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Far Cry 5 All Endings (Good Ending / Bad Ending / Secret Alternate Ending / Boss Endings)

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Every Far Cry 5 Ending - Good Ending, Bad Ending, Secret Alternate (Prologue) Ending + Boss Endings. There are 3 Endings in FC5, this is how you get them: Ending #1 (Secret Prologue Ending) - 0:05 When you have to handcuff Father Joseph don't press any buttons and wait for a few minutes. After a while you will just walk away and the story ends right there, Far Cry 5 beaten it only 10 minutes :D Ending #2 (Resist Ending / Nuclear Bad Ending) - 4:11 At the end of the game, pick the "Resist" Option. This is the "real" ending with a proper boss fight. This is the bad ending. Ending #3 (Walk Away / Good Ending) - 19:03 At the end of the game, pick the "Walk Away" Option. Then you'll drive away in a car and the game ends abruptly and is open-ended, it's not clear what happened after this. What do you think this ending means? Leave your explanation in the comments :) Boss Ending #1 (John) - 21:54 For maxing out the Resistance Points in John's Region and killing the John boss. Boss Ending #2 (Faith) - 23:15 For maxing out the Resistance Points in Faith's Region and killing the Faith boss. Boss Ending #3 (Jacob) - 24:58 For maxing out the Resistance Points in Jacob's Region and killing the Jacob boss. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powerpyx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: http://www.powerpyx.com http://www.youtube.com/PowerPyx http://www.facebook.com/PowerPyx http://www.twitter.com/PowerPyx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Text Comments (2165)
Big Boy Animation (18 hours ago)
there is something i didnt understand in the end of the game when we chose to arrest joseph. who bombed the region? did he put explosives in all the region that explode when he get arrested? or the american government beging to bombe the region to kill all the gang ?
Anthony Malacara (1 day ago)
In ending 3 the main character somehow gets enraged by the song on the radio clarified be the red around the screen and kills his buddies.
Zombies Marble (2 days ago)
Welp fuck Far cry fuck life. I was all happy because dis nigga nick had a badly only to realize that days later we are the only survivors fuck Ubisoft I knew they would fuck up this games ending god damit
Jean-Michel Laloux (3 days ago)
basically there is just no way to "win" in FarCry5... either you leave at the beginning and the cult wins, you leave after killing every member of the family and he wins. or you resist, he nukes everybody captures you and still wins... not very satisfying at all.
Cypher NX (3 days ago)
One thing I noticed is that my character, unlike FC3 and FC4, never speaks. That means people in the game are talking directly to me? Next time I play Far Cry, I'll watch the ending first. Haha I want to fight the cult and turned out, Joseph was right? What if so called "cult" is just a different belief that we can't swallow it. In Joseps eyes, he would see you as a cult too. We let all the beliefs blind us from the truth. The truth doesn't matter anymore, just your belief vs my belief. I remembered a guy said that John's confess was a beautiful thing. It's their belief, respect them! We say we're not supporting killings yet we need to kill their people to free our people. Once each side got push too hard, they'll start doing something crazy. War is ugly. Those who has a sword shall die with swords.
punch3870 (5 days ago)
i'm just wondering why the fuck there are 3 missile silos in Hope County, Montana with 3 nuclear warhead. surely the government would take notice that 3 nuclear silos have gone radio silent for some years and sent in some people to investigate.
Asher (6 days ago)
Man these endings kinda make me not want to complete the game, i already feel so disatisfied.
igor manuel s (6 days ago)
With all due respect, Far Cry 5, what the fuck?????
hipsu555 (7 days ago)
Schade dass man keine Wahlmöglichkeiten bei den Bossfights hat, eigentlich wollte ich die süße Faith gar nicht töten :D
UnicornsOnLSD (7 days ago)
It makes me sad that there is no happy ending
Saesee Tiin (8 days ago)
Can I still play after the endings? Or do I need to start a new game?
