so I was saying abes oddworld universe
Evander Frisch (5 days ago)
ehhh don't like the way the text boxes look. Bring back the 3d lettering!
super Tommio (5 days ago)
Is it me or beating the Shield enemies is way more satisfying now
Sarah Doherty (5 days ago)
Would love it on PS2, don't like PS4.
AndroxineVortex (5 days ago)
Spyro trilogy reignited > FFVII Remake
Chileshe (5 days ago)
Body status: *Ready*
Allen W (5 days ago)
Hopefully the spyro2 cheat code for the CTR demo works,
Schwarzvogel XL (5 days ago)
Spyro is so nice 😍😍
pondwithducks (5 days ago)
I love everything about this, but I'm just wondering... shouldn't Spyro be a little more gray/ blue? I think he's a little too vibrant for some reason. At least for his original trilogy design.
Slevin (5 days ago)
No, what needs to be vibrant is the rest of the worlds - this is WAY to dark. Spyro has always been vibrant, at least the original trilogy.
pondwithducks (5 days ago)
I mean, I DID say "I love everything about this" for a reason... It was literally to prevent this type of reply. It is indeed the remaster of the century, and I am also excited. Peace.
pondwithducks (5 days ago)
william x Stop what?
David Garcia (5 days ago)
Do the glitches still work? At least the double jump
Ian Queteím Porta (5 days ago)
beautiful c:
DarkScarlettVixen (5 days ago)
September 21st...so far awayyy......😭
DarkScarlettVixen (5 days ago)
william x NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOoo.......
DarkScarlettVixen (5 days ago)
Ugh...his run animation is so cute!!
RakkuGuy (5 days ago)
i know the spyro games are the total opposite of crash and they are VERY easy, but man i hope there is some way to crank up the difficulty. I replayed spyro 2 a few years ago and vividly remember being kind of shocked at how easily i breezed through the whole game. i know a lot of the buyers for this game are going to be adults who played the original as kids, like me, and would like a little more challenge. Regardless I am still dying with anticipation for the release. The visuals look absolutely stunning. I love you ToysForBob for reviving my favorite ps1 series!
Andrew Bryk (5 days ago)
I didnt realize PlayStation underground still existed. Anyone else remember getting the cd mailers??
Jessaca Kearton-Moore (5 days ago)
everything looks so smooth, it's going to take some getting used to!
R O M (6 days ago)
I'm gonna assume they either removed that dancing skeleton or shortened his dance by a lot or has an entirely different animation.
10,000,000 views (6 days ago)
Can’t wait no mo
Bobbie Koppejan (6 days ago)
Is anyone else kinda annoyed that he almost never grabs any of the diamonds?
Bobbie Koppejan (2 days ago)
william x same
Lion El Jonson (6 days ago)
Never understood why mario was so popular. I mean, he's an italian plumber who's main attack is jumping on people. How is that cooler than a purple dragon that breathes fire?
Casey wasey (6 days ago)
Just no more skylanders
Jason Smith (6 days ago)
Too bad the orb icon on the screen is too round. It used to be so satisfyingly cristally shaped in the original trilogy
man everything is so sparkly sounding now? i hope there's an option for original sfx n all, i miss all the plonks n such instead of sorta generic fantasy sparkle
DualSwordBesken (6 days ago)
Please let the classic cheat codes be available. I loved big head mode and the squid skateboard (in Spyro 3).
Ghost.gtç (6 days ago)
I think everyone needs to get the stick out of your butts critiquing details such as the brown dress instead of yellow, the faces on the idol springs Formans and the supercharge powerup. Do any of you actually understand how hard it is to create a game? And with absolutely no data of the old games, recreating the functionality and movement is near impossible. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but it’s extremely hard. I’m excited to see the game redone and in this new way, sure small details like the orb bouncing aren’t there, but look at the artwork people! Do you understand how hard it was to get it to the point of the detail in the grass burning and growing back so smoothly? The wind blowing the yellow spine on spyro’s head? Take it for what it is and enjoy it instead of “well they better change that if they want to stay true to the original” - Be happy they made it look so beautiful and you have the opportunity to play it again on new gaming systems. If you don’t like it go buy a ps2 and all the Spyro games online they’re available I have them all
tmgr200 (6 days ago)
Little nitpick, the old orb aimation seems a bit better to me. Other than that it looks great
Lt. Strange (6 days ago)
It would be great if they took this experience and made an all new original Spyro game.
Lt. Strange (6 days ago)
I never did play Spyro 3 but I'm curious to see how they handled all the different playable characters. I haven't heard great things about 3 because of the different characters so I'm hoping they improve on it in some ways.
em oh (6 days ago)
Keep complaining to the Devs guys, as they are clearly taking the feedback and improving the game!
Keena Wireheart (6 days ago)
Hulagirl Bella! XD
Daniel Crecca (6 days ago)
I hope we get to see the skateboarding levels soon. It'll be interesting to see how they tackled that
Daniel Crecca (5 days ago)
william x yeah I know. I just meant before it's released. I'm interested to see how they went about that one
PeachLoveHappiness (6 days ago)
My body is ready.
AweStrikerNova (6 days ago)
That is the best fish luck I've ever seen. If something was tweaked to make it that way can it stay that way?
AweStrikerNova (5 days ago)
I meant in terms of the number of red fish that popped up. I've seen streams of five or more in a row in 100% speedruns.
Quast (6 days ago)
Man Spyro was one of the games as a kid I always wanted to own a console for as a child. There was just something about the way he was bouncing around. Well, still PC gamer but now I get my chance in a year :P
McPasquet96 (6 days ago)
Ma ... perché tutti i personaggi guardano il vuoto e non spyro... fa veramente brutta impressione
DrScaphandre (6 days ago)
I just noticed they fixed the tiki fish game.
penny reeve (6 days ago)
BlazeLifehammer (6 days ago)
So excited for this. Ripto's Rage was my personal favorite game in the series so I can't wait to playthrough that game and relive everything.

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