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Far Cry 5 All Endings (Good Ending / Bad Ending / Secret Alternate Ending / Boss Endings)

5660 ratings | 790365 views
Every Far Cry 5 Ending - Good Ending, Bad Ending, Secret Alternate (Prologue) Ending + Boss Endings. There are 3 Endings in FC5, this is how you get them: Ending #1 (Secret Prologue Ending) - 0:05 When you have to handcuff Father Joseph don't press any buttons and wait for a few minutes. After a while you will just walk away and the story ends right there, Far Cry 5 beaten it only 10 minutes :D Ending #2 (Resist Ending / Nuclear Bad Ending) - 4:11 At the end of the game, pick the "Resist" Option. This is the "real" ending with a proper boss fight. This is the bad ending. Ending #3 (Walk Away / Good Ending) - 19:03 At the end of the game, pick the "Walk Away" Option. Then you'll drive away in a car and the game ends abruptly and is open-ended, it's not clear what happened after this. What do you think this ending means? Leave your explanation in the comments :) Boss Ending #1 (John) - 21:54 For maxing out the Resistance Points in John's Region and killing the John boss. Boss Ending #2 (Faith) - 23:15 For maxing out the Resistance Points in Faith's Region and killing the Faith boss. Boss Ending #3 (Jacob) - 24:58 For maxing out the Resistance Points in Jacob's Region and killing the Jacob boss. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powerpyx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: http://www.powerpyx.com http://www.youtube.com/PowerPyx http://www.facebook.com/PowerPyx http://www.twitter.com/PowerPyx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Text Comments (2307)
TRAUMA (22 hours ago)
one word is more than enough for this game: 𝐆𝐀𝐑𝐁𝐀𝐆𝐄. the game gets repetitive after 1H, filling all the holes in the story with some magic bullshit try to make people think something is going on, i doubt even if the writer of the game know what is going on in this game. i don't hate fantasy stories nor even magic things but filling the holes of your story with it? nah.. i'll pass, if you still pay money for the stuff that UBIbugs and ElectronicFarts make you're really out of your MIND.
Matthew Buss (1 day ago)
heres my theory.. developers are douchebags and make shit endings.
Tyson Anema (3 days ago)
Fc5 probably has the least satisfying g ending of all time
rawr xD (4 days ago)
what a terrible game with a terrible plot. LOL. sad how far this once great series has come. or rather skydived off of a fucking cliff would be more accurate.
YO LO (5 days ago)
not expecting that the only ending i have seen before the first one was nucler the others a didnt know of
Ronnie Madness (5 days ago)
I just finished the game and I dont feel like i won on either ending
Scott Holden (5 days ago)
I think I want my money back.
Scott Holden (5 days ago)
rogue angel (7 days ago)
id just like to add that you pretty much get teleported when he dumps the bliss so im allost definitely sure it was all a hallucination
CHRIS65 (9 days ago)
For the good endings what happens to your friends can you still use them
Randy Butternubs (10 days ago)
The secret is the only truly good ending. All the other endings were ass, I kind of felt like I was backhanded. There are so many variables in this games story that make literally no sense. The nuke could have been the bliss, how the frig is the crazy ooky spooky kool aid drinking religious radical damn near invulnerable? He is literally unkillable and how does the government not intervene when they have an all male army and weapons out the ass? I’m pretty sure Waco should be a damn good answer to that question. I would have just shot him at the end screw justice at that point..
paige (11 days ago)
There is no good ending. Wow. That ruins the game for me. I absolutely admire this game and the beauty and the gameplay itself, but not giving at least one good ending really just makes the game so dissatisfying.
