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The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans

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We explore one of the bloodiest chapters in New Orleans history. MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) VIDEO 1937: 1933 REENACTMENT: HD: WS Printer using newspaper printing, guiding paper on machine, plates under rolling paper. MS Front page of Dalhart newspaper, 'Disaster Threatens Farmers, Prevailing Destitution Is Beyond Description' The March of Time/Getty Images STILLS Black Binder Clips (with path) subjug/Thinkstock vintage map of the world 1831 javarman3/Thinkstock rope string Picsfive/Thinkstock Bulletin Board subjug/Thinkstock pushpins ConstantinosZ/Thinkstock Blank old corkboard GuidoVrola/Thinkstock Old paper sheets, vintage photo frames and corners, open book LiliGraphie/Thinkstock Parcel wrap Nastco/Thinkstock Lotto ticket eduardrobert/Thinkstock Classified files EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER/Thinkstock Moon Walking vodkamax/Thinkstock Planning notes on a napkin next to coffee edfuentesg/Thinkstock Call me napkin grapegeek/Thinkstock Secret document folder Robert Mizerek/Thinkstock Film Noir style man ands456/Thinkstock Vintage light bulbs choness/Thinkstock Charming mafioso mediaphotos/Thinkstock Caucasian Man with Australian Digger, Slouch Hat and Black Binoculars Double_Vision/Thinkstock German Iron Cross ideeone/Thinkstock Road signs illustration smarques774/Thinkstock Old Axe JensGade/Thinkstock Bloody Axe owerofforever/Thinkstock Profile of lumberjack carrying an axe 4x6/Thinkstock Old Classic Straight Razor kvkirillov/Thinkstock Bloodstain Set zizar2002/Thinkstock Shadow of a maniac with ax Hirurg/Thinkstock Door in an empty room Spectral-Design/Thinkstock USA, Florida, Jacksonville, satellite image Stocktrek/Getty Images A John Dillinger wanted poster. John Parrot/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images Attingham Park Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images Front page article covering the case of 'Granny Killer' John Wayne Glover from T Fairfax Media / Contributor/Getty Images Royalty free vector illustration Most Wanted Poster bubaone/Getty Images Evidence in plastic bags Paul Taylor/Getty Images Receipts DNY59/Getty Images Headlines From The Charles Stuart Shooting Boston Globe / Contributor/Getty Images "Missing" and "Wanted" posters taped to brick wall RapidEye/Getty Images passport Howard Sokol/Getty Images Set of various paint splatters itchySan/Getty Images gun for hire THEPALMER/Getty Images Finger Print Distressed ScottTalent/Getty Images Content senior man in a suit pbombaert/Getty Images Studio portrait of gangster with hat covering face Image Source/Getty Images house improvement tioloco/Getty Images Torn paper set susaro/Getty Images Gunfighter vuk8691/Getty Images Silhouette of Men in Smoke Kutsuks/Getty Images 1930s CLOSE-UP OF... H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Southwest view on Cell Block 'A' in Alcatraz Universal History Archive / Contributor/Getty Images Washington DC Police Car Afro Newspaper/Gado / Contributor/Getty Images Smog In Los Angeles American Stock Archive / Contributor/Getty Images Man in door, house Roine Magnusson/Getty Images Portrait Of Robert Taylor Transcendental Graphics / Contributor/Getty Images ABUSED WOMAN Larry Dale Gordon/Getty Images Elijah Levita 's 'Tishbi' Culture Club /Getty Images Keiser Wilhelm Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Prison grid zak00/Getty Images 1920s PORTRAIT SMILING H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Empty bed in hotel room (B&W) Stone/Getty Images 1920s MARKET STREET FROM Charles Phelps Cushing/ClassicStock/Getty Images Financial District Street Sign GraphicaArtis/Getty Images Patient lying in bed, surrounded by monitoring medical equipment in intensive care unit Caiaimage/Sam Edwards/Getty Images Low Section Of Person Relaxing On Bed At Home Guillermo Vazquez / EyeEm/Getty Images New Orleans skyline linear style with rainbow paulrommer/Getty Images Children with Record Player Hulton Deutsch/Getty Images At The Jazz Concert International Center of Photography/Getty Images New Orleans Jazz Club Ullstein bild/Getty Images Vintage paper textures background Katsumi Murouchi/Getty Images Canal Street In New Orleans Underwood Archives/Getty Images POLICE OFFICERS MOTORCYCLES, 1929 Archive Holdings Inc./Getty Images Read All About It Fox Photos/Getty Images Group of male workers operating linotype machines in a newspaper printing press, New Orleans Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA SuperStock/Getty Images New Orleans Newspapers Christian Science Monitor / Contributor/Getty Images 1930s MAN BIRD HUNTER. H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Businessman and Sunset Steve Craft/Getty Images A Dilapidated Shed Structure In A Fores Christopher Kimmel/Getty Images Ambulance Topical Press Agency/Getty Images Eichmann's Fingerprints Donated To Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial David Silverman /Getty Images Shadow of Madman spxChrome/Getty Images Detail of bed an pillow Anthony Webb/Getty Images
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Text Comments (25200)
Jaiden Martinez (1 hour ago)
I know there is a photo of the "axeman".
