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HELLO YOUTUBE STEAM RE DOWNLOADING THE ENTIRE GAME FILES EVEN AFTER DISCOVERING THEM (SOLVED) THIS IS A 2 TIME REPETITIVE PROCESS.... This is a common problem faced while Using STEAM, I have found a fix for it.... STEPS: 1. First place the game files in a separate folder on the desktop... And EXIT STEAM... 2. Next go to C: Program Files: STEAM--STEAM APPS -- COMMON and paste the game folder there.... (Or Paste them where you put all your game files) My Steam Directory is G: STEAM APPS--STEAM LIBRARY -- common I have SNIPER ELITE 3 game folder that my friend downloaded and I recently purchased it... 3. NEXT Launch Steam 4. Select the game to be installed: here SNIPER ELITE 3 5. (VERY IMPORTANT) Select the same directory where you have pasted the game files as the directory for the game to be installed.... 6. Wait for STEAM to Discover Files and Allocate Disk Space... 7. BUT STEAM STARTS REDOWNLOADING THE ENTIRE GAME...... (PAY ATTENTION) 8. PAUSE THE GAME DOWNLOAD... (Here Sniper Elite-3).... Don't EXIT STEAM..... 9. Go the Steam Directory where you have pasted the Game Files (G--STEAM LIBRARY --COMMON) and "cut" the game folder (SNIPER ELITE-3 folder) and paste them back to Desktop Folder... 10. NEXT go to Steam App and Click ON "LIBRARY" 11. Next Right Click on the Game and Select "DELETE LOCAL CONCENT" and accept the Conformation.... 12. EXIT STEAM AGAIN... 13. Again paste the Game Files in the same STEAM Directory as Before (G: STEAM LIBRARY -- common) 14. Launch STEAM again and select the Game (SNIPER ELITE-3) and Click INSTALL. Remember to select the same game directory to install the game where the game Files have been pasted) G: STEAM LIBRARY -- common 15. STEAM Discovers the Existing Files and Allocates the Disk Space.....BUT THIS TIME IT DOESN'T RE-DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE GAME and A MESSAGE POPS UP SAYING THAT THE GAME HAS FINISHED DOWNLOADING.... THANK YOU
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Text Comments (160)
Chaitanya Kumar (1 year ago)
love you lots man... it worked :D
ねこ (9 days ago)
Thanks for making the video in the description.
Destiny Ernest (18 days ago)
or you can take content from the "common" and content from the "downloading" folder and merge on desktop (worked for me.BUT THANKS CUZ YOUR ALSO WORKED GREATLY
Rafail (22 days ago)
it works . i just had to delete installscript.vdf and unistall the game from steam and the restart steam and go to library and click install and it find the old files. Thanks
SkynetWTF OMG (1 month ago)
Slime Man Roblox (1 month ago)
Thx you saved me i thought i have to wait 6 hours to download six seige again
Sir Roché (2 months ago)
thank you so so so much, 1 sub coming your way.
Strider whiston (2 months ago)
Uhh... my game is already in common it just doesnt show it in steam
Ishan Gouri (2 months ago)
I download 10 gb of payday 2 but when I switched acc it started downlaod from 0 will it work?
Cian Duffy (3 months ago)
You literally saved my life. Had this issue on GTA V and wanted to die, but this totally fixed it. You're a god send.
Newlife Newlife (3 months ago)
Brooo I appreciate it. Im new to the PC world and started to panic till i found this. Thanks again man
NoBody _Tn (3 months ago)
Thank you so much ..it still works... it even happens with games installed from steam xD (and that was my case) and your solution solved it
Reinaldi Dharmawan (4 months ago)
maybe i could help, if you guys don't have the "delete local conten" firstly cut and paste your game files somewhere, after that open steam app, and then when if it redownload, just click uninstall, after that you want to cut and paste the game into the directory, dan then after you exit steam, open it again and click install to your game to the default directory, and it should say "discovering existing files for *your game name*"
Deadz (5 months ago)
ali reza (5 months ago)
ramzyizza (5 months ago)
hey, i downloaded advanced warfare, 47,5 GB, and the file location is not in common folder, it is located on downloading folder. i already finished download the game why it still redownloading from beginning?