Aaron emmanuel (11 days ago)
Who else thinks the endings were boring... me? I'd like a crazy ending, something like an assassins creed ending kinda shit.. lmao
BosnianDiamond (11 days ago)
Faith is Bae, would've kept her alive
Noel Nieves (13 days ago)
Man feel guilty I should have walked away I know far cry always have both bad ending but its the least bad one you chose I should have walk away 😔
Colonel_Law (13 days ago)
18:14 NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Eric Kim (13 days ago)
There's 'something' with farcry series endings They are really messed up and make you don't even want to play it again wtf
I made it to the ending. I am watching this video to see what happens before I make a decision
wingzero7X (15 days ago)
Goddammit UBISOFT!
wingzero7X (15 days ago)
Oh fuck this ending, fuck this game. I'm not sure if its just on my side but the game is buggy as hell, the gun setup is very lazy, vs other far cry games you actually look forward to getting newer guns, the perks feel so basic, they aren't fun though, you have extreme graphics but the game is trying so hard to keep up your ai buddies are all but useless, then you got to make this entire game, all about Trump. Seriously fucking stop already, I would have been content with the ending of you just cuffing the guy, see him give his speech and nothing happens. See him go to court. But no we go through the entire game, save our friends, then get the nuclear holocaust ending? Fuck this series in general lately. Far Cry 3? Gave a good story, good buildup, good mechanics, and two endings where you actually do get a GOOD ending. 4? Fuck 4, going through all this bullshit for nothing to come of it. Seriously if they're going to make a 6 they have got to check the political bullshit at the door and give us a solid game, a solid story, and solid ending.
Travis Campa (17 days ago)
It seems pretty clear what happens next in the "good ending" Sheriff turns on the radio Screen goes red Then you black out... There's only a few other times in the game when the last two things happen. When Jacob catches you... He hypnotized you with a barely audible frequency as the trigger. He used his music box to make you black put for almost a week. The same frequency is played over the alarms at an outpost in Jacob's territory as a way to catch you. So its easy for Joseph to use the same trigger over the radio. The radio triggers you causing the rage red screen before blackout. Presumably you kill or capture your friends leaving you left alone in Hope County.
Tazmania 77 (17 days ago)
Wow the game could end the second you play it.
Boypig24 (18 days ago)
there's a moon eclipse right now,and it makes the moon look like blood. H E L P
rockstarimotski (18 days ago)
A new post apocalyptic Far Cry maybe?
Sodiumpo (19 days ago)
What happened if you find the first ending at thw beginning and think that you paid 60 dollars for a 5 miniute game
Sodiumpo (19 days ago)
Wait so faith controlled the bliss or she was under controlled by the bliss?
SmilingCorpse (21 days ago)
Look, I don't mind bad endings in games. But when you make all your endings like this, it says to the player that all you did was pointless and makes them feel like they wasted their time. I got the resist ending and first thought "Ok, I fucked it up. Maybe there was a way to end out ok". I find this video and realize that there is no way to end out ok. The game literally told me that the only winning move was not to play. And that is the last thing you want your players to feel when playing your game.
Bob Lob (22 days ago)
i thought i had a shit ending when i chose to try and arrest him and saves all my bros and lasses, but it's better than leaving them behind and killing all your police partners anyway
Wilhelm Burgdorf (22 days ago)
Ofc We have to Survive WITH THAT MORON. i hate him
Alpha (23 days ago)
In my head canon Peaches, Boomer, and Cheeseburger survived the nukes somehow somewhere lol.
micky mcfarts (23 days ago)
So all of the endings suck.
saganist (23 days ago)
Faith was waifu material :(
jestermike133 (24 days ago)
Well, in the end we're the bad ones.
Sian (24 days ago)
I think Whitehorse was a bit of a dick to Pratt in the walk away ending. Like, I appreciate the fact that they've all suffered, but Pratt was tortured and left to starve, and you can tell his desperation in his voice when he says, "No way, I ain't ever going back," just for Whitehorse to say, "You'll do exactly as you're told, Pratt." Like MY MAN that is not what you say
Brendan (26 days ago)
Wait, if those are multiple nukes going off in that small of an area, then how does the player and the others not die from the heat, shockwave, or radiation, yet all but two die from crashing into a tree? Really dislike the endings. There's no logic. That many nukes going off that close to each other? Could be hallucinations, but still not enough to prove that theory. Idk. I think Ubisoft just botched the whole damn story. The only ending that makes sense is the one that you walk away in the end, and that one isn't the good ending. I'm just mindblown and shocked
Mbiggz (26 days ago)
I wonder if maybe the first explosion was a Yellowstone super eruption and the other explosions are the vents and stuff of the ring of fire exploding
Über MeeM (29 days ago)
I love the smell of nuclear fire in the morning, *plays Fallout music*.
