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Far Cry 4 - Pagan Min (All Cutscenes + Radio Dialogue)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is a video depicting all cutscenes and most of the radio dialogue with Pagan Min, the main antagonist in Far Cry 4. For more radio dialogues, check out this link; http://mechanical-jewel.tumblr.com/post/108021097185/pagan-mins-calls-a-comprehensive-list-in
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Text Comments (217)
SPi (7 days ago)
Where' are the two radio dialogues: 1) Ajay? Ajay! AJAY! - What do you want?! Nothing boy, just checking if you're listening. (When you play on the Act 1 area) 2) Why do you need all these zippers and pockets? Do you keep ammo and chunks of flesh in them? Oh I guess you do. (Idk when this plays) They're like my favorite. Where are they?
I am Negan (10 days ago)
Vaas is cool and all but Pagan is so much cooler, i don't dislike Vaas but i think he is too cliche, he's your standard Psychopathic/Sociapathic villain similar to the Joker which is a way overdone trope. Pagan on the other hand is not your typical "villain" he is similar to a Bond villain, classy, sophisticated, polite and respectful with an amazing fashion sense but deep down can be cruel when it calls for it.
Jojo Mathew (24 days ago)
pagan min is definitely like frieza calling the golden path a bunch of monkeys just like how frieza refers to the saiyans and ajay is like vegeta
Thea Wawa (1 month ago)
You forgot candels and ajay ajay o your a good listener
Thea Wawa (1 month ago)
i like him. i would like to in far cry 4 get to choose on which side you want to be
John Rorke (1 month ago)
Pagan Min is awesome.
ReeLoy Kenjins (2 months ago)
Obama and the 2016 election in a nutshell.
Smal Piper (3 months ago)
What a shame, with the release of FC5 I doubt we will ever see the day in which we get to properly join pagan.
Kendall A (3 months ago)
Catch da bus CJ!!!
Kendall A (3 months ago)
0:48 The Maverick from GTA IV
John Seid (3 months ago)
i really liked the companion thing they did in FC5 so pagan min as companion in FC6
carlos griff (4 months ago)
You missed the part where he talks about coming to America and wanting to find AJ’s mother. I don’t know why everyone forgets that one.
Faith Rorke (4 months ago)
Pagan is a good guy.
Solid *fucking* gold.
SILVER E4GLE (4 months ago)
how to finish farcry 4 in 15 minutes
owo uwu (5 months ago)
8:22 Riiiiight Pagan, whatever helps you sleep at night
Vlad Țepeș (5 months ago)
I really like those who say they should add a part where you destroy the Golden Path. What to destroy of them? That Banapur village they got? :)))) Let's be serious...they are useless. They got guns and all the stuff and they die to a fucking wolf! Yea, that would have been the shortest game ever. Campaign -> one mission -> 5 minutes. That would have been all. :)))
Bob_is_my_boy (5 months ago)
secret ending is the true good ending, and it's the only ending that is actually good
I think I got something important from the prologue: 1. Pagan Min actually waiting for Ajay to come to Kyrat and when Ajay arrive Pagan ordered his men to stop the bus so Pagan could pick him up 2. There is actually a party to celebrate the arrival of Ajay to Kyrat and Pagan really show intention of welcoming Ajay to Kyrat as his "guest." 3. It can be conclude that Ajay was misunderstanding Pagan as an evil and the fact is that Pagan want Ajay to take his throne so he could leave Kyrat without any worries. *So basically, Far cry 4 it just a story about a misunderstood man who think that Pagan as an evil and Golden path as the good one.*
Brandy Nicole (6 months ago)
My very first play-through of the game I waited for him to come back and was so shocked that he did! The only thing about it was he kind of blew the whole Lakshmana thing and gave me absolutely no sympathy for Mohan when I played the game for real.
Smal Piper (3 months ago)
Brandy Nicole I had the same exact problem. I was unable to find the stairs lmao, but this ended up ruining the game for me sort of.
Repent for God (6 months ago)
5:22 . So true in life...
Gaming Girl (6 months ago)
Pagan Min isnt the kind of villan u hate he is the kind u actually kinda love
CrunchyDoggoMan (7 months ago)
Pagan min is probably the best video game villain in my opinion.
Bart Hite (7 months ago)
The end of the first cutsean was frickin awesome
carlos griff (7 months ago)
You forgot the one after “city of pain”. Where he talks about going to America.
James Lizura (8 months ago)
He left out the candil line
paula bockal (8 months ago)
Pagan is a really one handsome guy 😂😂"NICE"🔐😂
Costas Papaconstadinou (8 months ago)
Where’s the radio scene about Nora? He tells us he killed her family etc!
