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No Mans Sky ARG Has Started A New Update Incoming?

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so links will be below for my sources as well as links to the waking titan ARG the hunt for a new update and content has begun https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/01/no-mans-sky-update-1-4-superseded-update-1-5/48323/ www.wakingtitan.com type "whois" and click the glyph below linked sites to the arg are here http://www.superlumina-6c.com/ http://www.myriad-70.com/ for further proof the sites are connected check out the background graphics as wakingtitan.com the same with different colour variations
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Clever Witty Gaming (7 months ago)
Update: when you go to www.superlumina-6c.com on google chrome it comes up saying loop16 type loop16 into wakingtitan.com and you will see a message saying SLEEPING there is more to come!
Clever Witty Gaming (7 months ago)
also type whois loop16 gets you a new answer
Defiantly Not Rimas!!! (7 months ago)
3 videos in a day! Good job keep it up 😁
Clever Witty Gaming (7 months ago)
thanks i got a fourth one uploading now found out some exiting stuff on NMS loop16 ARG

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