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God of War Top 5 Epic Moments - Brothers in Arms (#4)

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To celebrate the new God of War: Saga, we asked God of War Facebook fans to determine the Top 5 God of War Epic Moments of All-Time in the history of the storied franchise. Whether the fan rankings surprise you or not, let the debate rage! #4 is a powerful tag-team unlike none you have seen before... Get the God of War: Saga right now: http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/games/god-of-war-saga/104052 Visit our blog at http://blog.godofwar.com LIKE us on Facebok at http://www.facebook.com/godofwar Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/SonySantaMonica Rated Mature: Blood and gore, intense violence, nudity, strong language, and strong sexual content. ©2012 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. God of War: Ascension is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.
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Text Comments (466)
l2method (3 months ago)
El Chapo Guzmán (8 months ago)
That part when he turned to see his brother dying and heat up the Athena's Blade . MAD TIME
XR GAMER (8 months ago)
XR GAMER (8 months ago)
XR GAMER (8 months ago)
The god of wea
la tazita que habla :v (8 months ago)
yo tengo ps4 no ps3 =(
Ia my favorite battle
Joel Llerena (1 year ago)
amo esos juegos😍
incestimiento (2 years ago)
kratos y el poder de unos porotos buen ricos
ahmad ramadhan (2 years ago)
"I WILL NOT LOSE YOU AGAIN, DEIMOS" Biggest Lie from Kratos
Ga-Me ‘n' droid (5 months ago)
miko galang (1 year ago)
ahmad ramadhan not his fault tho
Antonio Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Siempre se me hizo muy tonto que en la fase final de thanatos el golpeo y estrello contra la pared como 4 o 5 veces de forma tan brutal a Kratos y a Deimos sólo una ves y se muere •___•
000mjd (2 years ago)
Todavía no lo era al final recibe los poderes de un Dios por Atena
Cypress Hill (2 years ago)
Deimos era un simple Mortal y Kratos era un Dios en ese momento por eso Kratos resistio mas los aplastones que Deimoa estupido retrasado de mierda.
Rodri Martos (2 years ago)
En ese juego Kratos es un dios pero Deimos no, por eso Kratos no muere
GiantAce (2 years ago)
Pregunta Kratos ya no puede morir por que mato a tanatos que era el dios de la muerte va ?
apo ivanxD (1 year ago)
en gow chains of olimpus cuando kratos mata a la esposa de hades ella le dice que nunca encotrara descanso y que su dolor nunca tendra fin y esa es la maldicion de kratos NUNCA PODRA MORIR!
Hank cop (2 years ago)
bother not in god of war 2,3,4
Dexter54 (2 years ago)
+Zander Jacobs because Kratos got a tattoo after his brother's red birthmark which changed over time to be fire.
Zander Jacobs (2 years ago)
why does kratos have no red mark around his face and body as a kid? cause deimos has a red one then orange?
Dexter54 (2 years ago)
It takes place after god of war 1 and before 2
Jaifar_datboi (2 years ago)
I just did this today for the PlayStation plus
Tyshawn Clay (2 years ago)
loved this
Tyshawn Clay (2 years ago)
alright cool I'll add u and we'll spar then.
LordSesshomaru85 (2 years ago)
well it's not just a reference I truly do play with one hand. my ID is the same as my YouTube channel LordSesshomaru85
Tyshawn Clay (2 years ago)
What's your name
Tyshawn Clay (2 years ago)
lol good one 1 hand Inuyasha reference.
LordSesshomaru85 (2 years ago)
but I'm curious to test your abilities if you don't mind, hit me with a friend request and we'll spar
mihavo BMS (2 years ago)
god of war 4 comin son
//Orange Sky// (6 months ago)
Alex Dominguez 8 year wait?
Alex Dominguez (6 months ago)
1 more week and the 8 year wait will be over
//Orange Sky// (6 months ago)
Harman Singh (9 months ago)
thierry kratos
محد السلام (3 years ago)
Lance Bravo (3 years ago)
Is dat Leonidas from 300 Sparta
Nicholas The Gamer (3 years ago)
It looks like him but no
Benjamin568 (4 years ago)
1:46 Who needs the fourth wall anyway?
