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How Does Sony Manage To Get So Many Exclusives?

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Sony and PlayStation are known for exclusive games, but how exactly does that happen? How do they build a portfolio? Let's dive in. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (4455)
Ivan Salas (19 hours ago)
With my PS4 and Switch I'm set for life
Justified Gamer (1 day ago)
God of War Horizon Zero Dawn Uncharted 4 Bloodbourne The Last of Us Spiderman The Last Guardian
Jacob Lesperance (1 day ago)
So many but hurt xbox lovers
KTM690EnduroR #1 (2 days ago)
it's not going to be worth getting the Scarlett and as far as the Xbox two I think it's best to wait for 2 or 3 years after release so you can get in there when they finally start with decent exclusives. I have to imagine that they will have at least one original exclusive that is gonna be good. As far as right now,the only game I want to play is gears of war. I played all the ones on 360. I want to play this gens...but I do prefer Sony by a ling shot.
Anonymous (2 days ago)
I miss killzone. Sony needs to work on their exclusive FPS titles. They are not great.
Batyr Batyrov (4 days ago)
Is it offensive if I preferred Falcons voice over Jakes (Jake is good but Falcon has this consistent tone when he talks)?
Hammad Wasti (5 days ago)
-They dont push their developers to release an unfinished game every year. They give them the time and space and takes risk!
Thitiya Channel (7 days ago)
ps4 and pc all day long ;)
Xbox is green Playstation is blue Xbox has no games😭 But playstation sure do!👍
Cosmos Gaming (11 days ago)
Why are most of them single player
Michael Levine (12 days ago)
Juanathan Fabio (15 days ago)
Most cancerous comment section i have ever seen
scotblue (16 days ago)
Falcon sounds off here...
Akila Khirat (16 days ago)
How can you call yourself a gamer without playing GOW :/ its against nature
Filip Stajic (17 days ago)
Fuk youu sonyyyyy
Samantha Phillips (19 days ago)
Sony dark secret they murder kids
orignal_En3rgetics 1 (19 days ago)
My brother had the ps1 ps2 and ps3 and with all of them he bought the god of war serues so i said FUCK xbox lemme get my ps4 god of war edition
Andrew Erni (20 days ago)
Xbox:We Cool? Sony:No.
Chris M (20 days ago)
have a lot of obscure japanese games that no one cares about and I am not talking about it's big exclusives. titles you probably never knew existed.
Mc Knight (21 days ago)
Sony always have amazing exclusive since PS1 granted some are hit and misses.
Ethan Johnson (22 days ago)
The only reason I'd want Ps4 slim is exclusives
Allan Argosino (23 days ago)
Coz xbox is a copycat
Rick Sanchez (24 days ago)
It’s a very simple business model that started right at the very beginning. While MS focused on Kinnect first, TV, live services, sports... Sony just focused on the games. It’s always been about games and MS has gone further and further away from that since the beginning of this generation at least. A gaming console is for games. Everything else should be additional, not the forefront. Don’t believe me? That’s the EXACT reason PS4 has outsold XB 2:1 GAMES, GAMES, GAMES.
Teh GM (24 days ago)
If you already have a good PC, PS4 is a way better deal than Xbone. Microsoft puts their 'exclusives' for Windows PCs, while Sony doesn't. Not that I am unhappy that MS does it, I actually prefer it this way, but PC+PS4 gives me way better titles coverage than PC+Xbox.
Jay Mystery (28 days ago)
I love my XBO. Game Pass crushes PS Now, EA can be shit but the access is a good deal, and better online, and yeah Backwards Compatibility is cool.
Ivan Iñiguez (28 days ago)
Xbox with the most powerful console but no talent nor games. Ps4 with a much weaker console and talent just made the Xbox one x look like shit. Its like kratos say "be better" what's with having so much power but no games nor talent. Its much better to have a decent console but with more talent and better looking games with less power.
Jimmy Agera (29 days ago)
I think Microsft is not trying hard because it owns both PC and Xbox and basically dominates Gaming market anyway.
Arun Livingston (24 days ago)
MS does not dominate the PC Gaming market. They dont get a single penny on the games that are sold through Steam, Origin etc. Windows Store with its very limited game library is a piece of crap and it dont even work well most of the time. Xbox brand is almost non-existent outside of North America & UK. How are they dominating exactly?
