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Town Work | Super Minecraft Daily | Ep.131

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Text Comments (159)
Caitlyn Perry (2 years ago)
Iv not seen a GAWKEN in ages
BellyBoi (2 years ago)
i feel like glove mafia is like a cooler and more popular TFU
TonyHallett Gaming (2 years ago)
TonyHallett Gaming (2 years ago)
Army Ranger158 (3 years ago)
KFC = Kentucky Fried Creeper!
Emerald TUSK (3 years ago)
Applebloom the Farmer? I almost died laughing XD
CAN'T CONTAIN IT- APPLEBLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
HummingSmoi (3 years ago)
I paused during the opening. And when I started again, first thing I heard was, "Your gonna have prostate problems."
TheEsperanza243 (3 years ago)
Apple Bloom! ^_^ Way too cool!
Floaties (3 years ago)
Apple Bloom Is From MLP FYI.
TheAnimatorWolf (3 years ago)
Apple Bloom the Farmer... #MLP
Apple Games (3 years ago)
BraveDemonicAngel (3 years ago)
I so get the Apple Bloom reference!
ultrahippy13 (3 years ago)
It's pronounced uhh-kay-shuh.
Waylyn (3 years ago)
whats the mod that adds the little decorations like the barrels and crates?
Memorylost 67 (3 years ago)
Umm did any else notice that he said that we would rape them if they tried to mess with us
Samuel1260 (3 years ago)
why are there so little comments?
Jesse Ortiz (3 years ago)
Your one of the best sly keep it up bro! 👍👍👍👍👍
Nutty Boy (3 years ago)
I feel like burn sushi or steven never record on smd ever
eLanJay Playz (3 years ago)
Sly your awesome
Atri (3 years ago)
Sly My server On Craftnode got Hacked D: im Very sad that somone would hack my server and you have Cheered Me up sly <3
Atri (3 years ago)
Its not called Craftnode i just use Craftnode
Erick (3 years ago)
Sly i like your adventures exploring this village. It's facanating to watch see the upgrade objective come affective. The farmer look awesome!!!😆
ThejungleKat24 (3 years ago)
datmoney1 (3 years ago)
Sly are you going to play naruto shipuden revalations
datmoney1 (3 years ago)
The Steve's come out at night
WANTED (3 years ago)
Yaaaay its apple bloom weres big mack and aj
xXWaifuInsuranceXx (3 years ago)
prostate problems XD
Oh no. They have bees.
Erthix Cerapheon (3 years ago)
So am i right that it's custom npcs and minecraft comes alive how they do this village thingy?
Jin Van Zoest (3 years ago)
when you mes with the homies your gonna get prosty problems
Benny Ramirez (3 years ago)
Mlp is stupid
Chase Ridge (3 years ago)
Hey Sly search Apple Bloom and see what you get. /)
sem oudenbroek (3 years ago)
Sly first of all: your sword is at the market cause you accidently placed it there. and second: if you craft a workbench with 4 wooden planks and then place the workbench in the crafting 2x2 or 3x3 thing, you get a workbench in which items stay when you close it, so you don't have to pick everything up again when you miss like 1 item
Wardoggy Gaming (3 years ago)
Use keep inventory
Infernowind (3 years ago)
Hey Anyone want to join a minecraft series it has the super hero mod in it, message me with your skype and i will send you the modpack and the ip
cody14309 (3 years ago)
SLY IN TINKERS CONSTRUCT THERE IS A WEAPON THAT NEGLECTS ARMOR, it's called a sapier. Use the mod and get the highest damaging material
Kevin Tulakyan (3 years ago)
What mod is the town thing?
ThoseGuysHub (3 years ago)
Sly you put your kriptonite sword on a shelf in the bag shop
ThoseGuysHub (3 years ago)
Gooby plz go get it
SPAZE TacTics (3 years ago)
Acacia -----> uh Kay see uh
KriegerKhanSketches (3 years ago)
1:35 Lol Katz XD
Drakaza (3 years ago)
What the name of the music at the start with the 8 heroes image
Biggunners27 (3 years ago)
We need katukatz to meet okward industries
SayRay (3 years ago)
Zorua star (3 years ago)
I wish pixelmon came back to super minecraft daily
the master baiter (3 years ago)
sly already recieved a lvl 100 mew, lvl 100 zapdos, lvl 100 bulbasaur, lvl 100 charizard... what is there more to do?
Munja Grom (3 years ago)
I love you Sly Senpai  <33
Gamer Woolf (3 years ago)
.why do I get that feeling that denkulberg is evil 
calab012 (3 years ago)
Why happened to Steven
Sky Matos (3 years ago)
When are you going to bring back attack on titan
Kermit the Frog (3 years ago)
prostate problems? Sly this is why we love you :D
blazikenowen (3 years ago)
dont let anyone date apple bloom shes like 6
Reese Quam (3 years ago)
100th comment
Jj Ban (3 years ago)
what mods are these
PixelMatter (3 years ago)
sly build a rapier it is handy and upgrade it with nether quartz blocks
Keegan Smit (3 years ago)
APPLE BLOOM! What have you done to your sister, APPLE JACK!
ttasura (3 years ago)
Applebapple bloom
Sharon Fahey (3 years ago)
finish the robin suit
Sparrow (3 years ago)
Yay Apple Bloom :3 now where are the other cmc?