ZangThao 咏春 (29 days ago)
How do you even kill father Joseph anyway my friends keep on asking about question how you kill him but I was like idk man, but if anyone has answers please let me know.
Aj_plays 78 (30 days ago)
All the ending s are fucking trash
Enforcingxhunter (30 days ago)
Honestly I don’t wanna chose the ending with the nuke just because I don’t want boomer to die ;-; Also they looked at the nuke so they prob blind
O Lory (30 days ago)
the usual far cry shit endings ... The guys designing these scenarios ending are nuts ... I suppose it's not a nuclear explosions but "bliss" ones. The iranians, north koreans, and several other governments would be very interested in it...
karp (1 month ago)
One of the shittiest games i played in long time. The interrupts ,the hallucinations playing trough jacobs same hallucination over and over again, the silent protagonist and all that topped with a weak boring story. Its like a half prepared game.Those who didnt play the game yet, do yourself a favour and just dont cuff the guy at the beggining. And do something else dont lose 30 hours of your life on this.
Jacob DeMarco-Cronin (1 month ago)
From the start of the game i thought it was retarded because who the fuck would go to a town heavily armed with only 4, or however many it was, people to arrest the cults leader right in front of the heavily armed cult and not expect something bad to happen. Then i started to enjoy taking those fuckers down and all for nothing... Why the fuck would the sheriff want to arrest joseph? We killed the others in the family, lets just kill him too. Also what happened to the black dude who was in the chopper with us? Last i remember he was laying in bed at the jail but i didnt see him in the end fight unless i missed it
Bryce Gastelum (1 month ago)
Do you have to start a new game to get the other endings I got the nuclear one and I was hella pissed
darkness minion (1 month ago)
all my effort for nothing!!!
Abe Ridha (1 month ago)
I only like the secret ending only cause the marshal actually lives through the whole thing compared to the other "endings". Also if they just left the father during the second ending after they cuffed him he would have died due to the nukes
BlackLister (1 month ago)
Secret ending = ya pussied out of the entire game. 😂
Sadly all endings are mean :(
Lemonzify (1 month ago)
The rezzing spams were hilarious.
captain kirk (1 month ago)
Best far cry by far.
NROP (1 month ago)
Our Father is a good people! Even you killed his family, he still forgive you and let you walk away! So, I choice put the gun down and go home with my friend! I really love Faith, I always happy when she appear, my real angel. when Ubisoft order me to kill her, I just stand and wait for she to kill me! John was right, I'm really wrath after she gone!
Nick Montalbano (1 month ago)
you didnt have the music on, it played the song that triggers you that Jacob used on the player
Erik Norman (1 month ago)
How is the walk away ending the good ending?? None of these are good endings
Byun Baekhyun (1 month ago)
When he said "you're all i have left, you're my family" I was honestly awwing out loud
Emir (1 month ago)
So, you can end the game right when it starts? What the fuck?
zanes94 (1 month ago)
The "good" ending isnt really that good if you ask me..
Isaac Lievano (1 month ago)
All of these endings to me are bad and just...they're all the same! Its just one big game over! This is one big fuck you from the people who made this game! The gameplay is just great and amazing! The endings are the fuck you part. I wouldn't call the "good ending" is even good! We just murder the people in the car because the damn song! The boss endings are my favorite endings. Just not the main. You know...I hope the people who made this game learn from this! I hope they add a actual good ending! Here is my idea to the ending I'm thinking of. You'll get your friends back to normal and you kill father instead of knocking him down, somehow, the nukes go on and you go onto the same bunker. Everyone is in there safe and sound. Your just okay so your in your bunker and maybe you'll put on a suit that protects you from the nuke's aftermath. And maybe a fallout related DLC? That's all I have to say. Thank you for anyone who read this.
mr. Vander (1 month ago)
I am Christian myself and I'm convinced that developers used Jim Jones' cult as the back bone of the story for this game. Just Google "Peoples Temple".