Neil O Connor (9 months ago)
And I got blood on my fuckin shoes
Vaas Montenegro (9 months ago)
He's the best anti-antagonist I've ever met in a video game.
Faith Rorke (4 months ago)
Vaas Montenegro No!! Pagan is so good but you are still the best.
PS4_GAMER 7 (10 months ago)
Junye Wen (10 months ago)
Just admit it: not all contries deserve democracy, and Kyrat is a great example. Some country can only function correctly under a control of a strong dictatorship. In this case, Pagan Min is absolutely the best leader of this corrupted country, well, at least for now.
Andnexttomemyoscar (5 months ago)
I don't think you're right with the democracy thing, every country deserves democracy, but the problem is that not every country is able to maintain it on it's own. It's the thing Kennedy said about germany in his journal and he was right about that one. Just look at it now, if we're not careful enough we'll have the nazis reigning again. The real democrats of germany have to be the stronger force and it's actually a good thing that the other countries keep an eye on us.
Mon Chan (10 months ago)
Pagan Min: "im with arjay ghale" you'll love this part. HELP..
godzilla691138AR15 (10 months ago)
Pagan Min is great.
Zimr Game Dev Tips (11 months ago)
Hahaha those enemies have funny ascents.. Make the game more fun
Connor Alford (11 months ago)
I really find one of the main themes of FarCry 4 interesting: how love, particularly the parental love, changes people, and makes them do things they wouldn't normally do. Think about how easy it would have been to kill Ajay for Pagan, but he never took the opportunity, and even gave him the option to kill him if that's what would have brought him peace. Because no matter how cruel of a man Pagan was or how ruthless or sadistic, he missed his daughter and Ajay's mother so much that he gave all the love he had pent up for them to Ajay, because he was the only thing he had left to love. And I love how sincere his conversation at the end when they spread his mothers ashes is. There is no weasling or backstabbing, he wants him to be at peace, and only then can Pagan be at peace. In fact, the easter egg during the intro comfirms that this was his intention from the beginning, and it never breaks no matter how hard Ajay tries to ruin him. Even though Pagan surely deserved death for his crimes, I can't help but see his human side from this. Even a monster is capable of love sometimes.
After creating the Masterpiece of video game villainy that was Vaas, Ubisoft needed to work hard to top that with an even better villain. I think they did it
Dony Sabtyo (1 year ago)
My Favorite Quote : i given you Kyrat but i'm keepin the helicopter😄
Best option in game is enjoy the crab Rangoon
Azrai Khairi (1 year ago)
look up 'chef wan' if you want to see him in real life
Chaitanya Dinkar (1 year ago)
I loved the intro of Pagan Min! but in the whole gameplay he is of just 20-30 minutes!! -It got out of control "aah Out of control!! I hate things when it gets out of control... .. One fucking job and you fucking can't do it.... and i got blood in my fucking shoes!!" Wow
The most recent audition to the list of video game bad guys who may not be so bad afterall
Satan is a computer (1 year ago)
People keep saying Pagan acts like Vaas I've always thought he resembles Hoyt
Jonathan Gatson (1 year ago)
Pagan Min is my role model
Marcus Tang (1 year ago)
from your diaphragm help!!! lol
Nerd ified (1 year ago)
I always like the wait 15 minutes ending. So much better in my opinion.
The White M.L.K. (1 year ago)
Pagan Min's character almost seems to be based off of Milo Yiannopoulos.
OrbitSloth (1 year ago)
One of my favourite lines from Pagan is when you wake up in Durgesh and he says 'Hello! Enjoyed your time with the CIA? You have been a naughty little shit haven't you?' Idk why but I just can't help but love his character, one of my favourite game characters of all time:)
De Willy (1 year ago)
To bad you don't see him so much in the game, he's a really character
Knightmare 126 (1 year ago)
pagan min vs elder maxson
Dexx Predwarior (4 months ago)
Arthur is not a villian. Sean is villian.
John Stark (1 year ago)
Denis Rodman... Reminds me of WCW for some... oh right the nWo
Jo Tuyor (1 year ago)
Why is Pagan carrying a tent peg around .
Duxitisation B (1 year ago)
Well it does look like a stunted pen. Other than that I am not too sure what it is.
Jo Tuyor (1 year ago)
+Duxitisation B look at the close up shot where Pagan hands it over to Ajay to take a selfie. That's not a pen.
