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Top 10 Sith Lords (Results) - Star Wars Top Tens

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The top 10 Sith Lords ranked by 11,000 people based on their popularity. Full Results List: https://www.poll-maker.com/results982266xa4C14279-41#tab-2 Subscribe for more Star Wars lore videos, versus, and lists! Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactFreeVideos All music used in this video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMfHSkuXUZ1Zsd1UIOslQ3gaIKKQVjWOC Creator of the Intro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCemUTJH6ByMSSp_PB3w178w Some Music by Machinimasound: Website - https://machinimasound.com Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 Unported License
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Text Comments (6177)
The Lore Master (1 year ago)
Sorry guys for taking so long, as you can tell by the video's length, this one took longer than expected. I wanted to make sure I fully fleshed out the lesser known Sith as much as possible to people who aren't too familiar with them, as a way inform them why people would vote for them.
Anonymous Li (7 days ago)
This list is flawed. Revan never truly fell and he only adopted the mantle of Sith Lord Revan to strike fear in the hearts of his Mandalorian foes. When he donned the ask he did so knowing that the Jedi Code had limitations. If anything he was a grey Jedi as signified by his purple lightsaber. A blending of the light and the dark. He ruled justly and was not malevolent in any way. He only struck down people that directly stood in the way of his cause and in almost every other instance he was able to convince people to join his side because he was fighting for true peace. Revan is at the top of this list because he is one of the most interesting characters ever made. I wish they made a good prequel to Kotor. It's pretty much Titanic the game because we know how it ends and we know it's going to be bad for me AKA Revan but at the same time we get to see everything leading up to it. I guess the dark side would be the Canon way to play the game and they should really gear it that way but they should also give you plenty of times to show Mercy because as you know Revan is not a heartless monster
The Sidsters (28 days ago)
It’s great thank you
2chi Keith (1 month ago)
You should of taken much longer. This list is total bullshit!
XxPIExX 09 (2 months ago)
That’s alright
Paerigos (3 months ago)
I miss Darth Marr from The Old Republic... It´s quite funny really when I think of it... Revan and Marr´s story are like mirrors to each other. Revan striding to do good and messing up for his own perceptions of good. Marr just embracing death and fighting on for way of life and for the Empire. In the end dying completly selfless death in service of galaxy.
Cerjomaks (1 hour ago)
If only that republic officer didn’t attack him over a game bane would have been with the jedi
Halen Davis (2 hours ago)
wish more of this was in the movies
krzuh (4 hours ago)
I think that fast food order was from gta San Andreas 😂
jinyang zheng (7 hours ago)
My favourite sith is Darth Nihilus
arden bro 40 2018 (11 hours ago)
Darth vader becaws hi is asome and cool,and because hi is my favorite person.I think this video was coooooool
LUNAR BLOODDROP (16 hours ago)
gonna call this lame as fuck because GG isn't in there gg is always number 1 other sith gotta use the force but gg doesn't care, he'd kill ya
LUNAR BLOODDROP (16 hours ago)
dark vader can actually use force light but his force lighting was the strongest ever seen so powerful infact that it was not even the stronhgest sith ever could match it :T
LUNAR BLOODDROP (16 hours ago)
forgot she was blind because of his force drain
Lewis Cooper (20 hours ago)
Well it's a shared universe sooo StarKiller is the most powerful. Dude just casts all forms of force power while jumping, moving, and constantly, can move huge parts of a massive spaceship with ease.
Green Mann (1 day ago)
No Malgus? No likey
YharimGD (1 day ago)
Wheres Jar Jar Binks?
Shaleen Dalal (1 day ago)
Why do Siths kill their master? Like isn't this a trend?
Zach Cramond (1 day ago)
Was star killer not sith?
emperor palpatine (1 day ago)
Who else could be 1st
emperor palpatine (1 day ago)
Not me sadly
Luke McNamara (2 days ago)
I kinda think Revan only won because he’s the character you play as in one of the best games ever made. And I agree
Luke McNamara (2 days ago)
Btw did most people go on the dark or light side as him? I did light
Sabastian Maloy (2 days ago)
If they made a movie with vin deasel as darth bane based off the books that would be the most popular star wars movie. That story is amazing. And Disney is slacking. They deffinately need to dig deeper into the sith on the movies
Noah Piccini (2 days ago)
4:33 Looks like Bruce Willis.
Joe Gossett (2 days ago)
My top 3 are: 3. Naga Sadow 2. Darth Maul 1. Darth Vader
Andrew White (2 days ago)
This list is messed up.