Gemini (30 days ago)
About Dreams....It’s going to be the best game ever
akvalues (1 month ago)
Gesu Loks' (1 month ago)
Because some don't play, they really out here in the field.
ryan y (1 month ago)
Because they're a lot more willing to lose a lot more money, apparently.
libatako (1 month ago)
It just feels like Microsoft slowly going towards giving up this console cycle...unlike Sony with the ps3 where they clawed their way back from the bottom and finished the ps3 era strongly
First Last (1 month ago)
Sony don't care with frame rates or resolution,but they focuses with a games 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍😂
coolprominer (1 month ago)
Thumbnail is fucking amazing
D3ATHPH03N1X 1st (1 month ago)
Why cause Sony want people to play their systems. That why Microsoft have pc and xbox
Whisky Doctor (1 month ago)
Sony Playstation, best of the best, there are good games besides Playstation, but in the end, and the ONLY truth, Playstation, best of the best. No argue is valid agaisnt that.
forbidden pollo (1 month ago)
Pc is better
silphaatrata (1 month ago)
Problem is, almost all games for Xbox is on PC as well. Which means if you own a PC and a PS4 you are covered regarding almost all games.
braz D Blood (1 month ago)
i only have a xbox for KI classic arcade gears of war and pubg. all my other games i rather buy them on my ps4 even the third party games
1:05 which game is that
+Wtf did I just watch thanks
Wtf did I just watch (1 month ago)
NieR: Automata
AnthonyOMEGA (1 month ago)
Remember when Xbox owners 3 years ago kept telling us "PS4 got no games though LOL"... Should we feel sorry for them now🤔 or nah
ghazi hussain (1 month ago)
U all are missing metal gear solid . Biggest exclusive. Since that game i have alway been with sony
Nathan (1 month ago)
where the xbox fanboys at....🤷‍♂️
B ß (1 month ago)
Is it just me that thinks Horizon zero dawn is better than God of war?
Dylan Voichahoske (1 month ago)
Amexicanboy Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Just got a ps4 what exclusives should I get I already have god of war and spider man
Arun Livingston (1 month ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted series and of course, Last Of Us.
Dante Solaris (1 month ago)
They make their exclusives.
Ryu E (1 month ago)
I sold my xbox and got a ps4 in 2016 and never looked back since . I thought ryse on xbox was good tho its a shame it didn't get a sequel it could have been a good god of war contender but we all know how well Microsoft loves to abandon their products
DH (1 month ago)
triggered peasant because your 800 dollar computer will never get good games, all you got is indie garbage and Asian dominated games.
TROPICANA157 YT (1 month ago)
*laughs in playstation*
red herring (1 month ago)
Geez get to the fuckin point.
Jeanine Mitchell (1 month ago)
Xbox used to have a.bunch of exclusives back in the 360 days
Shea Doherty (1 month ago)
Microsoft spent too much money making the better console, and not enough on exclusives
Grim Reaper (1 month ago)
I don't recon Microsoft has to worry to much about the xbox not failing as they own one of the only pc operating systems (to my knowledge) soooo
thefakebenji (1 month ago)
Knack is still the best exclusive for the PS4. No question.
The Pr3sT¡Ge (1 month ago)
You HAVE to fucking love those games...
Chris Summers (1 month ago)
Nier: Automata is no longer an exclusive. It, and many other games including Crash Bandicoot Nsane trilogy are available on Xbox and PC
Wtf did I just watch (1 month ago)
Yeah because PC and Xbox is so shit, they gotta steal our games Boohoo.
JunDageki (1 month ago)
Both Nintendo and Playstation has a bunch of exclusives to their consoles, it's only Microsoft who's getting fucked in that sense.
George Rabus (1 month ago)
harri dare devil (1 month ago)
am a sony playstation fan and my big reason is God of war
They have this thing called pornhub
SuqMadiq &ļiqìt (1 month ago)
Hi i am not bothered to watch it all. Can u just make it short and tell me why do they have a lot of exclusive games
Matthew Lugo (1 month ago)
Because sony actually likes to make games unlike Microsoft
Alessandro Bozzi (1 month ago)
By paying.
Divine Benis (1 month ago)
Thumbnail is godlike. 👌👌
FRISHR (1 month ago)
The answer is: money
blackstarGOaT (1 month ago)
FRISHR But I thought Sony was goin bankrupt? I always hear Sony is dying and Microsoft makes big cash...
Slabs 13 (1 month ago)
I have both so...
Bryan Castaneda (1 month ago)
There's absolutely no Xbox exclusives that even tempt me to play them. Pretty sad tbh
AsfiqIsKioshi (1 month ago)
PlayStation is like that awesome uncle that always give you amazing stuff for Christmas while Xbox is more of the auntie that always give you same stuff each year.
artes (1 month ago)
Every damn video on this channel. "HI FOLKS, ITS FALCON"
KYRAN DM (1 month ago)
I am really regretting on getting an xbox one why didn't i get a ps4
Hollowed RiceCakes (1 month ago)
Because Sony has money, and studios, duh?
Youko Gaming (1 month ago)
Blue&Green (1 month ago)
I’d love a reason to buy an Xbox but there just isn’t one! Ps4 keeps releasing killer exclusives and loving the switch.
derpalerpalerp (1 month ago)
I hate exclusivity even I I'm on ps4...