مستر كلك بيت (17 days ago)
+BITCH plz!!! Same So what u did
BITCH plz!!! (2 months ago)
same here bro and i dont know what to do ....???
DIY Electronics (5 months ago)
just done the step 1-5 and waited 10 minutes and boom my TF2 is back! THANKS A LOT BRO!
frezydynecy (5 months ago)
it worked! the like and the fix worked XD!
Owly (6 months ago)
Didn’t work need help :/
Reissumies (6 months ago)
didnt work for pubg :(
Yazid Zuriekat (22 days ago)
Reissumies same here
Corp Will (7 months ago)
This actually worked after I was so worried. Thank you very much, man.
WhyNotViral (7 months ago)
Best video everrrr! Should get more views + subs.
Pikachu (8 months ago)
i dont have common folder in my steamapps i only have sourcemods help plz
DudeBruhGaming (8 months ago)
Works Dood! Thx
Nah you guys got it all wrong! If you have a game that is of a small download. Just download it where you have your steam libary in files/storage E:
Siddhesh (9 months ago)
Bullshit, doesn't works
Rafay Monam (9 months ago)
khairul wasid (9 months ago)
can help me with step 9? Dont get it
Amir Hassan (10 months ago)
SuperDoomz (10 months ago)
Thanks, worked perfectly. And to those who can't find "delete local content" just press Uninstall
Shuki (10 months ago)
Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shah Nikhil (10 months ago)
Its coming Failed to Add new steam Library Folder
Fauzan Zaki (10 months ago)
thank you man, it works. thank you very much
Mohd Shahmeem (10 months ago)
Thank you . u have save my life . i actually got the problem 3-5 time for god sake . until i find your video . thank you man . may god bless you and your family
Naf Norfrost (10 months ago)
it said it finishes downloading which is good but then it stucks at allocating disk space : / that seems to go on forever
Naf Norfrost (10 months ago)
oh wait nvm, its because steam or EA ran out of cd keys lol, everyone cant play the game at the moment
florge morris (10 months ago)
You helped me big fucking time my friend great job it worked (Y)
Chinnayya Hiremath (11 months ago)
Plz anyone answer about what I have written down
Chinnayya Hiremath (11 months ago)
If i delete local Concent will the full game be deleted
Crimped Module (10 months ago)
nope it doesnt cuz you bought it already
Jimmy M. (11 months ago)
This doesn't work any more AT ALL, since the "delete local content" button was removed from Steam.
Darryn du Plessis (11 months ago)
The only reason you're doing it twice is because you're doing it wrong: WHILE It's meant to be downloading, [pause it] all you need to do is copy all the content into the folder it creates. I've backed up TF2, Dota 2, CSGO - ALL MY GAMES like that, Or you can create a shortcut in that directory that steam is in and leave it on whatever hard drive you have kept it on.
Jimmy M. (11 months ago)
But it only creates an empty folder with the game name. How is that different from me creating one on my own?
M (11 months ago)
Didn't work
ZIED BEN NACER (11 months ago)
thx alot bro
Narxw (11 months ago)
Luv u man it works:)
ELBOPLAYS TV (11 months ago)
Tech-WonDo (4 months ago)
I think Uninstall is basically the same thing
Keren bapaknya
Khilpa (1 year ago)
i faking love youn duud
Eren Akbay (1 year ago)
You are a lifesaver you know :D
dhunters x (1 year ago)
Thanks bro it works :)
Cool Kids Gameplayz (1 year ago)
fuck this mine. mine is 21 days 14 hours fuck this shiit can you fix it plz
redaspack31 Rosales (1 year ago)
doesn't work for me why??
Jazi Mating (1 year ago)
thank you so much
Zeeshan Qamar (1 year ago)
no option for "delete local concent"
Dimaethoron276 (11 months ago)
Probably a little late but, use the uninstall option instead.