Miklo San Roman (2 years ago)
I think he mean't Zeus using him
Karl Nikolai (4 years ago)
How sad.:'(
I love how kratos is smashed 2 tiles against the rock... Doesnt have scratches. Deimos gets hit 1 time against the rock dies. Kratos went kaioken x1000000
Horacio, Kratos became a god when he killed ares so he is immortal, deimos is not a god so he is still mortal and i hate the fact if u get the Deimos skin gor kratos his lava scars things dont glow :(
Luke Gold (4 years ago)
+mangaka350 well,are they the 2 brothers son's of zeus??
mangaka350 (4 years ago)
Hey, Deimos is a human it makes sense~ :3
Alex pineda (4 years ago)
chido me facino XD
Matsukaze Tenma (4 years ago)
Duke (4 years ago)
Ahhh... PSP memories. I fucking loved this game!
dude4115 (4 years ago)
I don't get the part at 2:40 Kratos has been constantly hit against the rocks and hardly has any scratches but when Deimos got hit against the rocks 2 times he dies
Arvind srivatsav (8 months ago)
Deimos is just an half brother, kratos is son of zeus and he is a demigod and also since killing ares he is the god of war
Dave Mikel Gosalvez (9 months ago)
dude4115 because Deimos is not a god he is just a human
Luke Gold (1 year ago)
Maybe he wasn't so powerfull as kratos so for say he doesn't have too much battle endurance lets rembember that he was punish since he was a little boy
Armando Rollo (1 year ago)
BUT, Deimos is still a demigod by birth, in the same ranks as someone like Hercules, Perseus or Tesseus so that blow shouldn't have killed him, maybe a direct attack from Thanatos or a new ability or spell, but not this.
jackiestunt (4 years ago)
Bryan Christian Abrigo (4 years ago)
Why does the arms of sparta are a little more red? On my PSP it doesn't look a quite red
jim pyro (5 years ago)
!:41, you are nothing but a porn in the game?.. Dafaq?
Maybeoneday (5 years ago)
He was thinking more about the revenge of Zeus then the return of his family back.
le trolledeksdeeksde (5 years ago)
i think there'll be no kratos and he'll not kill cruel gods like zeus and ares and yeah it's kratos fate
AnimelovingGabby (5 years ago)
Kratos: Angry scowl from birth 0_0
Ivan Seoane (5 years ago)
La venganza,lo cego
Jan Rohla (5 years ago)
because blades of olympus i guess....and if he returned when he was killing his family...he was still uder gods control....(sorry for my english :D )
kamb0_510 (5 years ago)
What if Kratos did when back to that time and stopped himself (by stopping meaning killing)but if he kill that Kratos that killed his family doesn't that mean he wouldn't exist right after he killed his old self?
mostafa desokey (5 years ago)
Is this what happen when kratos go crazy Omg
Arnold Schwarzenegger (5 years ago)
" You are nothing but a pawn in a game you don't even know is being played. " Damn he knows me !
Alberto Perusquia (3 months ago)
Antonamus (1 year ago)
chavaz06 (5 years ago)
because if he do it then he would never be traveling through time...
Jaler200 (5 years ago)
Ares tricked Kratos into killing his family...if he did that he would have to kill himself
BluBear (5 years ago)
Then you obviously haven't since this was the conclusion of the 2nd psp GOW game and I have played every single one but I did not beat 1 and 2 since they were not mine but I played through maybe a 3rd of them but I beat the rest
TrU8DaT (5 years ago)
What GOW is this.. I played every Single one and n don't remember this part.
WaqueKoala 2.0 (3 months ago)
And it is worth it for your PSP emulator
john bigtas (5 months ago)
Pablo Slawyer Or Psp And PS3 With Remastered
Pablo Slawyer (5 months ago)
One of the best God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta, a good reason to own a Ps Vita
El Chapo Guzmán (8 months ago)
TrU8DaT Ghost of Sparta , The last Battle With Thanethos .
Joe Nofoa (5 years ago)
That's fucked up! Kratos takes being smashed constantly then once his brother gets smashed he dies...........
no eran espartanos eran atenienses
Jonatz (5 years ago)
Are you sure? Because it's in GOW: Ghost of Sparta
Burak Uçan (5 years ago)
where is this part ? i play every gow but i dont remember this part
chris redfild (5 years ago)
kratos has a brother !!!
Beastgamer07 (1 year ago)
Hercules and Deimos!
Animeality (5 years ago)
Zeus killed Kratos' army of Spartans. Bros' before hos' dude.
joel acuna (5 years ago)
sisen9 (5 years ago)
wat -_-
MrHolloway44 (5 years ago)
@wreedgo true that dude also! man i think you would enjoy this game have a look --> bit.ly/12uqUyZ?=esejb
qwe rty (5 years ago)
lol, he's too smart
Rute Vital (5 years ago)
thainã martins (5 years ago)
eu tenho 20 anos e não posso ve o vidio
Elisabete Mendes (5 years ago)
thanatos fuck man
54321blader (5 years ago)
that would have actually been kaoken(or whatever the spelling) the coloring was red not yellow, he also didn't magically grow 5 feet of hair
RobotZombieDinosaur (5 years ago)
My middle name is Deimos...
