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Thief Of Seas Worst Pirate Game Ever Also Deafening!

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Sorry for the loud music you literally can not turn it down and the Xbox has no editor to add the voice after ! sorry headphone user's
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ThatDudeNamedJoel 22 (9 months ago)
Got a free trial, finished the game.
Rimas The Defiant (9 months ago)
These rip off games are made to trick little kids and adults that don't know much about games. I despise these types of games because they are just thrown together with little to no thought. But I acknowledge that these games still take effort and time but it's not worth the effort. Sorry for the long comment and poor grammar and punctuation 😁
Clever Witty Gaming (9 months ago)
They are pretty bad im gonna cover some more as i see them lol some of them are so shockingly bad and are just assets flips !

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