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SCP: The Multiplayer Diaries

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SCP Secret Laboratories, a story of brotherhood. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?ty=h&u=3360824 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana In the video: Buck: https://go.twitch.tv/bucklington Charborg: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNM3W16DLgPc6NR1xHs5xbw Criken: https://www.youtube.com/user/Criken2 GameWithMe: https://www.twitch.tv/gamewithme Tomato: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomatoandToph MrLawlMan: https://go.twitch.tv/mrlawlman1 Wrinkle: https://www.twitch.tv/wewastooturnt Percussion: https://twitter.com/PercussionGun_ Patreon list, thank you for the support! Ionized Odds MoTownRecords TheWholeBlock GeneralArse Halliwedge Tebjor Special K Wasuji Tojimaru
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Text Comments (1473)
Overlord Vithar (5 days ago)
What's their server?
Y3110W (6 days ago)
That fucking scientist is priceless
Elton Browning (6 days ago)
Get CrOoNcHEd
DatPerson123 (6 days ago)
Grayson Ashby (7 days ago)
We all know buck is secretly evil.
André Renan (7 days ago)
Que história linda.
N3rf0r (7 days ago)
Music at 9:53?
TAE Midnight (8 days ago)
Sounds like rick for Rick and Monty
intro music?
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (10 days ago)
8:58 😂😂😂 I'm mad he tried
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (10 days ago)
0:06 You sure you guys aren't SCP's
A Pink Poodle (11 days ago)
7:29 My sides are on their way out of the galaxy now
Max Ashabranner (12 days ago)
What server is this on?
Phobos (14 days ago)
Финал удался.
Eta 320 (17 days ago)
I love how every time Lawman died, instead of getting mad that he kept going so far just to die instantly, he just got on the comms and vowed revenge like a badass, and came right back
xXGalaxyCatXx (18 days ago)
NERD: Im looking for the keycard give me 2 seconds 8:14
DerpUploads (18 days ago)
Why hello there
GSuSS (19 days ago)
These videos are always so entertaining
Justin Holt (22 days ago)
“You will burn by my hand!”
Mr.Snickerdoodle (22 days ago)
He really did die by lawlmans hands lmao
JR H (23 days ago)
5:39 my sides are killing me
Christopher Wernli (26 days ago)
Reptile Man (27 days ago)
Long hallways here, brother.
Alejololer o.o (27 days ago)
Joeshmo (28 days ago)
These captions are the best.
doge day (30 days ago)
M!ORE SCP1!1!1!1!
TNovix (1 month ago)
A security cam in 1440p resolution?
FloofyFlareon (1 month ago)
11:20-11:30 = The type of shit I'd wanna see in a good SCP movie
m8 4real (1 month ago)
Intro song pls
Angel Starfire (1 month ago)
5:46 love this part 😂😂
Sigil 98 (1 month ago)
Hellhounds04 (1 month ago)
I wanna animate this.
Da UbErNooB (1 month ago)
OKAY So you Guy's choice of weaponry 1 took a drill, 1 took a flashlight that looks like one from Dead Space, and You and another guy has a 9mm. Pistol
Da UbErNooB (1 month ago)
LEFT BRUDDAS *Does A Tight Right*
Montavious Lindsey (1 month ago)
You guys are game comedy gold
Andres Ayala (1 month ago)
Holy fuck this game
zac gogo (1 month ago)
“You think your fucking real clever don’t you statue” lol
Z. Rapoza (1 month ago)
Where’s buck?
Nano Violence (1 month ago)
Turn the subtitles on. We appreciate your efforts bed
A. Z. (1 month ago)
Lawlman is fucking hilarious and needs to be given more credit
LionManskull (1 month ago)
I’m a Rocket jam. I doubt anybody knows that reference
Scaraban (1 month ago)
4 months later the D class hive mind bit still makes me smile.