Duxitisation B (1 year ago)
Something like this https://www.google.com.au/search?q=gold+ink+pen&rlz=1C1MSIM_enAU722AU722&espv=2&biw=1745&bih=885&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiouZeT47jRAhUDWrwKHWuCBkkQ_AUIBygC#imgrc=fuEpILMrqqZPTM%3A
Duxitisation B (1 year ago)
I see, I thought you meant at dinner. It looks like the tip of a pen to be honest.
Jo Tuyor (1 year ago)
Duxitisation B uhhh the first scene?
Sombrero Squad (1 year ago)
Pagan Min seems to be the most sane person in the game (SPOILER ALERT! both sides you can join are wacko's)
Ironically Generic (1 year ago)
Farcry 4 is my favourite Farcry game of the series! I still play it to this day!
TheHoon57 (1 year ago)
Yeah. The two endings to this were BS. Ishwari was actually changing Pagan back when they were together from what I hear, and he never really threatened Ajay's life. He had plenty opportunities anyway but chose not to. It would have been great to see his side of the dice.
TomRB 97 (2 years ago)
Troy Baker is just awesome.
sumrandumguy1 (2 years ago)
Where's the dialogue of him talking about Paul or Noore?
Lachlan Hurburgh (2 years ago)
You missed the dialogue that happens when you go after Yuma
feketetv (2 years ago)
Your forgot the secret ending :D
Tushar Dudeja (2 years ago)
song at 20:47?
PeterSpimpson3456 (2 years ago)
It's called the river. By the bombay Royale.
SKELEMOURN (2 years ago)
So if we wait there the game is over in like 15 minutes? Really? You're joking...
Duxitisation B (1 year ago)
To be honest, best ending than the others.
Silver Carat (2 years ago)
Nope, that actually happens. When Min tells you to wait in the opening cut scene (inside the mansion) just wait for around 15 minutes and then Pagan will come back and the two of you will go off to scatter the ashes
SKELEMOURN (2 years ago)
Donald Trump is our Pagan Min...
Novazi74 (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who wishes I could join Pagan's side of being a dictator, like play what might happen after the secret ending?
cicron 10 (5 months ago)
His allies were much more interesting than the protagonists, IMO.
Tyler DeBaud (1 year ago)
Novazi74 believe me your not the only one
YouTube Red (1 year ago)
Novazi74 we gotta ask Ubisoft !!!
TheHoon57 (1 year ago)
Yeah. The two endings to this were BS. Ishwari was actually changing Pagan back when they were together from what I hear, and he never really threatened Ajay's life. He had plenty opportunities anyway but chose not to. It would have been great to see his side of the dice.
SirMalo (2 years ago)
A DLC with a third path (join Pagan Min after you delivered the ash) and kill the Golden Path step by step. THAT would be awesome.
Sharkun (2 years ago)
at the end, don't shoot him :D
joaquim machado (2 years ago)
it's missing the meat pockets one.
Ashes (2 years ago)
"I was told, that if I ever wanted to experience the hospitality of Utkarsh, that I had to visit the Ranas" Ranas... DJ Rabi 'Ray' Rana ... Rabi 'Ray' *Rana* ... *Rana*
Isabelle Maume (1 year ago)
Ashes omg you just change my life forever, I think
MarianoRyu (2 years ago)
Pagan Min 2016: Making Kyrat Great Again.
Maxime (2 years ago)
Guy kills your daughter, murder everyone he ever knew and fuck up his entire country. Father of the year, much?
Maxime (2 years ago)
I meant Pagan's rampage of revenge...
VICK (2 years ago)
I think your mixing mohan with pagan. Pagan is a great dad, not only to his biological children but to his adopted son as well.
Dai Joy (2 years ago)
The main character mess up everything.Min wants him to take care of his wife's ash and let the main character take over this land and his force as well. Unfortunately the main character chooses to escape and fight against Min. The story is awesome btw
zAllex Music (2 years ago)
I suffer from a mild form of this guy's psychosis and i can tell you for sure that it's a hard life. Can't blame him. :))
Dog God (2 years ago)
there was that one dialogue where he radios you "Ajay. Ajay, Ajay" and when Ajay answers, Pagan Min says "Just checking if you're listening" then hangs up.
Rafael Muniz (2 years ago)
Pagan Min: Ajay. Ajay. Ajay Ajay: O que foi? Pagan Min: Só estava checando se você estava me ouvindo *Brling*
eelFunk (2 years ago)
LMAO darpan's fast forwarded screams near the end x'D
Joe (2 years ago)
I was a little freaked out at the end (I had another tab open) I thought I was hearing some creepy outro, but it was only Doorknob screaming in pain really fast.
