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Grand Theft Auto V - Trevor & Mr Raspberry Jam

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Text Comments (14)
Chris Morris (5 months ago)
R.I.P. Mr Raspberry Jam :'(
UnderWreck (6 months ago)
Trevor is a Plushophile lol
billy (8 months ago)
1:17 Look at that thing between Trevor's legs. Cool.
1911 VsGlocks (9 months ago)
Floyd reminds me of Gregory from The Walking Dead
Redmist 2004 (1 year ago)
Floyds pussy
ThePokeTesla (2 years ago)
He died a noble death looool
Abel P Suryapermana (3 years ago)
i think trevor had a bad Childhood
Vladimir Lenin (3 months ago)
What if Floyd also had a bad childhood, Floyd might be the opposite of Trevor. Trying to follow the rules all the time to limit the abuse. While T gets angry and resentful. Abuse can manifest several different ways in a child, being overly cautious or angry are just a few.
1911 VsGlocks (9 months ago)
Abel P Suryapermana No chet
King Savage (1 year ago)
Understatement of the century
TommyTom21 (1 year ago)
Abel P Suryapermana Me Daddy Was Nots Nice To Meh
Broken Brother Louis (2 years ago)
No shit sherlock
thegreatsamurai82 (3 years ago)
Perfect attire for this scene!

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