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The Crying PC Gamer

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http://facebook.com/freddiewspage Click to Tweet! http://bit.ly/RTCryingGamer Facebook it! http://on.fb.me/iqZnQr We address the sorry state of PC gaming. Gamers unite! Let us reclaim PC gaming from hackers and griefers! This video seem familiar? This is why - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OHG7tHrNM --- Twitter! http://twitter.com/fwong http:/twitter.com/brandonjla Facebook! http://facebook.com/freddiewspage 2nd Channel! http://youtube.com/freddiew2 Website! http://facerocker.com For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (27198)
When Hacker come in sever We can't stop them But if we tell the company, or ban them with yourself
KAI U (3 days ago)
Darrell Thompson (9 days ago)
I hate hackers
Moon Wolf (11 days ago)
2018? Anyone?
Otaku geek 92 (11 days ago)
I hate people who cheat on online games.
Felix (11 days ago)
小白海豚 (13 days ago)
0:25 BF4, LOL
Forrest Patterson (13 days ago)
Should've hacked his tears and made it look like jizz
Acnologia Dragon (14 days ago)
the crying was so fake you cant tell by looking at it xD
박태경 (14 days ago)
Ah, Usual day of in GTA online
Police Vauxhall Astra (15 days ago)
Console Can't run BeamNG.
敬倫ed (15 days ago)
Where is VAC dude
James Jordan (16 days ago)
Actually Asians do that
cooley (17 days ago)
As a pc gamer...i must say: where did we go soooo wrong?
Kàrmà kùn Tas (18 days ago)
This is touching
TheGameGuin RS (18 days ago)
Some people have a deep abiding respect for the natural beauty that was once this country - the crying Indian 70 s commercial
Aaron Frederick (21 days ago)
Abd Khan (25 days ago)
Shotgun firing at ammo😂😂😂😂😂
Cold But Hot (1 month ago)
FlooF (1 month ago)
sadly, this is true
JACK WRIKERSON _370 (1 month ago)
We're still crying for hackers in 2018
Skultro (1 month ago)
There’s less hackers on PC than on console nowadays
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
幻の八八艦隊 (PCゲーム『提督の決断Ⅳ』)
Sasel Andia (1 month ago)
Pc gamers fucks stupids pigs bastards
Tris The o mighty (1 month ago)
Holy shit I just realized the reference omg
People can't stop it😭😭😭😭😭 But FBI can stop it!😀😀😀
김현빈 (1 month ago)
0:04 leeeeeroy jenkins
Birgitt Zaynard (1 month ago)
Joooo Fake
Jack Monster (1 month ago)
Hacker in here
Tail Indigo (1 month ago)
I have never encountered any hackers in my entire life... Maybe I'm just lucky :P
DonnRaymundPinoy TV (1 month ago)
LukeIsChilling (1 month ago)
PC gamer ages: 15 - 24 years old. Console gamer ages: 6 - 14 years old
Averyzalia Sylvia (1 month ago)
This video is a LEGEND!
RetrJ0 (1 month ago)
This is looking like gta online
Huy Hoang Tran (1 month ago)
1:07 me when there is no wifi
Sad Max (1 month ago)
I like how hardly any of this happens and it’s a console sole problem too :P
Martinův Lets' play (1 month ago)
today reality of gamers
VitaTube 200 (2 months ago)
Those hackers are annoying and are noobs
8 YOZ (2 months ago)
Good thing I play PC ROBLOX and XBOX Titanfall 2 right..? *RIGHT?!*
Kobe Kola (2 months ago)
Yeah but how tho?
Muffin on Lean (2 months ago)
Csgo wannabe
I can stop any hacker, modder or cheater banned and adding a secure code from and aplication that his using will be unable to use in pc game. I do hack some times to troll for fun but I always play without hacks. Thats why my friend call me HISTORY LEGENDARY HACKER. Because i can hack any password or keeping my account save from any hacking code inside my account. I use my pc folder from old WINDOW XP security sistem that cant be touch. Then i plug to other security sistem to your pc.
ComradeSpagoot (2 months ago)
idk (2 months ago)
Garry's Mod in real life xdddd
Fat Stalker (2 months ago)
Every time I watch this it touches my heart
Ethan Matz (2 months ago)
Fast forward to 2018 and it's just as bad if not worse lmfao.