Lt. Chicken (2 days ago)
Its lord tiranus not darth
The Lore Master (2 days ago)
Either was a proper title, same with Lord Vader and Darth Vader
Spasoje Kulasevic (2 days ago)
I know a guy who says that vitiate, Palpatine, and about 7 other people are his children. He told me a story of his first killing. It was at a public swimming pool. He convinced the other male to swim through the blades that suck in the water for the filters. The kid did not make it through. The convincer was also a kid at the time, same age both of them. The guy said that the other guy was saying Christian heresy, and that is the reason why he convinced him to go through the blades. This happened in 1998, somewhere in United States.
Noah Gibson (2 days ago)
darth maul
CyberTiger 45 (2 days ago)
The Star Wars Lore is so deep and complicated it’s not just Good and Evil , it’s Destiny and Defiance Long ago their was a Sith named Lord Plaigus, he had the power to make those around him invulnerable to death, he could defy Destiny by bringing those he lived back to life, he took in an Apprentice named Sheev Palpatine and taught him the ways of the Sith, although Sheev has other plans than just following Sith orders and in his Maters drunken sleep Sheev killed him, it’s funny that Lord Plaigus could protect those around him but not himself Sheev went on to join the Senate, to gain power and glory while continuing his Sith duties under a secret identity, playing both sides of the War, meanwhile the Jedi Council would fight back with everything sending Qui-Gon Jin and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi to handle the threat of Darth Maul a dangerous Sith double sided Lightsaber, the threat was neutralized but not without the death of Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan Kenobi would go on to teach the young Anakin Skywalker the chosen one, and they would go on to fight many battle in the war, eventually Obi-Wan would find secrets left by a fallen Jedi who cloned a skilled Bounty Hunter named Jango Fett, these clones would be trained a bred into warriors to fight wars for the Jedi, with an army of Clones following the orders of one Jedi and one Commander, like the 501st Legion, And Wolf Pack, these clones would grow special connections with their Jedi Masters with a bond so strong that the Clones were given names and attributes that made them feel more like actual people, this Era would be the CLONE WARS unfortunately the Clones were just another part of Emperor Palestine’s giant scheme and they were given inhibitor chips that would force them to obey orders from the Sith if they were told so, and so Palpatine put his plan into motion, the young Anakin Skywalker would fall slowly into the darkside as he didn’t value all the Jedis orders and killed evil doers and secretly went against the rule of no connections to anyone, even marrying Padme Amadala, he would go on to see visions of her death, giving birth to his children, desperate and Palpatine knowing, he told Anakin of the story of Darth Plaguis and how Anakin could save Padme but only if he joined the Dark Side, while doing this Palpatine set Order 66 into motion and so all Clones were told to kill their Jedi Masters, some like Rex took their chips out and so they didn’t turn on their Jedi friends but others unfortunately did, Anakin while still not fully sure on what to do he tells Mace Windu about Sheev Palpatine And so Windu and other Jedis who were not at the moment bear any Clones staged an attack on Palpatine, Palpatine killed almost all the Jedi in the attack but Mace Windu outwitted and Overpowered Palpatine And had him in the corner but when ready to strike Anakin cut Mace Windus hand off and Palpatine used his Force Lightning Go deliver the finale blow and send him flying out the window, and thus the Darkside won, Anakin going to finally end everything and kill his former master meets Padme again and she pleads he doesn’t do this but Anakin doesn’t care and duels with Obi-Wan his former friend and master and in the end Obi-Wan has the high ground and defeated Anakin, he was the chosen one but he has other plans for his power...
Kevin Crocilla (2 days ago)
Can someone tell me how in the world people keep putting others above vitiate/valkorian? he could do things no other sith lord (except maybe nihalous sp?) could dream of. he would embarrass and laugh at palpatine. it drives me insane when they put palpatine above him
The Lore Master (2 days ago)
This poll is only based on votes that people voted for their favorite sith lord, not who is the most powerful.
Adam Reasor (3 days ago)
Actually, the Revan lore is slightly incorrect, what really happened was, he was captured after he found out how he became a sith, so he tried to kill the Emperor again, but eventually found by the Exile Meetra Surik who went out to the unknown regions of space to find him, once she found him, they teamed up with a Sith named Lord Scourge, who at the time was the Emperor's Wrath, Lord Scourge had a force vision that a Jedi would kill the Emperor, but it wouldn't be Revan or Meetra, so he killed Meetra and captured Revan, who was sent into stasis for 300 years. 300 years later he was found by a Republic forces and released, but unfortunately was killed by an Imperial strike force, which is what caused his light and dark side to split.
CalmDownSeriously DKD (4 days ago)
Aleš Sedláček (5 days ago)
Darth revan is god
Frank Parker (5 days ago)
Vader, Bane, Tyranus, and Sidious. That is all.