Bezzegh Adam (1 month ago)
The game has 3 endings, and they all suck. Bravo.
bigdaddyjte (1 month ago)
After my research, I believe the "resist" ending is a bliss hallucination. He dumps two huge barrel's on you before the battle and there's NO WAY they would have made it to the truck/dutch's bunker without being incinerated. Everything else is blowing up around them but the truck is fine??? No way. But I noticed an interesting development today. Playing it for the second time through, and when you attack Faith's bunker, you encounter that illusion of Joseph Seed. If you don't shoot it right away, you hear him say "I am your father, you are my child." THE SAME THING he says to you at the end in dutch's bunker. When you hear it in Faith's bunker, you're hallucinating as well. Didn't notice that the first time. YES I'm aware of the radio broadcasts, but remember that Eden's Gate controlled all radio signals coming in and out of Hope County. The only question I have is what happened to Joseph Seed. Did you kill him? Did he flee? Is he hiding? Not sure, but I definitely go with the Bliss Hallucination theory. Everyone is fine, Hope County is normal and the map says you've defeated the father and liberated all of Hope County.
Grey (1 month ago)
Is Far Cry 6 going to be Post Apocalyptic gang warfare? Because I'm down with that.
Danny1o1272 (1 month ago)
WOW what garbage. I'm gonna go kill myself now
Daniel Anderson (1 month ago)
Despite the critic reviews, I loved all of these endings. Needs a spin-off game where I join and help the cult now
Manuel Vitalerio (1 month ago)
11:23 all togheter now Shoot down that bastard
Haocheng DU (1 month ago)
Little buggy @21:31, the radio should play Only You
徐正諺TsuiChingYin (1 month ago)
Is all the sheriff’s fault,if he didn’t play the song in the car.......
Akmal Al-Fauzi Rafii (1 month ago)
The first is the best one
Gamer Spirit (1 month ago)
i knew joseph was right just like pagan min in farcry 4
Spasserboy (1 month ago)
The nuclear ending is one big illusion!! At this point in the game your brain is all rotten by all that Bliss you have been exposed to, and you are now very suggestible and easy to manipulate. Joseph knows this, and starts off the first illusion at 7:47 when he suggests to you "an earthquake" which your senses inteprets as a kind of storm/hurricane (remember this is before he overturns the barrels of Bliss!). After Joseph is defeated in the Bliss induced shootout, he starts off another illusion at 12:20 by suggesting the coming of the apocalypse, which your senses inteprets as nuclear annihilation. Right after this happens Joseph starts singing Amazing Grace which is a kind of hypnosis technique that is also evident in one of the cutscenes with Faith, where she is during the exact same thing to the Sheriff by singing Amazing Grace to him. The game supports this theory at 15:08 when it is clear that Joseph is not in the car with you, suggesting he is outside your illusion taking you to the bunker while singing Amazing Grace. Joseph is just a manipulative babykilling schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur who uses drugs and hypnosis techniques to control people. If you take the 'Walk Away' option, you properly attempt to kill your friends when hearing 'Only You', but at least you have wiped out and destroyed the entire cult, - except Joseph. That's an okay ending all things considered.
seddeeq azaoe (1 month ago)
i think i've got the best ending , took my shit and left
MrMaverick (1 month ago)
ubisoft already fucked up assassin's creed series and doing the same to far cry ... GG keep on
Chris Reiser (1 month ago)
Maybe the nuke/bunker is not the ending. Feels like after seed dumped the barrels you are hallucinating the whole thing after that. You kill Seed and in the end the nuke premise is driven by radio talk shows broadcasts about NK possible dropping bombs and all the bliss you just were swimming in. Then at the real end “you begin play again” for a brief moment you see a bliss flash of a nuked town and then your back in Hope County and the town starts to put itself back together.