Mohd Hammady (1 month ago)
The love it it's like real life
SaltyJedi (1 month ago)
Turn on Closed Captions you won't regret it
Erwin Rommel (1 month ago)
Holy shit those are great captions
MrDoctorSpoon (1 month ago)
1:58 “well it seems we’re fucked brothers”
Damien Zuniga (1 month ago)
What game is this I know it’s scp containment breach but is this gmod I want to play this some one let me know
Dakota Joyner (1 month ago)
the pure sound of snapped neck really gets to ya
General Lol (1 month ago)
*this is our house*
mufasa (1 month ago)
I just love that damn brother bit onward BROTHERS....later “ Nine tails, chaos anyone really I’d rather be shot then my necked snapped” .......I lost it
Alexandra Bongo (1 month ago)
“You maniac! You killed us! Open the door!” I’m crying so much
Sky Wolf (1 month ago)
Whats tue name if this game
Blake Herrmann (1 month ago)
If it was possible to kill radical larry why would they choose to contain him? 🤔
mazack00 (1 month ago)
I've watched this too many times and still lose it at 1:44
TheCrazedButt Stabber (1 month ago)
I was in your game :D
Momin Shah (1 month ago)
Momin Shah (1 month ago)
Cringeworthy Humans (1 month ago)
I have this amazing thing called "N" key, and a left click on speaker button... It's fucking mute you retards
ThePokemonSoldier (1 month ago)
Why is mrlawlman such a ham on the intercomm?
Christopher Wernli (26 days ago)
ThePokemonSoldier because *CHAOS*
S1lentK1d (1 month ago)
*Why hello there*
xtaufiq (1 month ago)
9:21 i'm dead hahahahahahahaha
Noah B (1 month ago)
what server is this??
Mr.Snickerdoodle (1 month ago)
The laugh the trapped guys make when Bed kills that first security guard outside the room was fuckin GOLD I was rolling for the next two minutes straight i mean there was genuine fear there and the keycard thing had me crying
GLucky (2 months ago)
My favorite anime.
M.A.DMatt6 (2 months ago)
My god you really are a monster Bed
meme god (2 months ago)
Nice killing people is fun
Elijah Keim (2 months ago)
SCP-173 (2 months ago)
You controlled me!
The Shark Cat Bros (18 days ago)
Scientist starts blinking. *HE’S FLICKERING THE LIGHTS!*
anthony Russia (2 months ago)
That ending tho
II FallOutBoii II (2 months ago)
Wierdo Gamez (2 months ago)
That intercom guy is insane
hazman232 (2 months ago)
this is too funny
PlushFoxy Videos ;D (2 months ago)
In the beginning, the player name tomato, he was in one of frisky videos
borgs chop (2 months ago)
i see mrlawnman1 all the time
Techstriker1 (2 months ago)
Is this one of the youtuber servers? Because this is hilarious.
BlueKid (2 months ago)
Are you sure the guy with the cowboy accent is not just Dr.Clef?
NEET-chan (2 months ago)
The RP is real
LONGCHAMP (2 months ago)
brothers know da wae
Rats Rat (2 months ago)
Why hello there
Bonnet Animations (2 months ago)
My favorite part of the video was the subtitles.
The KGB (2 months ago)
I heard the words "Red and October" from mrlawlman, he must be a communist sympathizer
Edward Burrell (2 months ago)
Hello there
Sigil 98 (2 months ago)
*why hello there*
Brennan Vilcheck (18 days ago)
Sigil 98 General Kenobi
Mr Pace (2 months ago)
I fucking adore this channel and I only found it today.
MrPopo SmackAhoe (2 months ago)
Music playing at the end please?
The Great Chimera (2 months ago)
“We’re not getting rescued”
Mushi 'n Goat (2 months ago)
At 11:35 that was bloody hilarious 🤣
Hayden The werewolf (2 months ago)
I like your vids your vids are awesome
Daniel ThePeacock (2 months ago)
*B r O t H e R s*
II FallOutBoii II (2 months ago)
3:54 top ten anime deaths
II FallOutBoii II (2 months ago)
I have never in my life laughed harder at a YouTube video
Alex Ho (2 months ago)
Odd, I thought i remember this video having way more views.
Doc. Atbash (2 months ago)
Long hallways here
o IVIemes o (2 months ago)
XDDDDDD get down on it at 5:40
Shane Story (2 months ago)
6:14 I was waaaaaaay too happy when I saw this.
Bio Knight (2 months ago)
3:50 the death of a great man
sam kilbourn (2 months ago)
One of my most favorite videos on YT
Kleiton (2 months ago)
LonerAtWar 47 (2 months ago)
Best subtitles ever

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