Gregg Acuff (5 days ago)
darth maul is the biggest badass ever
Diego Groselha (5 days ago)
In the brazilian translation "Count Dooku" was named "Count Dookan" because "Dooku" means "from the ass" in portuguese :V
sixth letter (5 days ago)
What fucking tatoos does Maul have?! Its his fucking Skin ffs
The Lore Master (2 days ago)
The black ones over his red skin, which were given to him by Palpatine when he was younger.
Aaron Cherry (5 days ago)
Bane should have been higher.
FireHawk Gaming (6 days ago)
Thomas Muller (6 days ago)
Darth Vader is quite possibly the most famous character in any film ever. Superman is up there as well
Jimmy McJimFace (6 days ago)
Awesome thumbnail. Lame ass content. Go fuck fuck your own ass. Bitch
BigBadBacon (7 days ago)
No Darth Caedus?
Where is Jar Jar?
Anonymous Li (7 days ago)
It's bullshit the way they made Revan a victim of Mind Control. What a lazy way to try to explain his motivations.... My motivations. The Republic was fractured and weak and corrupted at its core. I intended to rebuild it and unify it whatever the costs. No price is too great to achieve victory.
dobattlers (7 days ago)
Hahaha almost every sith backstabs and betrays their master lolol
Joshua Belmont Reese (8 days ago)
Kinda dissapointed that darth sion didn´t make it to the list
Lord Tucor (8 days ago)
Personally, my favorite is Naga Sadow.
Tom Galvin (8 days ago)
I vote sidios
saul javier (11 days ago)
Amazing video . Extremely well narrated and explained. I was glued to the screen for the duration of the whole video and for not one second less. Sith characters are infinitely more interesting than Jedi and all the other races/classes put together. And what an awesome video to prove it. Thank you.
The Lore Master (11 days ago)
So happy to hear you enjoyed it :)
VulKus (11 days ago)
People talking about Sith being unfairly ranked according to power, skill etc. This is only a poll, that means it's only down to personal preference, with the most popular winning out. Well, apart from Revan. He just used the force to outmanoeuvre of the system :P
Colin Cain (11 days ago)
Good stuff I agree
Aj Leatherwood (12 days ago)
lol u know darth Vader cut off his sons hand and said who’s your daddy
ConnorsCovers (12 days ago)
No Tulak Horde?
Joe Mama (12 days ago)
Maul is cool but having him on this list shows that there are many retarded Star Wars fans.
Bane looks like thanos
John Graffius (12 days ago)
darth bane wasnt taken out of the sith army because he was force sen.. he was taken out because h disobeyed a direct order and hit his commander..because he gave tem a order which would be certon death for him and his whole squad he saw the plan as a waste of troops.. instead they did his plan and still took what the sith wanted but on his return his commander was waiting and had bane arrested and sent to the sith he thought bane would be punished..I live the bane trilogy have read it 6 times.
Toxicleader82 (12 days ago)
Starkiller isn’t in the list? That’s sad
Takii (12 days ago)
My reaction to this video: Number 3: darth maul Me: Mhm yeah i can see that one ☝🏻 Number 2: Darth VADER Me: wait... that‘s not number one?? ehh okay but who is- Number 1: Darth Revan Me: WHO TF IS THAT?!
KingMatthew801 (12 days ago)
Where's Darth Krayt?
lil William (13 days ago)
My favorite Sith Lord is dark Vader
Gaming KnockeR (13 days ago)
I feel like we really need a star wars legends animated tv show just like swtcw it should definitely not be by disney but other studio that isnt afraid to let some of the sith or jedi use cuss words
DH TH (13 days ago)
Were’s My Nigga Starkiller?
Thore Franz (13 days ago)
Darth maul wasn't even a sith lord. He was just trained as some kind of headhunter for the sith.
Leo Bull (14 days ago)
But mal is alive
So Southern (14 days ago)
Darth Revan is actually a weak character because he gave into the darkside. All Sith lords are cowards. Besides Darth Nihilus all Sith lords are weak. The only reason they have had success in the galaxy is because they are willing to step far passed the bounds of a Jedis morality. Mace Windu, Yoda ,Obi Wan and Luke are the true badasses of star wars. Never giving in to the Dark Side despite all the terrible things that have happened to you is a sign of true strength. If one really wants to defeat evil you have to fight evil not become it. Anakin had the chance to kill Palpatine on several occasions yet he couldn't then when it came time to kill the people he loved and even children he didn't hesitate. In my eyes. Anakin is a pussy. He is not the only person in the galaxy to loose their mother and wife. I've lost my mother and if my wife got sick and was dying I wouldn't go out and suck the devils dick and kill children to try and save her. Anyone who kills children is a little bitch boy.
a shit meme (14 days ago)
9:49 "Vote on me! I will build a wall that no rebel scum can go though it!" *Darth Sidious - 2017*
Nibbler (14 days ago)
Only real SW fans (EU fans) have Darth Icky as their #1
Sidious can never die, no katter what anyone does.. you can kill the body but the conscience always lives on.. there's really no possible way to kill him (he's the reason for Narutos Orochimaru who can't die either cause he'll just transfer her conscience into another body..).. also, Maul was apparently killed by obi wan in a failed assassination attempt..
