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The Crying PC Gamer

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http://facebook.com/freddiewspage Click to Tweet! http://bit.ly/RTCryingGamer Facebook it! http://on.fb.me/iqZnQr We address the sorry state of PC gaming. Gamers unite! Let us reclaim PC gaming from hackers and griefers! This video seem familiar? This is why - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OHG7tHrNM --- Twitter! http://twitter.com/fwong http:/twitter.com/brandonjla Facebook! http://facebook.com/freddiewspage 2nd Channel! http://youtube.com/freddiew2 Website! http://facerocker.com For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (27147)
Almostskilled (2 hours ago)
Not much has changed in 2018 .. The feels :,(
Anthony Vo (6 hours ago)
theses guys were way ahead of their time as they flawlessly recreate the events of pubg to utmost perfection 6 years prior to china numba wan
FroXD (1 day ago)
this is csgo
Joseph Smith (4 days ago)
Why did you use cars? you should have used trucks.
Michelle Vo (6 days ago)
Sawed off shotgun with a magazine, terrible pilot, cars, invisibility, nooby aiming, and lost but not least... Crying b*tches
When. VAC server in CSGO has been hacked
Why does the shotgun just like smg
PURGE JMI (15 days ago)
Pretty much GTA Online right now...
Link Jay (15 days ago)
This is actually GTA Online
Abu-Gaming (6 days ago)
Pc only
INTERISTA X SEMPRE (17 days ago)
Why the fuck is he wearing Milan jersey
Gillbert Nightray (17 days ago)
Pubg Asian server
Cat Doy (18 days ago)
its 2018 now and theres hackers in all games even crappy games has hacker
poppap337 (21 days ago)
Carl johnson (21 days ago)
So many hackers and teabagers
Voicu Mario (21 days ago)
1:06 xD
TRON 3000 (22 days ago)
something bacon (24 days ago)
To anyone in the comments who hacks and exploits fuck you.
Dan dan (25 days ago)
Why Toyota lol
JACK WRIKERSON _370 (25 days ago)
Please stop hacking it is fair to hack But if someone hacked you its your fault
Nowait (26 days ago)
This is me when playing gmod,well then.
Toxic RobloxGamer (27 days ago)
How did the shotgun was auto
Colonel Weed (28 days ago)
China takes over the world
YATIN VALECHA (28 days ago)
This is litteraly mini militia now a days
Tristan Caminar (29 days ago)
Who else heard “LEROY JENKINS” in the beginning?
Marco Chung (30 days ago)
Someone explain how you rapid fire a shotgun
Who see the grenade fell in 0:18 lol
Sean Butts (1 month ago)
I cried at the end for some reason
Kentkenny (1 month ago)
not so prius
urthiti (1 month ago)
1 pack of Electro magnetic pulse bomb should do the trick to fried the entire shit game, shit system and shit cheat or hack! 😈😈😈😈😈 warning! If I know someone start to cheat or hack!, I won't hesitate to smash your PC 💻 to pieces with my metallic baseball bat! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Yanuar Ramadhan (1 month ago)
That damned bug she did.... Ah i just noticed that seems pro guy is actually.... Auto aim cheat?
John Carneal (1 month ago)
Death by prius
lol lol (1 month ago)
hey welcome to the csgo community
aaron36cumlat ! (1 month ago)
NOOB isHERE (1 month ago)
Because this is *REALITY*
Arian TheGeek (1 month ago)
Ha, I’ve seen that commercial!
foodank_atr (1 month ago)
Hey! It's GTA Online!
FurryEskimo (1 month ago)
We, didn’t stop.. Like for real with America, we didn’t stop. :(
Ivan 966 (1 month ago)
Wait a moment..... why that guy at 0:11 have ac Milan shirt?
obama (1 month ago)
i just now realised the chick sprayed a picture of goatse on the wall
Dylan Mc (1 month ago)
00:10 original brecci
cuong nguyen (1 month ago)
;( too sad😭😢😵😷
Nice dude
rongusta11 (1 month ago)
Rest in sphegetti never for forgetti
SV cuber (1 month ago)
Force7000 vnTT (1 month ago)
I'm alway nearly cry when enemy team ready win the last rank battle I'm alway get clear team (penta kill) when i angry
Hashaam Ali (2 months ago)
0: 20 is this a firing of shotgun.