Mariel Melendez (5 hours ago)
I don't know why, but to me, I think, Shane and ryan are awesome dudes and would love to meet. Especially Shane. 😂😂😂
Sarah Siegel (9 hours ago)
If someone said if they don’t play Bruno mars I will kill them.... a lot of people would by Bruno mars and Bruno mars will be even more rich...
Kaylee Garcia (10 hours ago)
Every Vid Shane and I are either like "OoPs he ate some moldy bread"or"God d*mn wind"
Jasleen Faydelarosa (10 hours ago)
Wait how does the axemen breaks into the victims house
Trish Tran (12 hours ago)
anna: it was a large white man with a hatchet me, a teenage asian girl living in california: thank goodness it wasnt me
Faze cringe2 (13 hours ago)
Did you say the boogie man tf what
rickyboy613 (16 hours ago)
They do have serial killer cards some wacko in my old neighborhood collected them. Lmaooo
Marian Bruyere (17 hours ago)
I love u guys
Pixel Treason (17 hours ago)
There should be a movie about the axeman because he’s mysterious and a little cool
F DAMAN (20 hours ago)
An axe was an essential survival tool before the discovery of electricity morons.
Lilviolett Gaming (1 day ago)
He is like the best killer in the universe?
Brian Wisor (1 day ago)
"I saw this guy fucking a goat" lol I started dying
Aaron Aitchison (1 day ago)
Shane is amazing😂
Y Liang (1 day ago)
This is such an interesting killer *plays AL Green*
Egg Boi (1 day ago)
Haha jokes on u Axe man. I don't own an axe :)
al.equestrian nz (1 day ago)
They make these unsolved videos so much better with their commentary
Angela Squero (1 day ago)
I mean i bashed in my head in tryin to jump down a small flight of stairs and i see ghosts now i dont remember anything about my life before that
Madyson Reed (1 day ago)
I love Shane’s cartoonish impressions
vagean 44 (1 day ago)
they had this character on AHS: Coven
GDD -Bacons (1 day ago)
the x-Men ....... coming soon
M.r. Moon (1 day ago)
I guess he didn't know that if he got caught, Man that's New Orleans... you can get up to 2 years in prison for bein' an axeman!! ...the only crime that'll get you more time than that is parking and going the speed limit tickets!
Random Kgrrl (2 days ago)
I lost it at the razor boy bit OMG LMAO
Shaira Agustin (2 days ago)
Doesn't this remind you of death note?
Y Liang (1 day ago)
Shaira Agustin no? What about it reminds you
Hattie Kennedy (2 days ago)
Song at 11:14 I believe is a rendition of Creole Nights.
Evie White (18 hours ago)
do u have a link ? ive been trying to find it for so long now lol
Raymond Thayer (2 days ago)
yes there are serial killer trading cards
Amber LALA (2 days ago)
715 really a baby that's messed up
Maci The Pug (2 days ago)
He was a razor boy, he said see you later boy
Kate Bond-Elkin (2 days ago)
is it just me, or does the photo they use for Joseph Mumfre 19:50 kinda look like Shane with a goatee..... is Shane the Axeman??????