Dedi Solihin Dua (9 days ago)
This game,really really waste my time,because the ending
Wail Sediri (9 days ago)
All endings are bad !!!!!! I played the game first time i choose the resist option that ending was fucking horrible,then i replayed the whole game again and i choose the walk away option,i don’t know what the fuck happend there (i think rook killed all his friends cuz of the music ) and then i did the secret ending that good because i need to play the game again
Mark L (9 days ago)
18:38 Black Overlord?
Hải Phạm (9 days ago)
Good Ending/Bad Ending? Are you f**king serious? Where is the damn "good thing" in either of 2 endings?
Lil Fiji Official (10 days ago)
so was that spose to be nuclear war or god destroying earth
Ningendou (10 days ago)
14:15 "GO AROUND" *PowerPyx: "WHERE?!"*
Well. it looks like all bad endings to me
Logan Collins (12 days ago)
So anyone ready for far cry 5 2.0? I mean the father has power of even the military under his thumb when you heard dispatch speak of father.
Senya (12 days ago)
the voice actor of the sheriff is amazing
Just an internet user (12 days ago)
Turns out there is no way you can kill this asshole. But i gotta admit, this game is a piece of art
Just an internet user (12 days ago)
The cult was right all along. Think about it. If you listened to the radio you would hear about a risk of conflict between the united states and north korea from what i remember. But my question is, was the nuke actually from the conflict? I mean they were empty silos in every bunker and when you chose the “resist” ending when you are about to arrest joseph a nuke will detonate, the two others when driving the truck. Were those nukes actually detonated by joseph? Or was it from another country? Dude i have not a single clue this ending lead me to a pit full of questions
Your Average Otaku (14 days ago)
21:38 the fuck kind of ending is that supposed to be? what happened? Was it Jacob's brainwash song?
Holly (14 days ago)
Everyone should have seen it coming when the Deputy destroyed John’s bunker. He had a fucking rocket silo and we were inside it.
Envinite (14 days ago)
Lame as fuck storyline from the start. You become an errand boy and everyone else are useless fucks that needs you, and only you, to help them for potty training. And then these retards have the nerve to be in outpost liberation cutscene and talk shit to the player after all the solo shit you do, especially that black bitch from Prison & that fat bitch on Whitetails bunker. You had way too much chances and reasons to just bitchslap antagonists, and they have even more chances and reasons to just kills you, but no, some illogical plot did its magic. That way, the story become too linear and you can expect exactly what happen next. They even barely explain how the brainwashing works and just left that question like it wuz magic flower and shiet. I accept no-hero endings, but this is a literal cheap writing to make general audience goes "hol up, are nukes even a part of this game?" only by the last minute. I bet this twist in ending done like that because on Far Cry 4, the story development is a literal trash that the best ending is actually sitting for 10 minutes when Pagan receives a phone call, instead just killing the antagonist and ends the game instantly. Only brainlet niggas will defend and try to be deep with this game lmao.
Micro Four Nerds (15 days ago)
My husband (who has been watching me play on and off in the living room and not watched very closely) said the bad ending made perfect sense, because all of the people gradually idolise my character more and more as the game progresses. So if my force was used for bad, they'd all follow my character mindlessly. And that was Joseph's plan all along. Only youuuuuuuuuuu.... Was an interesting perspective.
Jordan Hester (16 days ago)
These endings all suck
suga nips (16 days ago)
So when theyre in the car ready to call the national gaurd and the song that jacob was singing went on, did rook die? Or did she like turn on the group and become a cultist? And if neither can someone explained
Leo Iliev (16 days ago)
Damn Far Cry 5 is like DOOM in a way. And that's fucking badass.
ananto kuncoro (17 days ago)
I think there should be 4 ending where Joseph die the character die all die from the blast but only faith survive she not shoot or something just lay down on water and that doesn't really mean death sometime in real life villant survive and make new found crime that cop really hard to catch them
chbrules (17 days ago)
This game sucked. Just beat it. Shit all over. AI is garbage. Ubisoft loves to pump out half-finished products rather than spend the time making them solid.
The Weeknd 245 (17 days ago)
Fuck it imma do the resist ending
Raymond (18 days ago)
Seems like in the walk away ending rook goes crazy and ends up attacking his allies.
Khai N. (18 days ago)
Damn cliffhanger, now we gotta wait for Far Cry 5: Eden’s Last Stand!
