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4 Free Games Every Xbox Live Gold Subscriber Must Play In May

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Brand New Free Games With Gold are here for May. With a fantastic lineup of 4 incredible games what will you be playing? Will you be picking up Metal Gear Solid V, Super Mega Baseball 2, Vanquish or the classic Streets Of Rage? Subscribe to the channel for great Xbox videos all week: https://goo.gl/pqXHjw Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny & Lydia for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny Twitter: https://twitter.com/BennyCentral Instagram: https://instagram.com/BennyCentral YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidGaming Instagram: https://instagram.com/SquidGame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (101)
TheFreeLander Channel (27 days ago)
If you need to pick up the method to receive codes you just need to find " *xbox pranaholistico* " in Google or Yahoo. I tried out an hour ago and it was good.
John Diggle (3 months ago)
I play on playststion, but I'm happy that both xbox and playststion now have/had the ability to get metal gear solid V for free. I got it when it was free for ps+ and I enjoyed it a lot.
The thing that makes ps4 butter than xbox this serveses alot butter the care about coustmer they make free games real free and they have alot of exclusives for me exclusive is bruatey good but i think good coustmer serves is needed because the player will need to buy new console after while he will not buy if have bad image from this company
Above the Lies (4 months ago)
Descent games but you could have done better.
De'Juan Burns (4 months ago)
It's been so long since I've played MGS I forgot the storyline.
Get Rekt (4 months ago)
Worst mgs game In the series
TickleChits (4 months ago)
What? Metal gear isn’t free I just checked
soulcaliberlink t1k (4 months ago)
Imagine if metal gear had ragdoll death physics, myain gripe woth the game along with how the guns shoot in general.
guilhermejrmarin (4 months ago)
Lets say i download MGSV this month,but i have to delete beacuse of the HDD space,can i re-dowload for free in the future provided that i have a Gold subscription? (Sorry,new om the One)
Cam (4 months ago)
Vanquish is straight up one of the best games of all time.
Martin Mcwilliams (4 months ago)
I already own it but Streets of Rage is a stone cold classic
The NoodleExpert (4 months ago)
I’m so happy that Xbox is finally giving us some amazing titles for free. It’s been so long and I really hope this keeps improving just like how PlayStation gave us really amazing titles as well.
Link X9 (4 months ago)
Not Llve its Live*
Derrick Castle (4 months ago)
24 is one of the best shows of all time
EN3MYGR1ND3R (4 months ago)
Only metal gear solid and streets of rage is good
OG gangster prime (4 months ago)
anonymous hacker vanquish is better
TCS Nooby (4 months ago)
Xbox LIve
Ethan (4 months ago)
Just some of the terms used like action packed and must have bores me to tears. It’s like living in the 80s tv zone again.
Jorge Sanchez (4 months ago)
So happy and excited about Vanquish!! Baseball, don't care at all.
Gd Sucker (4 months ago)
Where's Lydia
R (4 months ago)
They were losing viewers because she was so annoying.
KAOSN00B (4 months ago)
wait MGSV and Vanquish? OMG!
The master chef (4 months ago)
I played recore it was a good game :)
Total garbage as usual. And the accent helped to emphasize the garbage-ness of these games. 👍
OG gangster prime (4 months ago)
Vanquish > whatever you game you like
Bob Kys (4 months ago)
Gunrack Clearly you dont know what streets of rage or metal gear is, do you?
Busyme Gaming (4 months ago)
Streets of rage kind of reminds me of double dragon from NES
Spicy Spicy (4 months ago)
I wish Bo3 would be free with gold ;(
Spicy Spicy - Well, CoD is total garbage, and 9 times outta 10 GWG are usually garbage, soooo... It may very well be free with Gold one day.
Jacob Tessner (4 months ago)
Xbox Only (4 months ago)
Do you have to play the other metal gear games first?
BruTaL o4 (4 months ago)
Both Xbox one and ps4 are getting great games in May.
robo tube (4 months ago)
What meatle gear I always wanted to play a meatle gear
Why am I here (4 months ago)
He is Slav
robo tube (4 months ago)
Janne Laitinen (4 months ago)
Eric Matthews (4 months ago)
Seriously how annoying is benny!!!!
Timothy Davidson (4 months ago)
Mgs 5 is horrible nothing like the old games did not like it and am not even close to excited it's on gold
King Darkstalker (4 months ago)
Timothy Davidson have you heard of a word called change and ageing
The Daddy Patty (4 months ago)
Can’t wait for Streets of Rage! I remembered playing it during my childhood and I missed it. Xbox is definitely improving on bringing better games into Games With Gold.