Mido Emad (11 months ago)
me too
john lahoz (1 year ago)
I love you
Anagani Naga Vardhan (1 year ago)
Does it still work? Same happened with me in RSS..please help me bro..I am trying your methof
Mojko TBT (1 year ago)
;ets share this video we need show problemed friends lets do it
Mojko TBT (1 year ago)
omg its working ty for saving my game files yes subscribe more
Donald Duck (1 year ago)
i hope my dota 2 works this time :(
hii me (1 year ago)
Forbidden Wolf (1 year ago)
thank you man, my CS:GO has fixed! thank you very much! +rep
Purple Bleach (1 year ago)
I dont understand can someone give me step by step instructions please?
KaPex (1 year ago)
Sachin Mahesh (1 year ago)
you gave me an idea and i did this. i coped files just for backup and uninstalled game from steam but not the local files. then i installed and gave the directory where my game is in and it discovered and wallah!! thanks soo much
Gankanaut NA (1 year ago)
would backing up the game files work?
cube wars levels (1 year ago)
I remember deleting 300 MB files of my game , Then completed download and now i done this and it found my files It didnt say finished , will it download the 300 mb again OR whole game? I need a fast reply please. I know this is old tho.
Raptor 911 (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot man! You just saved my weekend!
i am not idiot (1 year ago)
other method worked for me just cut and paste the folder on desktop but close the pasting progress and past that cuted part back to folder and then istall the game ,,it will not install the whole game again
Duck Sauce (1 year ago)
love you.
DeluxeGamez (1 year ago)
I wanna penetrate you up the ass. Thank u. U saved me from sewing Volvo.
Ren1aX STuDiO (1 year ago)
delete local content now remove in steam :3
Virus Gaming (1 year ago)
J3rak3 (1 year ago)
thanks lot dude hopefully u see this have nice day bro !!!
Abhinav Jassal (1 year ago)
thanks bro
FrostT1 (1 year ago)
didnt work for warframe ;(
Abhishek Sengupta (10 months ago)
Brent Mifsud (1 year ago)
warframe has an external client that downloads the game. unfortunately, steam has to download the base game first, then the client has to download any updates.
GO! Go! Zeppeli! (1 year ago)
you found a solution?
Alvarez20 (1 year ago)
dude same i ad csgo on my frined account tqeqn u purcased it
Boy wrong spelling entire game
ARetordedLlama (10 months ago)
Roblox and more....
Simon (1 year ago)
Simon (1 year ago)
give a medal to this men it works :)
omg omg omg omg omg your the best man +++++++++++++RESPECT
MT7Gaming (1 year ago)
u deserver a kisss and a sub xD lmao but seriously thank you
Kreto TheFrog (1 year ago)
thanks man
Muhd Faiz (1 year ago)
thanks dude its worked :D Love you man <3
Sagar Shandilya (1 year ago)
Doesn't work man :(
Ninja (1 year ago)
worked thanks man
Unknown User (1 year ago)
i love u <3 works with csgo
Forbidden Wolf (1 year ago)
Ashish Sharma (1 year ago)
this thing used to work flawlessly but know its just not working anymore idk why
Legend Tron Evolved (1 year ago)
Alex Cloer (1 year ago)
Thank You it worked been trying to fix for 2 hours and this one works only have to down .9 GB of it
Rashid Yengsheng (1 year ago)
Didn't work for GTA IV Steam is still trying to download 13gbs
OMG thnx man youre the best u saved my tf2
useless account (4 months ago)
Spade have the same problem now Im depressed
KAOS Gaming (1 year ago)
thx bro!!
Ersel Elric (1 year ago)
and I found an other way too BEFORE to copy Gamefiles on Steamapp/Common just install game and pause(dosent matter when) you just create a file after do that named like that "appmanifest_1234"(number its change) open that with Notepad and you see there game name under that there a line name "StateFlags" "1026" Change that just do "4" vola there you go you complate to install simple is that. SS> http://prnt.sc/dkepnu
wmar STUDIO (1 year ago)
OMGG Just change the game directory to your custom !!! yees it works now for me This video is not helpful !
