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The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans

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We explore one of the bloodiest chapters in New Orleans history. MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) VIDEO 1937: 1933 REENACTMENT: HD: WS Printer using newspaper printing, guiding paper on machine, plates under rolling paper. MS Front page of Dalhart newspaper, 'Disaster Threatens Farmers, Prevailing Destitution Is Beyond Description' The March of Time/Getty Images STILLS Black Binder Clips (with path) subjug/Thinkstock vintage map of the world 1831 javarman3/Thinkstock rope string Picsfive/Thinkstock Bulletin Board subjug/Thinkstock pushpins ConstantinosZ/Thinkstock Blank old corkboard GuidoVrola/Thinkstock Old paper sheets, vintage photo frames and corners, open book LiliGraphie/Thinkstock Parcel wrap Nastco/Thinkstock Lotto ticket eduardrobert/Thinkstock Classified files EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER/Thinkstock Moon Walking vodkamax/Thinkstock Planning notes on a napkin next to coffee edfuentesg/Thinkstock Call me napkin grapegeek/Thinkstock Secret document folder Robert Mizerek/Thinkstock Film Noir style man ands456/Thinkstock Vintage light bulbs choness/Thinkstock Charming mafioso mediaphotos/Thinkstock Caucasian Man with Australian Digger, Slouch Hat and Black Binoculars Double_Vision/Thinkstock German Iron Cross ideeone/Thinkstock Road signs illustration smarques774/Thinkstock Old Axe JensGade/Thinkstock Bloody Axe owerofforever/Thinkstock Profile of lumberjack carrying an axe 4x6/Thinkstock Old Classic Straight Razor kvkirillov/Thinkstock Bloodstain Set zizar2002/Thinkstock Shadow of a maniac with ax Hirurg/Thinkstock Door in an empty room Spectral-Design/Thinkstock USA, Florida, Jacksonville, satellite image Stocktrek/Getty Images A John Dillinger wanted poster. John Parrot/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images Attingham Park Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images Front page article covering the case of 'Granny Killer' John Wayne Glover from T Fairfax Media / Contributor/Getty Images Royalty free vector illustration Most Wanted Poster bubaone/Getty Images Evidence in plastic bags Paul Taylor/Getty Images Receipts DNY59/Getty Images Headlines From The Charles Stuart Shooting Boston Globe / Contributor/Getty Images "Missing" and "Wanted" posters taped to brick wall RapidEye/Getty Images passport Howard Sokol/Getty Images Set of various paint splatters itchySan/Getty Images gun for hire THEPALMER/Getty Images Finger Print Distressed ScottTalent/Getty Images Content senior man in a suit pbombaert/Getty Images Studio portrait of gangster with hat covering face Image Source/Getty Images house improvement tioloco/Getty Images Torn paper set susaro/Getty Images Gunfighter vuk8691/Getty Images Silhouette of Men in Smoke Kutsuks/Getty Images 1930s CLOSE-UP OF... H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Southwest view on Cell Block 'A' in Alcatraz Universal History Archive / Contributor/Getty Images Washington DC Police Car Afro Newspaper/Gado / Contributor/Getty Images Smog In Los Angeles American Stock Archive / Contributor/Getty Images Man in door, house Roine Magnusson/Getty Images Portrait Of Robert Taylor Transcendental Graphics / Contributor/Getty Images ABUSED WOMAN Larry Dale Gordon/Getty Images Elijah Levita 's 'Tishbi' Culture Club /Getty Images Keiser Wilhelm Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Prison grid zak00/Getty Images 1920s PORTRAIT SMILING H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Empty bed in hotel room (B&W) Stone/Getty Images 1920s MARKET STREET FROM Charles Phelps Cushing/ClassicStock/Getty Images Financial District Street Sign GraphicaArtis/Getty Images Patient lying in bed, surrounded by monitoring medical equipment in intensive care unit Caiaimage/Sam Edwards/Getty Images Low Section Of Person Relaxing On Bed At Home Guillermo Vazquez / EyeEm/Getty Images New Orleans skyline linear style with rainbow paulrommer/Getty Images Children with Record Player Hulton Deutsch/Getty Images At The Jazz Concert