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Talia: https://www.youtube.com/user/nataliahaddock Josh: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZerkaaHD Tickets: http://www.sidemenfc.co.uk/ ZRK: https://zrk.london/ Their twitters: Josh: https://twitter.com/ZerkaaHD Talia: https://twitter.com/TaliaMarMusic Second Channel: https://goo.gl/acaMTt Twitter: https://goo.gl/ugsA1Y Facebook: https://goo.gl/S7X2XQ Sidemen Clothing: https://goo.gl/8RLHBR Sidemen Book: https://goo.gl/wqFrjS My PC: http://bit.ly/miniminter Custom Controller: http://bit.ly/SideCCUK HOW I RECORD MY GAMEPLAY: http://e.lga.to/mm WHERE I GET MY CHAIR: UK: http://goo.gl/35aEHx USA: https://goo.gl/BbkxsF Music from: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Music from MediaMusicNow.co.uk Video uploaded by Simon/Miniminter/mm7games
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Text Comments (6803)
Devon Seabolt (5 hours ago)
She prefers your Sub Count over you, lol. I think Josh will take her off your hands.
Rare CliX (1 day ago)
Nah bro! You're way too good looking than me lol
BA_PLAYZ (3 days ago)
U say he looked attractive with makeup on. R u also attracted to James Charles
Fatima B (4 days ago)
Talia and josh have definitely banged
JBT (5 days ago)
hi people ;]
Tanmay N (6 days ago)
wheres the single he promised
Atchoo 33 (6 days ago)
Your gf is hot🔥🔥
Mezlo (6 days ago)
Gold digger
Chylok (6 days ago)
subtitles said 'I have nice meat'
Jose Luis Morales (7 days ago)
I need clarification. Are they really going out yes or no
Anabelle Chase (7 days ago)
Boyfriend: Am I better looking then...*pulls out image of park jimin* Me: Your pushing it too far, of course not
kqst (8 days ago)
Wait the word Simon and Girlfriend dont have to do with eachother
amature guitarist (8 days ago)
Does that mean this is the chick who deji has bang
Fiachra O'Leary (4 days ago)
amature guitarist no
Johnny Joslin (8 days ago)
i want josh to do the lie desert
Pj Pointer (8 days ago)
This willn’t last.
Jino Shuan (9 days ago)
what is the name of the outro of this video (ending music?)
Dolly Bentley (10 days ago)
God everyone is so rude wtf
Harold Shipley (10 days ago)
I knew Simon had a gf
Ann Afnan (10 days ago)
Btipp10 (11 days ago)
Ok simon's disstrack was amazing so he could be a rapper imo lol
Alex Garcia (11 days ago)
R u cheating on him no 400 bpm
Flex Purge (11 days ago)
Her mouth is huge
Noobie on Overwatch (11 days ago)
Gold digger detected
101 John (11 days ago)
Her nose
SpookyJim 7 (11 days ago)
That face when you realize Simon has a girlfriend
kacey crickmar (11 days ago)
Is she in bulletproof bishops girlfriend in ep 1
crazy brosss (11 days ago)
She is fine af🔥💯
DEATH M4N (11 days ago)
Make the lie think with ksi
Ahmed Farah (11 days ago)
Wait till she takes off that make up
Samuel Barr (11 days ago)
O thought he was gay lmao
cesar jr (12 days ago)
He should do a q and a with his girlfriend
Tenac 300 (12 days ago)
She will leave u bankcrupt bloody 10 layers of make up gold digger
Fiachra O'Leary (7 days ago)
She makes plenty of money herself
nishank nick (12 days ago)
that fake laugh...🤔
MXD Magic (13 days ago)
She opens her mouth very wide when she laughs
DBZTRANKS (13 days ago)
BTW lie detectors are not always accurate it's only based off increased heartbeat which happens when your nervous and lies if you can control your hearbeat you can easily beat it
sophie keeley (13 days ago)
omg i didn't even know simon had got a girlfriend
Alessandro Escobedo (13 days ago)
U should break up with her u deserve better
tvfm (14 days ago)
Despite all his rage, he's still worse looking than Nicolas Cage
goldeagle501 (14 days ago)
Rate the Hoodie Allen song at the end
Swagrid (14 days ago)
Finally a YouTube couple I rate
Electric Lightning (14 days ago)
The kag swing
Caomhan Lyttle (14 days ago)
Simon finally has a girlfriend
Asian Boy Gaming 123 (14 days ago)
Her laugh tho
k smith (14 days ago)
she a cutie
rashard D'Auvergne (14 days ago)
She wanted to believe she was telling the truth but deep down its a no.