Khai N. (18 days ago)
So he died while he was talking to you in the bunker?
Chickened (18 days ago)
How do you get the good ending
Sam Petersen (19 days ago)
loved far cry 5, personally think they did a great job on it. i was shocked at the ending
IVIaskerade (19 days ago)
Both of the real endings are just done horribly. Walking away seems like a complete downer ending, which wouldn't be so bad if you had actually been given a chance instead of the game completely railroading you into being brainwashed in the first place with its bullshit forced-capture sequences that interrupt absolutely everything else and cannot ever be avoided. Or if your buddies who can apparently deprogram folks could have done it to you once they realised that was what was happening. Or if your character could deafen himself, permanently mutilating his own body to prevent himself from being sent into a murderous rampage by music (wouldn't *that* be an interesting choice? Guess that explains why it didn't happen). But no, the devs decree it so it must be done. Wonderful. The nuke isn't built up in-game *at all*. Apparently there was some peripheral material like radio broadcasts discussing the world outside having tensions mounting? That's just such an obscure thing that this makes no sense whatsoever. It's just the GM going "rocks fall everyone dies lol" because they can't actually think up a good ending. Also, it completely renders the entirety of the game before it meaningless, since the nuke was always going to go off and nothing you do can stop it. Both of them are completely arbitrary, and at no point in the game do any of your previous actions have any impact on the outcome. Worse, neither of them is connected to the plot in any relevant way. They're objectively bad, not just from a "doesn't feel good" point of view - downer endings I can accept - but in terms of actual design and execution. It really feels like either nobody at the studio knew how to end the game properly (which I don't believe since it really isn't hard to do passably, even if it's not great) or the writers got so wrapped up in their M Night Shamalamadingdong "what a tweeest" endings they forgot that people play games to enjoy them, not to have bad design suck all the fun out of a multi-dozen-hour experience.
Alackofcaring (20 days ago)
Third ending: the dep was given a second brainwashing (which is why he cant go near Jacob's villa: the transmitting center) that would play a note that triggered a second Manchurian candidate state. This time the target is the sheriff. Joseph made certain that no one leaves the valley.
Sebanett (20 days ago)
21:29 He turns the Radio on and "Only You" starts to play and then your character reacts.. I don't really get it but that song gives me the creeps every time I hear it.
Sebanett (20 days ago)
"Yo Harris! I finished the Far Cry 5 Story in 4 minutes you know?"
Sebanett (20 days ago)
Bob Dick (21 days ago)
What the fuck is going on
Bob Dick (21 days ago)
Gotta love how they call you Rookie after all the shit you went through lol
i wish you can fucking place a gun in to his face and pull the trigger
Skitanim (24 days ago)
The sad thing about this game is that the best ending requires you to never play and to never shoot a single bullet and to just walk away. If you decide to arrest Joseph then you have already ruined every bodies lives and it will all end in a nuclear apocalypse and Joseph being right all along.
The MSD (24 days ago)
We’re all waiting far cry 6-7-8-9-10.....
ComputerTechMaster19 (24 days ago)
They need to extend the campaign behold that if it gets nucked there should be shelter the game just ends after all those ending with The Father there should be more, just my opinion.
ehh, this just isn't right. If you're going to put thirteen plus hours into a game you deserve at least one good ending.
Trevollard Flexbury (25 days ago)
Just finished this lastnight, chose to fight hi , i guess i got the best ending but for such an awesome game i dont think either ending was great, onto Mad Max now to keep me entertained til red dead redemption 2 , anyone got any other recommendations for any other good games?
niunnickdemierda (25 days ago)
Who wrote these endings?
Jalonnie Johnson (26 days ago)
As soon as then credits finished rolling I deleted this pile of shit from my PS4. Worst game ending ever. All the hallucinations and blackouts got really under my skin as well. So disappointed with this game overall.