Midnight Shade (3 years ago)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S APPLE BLOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! /)
thestevis (3 years ago)
Michael Maloy (3 years ago)
Goddamn ponies... 😈😬😠
Mr.minecraft hippie (3 years ago)
Can you make homie craft season 3 please
JustaSyn (3 years ago)
I just realized that Sly's sword doesnt have a Hit limit...
Generater Gamez (3 years ago)
Garret is there
scott sieczkowski (3 years ago)
Thx for the vids sly
Darian Mendoza (3 years ago)
Skip the plug-in intro! Thank you very much!
JustaSyn (3 years ago)
GAWDSLAYER (3 years ago)
when you get done with duh series make a modpack of these dailycraft
Alpha.jpg (3 years ago)
Sly you should make a tinkers construct hammer it can mine a 3x3 area so it's very useful for efficient strip mines
+TheNinjaBees Or as I am sure they find out later in the series a rapier which pretty much removes the point of suits.
Alpha.jpg (3 years ago)
Where's Steven? Sorry not in the loop.
Dewdrops (3 years ago)
I agree Sly. The new mod is awesome, you guys get to complete task and come back later to see how the town changes. I really like the mod, so never take it away. BTW Applebloom MLP!!!
Lupita Mendias (3 years ago)
Hi Sly.
Rufure (3 years ago)
Under 301 club how tough are you?
+GamingCeption™ I'm so tough that I'm tough.
RundyBuddernubz (3 years ago)
So Steven quit the series? Or what he hasn't been on in like forever
SuonimulJL (3 years ago)
+Chris Keitz Dont ask me man i think they're all good episodes lol your preference though i recommend watching them all and not skipping them to understand better in the newest episode i think but that's just me
Chris Keitz (3 years ago)
+Justin Lampert What are some good episodes to watch
SuonimulJL (3 years ago)
+samuel guignard  I think that Dom is working on the modpack right now steven may be busy with other things but idk
Samuel1260 (3 years ago)
he must be working on the modpack itself like the new town and the dinkleberg's quests and the town's quests to make the LP more immersive
Josie Creamer (3 years ago)
Love you Sly! :3
Nice vid
Togaproness (3 years ago)
sly watch the video and turn on subtitles 
Magical Morale (3 years ago)
apple bloom is from my little pony friendship is magic
Julian Soto (3 years ago)
Sly is 7 days to day coming back?
Turak2 (3 years ago)
Kevin is a creature now so he's way busy. Plus everyone has different schedules to work with
Salim Kaka (3 years ago)
7 days to die?
Julian Soto (3 years ago)
And minecraft merrige
DaltonJacobi123 (3 years ago)
It's my birthday today birthday episode
Skreyja (3 years ago)
wth is this uprising of ponies bs?
GreyWolf (3 years ago)
Do you want to get liquid gassed?
Harch201 (3 years ago)
Dern Sure
GreyWolf (3 years ago)
Damn Dude that profile pic is... just Damn Dude
Jaeric (3 years ago)
a h (3 years ago)
Mlp refrens ftw
elijah a (3 years ago)
Sly when are you going to play on homie sever 😐
HellishOwl (3 years ago)
The mayor sounds like steven
Sandra Menendez (3 years ago)
Get a boyfriend in minecraft❤️
Bob Fielder (3 years ago)
Sly your good sword is in the back of the shop in the town
EclypsetheWyvern (3 years ago)
APPLE BLOOM!!!!!! MLP!!!!!
UK Jib (3 years ago)
+BraveDemonicAngel its fine. i can be sarcastic at times to. sometimes more than i should, but its all in good fun.
BraveDemonicAngel (3 years ago)
+UK Jib I'm sorry for my sarcasm. I'm very sarcastic in the morning.
UK Jib (3 years ago)
+IceHauk No he isn't. but it would be cool/weird if these names somehow made it in.
BraveDemonicAngel (3 years ago)
+IceHauk No she's from Attack On Titan
UK Jib (3 years ago)
+1FumundaCheese I will have you know sir that we are not a cluster of sticks.
Muffinator (3 years ago)
Apple bloom took apple jacks place
Tiescentje Coolen (3 years ago)
Love the episodes keep m up For al the homies
Muffinator (3 years ago)
Apple bloom is from mlp
Potion AlexXrist (3 years ago)
I don have minecraft but it's cool
DoubleOJumpa (3 years ago)
Sly Im wondering if your ever going to do a serving server again?
shadowkitty0099 (3 years ago)
really wish I knew what mod this was and for what version lol
Trace Darkwind (3 years ago)
what mod is the town quests thing?
Nieve (3 years ago)
+Icedog68 wasnt it custom npcs?
Icedog68 (3 years ago)
its done by people. the people like the mayor are made through morenpc mod
LuvGaming (3 years ago)
Hey sly :)
That one guy (3 years ago)
If you ever do tinker get rapier
Justin Cardero (3 years ago)
Da town is life...
GamingTurtle (3 years ago)
What is this mod he is using to get the quest and build stuff in villages
Freezydude1 (3 years ago)
+TheAnswer3 That's it! 
Freezydude1 (3 years ago)
it isnt a mod. its something one of their friends is doing. if you want a village i think the mod is called "it lives" or something. But the quests is just a personal thing.
ItsJim (3 years ago)
OmegaVind (3 years ago)
that my little pony reference :3

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