Yusof Radia (14 days ago)
Damn simon you have a banging gf
Christopher Gosine (15 days ago)
what's the song at the end called
THEAWESOMEGAMERHD7 !!! (15 days ago)
This doesn't add up at all simon + girlfriend = WHAT!!!!??????
_ XxMr.Bra1nZxX _ (15 days ago)
Simon is shy asf
Jack Tate (15 days ago)
Her laugh
Harvey Mc Nevin (15 days ago)
She can open wide
Mohammed Miah (15 days ago)
The thing is not 100% accurate cos i genuinely think talia was telling the truth and i think she was
Ewoks_On_Drugs (15 days ago)
WOW she looks cute!
Jacqueline Moreno (15 days ago)
Can I have her? Jk keep up the great work
RandomAccount101 (15 days ago)
why is her jaw so big
abby mcqueen (15 days ago)
This isn't the girl with the snake from the Omegle video?
Jason Tomas (15 days ago)
Raa Simon has a girlfriend. 😳😳😳maaaaaaad
Alice Lowe (15 days ago)
Simon do ittttttttttttttt
Kyle Adlington (15 days ago)
She laughs at everything
Blueycoolgaming (15 days ago)
CONUZI I (16 days ago)
Break up....
Matt Smyth (16 days ago)
Andrew Rodriguez (16 days ago)
Big up WedgeMan
Rhys Bloomfield (16 days ago)
Not to be Gary Neville but you have been done
Little Bunny (16 days ago)
I mean I wouldn’t trust a single answer from the test, they aren’t magical machines that can tell truth from lie. Anything from posture to the fact she was laughing could have messed up the results.
Jax Trent (16 days ago)
I hope you and Josh are very happy together.
Mary Snutch (16 days ago)
That’s not his actual gf Ik her her name is nickki and this is fake
Nicole Maillard (16 days ago)
She is thicc
Robbo_ 800 (16 days ago)
Did she say I hate you Freddie
A-O Is Lord AOLORD (16 days ago)
I hate talias laugh sorry but it's anoing but shes hot you have gotta a blessing bro bless up
Jillian Thomas (16 days ago)
u should do the test Simon xx
This is so cringe
Ange Sunda (16 days ago)
U dont have girl relax dude
Ricardo Hall (16 days ago)
Till this very day it should only be miniminter and ksi doing youtube instead of these so called scrapes (vikstar12 f******3 josh calfreezzy in other words Theresa may and callux) jhees from day one its just them 2 i only watch btw f*** logan/jake same thing pual
Risto Kaseorg (16 days ago)
Rah she has a big mouth, lucky simon
danial Massri (16 days ago)
The real question is Did you smash
Noor Tahir (16 days ago)
Your girlfriend laughs weird
jack lawrence (16 days ago)
R1CH13 (17 days ago)
All girls are the same
RaMbO PlAyS (17 days ago)
She's hot nice one Simon 👍👍
Thomas M (17 days ago)
I would’ve been nervous if I was being blamed for something and I’m trying to show I didn’t do it.
J Shhh (17 days ago)
Her nose wtf
DewDewPlays (17 days ago)
Taht fake laugh doe
Jac A (17 days ago)
When’s mini minter gonna hit the gym then?
Jok Snow (17 days ago)
Demi Walmarto
Jok Snow (17 days ago)
Oh, she actually sings...
FlibMyWib (17 days ago)
this is a joke but she has bigger arms than you do
Ryleigh Alyssa (18 days ago)
anyone else really sad that Simon has a gf ahahahhaha
Knox Blakeley (18 days ago)
When did Simon get a girlfriend
Fiachra O'Leary (2 days ago)
Knox Blakeley last year
Zakk_ AttackCPPS (18 days ago)
Talia ( I think that’s how u spell her name) (if that is even her name) Josh Talia ~ Josh is the new couple! Sorry Simon
Zakk_ AttackCPPS (18 days ago)
acl gang (18 days ago)
Bit under age
Mawcus92 (18 days ago)
dont watch its clickbait
Scott Gallagher (18 days ago)
Not his girlfriend
Scott Gallagher (18 days ago)
I hate her voice
Anna Freya (18 days ago)
gold digger
hjt_official (18 days ago)
Joe (18 days ago)
SIMON ?? and and and...A GIRLFRIEND ?? im confused :"(
Matthew Clifford (18 days ago)
lol josh is jealous.... Sosh
LTS strike (18 days ago)
He should’ve ask do I look better than jj
Telai Sharpe (18 days ago)
All y'all saying he can do "better" must be stupid. She can sing her ass off, and do makeup really good. She has things going for herself

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