How do you get the boss ending 1
Royale dejdmlvr (26 days ago)
Can anyone help me? I did that nuclear ending but now i cant do the other ending because the game cant let you load other saved files except the new files. Im on Xbox
The10 Second Account (27 days ago)
I don't get the third ending
Harry O'Byrne (28 days ago)
12:27 is an apocolypse myth
Domzdream (28 days ago)
I resisted! Fuck. That. Religious. NUT! I questioned. These are your choices : Choice A - You sacrifice your friends, but execute the cunt-bag, and save the countless lives of families in the future. Or B - you let your friend live, but you keep perpetuating the suffering of the many. Hundreds of thousands of lives to spare a few? But regarding the ending...I do wish they wrapped it up better. All that reviving, and close encounter shooting at the guy... I hated it. It didn't seem like a well designed action sequence. It would have been much better if he kept slipping away, and they stretched out pursuit of the asshole, eventually leading up to a final ending where you either arrest him or you put a bullet between his eyes. Not this weird end of the earth shit.
Infi Nata (29 days ago)
Kinda bad story to be honest, the final boss battle is a tug of war for your friends, so u literally shoot them in the face and pick them up and see who does it faster. man that is some illogical boss battle design.
The good ending is leave at the start of the game. What have you won killing cultist and destroying the bunkers ? Yes the cult kidnapped people but for save them from a nuclear apocalypse.. You destroyed an oportunity for save a whole town , and for what ? . The father was right probably because like he said you only have to see the news to know that the world is gonna end
Moon's Child (1 month ago)
SPOILERS!!! This game just has all bad endings and forgetting all of the theories going around, let's deal with what had actually been presented to us. In no way do you "win." Now sad endings are fine, unexpected endings are great, but the developers forgot one key thing when making this story, the feelings of the people playing. For however many hours, players have been watching people get tortured, killed, drugged out of their mind, commit suicide and terrorized. The entire game you are investing yourself into helping these people and after all that work, the endings of this game just feels like, in an effort to create an "edgy" or "unpredictable" ending, they invalidated every single thing that the player did up to that point. In general, people play video games to win, to beat something, or to accomplish something. If the game's narrative takes the choice out of the players hands and gives them no victory, than it is hard to justify playing in the first place. If you read about people's theories about the endings, most of them essentially change the messed up ending to one that provides a bit of hope. Almost every theory puts a positive spin on a very bleak ending. Which means either, the game developers completely failed to keep their audience in mind when making this game, or there was meant to be a positive spin on the ending but most everyone just ended up confused, horrified, disappointed or just plain angry and that, my friends, is poor execution. I applaud when people try to go against the grain, or be unpredictable, but there has to be a level of satisfaction. Even though there were signs of an oncoming nuclear war between North Korea and the US, Joseph was straight merc'n people right form the get go, taking their homes, "culling" the herd...he murdered his own newbon daughter! He is a BAD GUY and they didn't let us take down the bad guy. That makes it unsatisfying.
T Nasty (1 month ago)
Or could you know, end your life and then end the game.
Cherry Pauper (1 month ago)
None of the endings were satisfying.
Cherry Pauper (1 month ago)
In the walk away ending, I would have just pulled out my gun and shot Seed.
Noice Gamer (1 month ago)
20:07 when your parents force you to go shopping with them.
michael rodriguez (1 month ago)
What if, in the end, you wait and not choose to fight or go.
Lord Tachanka (1 month ago)
The fact that the Father keeps singing when the bomb exploded gives me chills
Apply Force Too Begin (1 month ago)
What i wanna know is who nuked them, it couldnt have been the cult tbh
James Horsley (1 month ago)
well i wasted 30 hours to see all of these shitty endings
Praise THC420 (1 month ago)
Never again will I ever play a farcry game, these endings are shit, I wanna shoot Joseph in his ugly religious zelot face, and Ubisoft will not allow that, fuck farcry
A FlexibleGamer (1 month ago)
i got the nuclear one and i gotta say i was very disappointed
Travis Richardson (1 month ago)
The game was fun but the ending was dumb.hated the ending just fact.all four of them
Michael Tanti Bellotti (1 month ago)
i hate far cry there is never a good ending even the good ending always sucks why do people keep playing this game
AwesomeSpence 4 (1 month ago)
What is that blue smoke thing on the peoples heads in the bad ending?
