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Eminem - Without Me

3300819 ratings | 637035969 views
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/WithoutMe Amazon: http://smarturl.it/WithoutMeAmz Google Play: http://smarturl.it/WithoutMeGP Playlist Best of Eminem: https://goo.gl/AquNpo Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/DxCrDV Music video by Eminem performing Without Me. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records
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Text Comments (164366)
Pete Smit (2 minutes ago)
This is good
Vural Caliskan (7 minutes ago)
Emmoğlular nerdesiniz
Mauricio Macri (10 minutes ago)
Algun latino :v?
Devilry Games (16 minutes ago)
2:41 is the best part
L.i.L FaMaS (19 minutes ago)
Any one notice slim shady and eminam look the same ?????
CrackBlog HD (24 minutes ago)
2018 yes and 2019 and when dead
Timothy Lewis (40 minutes ago)
The best Eminem is fun Eminem.
Whoopedy Doo Dooders (43 minutes ago)
Videos like these are what really made Shady pop off. Good shit
Robin Taylor (45 minutes ago)
Am I the only person who thinks that this is Eminem’s best song?
Саня Саня (46 minutes ago)
Ахуенно 2018
Yumeuni (47 minutes ago)
Never gets old!
XXRhiannaXX xx (52 minutes ago)
Who listien in 2018?
Luis Gonzalez (1 hour ago)
2018 !!!
BRITISH BISHOP (1 hour ago)
Eminem would look better as the Riddler
Lord Hell Yeah Hacker (1 hour ago)
Good old rap song Not like the shit they produce theese days
PConJaime (1 hour ago)
😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈
السعودية 88عام
Aditya Sarraf (1 hour ago)
Just taking old songs dose!!
newbie on the roll (1 hour ago)
mumble rap wanted shady to come back, what mistake you guys had done... you just unlocked that asylum key, youve unleashed a monster....
Mohammed S.Attalah (1 hour ago)
2018 shady is back with killshot
Jonatas ferreira (1 hour ago)
El100tifiko:v (1 hour ago)
In fair for tri chu juan omi chuais yo ni mi kuinis :v
Jerry Surya Kusuma (1 hour ago)
Venom Ads? Anyone?
Emmi Vlog (2 hours ago)
Jesus is back? Okay...
Gizeh Perez (2 hours ago)
1:54 😂
Ufc Azerbaijan (2 hours ago)
2018 ???? 😏
Necati Alaca (2 hours ago)
Makis Ekou (2 hours ago)
NeonPlays (2 hours ago)
Prime eminem
S0MTIME (2 hours ago)
https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=6C0vcAi2878 <3
FLAMENGO MANOO (2 hours ago)
B Br Bra Bas Brasi Brasil Brasi Bras Bra Br B
NAiN QNC (2 hours ago)
MOBY 🤣🤭🤮 suck 🍌🍭.
Lex Wtz (2 hours ago)
The Hobbit Joke :Guess who's back, back again - aZoG ?!
Bwyatt 08 (3 hours ago)
Whos here after the Mgk shit
othman amarir (3 hours ago)
legends neverdie
othman amarir (3 hours ago)
Maher Alghadda (3 hours ago)
Any one from 22 September 2018 ?
Marty Vendetta (3 hours ago)
he killed the mumble rap...
Santiago Cardona (3 hours ago)
cual es la cancion del 0:06 diganme el nombre pls
BRYCE GOINGS (3 hours ago)
Curt cobain
INFECTED 1911 (3 hours ago)
Ok Kelly oh wait that’s a girls name and you don’t even own a machine gun so I will just call you Kelly you really think you are the devil well I’m evil you auto tune bich just go ahead and oh wait I just cut your bich ass head right off let me sink into your head a flash back of ever good thing you ever had and turn it into your worst nightmare because even if I die I will go possess your daughter and make her drive right of a fucking cliff with your screaming ass in the truck because you are not a devil not even evil what’s up with the 666 boy you can’t even show up in the 313 and what’s up with you thinking you’re a bull there is no bulls there there’s just cavaliers now as I sneak up to your house with you watching my diss track I’ll sneak up behind you with a full auto Glock because your front door was unlocked and I will just shoot your ass up because you think your safe but we all know what happened to the B.I.G 2pac and xxx so as I’m dragging your body out I thought to myself let’s do something fun let’s block you barricade your daughter bedroom door and set this mother fucking house on fire as I laugh on your front yard and yell slim is back and tie as I tie your dead ass boy to the back of my car and let you drag all the way back to Detroit
Seema Gupta (3 hours ago)
Real fun
Itjust4me (3 hours ago)
still rock in 2k18
Lars Krämer (3 hours ago)
BOIslayer242 Boi (3 hours ago)
2018 anybody
eduardo Rafael (4 hours ago)
Hari Govind (4 hours ago)
After killshot anyone
Michelle Rachel (4 hours ago)
icebreaker900 (4 hours ago)
Eminem = Every Mom Is Nice Except Mine... what a brilliant name. God rapper.
До сих пор знаменитая!
DJ MaTkoff (4 hours ago)
2018 sep?
Derterminator2005 (4 hours ago)
Why i have to shake my head on the hook :D
Katy Castellanos (5 hours ago)
They are great stuff
Best Gore (5 hours ago)
2018 Anyone?
Katy Castellanos (5 hours ago)
Hi. I’m. I’ll call
Rick Sanchez (5 hours ago)
zArzy YT (5 hours ago)
2018 ?