JustBurb (2 months ago)
Works only when you chose a custom folder to install the game ithe first time
Austin Gavlick (2 years ago)
I dont get an option when I go to install my game on where I want it to go.
GO! Go! Zeppeli! (1 year ago)
same :(
Jargonloster (2 years ago)
I actually just figured something out: 1. Put game folder in install directory 2. Open game folder and delete installscript.vdf (Sometimes it is at the top of the game's directory and other times you will have to go into the game's other folders and look for it.) 3. Go to Steam and install the game 4. Steam should discover the existing files and once it finishes, the game should show up as completely downloaded under the downloads tab Hope it works for you guys too
Kaoru Suzugamori (1 month ago)
2 years and this still workes thank you @Jargonloster a lot I hope they fixe this but they will never do it.
RiverSiege (1 month ago)
You sir/madam are a god and have saved me from nearly an hour of confusion.
Tân Nguyễn (2 months ago)
thanks a lot man, it worked so well
JustBurb (2 months ago)
+BashXIII Lancer of Light if it didn't show up look inside all the folders in the game folder, hope it worked for you
BashXIII Lancer of Light (5 months ago)
I do not see a Installscript.vdf
Savage Skid (2 years ago)
Lynk (2 years ago)
Doesn't work. I move my Counter Strike folder back to the desktop and deleted local content, but once I exit steam there is still a Counter Strike folder in my common folder which contains a file called "installscript.vdf"
Legend Tron Evolved (2 years ago)
Just make a back up of " installscript.vdf " file and then try Doing the process...Make sure that the other downloads of Steam are Suspended (Don't pause the downloads ).....Good Luck...
Janso (2 years ago)
Thank you dude, I followed step by step and it worked!
Crunch Buttsteak (2 years ago)
Do the game files have to be placed on the desktop? I wouldn't imagine so, but I need to make sure, as moving 37.5 gigs back and forth between hard drives is not very practical...
Rashid Yengsheng (1 year ago)
I changed the folder name instead of replacing the files between HDD and SDD
Skafloodle (2 years ago)
i was reading this and all the comments and thinking there is no way this will work... people make mistakes lol
Skafloodle (2 years ago)
i meant i made a mistake thinking it wouldnt work lol
Legend Tron Evolved (2 years ago)
It did work for me though....Thanx
Wise Gamers (2 years ago)
After pausing the download and closing steam should i move the orginal game file or the one i copied from common to common
Legend Tron Evolved (2 years ago)
No... 1. FIRST, Suspend all other downloads.(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, DON'T PAUSE DOWNLOADS MAKE SURE YOU SUSPEND THE OTHER DOWNLOADS) 2. NEXT, Copy the Game Files to "common" directory. 3. THEN, Click INSTALL. Steam prepares and existing files and allocates disk space and then it shows that the GAME has finished the installation...(If any minor updates are present, Steam downloads smaller files below 2 or 3 Gigs) 4.If the above procedure FAILS and if Steam continues to re download the entire size, Then, pause the download. 5. Just move the Game Folder to some other location or Drive 6.Right Click on the game and select "DELETE LOCAL FILES" 7. ....Now, Install the game again....This time it works....
DepressedOwl (2 years ago)
Hey. thanks for the help but it didn't work for me though ;P.
Legend Tron Evolved (2 years ago)
+swagD1 Thank You Very Much....
DepressedOwl (2 years ago)
+Legend Tron Evolved subbed. try to watch whenever I'm not busy :)
Legend Tron Evolved (2 years ago)
+swagD1 Hey if you need any help regarding Windows installation or any other tech help, don't hesitate to message me..It would be a great help if you Subscribed to my channel...
DepressedOwl (2 years ago)
+Legend Tron Evolved don't worry m8, got a friend ;)
Legend Tron Evolved (2 years ago)
+swagD1 Try KINGUIN.COM to purchase newer Windows License..It's cheap..The pricer of Windows 10 lower as 25 dollars..

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