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No More Room in Hell : Children of the Dead

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No More Room in Hell. Cold Night, cold blood.. twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana In the video: Tomato: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomatoandToph Sleepin: http://www.youtube.com/sleepinsoldier BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy:https://www.youtube.com/user/itsGRRAVY Kirra: http://www.twitch.tv/wewastooturnt Music The awesome song at the end is Stellar Dreams-Valkyrie https://soundcloud.com/stelladreams https://www.facebook.com/stellardreamsmusic https://stellardreams.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-horizons-ep
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Text Comments (698)
Aidan Carter (1 month ago)
I don’t get it it only takes like one shot with a shotgun to the head to kill an adult zombie but the kids take every round
Skullbit998 (3 months ago)
I liked it more when he didn’t talk
TheRealSans (3 months ago)
tomato admitted at the end of his video that he spawned all of those kid zombies, and that he did it because he committed suicide after he got mad due to a misunderstanding
my mom (4 months ago)
bedbananas the child slayer
MAX JIMMY (4 months ago)
Holy shit that was dark
King Me (4 months ago)
This, is my swan song.
Alfonso Suque (4 months ago)
Where is buck
Assassin 272 (5 months ago)
That heartsy subscribe icon at the end tho...
mhaas871 (6 months ago)
looks in mirror, black, looks at hands, white. wait a second
Human Nugget (6 months ago)
The moment that made history . Bed becomes insane
AdamofBlastWorks (6 months ago)
An even better tragedy than Romeo and Juliet.
superflykai64 (6 months ago)
One thing a that actually scared me was that he was black in the mirror and his hands were white 😂
Kevin Myrick (6 months ago)
messed up
That Montage Nerd (7 months ago)
dat music dough
horribleperson (7 months ago)
I am wished to play with your guys, for free
bear of cinder (7 months ago)
Your a pretty sick fuck, bed
Subject 13 (7 months ago)
He should've pressed K
ImpulseDelta44 (7 months ago)
He’s black with white hands
DoubledSalmon (8 months ago)
INCOOM13 (8 months ago)
Why is tomato's mic so fucking good?
Legit Distractions (8 months ago)
does no one want to address that he was a black guy with white hands?
Combine 049 (8 months ago)
When Bed killed those first kids it was the blink into Insanity...
hotdogman lover (9 months ago)
AceGaming (9 months ago)
Wow there really would be a lot of kids in a real zombie apocalypse...
The Garrote Wire (10 months ago)
Killing kids changed bed
Stiltonmajor (11 months ago)
Holychopsticks (11 months ago)
Skrub4Lyfe (11 months ago)
Banana is on a killing streak of young children...You earned my respect...
R.I.P Robbie Rotten (11 months ago)
They treated him like a monster, so he became one...
DatGrunt (11 months ago)
4:35 Music goes perfectly with the reload of each shell.
TheBloonDog (1 year ago)
Mince_Iz Zee_Through (1 year ago)
nukeman1303 (1 year ago)
4:40 "a shit load of guns in my arse" *has more guns then the US army*
nukeman1303 (1 year ago)
2:20 banana should be a movie director. He has awesome lines
GUEST BUDDY (1 year ago)
Some of you might not know this but in tomatoe's video he was spawning the children.
Ninjahaz 01 (1 year ago)
5:20 black man with black hands in the mirror. White hands on the chainsaw. Duh duh DUH
Big Meme (1 year ago)
Oscar Worthy
Lonely (1 year ago)
At 4:00 how come his hand is white but he is black in the mirror
Beani Birb (1 year ago)
I love the vast different perspectives from the videos. In Tomato's he portrayed him like some sort of inhuman psychopath. But in this one it shows Bed actually had a conscience, and decided he wasn't going to put up with it anymore. Damn, that is some very well done stuff for a zombie skit video
Dagoth Ur (1 year ago)
Cold night...........Cold blood
AZATHOTH (1 year ago)
"I killed them all... not just the men, but the women, and the children, too..."
Ketero (1 year ago)
if you watch tomato's vid, it offers more to the circumstances, tomato spawned the little shits
Jaggedchalice Gaming (1 year ago)
Holy shit bed is scary XD
Sackhead Jones (1 year ago)
Bed needs to chill the hell out.
Pickle Pee (1 year ago)
*Do you like hurting other people?*
Justusschultz (1 year ago)
Looks like he isn't just a kid killer anymore
Klosop28 (1 year ago)
ooh man i remember this i was like When did i watch this? and liked this? I never subscrbied to Bedbananas till now or like any of his vid
Lumocite (1 year ago)
you should have killed yourself in the end while looking in the mirror... after you killed all your friends of course
Scylax (1 year ago)
Honestly, just from the audio, this sounds like an older, funnier version of Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Ulysses The Outsider (1 year ago)
I like how they say kill the children but when he does it they are like you Monster
dogecoin investor (1 year ago)
>black character >white hands
Joseph Thorequist (1 year ago)
I love your videos
eqwe2 (1 year ago)
A day in a prison prisoner joe: what you in for? prisoner tim: killed 4 children with a door. prisoner joe: you sick fuck, you slammed them to it!? prisoner tim: no, by opening it. prisoner joe: ....
Hüseyin Eren Ergün (1 year ago)
0:25 wtf he is black but his hand?!! (not racist)
Drago Leaf (1 year ago)
You son of bitch! I hope you rot in hell! ... Haven't you heard? There is no more room in hell... DAMMNNN!
Bushwick Bundy (1 year ago)
4:07 -- a black man w/ a VERY white hand...