Omar Moodie (1 month ago)
Did Joseph EVER own a shirt in his fucking LIFE??
Omar Moodie (1 month ago)
So technically with the first one I can beat the game in a matter of fucking seconds.
johnnymclaneutah (1 month ago)
2nd ending is the best and true ending! DEATH TO ALL SINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Figopeter Faiella (1 month ago)
On the good ending there is a problem with the audio because there isn't the most important thing of the ending: the music. Please fix
Molnár Erik (1 month ago)
The year: 2077. The atomic world war started. War, war never changes....
GameVet02 (1 month ago)
Can you beat the game without killing the three protagonists? I got the so called good ending but looks like you die while everyone else lives, or you just turn into one of them!
Linkrock1234 (1 month ago)
Mmmh this is not propaganda at all.
B1ACKB3ARD (1 month ago)
Far Cry 6 confirmed!
Paweł J (1 month ago)
If you talk to Pratt after saving him from Jacob he would say WHAT IF WE DIED IN THE CRASH (heli from the start of game) AND NOW WE ARE IN PURGATORY?
ra aja (1 month ago)
After Nuke event u may play Fallout 4 to Continue The Story
Three Dogs (1 month ago)
Many thanks for this. I really cannot thank you enough. I got suckered into buying this thing because I really liked the previous FC games. I just reached the end of the first area and I can't stand fighting with the bloody awful bugs and lazy programming for another minute. Thank God it's over. Quite liked these cut scenes though.
sirius4k (1 month ago)
So your options are: Do you want to shoot yourself from the left side of your head, right... or maybe from the front?
Joe Blow (1 month ago)
Hudson should have been the main character.
Ray Benjamin (1 month ago)
Well hey, at least when you die, the nukes don't go off, one life less then basically the entire human race or the entire U.S.
Ray Benjamin (1 month ago)
So a good theory is that when Joseph pushes over the barrels of gas, you hallucinate and begin to think that nukes are coming, or there just should've been a secret ending where you shoot Joseph instead of Cuffing him the beginning.
KelefGaming (1 month ago)
Now we know how Fallout series started! Finally!
00x000 (1 month ago)
Even tho the story was a bit lazy as you don't have many options, I'd like a sequel as both endings were cliffhangers... Onward to Eden's Gate!
lifi grugru (1 month ago)
its not a 1 is "good ending" all 3 is some kind of lost.
ITz Colm (1 month ago)
Would've loved to abs dead eye that cunt but it wasn't an option :(
Juan H (1 month ago)
All the endings seem bad writting to me because of the following: 1. The secret ending is nonsense, because if you do not arrest him, another police officer would do it. It does not make sense that you have the prerogative. 2. The nuclear ending is also nonsense, because it is unjustified that suddenly all your friends are controlled by the bliss. It goes against the intuition that friends must stay together: the bad thing is to abandon them. All you have done is to prevent the Seed from using their nuclear weapons, but Joseph uses it despite all of that. If you resist, you bring down Joseph, so he would not have to stay alive to move you to the bunker, besides that the accident is a video where you have no control, when the games should take control of you to the minimum. 3. The bad ending is the most reasonable, Seed wins because you are under bliss control, but they do not give you the chance to heal and defeat him.
Mirza Şahinkaya (1 month ago)
Sidequests were much more fun than the main story, I completed every region %100 had more fun doing that.
King Cobra14209 (1 month ago)
What if you just wait.(at the end)
Magarenko (1 month ago)
I really liked endings in Far Cry 5, got bored of 'good guy wins' endings
Andria Ryder (1 month ago)
Fuck this game. $60 and a bunch of hours only to be told "can't always expect a fairy tale ending", is fucking bullshit. I get fucked over enough in real life. I don't need my video games doing it too. First and last time I ever buy a Far Cry game. Eat shit Ubisoft, you fucking tease.
Sobrenatural (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 becomes fallout5
Muhammad Ridz (1 month ago)
Can't wait for Far Cry 6 after the nuclear explosion XD
TPLT (1 month ago)
When the music didn't play I was actually hoping for some dumb nonsense where the ending continues on as normal without any adverse effects like some sort of fourth wall break.

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