Boys4Hub1 (2 months ago)
0:10 Shotguns Don’t Shoot That Fast
SV cuber (1 month ago)
Boys4Hub1 no shit its supposed to be that way because its showing that the person is hacking
I am PacMan-Man (2 months ago)
well, in soviet russia shotguns fire like ak47...
Hillary Trump (2 months ago)
I'm crying of laughter omg xD
Martin Lee (2 months ago)
Aimbot,go under the map,teabaging,glitch
Turk8iGames (2 months ago)
this is me when i see my favourite game full of hackers... and when the pc gaming ended and expired... endangered.. T-T Bring the pc momments back.. please..
Arif Cso (2 months ago)
Especially CSGO Hacker...
aquarius (3 months ago)
PUBG in a nutshell.
Is that you john wayne? (3 months ago)
0:51 is Goatse. LOL
And this why I don’t play on pc
Just looks like a normal day on playing a FPS
Enewgama (3 months ago)
0:11 how the fuck did he shoot continuously on a double fucking barrel shotgun?
Sir Dinzhi (3 months ago)
console was the first video game device ever
RTN (3 months ago)
dat auto sawed off tho
Logic Is life (3 months ago)
It shows the problem with crappy people in FPS games
FantasyNero (3 months ago)
I remember this video my first ever video i watched on RocketJump, i don't even remember his old channel is it Freddie Wong?
Timber-Shark (3 months ago)
Welcome to gtav
Edgy the hedgy (3 months ago)
at least multiplayer here is free
ElCucho Jarkore (3 months ago)
Pubg 2018
Yakuha (4 months ago)
Lol i make porn grafitti XD
MrMattyb1313 (4 months ago)
7 years later and I still feel the same as this video
Tử Thần Conan (4 months ago)
Phát hiện nghi phạm hack
nguyễn phương (4 months ago)
Khóc vì hack
CW (4 months ago)
This is just Garry's Mod Sandbox
jaden korr (4 months ago)
THIS moved me, i wept too.
kieran Wallace (4 months ago)
Bring up PC gaming - comments devolve into cancer
william lozier (4 months ago)
Pubg in a nutshell.
tuan nguyen (4 months ago)
Vanilla Fudge (4 months ago)
What, You Just Do Aimbot And NOW You talk about Hacking Sux!?
Richard Gao (4 months ago)
Francis Alcazaren (4 months ago)
ZL fox (4 months ago)
StonyStampy (4 months ago)
DenNation (4 months ago)
This reminds me of those sad animal adoption commercials
jonatan776RBX (4 months ago)
Luer96 (4 months ago)
0:51 Goatse?
Cassini Huygens (5 months ago)
Do another one of these, except the pc gamer is crying because all the GPUs are sold out because of miners
Lanzter's Gaming (5 months ago)
Nyanide (5 months ago)
Hack/Scam ruined games From Source to RAGE, Snowdrop, Frostbite, and Unreal.
LightningBlink (5 months ago)
Freddie acts sooo funny! 🤣
Slash Break MOVIES (5 months ago)
first comment of 2018 who else watching this in 2k18?
Bee Gert (5 months ago)
so true
Isaac Lopez a.k.a SANS (5 months ago)
nguyen quang Hung (5 months ago)
OC Animations (5 months ago)
Abc.... easy as 1:23
Wisgarus (5 months ago)
When you play with a cheater in GTA Online.
XxPlayMakerxX131 (6 months ago)
God I miss this
Ceastic Deception (6 months ago)
TF2 in a nutshell
NikkoTheNeko (7 months ago)
Now everything is going to be pay to play on top of already rising game prices. GG gaming. Guess it's time to take belegarth seriously since I don't think I'll be able to budget to afford For Honor 2, premium internet, and access to multiplayer gaming.
Not a skateboarder (7 months ago)
What's that wall picture 0:51 ? Since that guy didn't like it, it's not her private parts. So I guess I don't wanna know then.
KP 05 (7 months ago)
Everytime whenever i'm about to rage at League or Overwatch, i seek this video for help.
yoshiakibmw (7 months ago)
Ea11 EA11 Ea11 E33
yoshiakibmw (7 months ago)
yoshiakibmw (7 months ago)
EA11E3 E33EE33
yoshiakibmw (7 months ago)
EA111 📠 AAA11 EE11
MultipleActs (7 months ago)
that's one op shotgun...
BabySoda56 (7 months ago)
Nice AR effects

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