Obscurify (2 years ago)
Vaas and Hoyt are more unpredictable, psychopathic warlords, while Pagan Min is more a narcissist, a sociopath, and (obviously) a dictator.
Min Kiki (2 years ago)
I just love pagan mins voice
Recker 212. (2 years ago)
you wasted so much time of my life on alternate ending cus u didnt skip......Thats 30 seconds ill never get back XD JK on time wasted part
Erich Gossmann (2 years ago)
What's the name of the song used while you drive to the palace ?
MAMARUSSIAN657 (2 years ago)
Bombay Royale: "The River"
If only you did not run off from Paul's Mansion or everybody in the Bus did not be dicks then you could of been a member of the Royal Army and also if Darpan did not text at the table he could of lived
Inera Belle (2 years ago)
Pagan sure know when to call huh
Blazzered (2 years ago)
*Join with terrorists* *Kill half of Pagans army* *Take down all Pagans posters* *Kill Yuma* *Take Paul captive* *Attempt to kill Pagan, but kill his double* *Take over all his outposts* All is fine. *Destroy Pagans gold statue* Pagan: "Am I missing a hint? Should I start taking this personally?" Me: *Facepalm* Oh Pagan.... Pagan: Well, whats done is done, and dinner is nearly ready. Me: WHAT THE F-.....Well I hope its spaghetti..... It wasn't spaghetti.....
ChannelNotFound (2 years ago)
+blazzered2 It was Crab Rangoon
calsaver (2 years ago)
From my reading into this game, it seems like once Mohan kills his daughter and Ajay's mother leaves...he just loses it and blames the entire country for his sorrow. I mean if a country revolved around a religion and group that was strongly connected to the person who murdered your innocent daughter, wouldn't you lose your shit and want to get rid of everything that reminded you of it? Not to dismiss all the bad things he has done, but I think his life would have been much different if Ajay's mother stayed or as he says in one of the radio messages, he went to America with her, he may have changed and became your step father. I think the whole game is just commenting on what is considered too far or how power/desperation can make people evil. I love Pagan Min, great character. As everyone else has been saying, too bad you couldn't join him! Although seriously Pagan, it is an asshole move to leave you there at the end (if you did not kill him). I wonder where he went? lol
One Nerd95 (2 years ago)
Occasional murder aside, he seems like a chill guy.
Itz_Kuri (2 years ago)
The Story - Bullshit Ajay - Bullshit Pagan Min - Great Leader <3
mikulek04 (2 years ago)
Sometimes he also cuts Rabi's auditions to talk. Hoped I can hear this here. I remember only one, only after taking Paul.
Adam Davies (2 years ago)
And we still cant drive the helicopter in farcry except that tiny little one that stalls and sends you flying into mountains.
raataggi96 theplayerXD (3 years ago)
places to go shit to tear up ill lt you get back to it. whaaaaat??? pagan man you dont care about your dictatorship being ruined??? but you and ajay are family so.
Stu Pot (3 years ago)
I wonder why Pagan Min doesn't have an Asian accent. I hope it isn't just because Ubisoft thinks that an Asian accent wouldn't be as "appealing" as a British accent, I mean you saw what they did with Unity...
nuttex (2 years ago)
+Christian Corral He's from Hong Kong. The lore mentions the mixed British-Han Chinese ancestry.
Horizon Brave (3 years ago)
+Christian Corral I'm sure I heard/read somewhere in game he got his education in Britain, however I'm not entirely sure and could well be talking out my ass. Its interesting to note a lot of children from wealthy families receive an education here in the UK. They could've just asked Troy Baker to do something different, I guess.
Jamal Nippleham (3 years ago)
+Christian Corral 2-D!
WillieManga (3 years ago)
As soon as I saw this basterd's albino visage on the cover, I wondered if he would live up to Vaas. Pagan Min... he is the gentleman style psychopath, and incredibly unpredictable... I'll have to say yes.
Rescue Ranger (3 years ago)
Maja (3 years ago)
I was looking all the comments and lots of people have same thinking as me like they can make a  DLC that extends the game after the alternate ending or you can side up with Pagan in the game and kill golden path  i would definitly side up with Pagan  cause doesn't matter how much people he killed he still made sure that you don't get any harm that's why I love this dude !!!!
Momcilo Maravic (3 years ago)
The "secret" ending shows that Pagan can actually be nice
saoz (3 months ago)
Vriska he isn't as bad as Amita or Sabal end up to be
Faith Rorke (4 months ago)
Momcilo Maravic Yes!! Pagan is a good guy. Sabal and Amita is the real evil.