Drunk Skunk77 (2 months ago)
Why console will always be better
pierocks45 (2 months ago)
Drunk Skunk77 this was made in 2011
higurasi 227 (2 months ago)
Only in BattleField
Arekun2000 (2 months ago)
The hackers definition : *cry babies who doesn’t know how to play the game and they suck soo hard at it , so they start to use Third party programs to make them feel better about their retarded skills, and still lose and get banned permanently from the games anyway..*
惡毒雞塊 (2 months ago)
Segzy Bae (2 months ago)
I think people that hack games don't deserve to play games at all.
Iskandar hakim (1 month ago)
Leonardo Vila (2 months ago)
The pc master race has bin dethroned
Xavier V (2 months ago)
I freaking hate hacker i wish they were ban for ever
Yeeric (2 months ago)
Kentucky Fried Chicken ? (2 months ago)
Gmod honestly
- SPLITZ (3 months ago)
hacks on
GODMODELAGGER (3 months ago)
BattleField mode right here
GTA online (
Fucking hackers and admins!
Mojta As (3 months ago)
Cry if you cry every time
driftwolf (3 months ago)
2011, eh? No, people cannot stop hacking and griefing. Any multiplayer is, basically, a shit-storm of people who have no respect for anyone else. I discovered this with Diablo, when Blizzard refused to do anything. They still refuse, as does every other MMO owner out there, because cheaters still pay their monthly fee, and thus for some reason still have the same "rights" as everyone else. Including the right to remove the the "fun" from all games. Unless your definition of "fun" includes hacking and griefing, of course. In which case... fuck you. I refuse to play MMO games for all those reasons.
R3VISION (3 months ago)
0:09 the current state of fortnite
Sandy Daze (3 months ago)
Sounds like the story of 2b2t Minecraft
Victorle 1405 (3 months ago)
Almostskilled (3 months ago)
Not much has changed in 2018 .. The feels :,(
Anthony Vo (3 months ago)
theses guys were way ahead of their time as they flawlessly recreate the events of pubg to utmost perfection 6 years prior to china numba wan
FroXD (3 months ago)
this is csgo
Joseph Smith (3 months ago)
Why did you use cars? you should have used trucks.
Michelle Vo (3 months ago)
Sawed off shotgun with a magazine, terrible pilot, cars, invisibility, nooby aiming, and lost but not least... Crying b*tches
When. VAC server in CSGO has been hacked
Why does the shotgun just like smg
YouTube Video (4 months ago)
PURGE JMI (4 months ago)
Pretty much GTA Online right now...
Linkjay - (4 months ago)
This is actually GTA Online
Abu-Gaming (3 months ago)
Pc only
INTERISTA X SEMPRE (4 months ago)
Why the fuck is he wearing Milan jersey
Gillbert Nightray (4 months ago)
Pubg Asian server
Cat Doy (4 months ago)
its 2018 now and theres hackers in all games even crappy games has hacker
poppap337 (4 months ago)
Carl johnson (4 months ago)
So many hackers and teabagers
TRON 3000 (4 months ago)
something bacon (4 months ago)
To anyone in the comments who hacks and exploits fuck you.
Dan dan (4 months ago)
Why Toyota lol
JACK WRIKERSON _370 (4 months ago)
Please stop hacking it is fair to hack But if someone hacked you its your fault
Nowait (4 months ago)
This is me when playing gmod,well then.
Vix_06Gamer HD (4 months ago)
How did the shotgun was auto
THC KFC (4 months ago)
China takes over the world
YATIN VALECHA (4 months ago)
This is litteraly mini militia now a days
Who else heard “LEROY JENKINS” in the beginning?
Marco Chung (4 months ago)
Someone explain how you rapid fire a shotgun
Justine Elijah Lituanas (4 months ago)
Who see the grenade fell in 0:18 lol
Sean Butts (4 months ago)
I cried at the end for some reason
Kentkenny (4 months ago)
not so prius
urthiti (4 months ago)
1 pack of Electro magnetic pulse bomb should do the trick to fried the entire shit game, shit system and shit cheat or hack! 😈😈😈😈😈 warning! If I know someone start to cheat or hack!, I won't hesitate to smash your PC 💻 to pieces with my metallic baseball bat! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Yan (4 months ago)
That damned bug she did.... Ah i just noticed that seems pro guy is actually.... Auto aim cheat?
John Carneal (4 months ago)
Death by prius

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