Allan M. Hanson (1 month ago)
The question should be: “How Microsoft manage to have no exclusives?” Sony has great exclusives, Nintendo has it’s collection of legendary exclusives, Microsoft... is Microsoft 😂😂😂😂
JED D (1 month ago)
The ad that was in this video for me it was literally exclusive content for PS4 lol
Gravity (1 month ago)
I'm at the breaking point with Xbox I tried changing the email from my moms to mine and it deleted my moms email and she has to wait 2 months to get it back. Good thing I'm getting a Ps4 tmr I cant deal with xbox crap anymore
Hakuna Mutata (1 month ago)
Forza horizon 4 dude best racing games
Pew Pew (1 month ago)
I have both PC and PS4 so I dont have any problem playinh with both exclusives. I didnt bother to buy xbox one, their exclusives can be played on PC anyway. Lol
ReaperhunterB (1 month ago)
True gamers buy every console so they're set for every exclusive. That's what I did👍
iCHiLLiN (1 month ago)
*_Xbox = Console PC_*
Yacheng Moua (1 month ago)
PC gaming gives me a reason not to own an xbox, since most if not all of their current first party games are also available on pc's now also
Ostentatious ASMR (1 month ago)
asilem (1 month ago)
Sony has been putting in the work for their exclusive lineup for years. It's not something that just happens. That's why even with MS buying studios it's not going to instantly be on par with Sony or Nintendo. It's gonna take years of work for them to have a Last of US or a GOW or a Zelda. And even if or when they get there, the games will be on PC so there's no real reason to own an xbox.
19Biohazard88 (1 month ago)
ASMR perfection
Compton 187 (1 month ago)
smh single player games 😂
blackstarGOaT (1 month ago)
+Compton 187 God of War,Spider-Man, Zelda BOTW, etc are still fun to this day. Fortnite will be dead in a year like PUBG is now...
Compton 187 (1 month ago)
+blackstarGOaT no way you have the same fun playing by yourself
blackstarGOaT (1 month ago)
Compton 187 Single player>>>>>>>> multiplayer games with loot boxes and micro transactions
Red Phoenix2 (1 month ago)
Persona 5 should stay on ps4 and never leave
blackstarGOaT (1 month ago)
+Wtf did I just watch Its probably gonna come. The switch is selling really well in Japan Atlus is probably gonna bring it over.
Wtf did I just watch (1 month ago)
+blackstarGOaT It won't be on switch..
Red Phoenix2 (1 month ago)
blackstarGOaT if it would come to xbox I’d just rage
blackstarGOaT (1 month ago)
Red Phoenix2 It’s probably coming to the Switch soon
littlesoundman (1 month ago)
Don't forget. Sony is a japanese company. And japanese developers stick to japanese hardware.
Mutation80 (1 month ago)
Cuz sony is not EA like MS is. Take care of studio's not milk them and throw away
Mike Plus (1 month ago)
I am just sad and a bit frustrated that some of the best singleplayer games are console exclusives, when I could play them on an PC with better graphics and higher fps. I mean once I learned to enjoy a 240Hz refresh rate with G-sync and over 100fps with awesome Graphics, Console 30fps just looks like a crappy slideshow to me. Just can't enjoy it anymore lol
Wtf did I just watch (1 month ago)
PC players are so absorbed in video games that they are virgins.
Augustine Vega (1 month ago)
One little mention of Nintendo, ok then. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
jargon 2130 (1 month ago)
talks about sony exclusives doesnt mention gran turismo
firestonegraywolf (1 month ago)
That shitty bill cosby voice lol
Wtf did I just watch (1 month ago)
Deeper than your chipmunk voice.
Oreo (1 month ago)
2 Gamers kissing (1 month ago)
Man if we could play ps3 games that would be so badass
Ixpqd (1 month ago)
Microsoft, if you can see this, most people don’t pay attention to how powerful a console is. They look at the games they can play. While the Xbox is far better, the PS4 has more games, so people go to it.
hope U (1 month ago)
Xbox is better🙃
Decima (1 month ago)
Jeris D (1 month ago)
My Xbox is sitting next to my PS4 right now with a sour look on its face. Last of us, herizon zero, God of war, I couldn’t name the rest but yeah you get the idea.
PeterZeeke (1 month ago)
PS4 is better than Xbox 1
FinalSolo (1 month ago)
Can't believe my friends have the SHITBox 1 instead of the Ps4. Should I even be friends with them?
FinalSolo (1 month ago)
+Ixpqd I'm guessing you're a Xbox user
Ixpqd (1 month ago)
FinalSolo No, because they don’t want to associate with a gaystation player.

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