Booga (1 month ago)
Loved this game =D Who lives in Montana? Leave a like and comment if you do too
Amazing ending, I just wish the actual game was good!
John L (1 month ago)
Far Cry 5 is just Fallout 0
Iron Man (1 month ago)
What secret ending?!
mr. Vander (1 month ago)
in the very beginning.
S1g Sh00ter (1 month ago)
Do you get a trophy for not cuffing Joseph?
Alonzo Hernandez (1 month ago)
The nuke ending is real and not a dream/bliss vision Proof: When I was driving around in the game the radio said something about North Korea nuking Moscow
Adam Wright (1 month ago)
Your not Jesus
Adam Wright (1 month ago)
Stenli Bolnev (1 month ago)
The third ending MEANS rook killing all cops
Big Boy Animation (1 month ago)
there is something i didnt understand in the end of the game when we chose to arrest joseph. who bombed the region? did he put explosives in all the region that explode when he get arrested? or the american government beging to bombe the region to kill all the gang ?
Anthony Malacara (1 month ago)
In ending 3 the main character somehow gets enraged by the song on the radio clarified be the red around the screen and kills his buddies.
Zombies Marble (1 month ago)
Welp fuck Far cry fuck life. I was all happy because dis nigga nick had a badly only to realize that days later we are the only survivors fuck Ubisoft I knew they would fuck up this games ending god damit
Jean-Michel Laloux (1 month ago)
basically there is just no way to "win" in FarCry5... either you leave at the beginning and the cult wins, you leave after killing every member of the family and he wins. or you resist, he nukes everybody captures you and still wins... not very satisfying at all.
Cypher NX (1 month ago)
One thing I noticed is that my character, unlike FC3 and FC4, never speaks. That means people in the game are talking directly to me? Next time I play Far Cry, I'll watch the ending first. Haha I want to fight the cult and turned out, Joseph was right? What if so called "cult" is just a different belief that we can't swallow it. In Joseps eyes, he would see you as a cult too. We let all the beliefs blind us from the truth. The truth doesn't matter anymore, just your belief vs my belief. I remembered a guy said that John's confess was a beautiful thing. It's their belief, respect them! We say we're not supporting killings yet we need to kill their people to free our people. Once each side got push too hard, they'll start doing something crazy. War is ugly. Those who has a sword shall die with swords.
punch3870 (1 month ago)
i'm just wondering why the fuck there are 3 missile silos in Hope County, Montana with 3 nuclear warhead. surely the government would take notice that 3 nuclear silos have gone radio silent for some years and sent in some people to investigate.
Asher (1 month ago)
Man these endings kinda make me not want to complete the game, i already feel so disatisfied.
igor manuel s (1 month ago)
With all due respect, Far Cry 5, what the fuck?????
UnicornsOnLSD (2 months ago)
It makes me sad that there is no happy ending
Saesee Tiin (2 months ago)
Can I still play after the endings? Or do I need to start a new game?
Dedi Solihin Dua (2 months ago)
This game,really really waste my time,because the ending
Wail Sediri (2 months ago)
All endings are bad !!!!!! I played the game first time i choose the resist option that ending was fucking horrible,then i replayed the whole game again and i choose the walk away option,i don’t know what the fuck happend there (i think rook killed all his friends cuz of the music ) and then i did the secret ending that good because i need to play the game again
Mark L (2 months ago)
18:38 Black Overlord?
Hải Phạm (2 months ago)
Good Ending/Bad Ending? Are you f**king serious? Where is the damn "good thing" in either of 2 endings?
Lil Fiji Tha Malefactor (2 months ago)
so was that spose to be nuclear war or god destroying earth
Ningendou (2 months ago)
14:15 "GO AROUND" *PowerPyx: "WHERE?!"*
Alexander Poschenrieder (2 months ago)
Well. it looks like all bad endings to me
Logan Collins (2 months ago)
So anyone ready for far cry 5 2.0? I mean the father has power of even the military under his thumb when you heard dispatch speak of father.
Senya (2 months ago)
the voice actor of the sheriff is amazing

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