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Manny Man Does the History of Ireland On Stage Trailer

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Here's just a little promo video for my upcoming play, bringing Manny Man to the stage! Manny Man Does the History of Ireland On Stage will be on in An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny July 19th&20th at 8pm and in Malin July 21st&22nd at 4pm as part of the Earagail Arts Festival!
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Text Comments (101)
TurtleMapping (27 days ago)
Emilis Jakucionis (28 days ago)
Oh my I want that t-shirt
Apoorva Doshi (1 month ago)
I would suggest you to make a video on India's independence struggle. It might turn out to be a great topic with characters like Gandhi, the British empire, etc
Kaktus Leming (1 month ago)
Do a video about spanish civil war please ❤🌸
Nationalist Canuck (1 month ago)
What is a mile long and has 2,000 assholes? A St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Mursu900 0 (2 months ago)
Can you do the war of 1812 some day?
Rodrigo Wolf (2 months ago)
War of 1812 video please
Cham 01 (2 months ago)
I missed it!!!!!!! No.
Santi Sven Davies (2 months ago)
Hi men :)
NoahUSA (2 months ago)
You should do a Korean War video.
Louie Raine (2 months ago)
PapaPierogi (2 months ago)
Do a video about the Crimean war!
i will see you soon (2 months ago)
Can u do a video of the 1971 bangladesh liberation war plz (ps, the Vietnam war video was very good).
Devon Alex Reckon (2 months ago)
Can you do Korean war, I love your channel and new it for awhile and not much people know about the Korean war so it would be nice if you made a video on it
Bob McBob (2 months ago)
Do the Falklands pls! Or maybe the War on Terror!
papadoc711 (2 months ago)
let us know when you come to Belfast.
Cold Flame (2 months ago)
I don’t know if you’ve covered it yet but if not, can you cover the Soviet afghan war?
Denzel Lanzon (2 months ago)
Can you do Spanish Civil War or War of Spanish Succession next?
Carson h (2 months ago)
Please do the Korean War
raaaaaffffaaaa (2 months ago)
Irish ging
Genecarlo Show (2 months ago)
In 1976 the greatest rock band ever was born. The only Irish history I need to know.
4TheWinQuinn (2 months ago)
Great idea ruddy. Have fun!
K Canada (2 months ago)
Oliver Cromwell is such an interesting figure to me, here in England he's a hero, but in Ireland he's rightfully seen as a cunt, honestly I'm in the middle
Verkku 1918 (2 months ago)
Solar Dwarf finland have only one civil war 1918 and basically cudgel war 1596-1597
Kelvinator Pho (2 months ago)
That was cool
Hey John you would be a great Henry the eighth you both have the same cool beard
Jolly ol Stalin (2 months ago)
But will there be cake?
sean sheggert (2 months ago)
Can you order tickets anywhere?
An Grianan Theatre (2 months ago)
Anglo Mapper (2 months ago)
VICTOR KIEDROWSKI (2 months ago)
You're back!
Kes Mangkuk (2 months ago)
My Hero!
KFCJones (2 months ago)
Have a listen https://youtu.be/E-7PCodRz9U
Alex Hunter (2 months ago)
Hey John, my mom would love to take me to Ireland (I’m in America, but she need more notice, if this was next summer she’d take me! I’m asking u, to put that on video, and sell it as a CD for people who can’t come to the show! I have both ur books and love ur videos this would mean a lot to me! Alex
Travis Laubach (2 months ago)
Wish I could be there to see you and Louise on stage! Best of luck to you both, from California! 🍀
Maxwell Starr (2 months ago)
Next "Stage" in Evolution. Clever pun!
Solo (2 months ago)
Looks like shit
Congratulations on your stage play adaptation, John! 👍😄
Steven Munson (2 months ago)
Where did you get that t shirt ? , i want one.
Al 17 (2 months ago)
It would be great to watch your show but I can’t travel overseas Live the YouTube videos though
murica ' (2 months ago)
I wish you good luck on it
Jeggdude 000 (2 months ago)
Manny Man’s makin masterpieces.
Willimations (2 months ago)
I might be able to go see this, but I'd have to drive for 4 hours. Maybe
Antony Olivier (2 months ago)
Sounds cool
The Davinator (2 months ago)
I’ll be in Donegal on that same date so I’ll see if I can get to letterkenny to check it out
Jay Williams (2 months ago)
WOW that drawing is so good! Its looks so real
Drogheda Decimator (2 months ago)
Oliver Cromwell did nothing wrong.