Stack Vids (5 hours ago)
I'm on an Eminem binge after watching "killshot"
TheVictoriE Art (5 hours ago)
Amınakoyim süper şarkı
Verme Karma (5 hours ago)
Eman Nurkic (5 hours ago)
1:40 did anyone see Xzibit
tara williams (6 hours ago)
One of my favorite videos ❤️ Dre looking like a overweight blade🤣😂
Daniel Korosec (6 hours ago)
Bounz'N8 bee'○D
Fluffy Alligator (6 hours ago)
Obie Trice Real name no gimmicks Two trailer park girls go round the outside, Round the outside, round the outside Two trailer park girls go round the outside, Round the outside, round the outside Guess who's back, back again Shady's back, tell a friend Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back? I've created a monster, 'cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more They want Shady, I'm chopped liver Well if you want Shady, then this is what I'll give ya A little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor Some vodka that will jump start my heart quicker Then a shot when I get shocked at the hospital By the doctor when I'm not cooperating When I'm rocking the table while he's operating "Hey" You waited this long to stop debating 'Cause I'm back, I'm on the rag and ovulating I know you got a job Ms. Cheney But your husband's heart problem is complicating So the F-C-C won't let me be or let me be me so let me see They tried to shut me down on M-T-V But it feels so empty without me So come on and dip, bum on your lips Fuck that, cum on your lips and some on your tits And get ready 'cause this shit is about to get heavy I just settled all my lawsuits, "Fuck you, Debbie!" Now this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me I said, this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me Little hellions kids feeling rebellious Embarrassed, their parents still listen to Elvis They start feeling like prisoners helpless 'Til someone comes along on a mission and yells "bitch" A visionary, vision is scary, Could start a revolution, pollutin' the air waves a rebel So let me just revel and bask In the fact that I got everyone kissing my ass And it's a disaster such a catastrophe For you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me Well I'm back, nana-na na na nana-na na na kshh Fix your bent antenna, tune it in and then I'm gonna enter in endin' up Under your skin like a splinter The center of attention back for the winter I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling Infesting in your kids ears and nesting "Testing attention please" Feel the tension soon as someone mentions me Here's my ten cents, my two cents is free A nuisance, who sent, you sent for me? Now this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me I said, this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me A-tiskit a-taskit, I go tit for tat with anybody who's talking this shit and that shit Chris Kirkpatrick, you can get your ass kicked Worse than them little Limp Bizkit bastards And Moby, you can get stomped by Obie You thirty six year old bald headed fag, blow me You don't know me, you're too old, let it go its over, Nobody listens to Techno Now lets go, just give me the signal I'll be there with a whole list full of new insults I've been dope, suspenseful with a pencil Ever since Prince turned himself into a symbol But sometimes this shit just seems Everybody only wants to discuss me So this must mean I'm disgusting But it's just me I'm just obscene Though I'm not the first king of controversy I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley To do black music so selfishly And use it to get myself wealthy Hey, there's a concept that works Twenty million other white rappers emerge But no matter how many fish in the sea It will be so empty without me Now this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me I said, this looks like a job for me So everybody just follow me 'Cause we need a little controversy 'Cause it feels so empty without me Kids
The Realist (6 hours ago)
Is that lil Wayne’s bed from when women loved him like “Satan man”
3xplos1on (6 hours ago)
Who is mgk ?
senyummewek (6 hours ago)
you was right em..the rap industry kinda empty without u..thanks for the Kamikaze man
I, ang you yes
Elena Elena (6 hours ago)
William Hagan (6 hours ago)
Kid Wick Fire on Iron (6 hours ago)
أغنية فاشلة
злой смаил (6 hours ago)
Кто поставил дизлайк тот пидр по жизни
Kid Wick Fire on Iron (6 hours ago)
Gnirsch Lp (6 hours ago)
Ergon Truth (6 hours ago)
300 A.C. Anyone?
Gloww Gloww (6 hours ago)
Albania? 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱
mik mike (6 hours ago)
Супер рэпер!
Chris Reynold (6 hours ago)
Mgks diss has only doubled every eminem videos. G. O. A. T
axel Persson (7 hours ago)
Still fire
Wusnub (7 hours ago)
BIIIIITCHHHHH! That part always makes me laugh.
Rahëëmpaul (7 hours ago)
This video is like 9 years old and I see comments hours days and weeks ago lol
Pete Smit (33 seconds ago)
Kid say what you gotta say becose
Qbek (12 minutes ago)
Becose is the very good song
g (23 minutes ago)
Nunya Bidness, It's a 16 year old song but the video. Rahëëmpaul was talking about the comments on a 9 year old video, not a 16 year old song.
Robin Taylor (40 minutes ago)
Maybe my comment will be at the top someday
Robin Taylor (43 minutes ago)
6 hours and I already see this
Nick Raph (7 hours ago)
Song pretty girls by britney rip off this song?
Somto Igboayaka (7 hours ago)
RC Bro (8 hours ago)
From Nepal anyone
Zoran jovic (8 hours ago)
someone fter killshot?
Psyko Plumo (8 hours ago)
This song drives you fxcking crazy even years later
Sarcastic Jovialist (8 hours ago)
Love this Slim Shady...wait who isn't?
Krystian Nguyen (8 hours ago)
Nazirul Ikhmal (8 hours ago)
Anyone , 2018?
yosh 9w (8 hours ago)
we get it, you listened to kamakazi
Killy D (9 hours ago)
We know you listened to Kamikaze
J Fraulo (9 hours ago)
This will always be my favorite music video, it's everything that makes Slim amazing.
Prat dogg (9 hours ago)
rap man didnt confiscated my dvd yea boi
Prat dogg (9 hours ago)
2018 anyone
Ncr 95 (9 hours ago)
Miss this em Style so much
Norman Cruz (9 hours ago)
4038 anybody?
Urooj Aarif (9 hours ago)
After killshot
Sam Grattlebabaw (9 hours ago)
killshot was shit btw
Damian P (9 hours ago)
Who in 2018?

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