LethalWiener (5 years ago)
Gilang Rizky Gonjou (5 years ago)
Girom Christian Calica (5 years ago)
1:38 4th wall broken.
Nathaniel Kiger (5 years ago)
3:06 Super sayan Kratos!!!
Dagger - الخنجر (5 years ago)
The guy who's with Kratos looks like Leonidas , and he is also a Spartan , what a Coincidence !
Jampolo (5 years ago)
Was Thanatos breaking the 4th wall there?
Flint Floras (5 years ago)
PSP! Duh
Ibrahim Murtazov (5 years ago)
maybe he has that from his uncle hades
Correction *PSP* graphics.
KillerFox9000 (5 years ago)
err... maybe because THIS WAS PS2? DIPSHIT!?
YungTrapLord (5 years ago)
Ps2 graphics much
Itachi uchiha (5 years ago)
maybe because of Deimos how he beat the shit of Kratos and maybe Kratos was week idk
Jmg Borilla (5 years ago)
Ya he was beaten up like brutally.Kratos was bleeding so bad he can't get up so fast.
Jmg Borilla (5 years ago)
Why does Kratos change faces every new GOW game?
MightyGalactus (5 years ago)
Kratos looks so weird in this game
tita pucheti (5 years ago)
200damary (5 years ago)
Dejuanique Taylor (5 years ago)
oh shanp... played all the other god of war games but not this one o.o
Van Science (5 years ago)
Riping out eyes if a family tradition
Son Goku (5 years ago)
He was weak after getting beat up by Deimos earlier
pieterjan29 (5 years ago)
But what would happen if kratos was powerless in the events of chains of olympus.
Gabriel Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Adoro god of war meu jogo preferido muito foda
Tookieslam (5 years ago)
before this scene in the game Kratos got absolutely destroyed by Deimos so that's why he's struggling
X3MCTZN (5 years ago)
You know dude I was thinking about the same, and you have already pointed it out !! Maybe to make a more dramatic scene ???
MrGamedude1231 (5 years ago)
Damn Kratos and Deimos are both demi gods, so how is it possible that Deimos is killed so easily?
This is funny. Kratos more powerful than Hercules and cant get up this guy on 0:34
archaeropteryx (5 years ago)
Damn... That's fucking true!
LukeSparow (5 years ago)
"Deimos!" said Kratos a million times.
bookiehillbilly (5 years ago)
Shut up eric.
Eric Yang (5 years ago)
You know what I don't understand? How Kratos killed the Sisters of Fate just to go back in time to where Zeus killed him. Why not go back in time before he killed his wife?
Emperor William (5 years ago)
well he did just get the crap beaten out of him...
ChipBoxingVids (5 years ago)
@harryosbournez just stop
Harits Andhika Nugroho (5 years ago)
hahaha, it's kinda like biology names, which came from bios, means live or living beings, and logy or logos, means knowledge, so yeah, its the old time naming, when you combine 2 words, polish them and you got new name
eliguy2 (5 years ago)
but theres a K in kratos?
eliguy2 (5 years ago)
except for Deimos, he was stoppable
eliguy2 (5 years ago)
ascension, chains of olympus, GOW, ghost of sparta, GOW 2, GOW 3
Harits Andhika Nugroho (5 years ago)
hahahaha, not fully combined like that, polish it a bit and you got DEMOCRACY
Darkstar263 (5 years ago)
I really enjoyed the Thanatos fight. One of my favourite bosses in the series.
Xnicobox (5 years ago)
hellsbellsdog (5 years ago)
EruditeTheory (5 years ago)
My mistake, he succeeded a Kaio-ken X3! I feel bad for the Demon.
harryosbournez (5 years ago)
when kratos gets that angry and turns red and screams the fuck outta you follow these 2 simple steps ( 4 into one ) 1: shit bricks 2: F.E.A.R Fuck Everything And Run
Cruz Bazan (5 years ago)
when Kratos is mad you better back the fuck away no joke.
Matthew Conger (5 years ago)
theres also rumors of a god of war 4 , in the third on at the very end you notice his body is gone and theres a blood soaked phoenix....phoenix rise from the ashes that sort of thing..just was waiting for the ps4 to make the game
原田明彦 (8 months ago)
Matthew Conger Maybe got that right !! And now the new GOW is coming-out in PS4 !!

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