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Shangri La: Ultimate 4 player High Round Strategy|7 perks each| part 1

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this video series will show a strategy with 4 players completing the easter egg 4 times so everyone has 7 perks and cannot lose them. SpiderBites POV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTDgil98CQQ
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Eric Borges (2 years ago)
sup BrotherMeaty download map pack 4 rezzerction you get the world at war zombie maps
DoyouknowwhatIthink? (4 years ago)
Your friends are assholes
Taxobell 77 (4 years ago)
It's not good being competitive. It just makes all your teammates lose points that they could've gain. I got up to round 61 and I'm a great zombie player but it's good to work as a team rather than being competitive because right when you pass round 5 or so. you will probably go your seperate way.
icantleavethisempty (5 years ago)
what the hell man it's not important 5 months later... idiot
gamefiever (5 years ago)
what the hell man , its not that important 8 months later
Hunter Arnold (5 years ago)
just call it the baby maker 1000 and pack a punched call it the baby maker 1000000
icantleavethisempty (5 years ago)
do you want to make fun of someone. LEARN HOW TO WRITE
Antony Humphreys (5 years ago)
evry 1 how makes me open all the door
gamefiever (6 years ago)
lol wana make fun of someone? LEARN HOW TO WRITE
Senior Lion (6 years ago)
Add me game_freakk110
John Smith (6 years ago)
Ultimate Strategy: throw all your grenades blindly into the jungle getting zero points
WELSHBOY .JOSEF (6 years ago)
give it to the one how help you the most or bad guns or just not good not the best player
WELSHBOY .JOSEF (6 years ago)
i think it better to play 2 player but solo is the best there is less zombie but you can do the hell you what because there no player to take or break your way to kill all your zombies but on 4 player i am the one how see so one go down and i got to go and help so people normal go for jug but i go for quick so and i do not hog the box even on the ten coin sale even is i got a gun no ammo or gay guns i do not go to the box i go if i see a box and no one if useing it and my best gun is the sniper
MEXICOTEAMPAKO (6 years ago)
good job guy subd and liked !!!!!! nice comentary!!!
N6083T (6 years ago)
how the f*ck did u remember the name of the shrink "cold water" gun
militaryman7778 (6 years ago)
that was the rpk
Gunslinger7585 (6 years ago)
Stop crying over the mystery box
tony botello (6 years ago)
i just watch a video by spiderbite
Thunder Rednuht (6 years ago)
Yeah i Had colt, Got Ray Gun , Then Monekys , got RPk Swaped Ray Gun To Pick it Up Went again got ray gun
Arjun Subramanian (6 years ago)
add me too on PSN OMGitsArjun. Please Add Me I beg u!!!
brody daniels (6 years ago)
add me meatwagon22 on ps3 zombei619
Thunder Rednuht (6 years ago)
Not Many People Know This But On The Box The Question Mark (?) Glows When It's At It's Lightest Hold the button to open it And You Will Have A Better Chance Of Getting A Good Gun . I Did This On Der Riese And In 6 Goes At The box I Got : Ray Gun , Monkeys , RPK , Ray Gun , Wonder Waffle , Gallil....
EPICMAN (6 years ago)
michael smith (6 years ago)
Ray gun. baby gun and monkeys and you get a sniper. hahaha
erick3314 (6 years ago)
HUH python over ballistic knives thats pretty dumb
SinCelticus (6 years ago)
Do you have a ps3 account? If you have can I add you?
ndreww (6 years ago)
weird. I watched a zombie vid made by you before i watch this. here's the weird part. the vid before this u were on ps3 and now u on xbox!!!
CryptiicFrost (6 years ago)
@alexjoshuaws What the hell is "incurerging"?
TheDWK18 (6 years ago)
@Peluri1000 CUZ...python isnt that good
Alex williams-smith (6 years ago)
lol your very incurerging
Alex williams-smith (6 years ago)
Meatwaggon you rock :D your my favourite zombie player this strat really helped
ghost58md (6 years ago)
Wen I said shangri la was better than moon the government started to hunt me down now I say that nacht is better than moon now it's shoot first ask questions later
Peluri1000 (6 years ago)
KirstyBandicoot1 (6 years ago)
@NaziZombieofSkillet I Think he meant because you don't need that many at first because there's not that much to get and you don't have to worry about perks since the zombies are weaker but later on you need as many as possible in case you go down while doing the Easter Egg or go down during a normal game play so you can get your perks back or a gun back if you have mule kick or if you bleed out (die) you can get everything back when you re-spawn. =)
XxTheExpertGamerxX (6 years ago)
fuck off dont still peoples kill your a fag, sorry 2 say.