Mykie Highmore (3 days ago)
american horror story anyone? how do you like the new season?
Hockeyman Panthers (3 days ago)
The nazis didn’t rise until a few years after this
Comrade Dave (3 days ago)
Nazi Spy in 1919? The Nazis weren't around till the late 20s...
blobbem (3 days ago)
Nazi spy...? In 1918?! My god, a time-travelling Nazi!
Pat0 S (3 days ago)
Aye yo pierre
Ilaria Falanga (3 days ago)
Is it a coincidence that he attacked mostly Italian descendants? He just wanted free pizza
akohsi taw (4 days ago)
Axeman vs Jack the ripper
Devansh gupta (4 days ago)
khoshekh exe (4 days ago)
what episode is razor boy???
Communist_Bakery /-/ (4 days ago)
Why the baker?! Cmon man he just wanted to deliver bread
xoxo Daisy (4 days ago)
4:25 that bimmer thoooo 😍😍
anirudh mohan Thota (4 days ago)
What if all the people in the town stopped owning an axe?
Emma120105 Gallagher (4 days ago)
I have a hard enough time peelin off a band aid. - Shane 2018
Shmenaaa (5 days ago)
Jeffery Dharma yo
I have toes 69 (5 days ago)
I think he did it on axeident
roopa ramesh (5 days ago)
Guys what abt dytlov pass
Victoria Islas (5 days ago)
:3 razor boy
Sweet Bepsi (5 days ago)
How come the wife called Louis a nazi spy if she was killed in 1918. The nazi party was founded in 1920
Mariah Richardson (5 days ago)
"I've got my porch axe, my shed axe, my kichen axe" Me: XD
Bolt Thunder (5 days ago)
But what if she was just seeing double because of her injuries???
saad usmani (5 days ago)
Axeman reminds me of a deodorant man and razorboy reminds me of Gillette 😂😂
Kira Brighton (5 days ago)
Pretty sure this guy was referring to Passover, not Santa Claus.... LOL.
Francesca Scanlan (5 days ago)
Unsolved, I love you but how could that guy be a Nazi spy just after WWI when the Nazis weren’t even a big thing yet? Also, he was writing in Yiddish, (a mixture of Hebrew and Russian/German), therefore he would’ve been Jewish and not working for the Nazis...
Hallam Steer (5 days ago)
18:00 what do they say in every scream movie "always double tap" and what did she do then she double tapped like a badass lol
Hallam Steer (5 days ago)
13:00 axeman and razor boy have finally come lol 😂🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lyz Ally (5 days ago)
Anyone else binge-watching the whole unsolved series for no apparent reason at 2 in the morning? I can't be the only one🤔😂 Frankly, i would binge watch the whole series at any time of the day or night😂
The Grinch (6 days ago)
AXE MAN AND RAZOR BOI....the classic killers
Anyone remember this guy from American Horror Story season 3???
AriesAngel023 (6 days ago)
Anyone know whats the name for the music playing at 11:05????
Savanna Higdon (6 days ago)
Is it possible ester paid this guy to kill one if not both her husbands and used the ace man s a cover
Sophie e Johnson (6 days ago)
I think that he (axman) thought he was ugly and nobody loved him. So he would go kill young lovers to get back and feel better. He would go on and on. He will say he is a demon on Satan and an angel of death, but he was perfectly human. He was under the reading of Satan. He will play jazz to cope with it. He likes to play games with people, so he threatens them to play along. I don’t believe that Louis killed his wife but maybe he did. I have a hard time believing that he would kill his wife but if he wants to sneak in because he is a spy. He could be the killer. I’m in the middle about him (Joseph). I think Esther is a not a bad person but a great female figure. I tried to keep it short
David Umstattd (6 days ago)
Don’t bring an axe to a gunfight.
Abigail Peterson (6 days ago)
I'm Shane, my roommate it Ryan and my brother is....my brother is in between.
Natalie Ries (6 days ago)
Amiel Binag (6 days ago)
In the night razor boy takes haircut on you in the morning you are cool now just take a bath till the hair leftover is gone
Jemay (7 days ago)
I played Esther's part so many times where she shoot Mumfre with a revolver. That's total badass woman right there!
