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BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 - TOO MANY JOKERS (PS4 Gameplay)

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BATMAN Arkham Knight Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 on PS4 with commentary by Igor of Gaming Awesome. Thank you so much for watching my BATMAN Arkham Knight Gameplay Walkthrough. This is part 7 of my full game walkthrough of Batman Arkham Knight. This gameplay walkthrough will include the game ending, my first time reactions, and a review of the Batman Arkham Knight. Thank you so much for joining me as I experience this game for the first time. BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH2AQGISsUE&feature=youtu.be Subscribe for more videos. It's free and Alfred approved: https://www.youtube.com/GamingAwesomeYT Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GamingAwesomeYT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamingAwesome
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Text Comments (38)
zane goldclaw (2 years ago)
hes so mlg
Poppers HD (3 years ago)
Harley had the same look in injustice I'm pretty sure
MissFirenze1 (3 years ago)
The segments with Joker are well done, especially these Joker- clones
Jishwaaa (3 years ago)
I remember Jason's torture thingy from the animated movie called the red hood or something. Basically robin or Jason turns into the red hood which is a villain. I think they have a dlc for him coming out soon. You should do that dlc
Marvyn Lugo (3 years ago)
Dat booty doe
Rita Devicora (3 years ago)
The Boy Wonder Is Mine by Batman and Joker!  It's gonna be a hit!  X)
Michael Picciano (3 years ago)
Jason the 2nd robin and got killed then became the red hood
Alex Garcia (3 years ago)
if Jason is dead then how is there a red hood story pack ?
Mario (3 years ago)
Igor the part 3 from Batman Arkham City:Joker put Batman on a weelchair and put his blood in him.That's why he is the last joker.
Shy Rocket (3 years ago)
doom 3 much? damn it.
TheSroolik (3 years ago)
jason is the second boy of wonder. joker killed him and then ras' al goul revived him with some sort of a ritual and turned him to the red hood
Demonic Dog (3 years ago)
you saw her breast moving when it didn't and you tell us to get out mind out of the gater?
Rica Ivory (3 years ago)
Jason shouldn't be arkham knight bcuz he didn't hold a strong grudge against Batman. He was the second Robin after dick Grayson who became nightwing (dick). Jason got kidnapped by joker and was tortured for month before batman could find him and wen batman finally did find him joker blew up the place he was being held in before batman got there. Raz all ghul brought him back to become red hood and he went after joker and all the other villiains. But he never held strong feelings against batman for not being able to find him and once batman stopped him from killing joker he left and never returned to Gotham Tim drake (current Robin in game) came after jason even though batman was reluctant to the idea bcuz he didn't want another Robin to get hurt. He's goin thru jokers memories of the torture and that's why jason keeps popping up.
Dr BatCop (3 years ago)
OH SHIT, it just hit me Arkham night is the 1st robin
Amos Chew (3 years ago)
*SPOILERS* Oh, that's Jason Todd. The 2nd Robin. He's also known as Hush and Red Hood in the comics. And yes, he is the Arkham Knight
Dr BatCop (3 years ago)
+Amos Chew what ever that 1 they were torturing.
Amos Chew (3 years ago)
+Dr BatCop the first robin is NightWIng bruh...
Dr BatCop (3 years ago)
+Dr BatCop XD like 20 min after i say that he says it may be him
Dr BatCop (3 years ago)
am I the only 1 who would pay to see Alfred try Rapping
Robin (2 years ago)
+Dr BatCop I would also like to see Alfred rap...that would make me so happy!! :D
Sean (3 years ago)
I would eat 💩 for it 🌝
Dr BatCop (3 years ago)
+LunaDakotaGaming ::D yay not alone, like it would be awesome to see him try to rap.
DakotaWorks (3 years ago)
+Dr BatCop That is brilliant O.O
Dr BatCop (3 years ago)
+Master Zoroark good XD
Assassinman19 (3 years ago)
Jason was batmans second robin and he got captured by joker and he killed him the al gul brought Jason back alive and he became the red hood and he went after joker to kill him an
Kyle Is cool (3 years ago)
Thanks Igor for another amazing series! :D
Aeonize (3 years ago)
DAYUM Harley aged well... Or, rather didn't age at all o.o
Kirillion (3 years ago)
#boobs and daimmmmmm
Aeonize (3 years ago)
+Moon,〈3s Chained What?
Mya-is-s h o o k (3 years ago)
Not at all...
Jack Ball (3 years ago)
Lol no, Jason is dead.
Pascal Besselsen (3 years ago)
HOLY SHIT. in case you did not know but the sign in gotham change when you glance over it. i knew this but was not sure. go back to the start of the vid after the the little part of the last episode and watch the sign left of igor's caractar. you see a women and a men behind her. igor controls the camera so the sign goes just out of sight. when he turn the camara back it is different for a brief second. i wont say to what so check out that for yourself. after that brief second it changes igor moves the camera again to bring back in the view again and it changed again! #mindblown
Pascal Besselsen (3 years ago)
+Pascal Besselsen sorry. fixing it. the billboard is to the right of igors charactar in the start
Isaac Lejman (3 years ago)
Whoop whoop 720p
Isaac Lejman (3 years ago)
Gonna be back in a bit quality still isn't quite right
Pokemon Lol (3 years ago)
lol under 4 comment club
Isaac Lejman (3 years ago)
Finally been waiting all day!

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