EwokV-Dub (6 years ago)
what the hell! near 1:42 you said that it isnt about maximising your points and then at 2:03 you say to get as much as possible. You just countered your first statement! but still a good vid
VRemoshi (6 years ago)
Omg man your intro really makes my laugh ahh man
Caroline Ashton (7 years ago)
The blue light to the show you were the box is
Brandon Jones (7 years ago)
can you imagine figuring this out by yourself O.o
moplin1 (7 years ago)
@madfunnyvids27 lawl ur funny
moonfrog9878 (7 years ago)
sorry but thats bullshit u have to work as a team not know when to be agressive.. keep to ur own window and have ur own kills cos otherwise one person might be in shit soo when u say agressive u mean being selfish pretty much... point hoarder
Thijs Engel (7 years ago)
Me and my friends never kill each other zombies :D
callofdutyguy9 (7 years ago)
You guys are elite noobs
HTL28 (7 years ago)
Andy Lawrence (7 years ago)
"open doors" thumbs u if you carry and do the same
AAAAA (7 years ago)
@ej15dude you are a troll. meatwagon has great videos and you couldnt create anything better. leave
ninedemon23 (7 years ago)
modded controller
Brakkar Wells (7 years ago)
I have a meat wackin area
RBKB24 (7 years ago)
spiderbite's retarded. I love MEATWAGON22!!!!!!!
Ken (7 years ago)
why do you waste your life creating this crap
reavessname (7 years ago)
@reavessname I have all of them so which ever ones you like to play :)
TheAnt147 (7 years ago)
@reavessname thanx man ill send u a request as soon as i get online ... what mapz do u hav ???
wilko9990 (7 years ago)
@ZawiszaLubiPlacki Wilko999 :)
reavessname (7 years ago)
@TheAnt147 my GT is Reavess ill play fair and fun
ZawiszaLubiPlacki (7 years ago)
@wilko9990 Sure thing add me on PSN whats ur ID ?
wilko9990 (7 years ago)
@ZawiszaLubiPlacki Hey man ill play with u i got to round 25???
ZawiszaLubiPlacki (7 years ago)
if someone wants to play shangri la on PS3 !! add me and write me a msg sayin tht u want to play ! i gt to round 28 ;))
TheAnt147 (7 years ago)
@DoctorsDarkestHour lol rite i be at round 28 wit my boyz n sum randum player i dont know in CALL OF THE DEAD n he get scared n dye in every round !!!!! i be smashin zombiez in doez roundz but i want sumone playin wit me dat doesnt dye as much cauze it getz annoyin how im tha last player alive every tim
TheDWK18 (7 years ago)
your players have the ray, and baby maker at round 4 niccee
TheAnt147 (7 years ago)
i hate it when peopl steal my kills in tha early roundz and den die in the high roundz i need 2 play wit peopl dat r as gud as me seriously if ur a gud player send me an request on xbox my GT iz : SleetyWall4
TheAnt147 (7 years ago)
@ZombieSlayer869 if u want i can give u tipz on kino one of tha best ive gotten 2 round 38 -42 doin diz wht do u say ???
dihydrogen--monoxide (7 years ago)
@hamedkb username: darkstar11223 password:jklolyaright
Boromir Denethor (7 years ago)
@hamedkb wow ya right... I don't think someone would give them their account info to random strangers
CodPatrol Les Grossman (7 years ago)
Everyone is saying there rounds please don't say your asking meatwagon to play with you jeez you will no the truth if you ever do play with gd ppl who arent gd but ppl say there gd you must be really shit if you think the ngt is gd im checking the rds and there gd so why are u asking the ngt team to play with u when u have higher rounds?
crazyman3642 (7 years ago)
@iGARBAGE805 yea thats why i dont play online too but i always olay with my friends in online zombies and i have a perfect strategy in shangrila i got to 22 there
crazyman3642 (7 years ago)
@23georgez i also have the classic maps i got to 19 in nacht der untoten i forgot what level i got in verruct lvl 23 or higher i think in shi no numa and lvl 20 something in der ries so yea you up for it
crazyman3642 (7 years ago)
@23georgez yo i got in kino der toten lvl 33 in ascesion i got to lvl 27 i think in call of the dead, lvl 12 or 14, the reason i got a low level there cause i dont like call of the dead, and in shangrila i got to 22 in the 1st day the map came out so you up for playing zombies later and i'll add you
iGARBAGE805 (7 years ago)
@23georgez thats exactly why i never play online cause people suck i made it to round 19 with a 10 year old that always gets down and 2 other averaged players
Jay Crothers (7 years ago)
so if ur in single prayer and all seven perks u do no u will have quick revive so u be invincible DUH
alienchops (7 years ago)
@Bllasae It is multiplayer, because there are multiple players.