K' Dash02 (4 months ago)
Ryan Roach To be honest with you I have about a hundred AAA Games that came from Games With Gold, and thats not counting the Indie's and other smaller games. So of course not all of the games are going to be ground breaking
The Daddy Patty (4 months ago)
Ryan Roach I felt that way months ago but after April I feel like Xbox is taking the right steps for it.
Ryan Roach (4 months ago)
The Daddy Patty to me the games with gold just keeps getting more boring each month imo.
Garrett Sampson (4 months ago)
Saul Urueta (4 months ago)
I have this game on ps3 and ps4 so this really pisses me off... not excited about this
Saul Urueta (4 months ago)
Brutal Plays Games maybe
BruTaL o4 (4 months ago)
Saul Urueta well you should try streets of rage and vanquish as those 2 are very good games.
SonicStar 456 (4 months ago)
Jordan Jackson (4 months ago)
Super Mega Baseball 2
K. Tucker (4 months ago)
Water 8962 (4 months ago)
3 good games, baseball is unkown for me. Try for free never hurts..
Jordan Jackson (4 months ago)
SMB Extra Innings is a great game. Ready for number 2 on May 1st.
ddolphin765 (4 months ago)
Wait it comes with all streets of rage games?
BruTaL o4 (4 months ago)
Yes sir. I cant wait to play it
The Daddy Patty (4 months ago)
DDolphin765 All of the ones that were on Sega Genesis.
prince caspen (4 months ago)
Wish metal gear didnt focus on supernatural enemies and just concentrated on normal enemies, would of been alot cooler and not a sci fi'y game
becoming sub10 (4 months ago)
Doesn't mgs5 have dynamic 4k on ps4 but not xbox?
Janne Laitinen (4 months ago)
2560x1440 on Pro.
Nixy48 (4 months ago)
Xbox on can u please ask Xbox for far cry primal for June games of gold
The Daddy Patty (4 months ago)
Nixy48 They can’t... though Xbox On is directly connected to Xbox they can’t. Only Xbox developers and game developers can decide.
unicogsmer gaming (4 months ago)
portuguezerjr (4 months ago)
Freddy (4 months ago)
I’m gonna go ahead and say it...... .. .. I don’t care about baseball games
GamingTV (4 months ago)
ppl still watches those games, i mean play those games?
ThePhoenixrising75 (4 months ago)
You're not alone. Blech
NB2k3 (4 months ago)
The players kinda remind me of the Miis in Wii Sports. 😂
BruTaL o4 (4 months ago)
Freddy lmao
robo tube (4 months ago)
Freddy I'm the same
Daron Wilson (4 months ago)
Ps4 had that game free since last summer... Hahahahahahahaha! As I have Xbox one also....... Xbox is so wack!!!!!!! Facts
Mrbonner 478 (4 months ago)
Why are you even commenting is my question go back where you been 😂😂😂
BruTaL o4 (4 months ago)
So you hate xbox yet you came to a xbox channel to leave that stupid comment on an xbox video...you're an idiot
The Daddy Patty (4 months ago)
Man these PlayStation fanboys are so toxic. They’re even more toxic than PCMasterRace people.
Natty Dread (4 months ago)
This comment is just screaming fanboy all over it
SquidGame (4 months ago)
So happy that MGSV has come to GWG! Couldn't speak for this video due to losing my voice but there's no doubt that I am super excited 😍
Oguz (4 months ago)
So we can play msgv to 15 june for free after that it isn’t free?
K. Tucker (4 months ago)
SquidGame man its a very good game but too bad for me i already most of these titles o well gona play em any way lol
Divine (4 months ago)
You’re still beautiful 😍
ClipsMaster Productions (4 months ago)
Those acronyms though! 😁
Alan Fuad (4 months ago)
Perfect 👌
jamal_2000 (4 months ago)
was really hoping for far cry primal
Mr. Anno Nei Mouse (4 months ago)
Maybe next year
Garrett Sampson (4 months ago)
Bigsteelguy4 I think it’s better than 3
WfxRS (4 months ago)
Get a job
Bigsteelguy4 (4 months ago)
I already own it, it's good, but definitely not better than FC3, 4 or 5. It's a bit different but still a little fun. I agree it should be in the games with gold, maybe some day. You may have to wait awhile or wait till it gets very cheap.
Garrett Sampson (4 months ago)
Tobirama senju Then put who you’re talking to or talking about in your comments
Ruben Ellis (4 months ago)
MaXX (4 months ago)

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