International Center of Photography/Getty Images New Orleans Jazz Club Ullstein bild/Getty Images Vintage paper textures background Katsumi Murouchi/Getty Images Canal Street In New Orleans Underwood Archives/Getty Images POLICE OFFICERS MOTORCYCLES, 1929 Archive Holdings Inc./Getty Images Read All About It Fox Photos/Getty Images Group of male workers operating linotype machines in a newspaper printing press, New Orleans Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA SuperStock/Getty Images New Orleans Newspapers Christian Science Monitor / Contributor/Getty Images 1930s MAN BIRD HUNTER. H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images Businessman and Sunset Steve Craft/Getty Images A Dilapidated Shed Structure In A Fores Christopher Kimmel/Getty Images Ambulance Topical Press Agency/Getty Images Eichmann's Fingerprints Donated To Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial David Silverman /Getty Images Shadow of Madman spxChrome/Getty Images Detail of bed an pillow Anthony Webb/Getty Images
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Text Comments (26113)
No one (2 hours ago)
Joseph Mumfre's pic looks like a demon Shane :D
Liam (6 hours ago)
I won’t sleep now
sheccid salazar (11 hours ago)
We went to New Orleans last week and we watched this episode in the hotel .we couldn’t sleep that night
Epic Gamer (15 hours ago)
Them:Yo dude did you hear-*dies* Axman*looks at camera* Axeman:Yo what’s up guys Axeman here
Cassidy Berg (16 hours ago)
*Sees date* "Oh that's my birthday" *thinks* "wait why am I excited?"
LH (18 hours ago)
the drop of poison on a string happened in speed racer
Trendan Moore-Hairston (20 hours ago)
8:40...... you will not be disappointed
StitchInvader (23 hours ago)
There was a lot of people named Joseph
Jazzie (1 day ago)
Natt Romanoff (1 day ago)
This is the best format (for me at least) to watch any type of true crime/ unsolved mysteries videos..just when I start getting creeped out and paranoid, they start joking around. Great job, guys! P.S. : No, I don't think it's disrespectful to joke around with these cases because it is very, very sad and this gives it a lighter note, which, given the times we live in..I find it better this way!
Nicolas Wyatt (1 day ago)
The animation of him riding over new Orleans on a alligator has made my day.
Ollie Plays (1 day ago)
I like these videos but I hate all your jokes this is serious, people died
Omar Julio (1 day ago)
I think he work for the mafia
annie garcia (1 day ago)
Razor boy, Razor boy Does whatever a razor can does he cut? Yes he does And the other night, he slayed my butt
Popescu Mircea (1 day ago)
I would also love if shane and ryan would also present serial killers that have been caught,like gacy or bundy
bab916 (2 days ago)
the nazi party was founded in 1920, no man in 1918 could have been a nazi spy
k ares (2 days ago)
“I saw this man fucking a goat.” Lmfao
jenn lemmelin (2 days ago)
They just get together in there like " I saw that man fuckin a goat" I laughed so hard!
Hand2HandCombatFan (2 days ago)
Ummmm was a "Nazi spy" a thing at this point? Didnt that come along in the late 20's?
let me live (2 days ago)
can we get a tee shirt that says "better jazz it"
loki Assasain (2 days ago)
I Live on Magnolia street 😵
King Armish (2 days ago)
Sometimes you laughs are so cringe. Better keep the momentum with the story.
605Art :D (3 days ago)
Didn’t they say they had fingerprint technology? Why didn’t they use it?
Hope Imel (3 days ago)
Shane is a walking mood
Foox Ferrier.147 (3 days ago)
I was expecting him to say *”Burger King foot lettuce”*
Sophia Daniel (3 days ago)
Did anyone else release Joseph Mumfre pic was Shane in a suit smiling with his eyes blurd out? I can't be the only person to find that out
Dem tits do Rigby (3 days ago)
Lol they should have hired him to play in the shining XD
Dem tits do Rigby (3 days ago)
The mad axeman
Dem tits do Rigby (3 days ago)
The mad dude he was
caps gaming (3 days ago)
am i the only one that thinks is the new orleans mafia
D&G Gaming (4 days ago)
I bet they called him axel
LhxziKviva (4 days ago)
0:12 sicko mode
Excuse Me (4 days ago)
Wow, where did their security cameras go?
