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Skyblock Survival - Going to the Nether! - Part 3

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Text Comments (5)
Teagan Stanley (5 years ago)
Why u no have more likes?!?
Ch8kenpig (6 years ago)
We have tried to play tekkit, we did have a great server set up before the big update and everyone started playing tekkit, but now the server lags a lot, I (Bumblepig) have started filming a technic series if that's fine, or we could try and get the server to lag a lot less.
Ch8kenpig (6 years ago)
Blame Joe, never trust a chicken to do a pigs job. Pigs were born to handle dirt!
N4TO (6 years ago)
Play tekkit!
N4TO (6 years ago)
Stop losin da dirt!

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