1323GamerTV (1 year ago)
1:20 Dexter reference?
nejinaji (1 year ago)
when you make a monster, don't be surprised when it turns on you
Bunni3ars (1 year ago)
should be a scene in a zombie movie
;-; That was... beautiful....
AKA (1 year ago)
This is beautiful!
LoneWolfGaming 14 (1 year ago)
that ending was actually really good
Officer Gumbo (1 year ago)
Make. A. Fucking. Movie.
Cryleve (1 year ago)
The fuck did I just watch?
Jaggedchalice Gaming (1 year ago)
I'm coming for each and everyone of you XD
Somme Memes (1 year ago)
omg this video is halarious XD
Adam Bergman (1 year ago)
at 4:00 it was like a block buster zombie movie
Rurouni Kalain (1 year ago)
I knew what was going to happen a bit before it did. I knew it. Very well done lead up to that and editing to hint at it, though it was hard to hear them at the end...perhaps that was the point though. Well done.
DarkWo1f997 (1 year ago)
Within the first 60 seconds I subscribed. I love this channel already.
YellowoboeThe (1 year ago)
No More Room in Hell? More like No More Children on Earth.
ThunderCatsAreGo01 (1 year ago)
this trio, wicked stuff
Raven Moon (1 year ago)
Your editing style is weird, Creepy, Poetic, and right up my alley.
treesap (1 year ago)
holy shit i was watching the intro then accidentally fast forwarded it to him with a chain saw hahahaha
Sonny BeBuckle (1 year ago)
I love this video
Butter Butt (1 year ago)
Am i the only one that has tons of missing textures, inventory is only gray and shows no red, weapons become invinsible when it has blood and my arms are just red? Like, i have all half life games installed, verified the cache and reinstalled the game 4 times. And the devs wont respond. If anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE tell me how.
Butter Butt (1 year ago)
+kappa guy That has nothing to do with it. And more people have this problem.
aco (1 year ago)
don't use a stone age graphics card
Mallwalck (1 year ago)
MAN DON'T CHARGE THE ATTACK WITH THE PICKAXE. It can instantly kill a zombie with a simple quick attack
Syankha Syankha (1 year ago)
since the update theres a kid in this game people acting weird
t850terminator (1 year ago)
I remember when this mod first came out, when I first saw a child zombie, it was pretty unsettling. Thing came in fast, my bullets missing its short body as I panicked. I rarely see zombie games that feature children.
TheBlankbullets6 (1 year ago)
dying light
Spinning Point (1 year ago)
+H5 Sensitive about advertising games with "gruesome themes" and what not. Sure, there are also lots of censored games, but you can get the uncensored version almost in every shop that sells games. Completely legally without using any loopholes.
H5 (1 year ago)
+Spinning Point Illegal to distribute maybe, or banned so no physical copies where sold. Germany is sensitive that way. Australia is really sensitive, just because the game is set in a school it is banned so Bully wasn't sold and maybe not Dead Space 2 since it has a kindergarden in it. 
Spinning Point (1 year ago)
H5 Illegal to play in Germany? I doubt that. It probably is prohibited to advertise for the game like most games with such "sensible themes", but just like them, totally legal.
Vaultboy106 (1 year ago)
t850terminator dude same but I still love the game. It's reasonably difficult as well
Joshua Batten (1 year ago)
3:02 nothing like a good threesome.
Velron Pang (1 year ago)
the children in no more rooms in hell is the hardest to attack it may seem easy but 1children zombie and already killed somebody with a full magazine assault rifle with full health the kid zombie killed me and my friend
Jaggedchalice Gaming (1 year ago)
My fav part of the video is when he says there's no more room in hell
Jaggedchalice Gaming (1 year ago)
Bed if your ever playing left for dead one or two maybe we can play together.
Auspicious Apple (1 year ago)
BedBanana: The Dark Descent Coming soon
John Edmunds (1 year ago)
And its filled with HP Lovecraft horrors!
scary Spoon (1 year ago)
No more room in hell 2 will come
Legendary Waffle (1 year ago)
would've been perfect if he shot himself in the head after he slaughtered everyone. (To those that don't know, you can comit suicide in the game by pressing K and squeezing the trigger. the main function of this is just in case you become infected you can kill yourself to save your team)
Keenen Bustillo (1 year ago)
that bathroom scene
Keenen Bustillo (1 year ago)
hi sick fuck
Morde (2 years ago)
'''I'm comin for each and every one of you.''
ChromatiKosm (2 years ago)
a man could only take so much
KingOfSmiles (2 years ago)
It's amazing to see it from the different perspectives... Tomato being the mastermind behind it all, Bed being the victim, Sleepin being the passive bystander. Sadly, Sleepin doesn't have a perspective on his channel so that sucks.
Bodacious Boomerang (2 years ago)
what map was that?
SanbaiSan (2 years ago)
Wow Bed, you're getting amazing! Thanks for the vid!
Sakurian Legacy (2 years ago)
Do you guys like memes?
Generic White Man (2 years ago)
quad-kill with a door that bedbanana
Paige Flame (2 years ago)
Anyone else notice how beds hand is white but hes a black guy in the mirror?
ElZombiRobustos (2 years ago)
he was the black guy but his hands were white
Girbot119 (2 years ago)
Anyone else notice how when he is looking in the mirror he is black, but he has white hands while holding the shotgun?
The Legendary Legend (2 years ago)
I saw that too
Gabriel Cabrera (2 years ago)
The story.....the drama.......the emotion. Best anime ever.
Daniel Bongat (2 years ago)
quadruple kill!
dade97 asd (2 years ago)
you gotta do it-bed kills the kid- you are a monster

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