Solar Dwarf (2 months ago)
you monster
Sousuke Kairyuu (2 months ago)
Please, The Korean War!
Sousuke Kairyuu fourth
The Amazing Jack (2 months ago)
Sousuke Kairyuu third that lol
Travis Laubach (2 months ago)
Sousuke Kairyuu I second that!
Steven Munson (2 months ago)
This looks Amazing, Congratulations John, i wish i could see it, but all the same, i hope it goes well.
Choppergunna0109 (2 months ago)
When is the next YouTube video out as I think they're great 👍
Stef Meadows (29 days ago)
I think it would be awesome to be in one of John’s plays Edit: Btw are you gonna release a full film of the performance onto youtube? because that would be cool especially for the people that couldn't go see the play live
Verkku 1918 (2 months ago)
Do finnish civil war
Solar Dwarf (2 months ago)
which one
Angry Emu (2 months ago)
Does Louise work at donegal castle by any chance? I was recently there and she looks strangely familiar.
Pocket Marko (2 months ago)
Man i wish i was in ireland so i can watch this
Joseph H (2 months ago)
Same I live in the USA 🇺🇸
Conor Mc GG (2 months ago)
I am but I still can’t go :(
Maine Mapper (2 months ago)
Xaxa the Mint (2 months ago)
Pocket Marko I feel what you are feeling
DaveVespa (2 months ago)
Is it going to be a DVD?
SuperAdamska64 (2 months ago)
Showing on my birthday, I feel honoured.
matej uka (2 months ago)
Do yugoslav wars
Diecast Cars Garage (2 months ago)
Welcome back John!
Cold Nuclear (2 months ago)
Rule Britannia
Kathy Keogh (2 months ago)
But it was not just during this period that Irish people were treated badly it was all through the seven years of British occupation
Owen Jones (2 months ago)
The Whigs were pro-Laissez Faire. They thought non intervention in the markets would naturally alleviate the famine, and they were wrong. They were woefully unprepared, but to imply they just let people die from the famine out of spite is nonsense. Coupled with the fact much of Europe was suffering from potato bight. The life of millions of working class, Inner city Englishmen was no better than how the Irish peasantry lived during this period.
Kathy Keogh (2 months ago)
You should look up the Black and Tans and their conduct of Irish civilians.And what kind of economic policy involves letting one million Irish people dieing
Owen Jones (2 months ago)
Kathy Keogh ...Apart from that significant relief programme launched by Robert Peel and the money raised privately in Britain. Peel lost the election and the Whigs got in. The famine was exacerbated by the Whig economic policy, not "le evil conspiracy by da brits" to kill Irish people.
Phina Ibe (2 months ago)
How did this escalate into a battle about british tragedies
As Always (2 months ago)
I wish I could attend the performance, but I would have to travel overseas. Oh well. On a lighter note, I got to visit Ireland a month ago, and followed the Wild Atlantic Way for the majority of it!
Tom Pearse (2 months ago)
I'd love if ya did an Athlone one
Adria cortes abad (2 months ago)
Your videos are cool, but please, could you make a video about the Spanish Civil War?
Stef Stef (2 months ago)
Yes there aren't many videos on this subject
Mark Jones (2 months ago)
This looks cool. Good luck with it!
Guy Incognito (2 months ago)
While I'm unable to attend as a result of geographical differences, I'm so happy for you! I'm sure it's a fun show.
Nicholas DiGaetano (2 months ago)
Sounds cool but I live in the us.
Tlaloc1 (2 months ago)
I'd love to go, but I'm a filthy American and can't go. Still, this sounds awesome and I'd love to see it.
Avery Lopez-Baines (2 months ago)
It would be cool if you could do this in the US too and do the history of the USA.
Joel Hernandez (2 months ago)
can't wait for this
Logboi 12 (2 months ago)
The Davinator (2 months ago)
Nope seventh, sorry
Ömer Yiğit Gülbiçim (2 months ago)
I was excited to know a story about pogress
nika nikuradze (2 months ago)
i dont know what to say literally i couldnt come up with a better comment
M4R1NE_R3C0N 191 (2 months ago)
What in the next video will you make
legonick 33 (2 months ago)
Aaron Gibb (2 months ago)
Woot I love you!!

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