Ivan Florêncio (1 year ago)
raataggi96 theplayerXD Then why he killed Noore's famliy and make her turn into a monster?
Vriska Serket (1 year ago)
You people are fools and idiots. He is not "good" he is an outright villain. Just because not every action he takes is bad does not make him a good person. He is the leader of a tyrannical regime for God's sake. Relugus gets it. Though I think he doesn't care about giving up the power. Mostly because he likely has the money to do it all over again. Think of how many years he's had to squeeze money out of Kyrat(hint:All of Ajay's life he has controlled Kyrat). Between selling artifacts and his lucrative drug trade he probably has a sweet nest egg for his next third world take over.
Relugus (2 years ago)
+raataggi96 theplayerXD Its more that he is complex. Human beings are rarely wholly good or wholly evil. Pagan has a cruel, cold side to him but also there is still good in him, that's a remnant of the person he was. At the end of the game, Pagan outright admits to Ajay that he went mad, that power (and his frustration at the Kyrati people being so corrupt/wedded to the past) corrupted him. He is narcassistic, sociopathic, but also self-aware; he knows what he has become and that, I think, is why he happily gives up power in the end.
Olegas Scerbakovas (3 years ago)
idk why but i just like pagan min
Benjamin Floyd (3 years ago)
They need to make a DLC that extends the game after the alternate ending, so you get to do a campaign where you're working with Pagan to wipe out the Golden Path, but with a more mediated approach due to Ajay's influence.  I would very happily pay for that.
Momcilo Maravic (3 years ago)
Redname (3 years ago)
This guy puts the dick in dictator.
Vriska Serket (1 year ago)
A king is the title of a type of leader as defined by the hierarchical structure of the country. Dictators can be kings, prime ministers, presidents, and many other titles. http://www.conservapedia.com/List_of_dictators
He's a king
SKELEMOURN (3 years ago)
10:49,his name,deadpool?
Jinhunter Slay (3 years ago)
Troy Baker is American....yet Pagan Min sounds British
SetosNiceGirl (3 months ago)
He is from Hong Kong during the decades the British held it so he learned it then
The Warden (4 months ago)
It's supposed to be because Pagan's father mother was British or his father married a British woman and she raised him
Daniel Elsegood (3 years ago)
wow really?! so you're saying voice actors can portray different nationalities? what a revelation.
Relaxing Koala (3 years ago)
Pagan is a dick. Sure, he killed lots of people but I let him live and he took my fucking helicopter? Jesus man.
Ivan Florêncio (1 year ago)
raataggi96 theplayerXD Pagan and Paul killed Noore's family for no fucking reason.
Josh Lucas (3 years ago)
Pagan deserves father of the year award
raataggi96 theplayerXD (3 years ago)
+Relaxing Koala when i get the game i will take the first 15 minute endig :) dont want to ruin all his country because of some golden path retards
Guestjam (3 years ago)
I wish there was a choice to side with Pagan and still play the game.
saoz (3 months ago)
very late wouldn't be much content there, maybe it would have been a good DLC. just go with pagan and fuck shit up
Aj Scheidhauer (3 years ago)
Pagan Min was SO much better than Vaas. Far cry 4 takes a shit on the 3rd game.
saoz (3 months ago)
fc5 did do the good thing that fc4 had going for it, with the villain actually being the one who was in the right, even if they did do messed up shit, but they fucked up the rest of the game.
FUNki PL (5 months ago)
bitch boy (6 months ago)
I respectfully disagree. Michael Mando is fucking legendary as Vaas, and I greatly preferred the third game over the rest. Anyways, Joseph Seed is (hopefully) gonna take the Far Cry villain cake when FC5 is released.
MegaDynamiteDan (1 year ago)
Aj Scheidhauer Really
There was a glitch that happened in my game, I blew up Pagan's helicopter in the ending and proceeded to do all the side quests and hunting challenges, and suddenly out of the blue, Pagan starts talking on the radio commenting on Ajays clothing, it freaked me out. 
matias Abramovich (1 year ago)
Stop Right There Criminal Scum HOLY CRAP, I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE
Robert Boehme (1 year ago)
same thing happened to me
I don't think that was a glitch. the game probably thinks you spared pagan.
Josh Lucas (3 years ago)
Set to play after a few side missions, i let pagan go and eventually heard this dialouge
Bitmaid (3 years ago)
+Ace Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue OMG can you upload clips for these? I'd hate to play it through again to hear the commentary but I really want to hear it!!

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