smh sophie (4 days ago)
ahs ??
karen ochoa (4 days ago)
This reminds me of American horror story season 3 hmm I wonder why?🤔😂😂
Lulu Bell (5 days ago)
“I’ll trade you a Gacy for a Zodiac” I’m dead asf
Liana H (5 days ago)
Plot twist he actually is the Boogeyman and not a person
Liana H (5 days ago)
I feel like if I was a serial killer I'd go around killing super old people so they could be like my grandma passed away... She had cancer but can you believe she actually got murdered? What a way to go
Auburn Barton (5 days ago)
Honestly think it’s maggio
SSR CaTz (5 days ago)
Why do I get a sudden urge to move to the suburbs of New Orleans?
Ashley Lynn Says (5 days ago)
I don’t see how he supports the devil it’s kinda like the Passover (a biblical story) in the Passover if you put the red lamb blood on your door you will be spared but if not All the firstborn in you household dies. In this case with the axe man if you are playing jazz music you will be spared if not he will kill you! Anyone else agree it’s like the Passover? And he may read a lot of the Bible (esv)
JAM (6 days ago)
thanks, now slouch hat is on my search history
straightn't (6 days ago)
*ya like jazz*
Leon Marušić (6 days ago)
Whats the name of the jazz song they use when talking about the axemans jazz.
OneFatKitten (6 days ago)
cute couple.. who's top and who's bottom?
HikerMan 5000 (6 days ago)
"nazi spy" wtf nazi was founded in 1937-8 lol
HikerMan 5000 (6 days ago)
the only buzzfeed content i like.i said it!
Pranab (7 days ago)
Why that town look like no human alive
Jayden Le (7 days ago)
All I could say about one of the theory's is, the axeman is actually ant man!
snowcherryleopard (8 days ago)
I’m dying from laughter at the Jazz part because all I’m thinking about is the do you like jazz meme😂😂
Ethan Erfani (8 days ago)
This is like the exact murder I fear every single night..
Lauren Connor (8 days ago)
For the Maggio’s, wouldn’t it have been hard to slit both of their throats while they were sleeping without waking one? Or did one get up but he dragged them back? I mean, he could have used both hands but....just no. The Axe Man could have been a few different people working together. Like the fact that only some of the doors BOTTOM panels were smashed in. Did the Axeman just go from house to house to see if they had an axe?
That's boffer (8 days ago)
“I saw this guy uhhh fucking a goat”💀💀💀😂
Lennon Roque (8 days ago)
Bro I spelled it wrong I meant I don't want to get chopped by an axeman in New Orleans I rather go to California
Lennon Roque (8 days ago)
The creepy thing is that my dad wants to take me to New Orleans or California and in the spring break but I rather go to California to New Orleans cuz I'm not getting shocked by an Ax Men LOL
Mackenzie Fleming (8 days ago)
This story kinda reminds me of The Hatchet movies for some reason...
Nico Pérez (8 days ago)
You think there were a lot of beads there? Wait until Mardi Gras!
Umbral Hawk (8 days ago)
Two small, and a big jacket, they break the bottom hatch crawl through and then to hide their identities they use a jacket to hide their identity????
Cole Da Silva (8 days ago)
what you on about Nazi spy Nazis weren't knocking about in 1918 I think they came in 1920 but they wasn't big until 1930ish
Subha Bucha (9 days ago)
Wait...... So if someone did not have an axe, the axe man would be like " Oh darn! Billy Joe does not have an axe! Well I'll just go home and jazz it, and maybe Netflix and chill"
Kaitlen Dunseph (9 days ago)
this is my fav one hands down
b o b o (9 days ago)
16:59 that is a picture of shane
Melissa Hart (9 days ago)
I think it’s pretty clear that the killer was an out of work jazz musician with delusions of grandeur. “They’ve never seen me for I am as invisible as the ether?” Sure, Mr Slouch Hat. Whatever you say.
Paula Harris (9 days ago)
These guys must know by now that they do make serial killer collector cards. I never got that but I got famous celebrity death cards.