Star-Child (7 days ago)
Literally all they had to do was be on the look out on jazz night for a guy prowling the streets trying to listen out for jazz music.
Meredith Sierrakowski (7 days ago)
omg did this guy inspire the axeman from AHS coven?
Robbie Underwood (7 days ago)
It sounds like Shane screaming at 13:15.
Isolophillia (7 days ago)
This was exactly 100 years ago! o-o I just noticed.
ẞönnìé Fãn (7 days ago)
*yA lIke jAzZ?*
miranda norwood (7 days ago)
I think I found ticcy Tobys grandpa
Puppet boy 4444 (7 days ago)
Oh the guy with a black sloucher hat he’s like he sounds like slendys brother
Puppet boy 4444 (7 days ago)
Tae Tae (8 days ago)
oh my god... when he said “I’m very fond of Jazz music” I thought of something in my mind and I could have sworn I remembered reading this or hearing about it somewhere... but I just don’t know where or when
Kat Shayla (8 days ago)
Oh my god the last murder is on my birthday
angie (8 days ago)
i rewatch this all the time the best episode ever
Caleb HO (8 days ago)
0:49 when he said right of the bat I thought he was going to say or should I say right of the axe!!!
The Girly Dragon (8 days ago)
Umm... i think he was maybe a satanist? Anybody else notice this was overlooked? He clearly mentions the devil several times in such a way that its obvious he was a satanist.
comic exe (14 hours ago)
satanist's don't believe in the devil. The religion of satanism is only about living your life to make you happy, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody
princesstamika (8 days ago)
it doesn't necessarily mean that. he was trying to provoke fear and used something that would be easily understood. he was doing evil, hellish things so he used the satan motif (or whoever wrote the letter). "satanism" as we know it, was active in the 1920s but mostly in europe and among very rich people.
seouhara (9 days ago)
2:09 Ryan's 'i don't know' was so adorable lol
⌱❦⍢ (9 days ago)
In an alternate universe the axe baby is Razor Boy
Monday Moons (9 days ago)
3:53 *Good morning I got your brea- OH. MY. GOD.*
Bramble The Wolf (9 days ago)
Razor boy would be cool if it had “the” in front of it. The razor boy. Not great, but good
DYNAFIRE (9 days ago)
This episode was incredible, but I feel compelled to tell you all to read the sticky note at 14:07
Inspa rite (9 days ago)
I just watched this because of s3 ep5 of american horror story
MacKenzi Macko (9 days ago)
Devil Girl Plays (9 days ago)
If I was Born in 1918 the attack that happend on the 28th of June it would have been my birthday! But I'm not I was born 2005
Kori Dove (10 days ago)
I like the AHS take on some of these stories
Becky Moreno (10 days ago)
I love Shane so much
How could she call him a Nazi spy if it was 1919... the Nazi party didn’t exist yet
angie Yes, but the Nazis didn’t have spy’s at that time,nor were they the problem of anyone
angie (8 days ago)
Captain Russian History i think the nazi party started in 1919 tho
Lisa Poole (10 days ago)
I mean....hes really not good at serial killing ppl. They often live....soooo......
Aly VCC (10 days ago)
10:00 he was a struggling jazz musician hoping for a gig, so threatening murder to make it a sure thing lol
Charlee (10 days ago)
did anyone else notice the bottom half of the suspect Joseph Mumfre at 16:56 kind of looks like Shane
Leegrant Isley (10 days ago)
Gotta do 1 on Lizzie Borden.
princesstamika (8 days ago)
....they did
Shana is so funny and Ryan is friendly Wheeze that’s Ryan laugh 😆
Iksmohj1 (10 days ago)
Reminds me the movie Hatchet
Jackie Robinson (10 days ago)
Why do they cover there eyes???
That sexy jazz music tho👌
Izzie Newton-Cross (11 days ago)
Is it just me or does the picture ofJoseph Mumfre kinda look like Shane with his eyes blurred out.....
Ashleigh Orange (11 days ago)
he really didnt make it up lol

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