Leave it to ads to kill a good video.........
Daniel Jäger (15 days ago)
Maul in top 10? What kind of idiotic bullshit is that? Dropped the ball hard.
THE GRIM REAPER (15 days ago)
7:01 (Gone Sexual)
Nathan's Derp Gaming (15 days ago)
When Grevious breaks lose: Nah, I'll use vitiate on ya
Xxtactical noobxX (16 days ago)
i think its possible that kylo ren will become one of the strongest sith.
yinjoe kuang (16 days ago)
kylo ren
Roland DuSon (17 days ago)
There were too many times that it sounded like your voices was about to go out from doing that extra stuff.
josh simpson (17 days ago)
Vitiate was bar none most powerful sith and had the most pure goals of the dark side
GCT10/31/1990 (18 days ago)
Maybe someone can help me better understand because this is you're field of knowledge, and I have the highest regards to anyone at the top of their skill level and intelligence in their crafts, I have a question, it probably will seem stupid but that's okay I'm stupid and ignorant in this field I'm simply looking for some basic information if you guys would be so kind please. Q) The first up on this list, who later became a leader of his own fleet, he killed his parents and killed other Sith to gain their power, you said in this video he was no longer a sith lord he now simply became a force user... So is he still as powerful as when he was a sith lord? Realistic him walking away from being a lord just drops you're title and you're forced to leave a group of you're own kind right? You don't actually lose you're power right?
AndrejMILO Herobrine (18 days ago)
How to Dart Maul 3d Palpatine 5rd Palpatine defetend Dart Maul
jorrit Osinga (18 days ago)
Where is darth jar jar on this list
Pencilman Games (18 days ago)
I really like darth nihilus
Pencilman Games (18 days ago)
Talon seems lame too
Pencilman Games (18 days ago)
Bane seems lame
Johnny Boris (18 days ago)
Darth Revan most definitely earned first place there. His ability to use both sides of the force certainly made him a "force" to be reckoned with.
Benjamin Tyus (18 days ago)
#1 is Darth Jar Jar
Christian The Lion (18 days ago)
They need to make a star wars movie all about the Sith. Fuck the Jedi, nobody wants a crybaby talking about i sense the good in u. All we want to see is mass murder by the end of a red lightsaber. The best part of any star wars movie always has a Sith in it. Coincidence? I think not. We want a badass Sith movie.
MusimilianMax (19 days ago)
Revan or Nihilus are my favorites.
Bloodstainer (19 days ago)
Revan bigger than vitiate because Kotor is better than SWtOR
Thor Odinson (19 days ago)
The Reason i think Snoke is Plagueis is because Snoke's apprentice, too, betrayed him.
Michael Joseph Mercado (19 days ago)
Darth maul, my best favorite sith lord ever, & darth vader, anakin skywalker thats all:-)
Falco VODs (19 days ago)
you asked me if i liked this content and i wanted to see more like it so on that note i'd like to say that i'd like a large number 6, exchange the soda for a large ice coffee, two cream, two sugar, and i'd also like to add a mcdouble. yes, that will complete my order.
Liam Horn (19 days ago)
Revenge for what? Apparently the dude's still alive...
Queen Nyra (20 days ago)
*Darth Vader should be first*
Reedyy- (20 days ago)
TIL don’t have an apprentice coz they’ll kill you
Paul Thurin (20 days ago)
Darth Bane > all
Memesterchief (21 days ago)
Get the fuck off me
The Lore Master (21 days ago)
IonicSarge (21 days ago)
Pretty pissed Malgus was a write in. He should have been easily top 5
Garfield Burr (21 days ago)
what about starkiller????
Colin Dyni (22 days ago)
I know 3 or 4 sith on this list
FreedomFighter08 (22 days ago)
If SWTOR counts as KOTOR 3 then that part of Revan's story I couldn't give a damn about.
winged hussar (22 days ago)
A drive through. Really
MsJinkerson (22 days ago)
Vader was my favourite sith lord
kyle blanford (23 days ago)
Nilious only mastered force drain he was garbage on everything else
kyle blanford (23 days ago)
Darth bane was the sith ari
DELTA SANS (23 days ago)
Next should be top 10 jedi clones the clones who work for the jedi
Nox Kraven (23 days ago)
What about the most powerful Sith Lord of them all and extremely dangerous and deadly Abeloth

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