Clinton (9 days ago)
15:31 - The attacks on Louis Besumer and Anna Lowe took place on 28 June 1918, however, the Nazi Party would be founded a little less the two years later on 24 February, 1920. With this information, there is no way Besumer was a Nazi spy. You probably meant to say German as at the time, The United States were engaged in World War I with the German Empire. If this happened between 1941 and 1945, then he would've been a Nazi Spy since the United States would be at war with Nazi Germany during World War II.
His dead his like 100 something
Mitch W (9 days ago)
I remember being SUPER excited when this came out.
Torte Di Leni (10 days ago)
People here are suggesting an ambush, Of course the police might have even played Jazz in their station too. They believed the axeman was supernatural. They're fucking scared too lol Well maybe not until the last theory
Some Ferret (10 days ago)
Diana Budijono (10 days ago)
Be careful though.....for Razor Boy is still lurking in the dark......
Miguel Angel Lopez (10 days ago)
Is he still alive
Jubella Darling (10 days ago)
Ryan and Shane are the best duos ever.
OOF Memes (11 days ago)
When defaults doesn’t find a gun 😂
Hayden Nieves (12 days ago)
mumphrey was the partner to the axeman on the final killing
KeIfA D.WAtson (12 days ago)
"razor boy" i died.
Jay Johnson (12 days ago)
Shhhh the Axe Man was killed by a vampire named Cade...
CaptainCrunch 456 (12 days ago)
Cue Halloween theme get it the boogie man
TSM wolfzzz (13 days ago)
The boggyman
Izzy Lavon (13 days ago)
When they were talking about Razor boy and Axe baby I probably lost it 💀
Adrian Wallace (13 days ago)
Please change "Theory" for "hypothesis". Those are all hypothesis.
Jason H (13 days ago)
I don’t get why there trying to be funny they just kill it tbh
Ella Parker (14 days ago)
i'm sorry *_BUZZFEED MULTIPLAYER_* ?????
Exceptionally Average (14 days ago)
theory: jason voorhees
Samantha McCoy (14 days ago)
Theory: axewoman. That’s why the success rate of kills was low, she didn’t have the physical strength to deliver killing blows. It also explains why she’d attack them in their sleep, less chance of resistance she couldn’t combat.
capt. Finn (14 days ago)
does anyone know the song that they play after they mention don't scare me papa... i looked it up and it wasn't that so i need to know (i really liked that song
COOKIE And MIlK milk (14 days ago)
I live right next to New Orleans and my dad lives there
Bobby (14 days ago)
Landry Jackson (14 days ago)
Plz do an episode on the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders!
nana almighty (15 days ago)
there is said to be a fourth theory where he qppqarently played jazz music locally and carried his on axe in his saxaphone case and was killed by a group of wemon said to be witches
daan wind (15 days ago)
How could he be a Nazi spy in 1918..
Habanero Jones (15 days ago)
I bought a homeless dude lunch once. Five days later he was found dead and apparently I was the last person to see him alive. That was not a fun week. Still, if I had found a body I'd call it in asap, come on Ryan, not calling would make you even more suspicious :p
Captain Nomekop (15 days ago)
0:55 “I love it when serial killers have a fun little thing” later 19:18 “but if he’s gonna do it, then at least do it randomly” Maybe one of his things was killing Italians?
Anita Tran (15 days ago)
Lizzie Borden's Grandson
Anita Tran (15 days ago)
I love u guys and I cant stop hearing your Dope voices
rosie silk (15 days ago)
what i think is why not kill the ones who are all close to death that does seem like the nice thing to do i mean you shouldn't but if your a serial killer you minus well kill the one close to death anyway right also was he a demon or not a demon cause if he's a demon or spirit then that means there is no way of killing him right you minus well think of him as a human cause if he wasn't one then that means he can come back and kill you done. Lol
MaLeah Creates (15 days ago)
would if he was watching this, I would cry
Isaiah Anthony (15 days ago)
i saw this guy fucking a goat
Gaby Alonso (15 days ago)
The Axeman is part of one of American Horror Story's seasons. This is why I love American Horror Story, it's pretty close to real world crimes and is creepy.

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