Mario Goncalves (7 years ago)
Ur ideas r bullshit its cheating not losing ur perks play the game right
cj windsor (7 years ago)
baby gun upgraded = baby sitter lolz
NOOBAKI97 (7 years ago)
@Lesleris dont cry fuckin noob
xXOxR1D3R413Xx (7 years ago)
Is there ps3 open lobby?
Keepupkid2 (7 years ago)
thumbs up if yu are watching meatwagons perspective becuz of spiderbite's annotation!!!
no mp40 in this map :(((((((((((
CodPatrol Les Grossman (7 years ago)
You got to disagree with blackninja :L
Grizzlies0945 (7 years ago)
@halflifeman892 ok calm down it doesnt matter
Gibb9494 (7 years ago)
@halflifeman892 That's the stupidest argument ever.
Thesinistermangoz (7 years ago)
@MegaBaller888 no actually I just find it really boring, and the easter egg thing is too complicated.
MegaBaller888 (7 years ago)
@Thesinistermangoz no u suck thats why
Nathan (7 years ago)
What happened to each person having one window?
John Watkins (7 years ago)
You sound sensible but this strat is shocking, use pistol and knife in beginning round and let zombies in for power ups - not brain science, just fuckin explain to your players that they WILL get more points that way lol. Fuckin idiot
Aaron Gonzalez (7 years ago)
nigga ps3 is better then xbox 360
Kaleb Remick (7 years ago)
The Dragon Awakens (7 years ago)
Meatwagon Area FTW!!!!
Thesinistermangoz (7 years ago)
@az2oh2il well that's not very nice. Excuse me for having an opinion.
stanley katz (7 years ago)
anyone good want to play this map add me on xbox: xxxFree Hugsxxx
Nickolai117 (7 years ago)
meatwagon... zombies are meat!
Thesinistermangoz (7 years ago)
Shangri la is by far the worst zombie map in my opinion.
SG5Leroy (7 years ago)
@EyestormSwitch .... What?
SG5Leroy (7 years ago)
Most idiotic group of players at the start, who gives a shit about competative play, me and all my friends try to max out our points, we even let them out of the window to get power-ups, honestly competetive aggressive w/e the fuck you call it its inefficient and its not high level, if you want to get everything for everyone as fast as humanly possible then do it, dont fuck around, dont buy random guns off the wall, dont steal kills like a 3 year old, and slowing others down.
PACMAN2933 (7 years ago)
@meagwagon22 Hi Meatwagon! Just giving you a suggestion to use the bridge technique. What you do is on each side of the bridge have 1 person with a ray gun and 1 person with a lightmachine gun. Once your group of for has their main weapon upgraded it will be a lot faster. We also ran with this perk setup: All people with Jugernog, and quick revive. If you can get the spike clanmore and line them up next to the bridge sence you get 2 more each round.
SPW892 (7 years ago)
"This is the meatwagon are" That had me thinking some dirty thoughts. XD
Zombieking14200 (7 years ago)
hey bro when the ps3 version of the map comes out i am asking if u want to do the easter egg for shangra la with me cause i did all the other easter eggs on acension and cotd and the shangra la one looks extremly hard if you consider my id is JAYJAY-DEE thanks meatwagon22
M4S0N96 (7 years ago)
@Furealdo k thanks
Furealdo (7 years ago)
@MasonClark1996 I mean shoot the zombies a few times then stab them to get more points!
MrShadowsalem (7 years ago)
who knows SHORTYRANGER 117? f.y.i never, ever use this stragedy with becouse he a power hog and whants everything for him self ow and he screams if u try to talk back to him
M4S0N96 (7 years ago)
@Furealdo what do u guys mean maximize points
anzechiba (7 years ago)
@MrBookmaker94 ehm.. cause he has a PSN account and an xbox gt

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