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The Last of Us - Joel Rescues Ellie

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Text Comments (75)
yusra qariab (1 month ago)
1:25 Joel 😢😢that ellie sad voice breaks my heart
logandh2 (2 months ago)
This was the moment Joel regained his humanity and became a father again
Gisele Hernandez (3 months ago)
Sarina T (3 months ago)
I can't help but wonder what Joel would've done if he walked in when David was on top of Ellie...
chelsi irvine (4 months ago)
He called her baby girl I can't ahhh it's too cute and adorable
Swan666 the zombie king (5 months ago)
If only Joel got his hands on David...
I forgot my name (6 months ago)
Wonder what would have happened to good old David if he choked Ellie out THEN Joel walks in.
The HealingWordsWriter (23 days ago)
I forgot my name he dies happily :)
Anna Gray (7 months ago)
i personally love it when he call her baby girl it so heartwarming to see and hear
Eliana Forti (8 months ago)
It's the first time a videogame makes me cry 😢 "Oh baby girl..." Just one word for writters: genious
Ed Garazaky (10 months ago)
first time watching this cutscene i was fully rushed and just wanted to kill david second time watching it i was crying like a bitch
john kamel (1 year ago)
Who's cutting onions?
GemGems3 (1 year ago)
Ever notice how the music is jagged and rough when Ellie is slicing the crap out of Davids face (It's like its matched to the frenzied state of Ellies mind) but when Joel comes in and hugs her the music changes completely smoothly? ;_;
Pol McGee (1 year ago)
Not exactly an accurate title.
Nazri Buang (1 year ago)
"As I lay down beside her, I saw her as my own child. Not of my blood but of my efforts to save her. I do not know what she thinks of me but at times, I see Sarah still breathing. I do not know what drives her to be alive but the sickness had come to its terms. I am trying my best to keep her alive though I am not certain for how long". - Joel
baeyvn7 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the soundtrack in the background?
baeyvn7 (1 year ago)
+dale wylie tyy
dale wylie (1 year ago)
all gone the reunion
Godman250 (1 year ago)
When I first saw this part it destroyed me
N Burke Officials (1 year ago)
Godman250 ok
Godman250 (1 year ago)
When I first saw this part it fucking destroyed me.
N Burke Officials (1 year ago)
Godman250 ok
Godman250 (1 year ago)
When I first saw this part it fucking destroyed me.
N Burke Officials (1 year ago)
Godman250 ok
Cassandra Brooks (1 year ago)
This title is all wrong. :)
Wolfens Gacha (1 year ago)
0:01 close your eyes your welcome
SpicyDragon (1 year ago)
Near instant boner
فراشة سلام (1 year ago)
nise moment
Alicia Brock (2 years ago)
makes me tear up everytime.
Wolfens Gacha (2 years ago)
Same with me 😥
twerkformemes (2 years ago)
I think David got the easy way out....Joel would've beat the ever loving fuckidy fuck out of him twice over.
Dan K (2 years ago)
I always thought that too.
Hamwick (2 years ago)
ManFanUtd (2 years ago)
+Hamwick The last of us -all done reunion
lowkeyyourmom (2 years ago)
I cry 😭
Username (3 years ago)
; ~ ;
domnaral (3 years ago)
Every time I watch this scene my heart melts <3 I love the relationship between the two of them, so deep and powerful.. I think no other videogame has ever made me feel as emotionally involved and attached to the characters as TLOU did. It's a masterpiece *-*
Riko Malen (3 years ago)
Joel: Ellie! Ellie: NO! NO, DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME! Joel: Look! Its me, Its me, Its me! Look look! Its me.. Ellie: ...He tried to.. Joel: Its okay baby girl.. Leik if you cry ery time
Wish Ellie didn't stab him so that Joel would be running and kicking the fuck out of him :D
Wolfens Gacha (2 years ago)
Same with me 😏 that would have been good
Bloody Carrion (3 years ago)
Joel rescues Ellie? Maybe Joel rescues David from Ellie...
bonk brazool (3 years ago)
OOOOH he said it!
TheBlasian96 (3 years ago)
Hugh jackman and ellen page.......... im just sayin'!
Username (2 years ago)
+Josh Needle I agree! That's why I said so!
Username (2 years ago)
+Josh Needle People need to stop choosing someone way out of Ellie's age group. Mackenzie Foy or Maisie Williams work for me honestly.
ManFanUtd (2 years ago)
+TheBlasian96 Dylan Mcdermott and Ellen Page :) :> just saying
Username (3 years ago)
+The Sorrow I agree :D
FTS Messamore (3 years ago)
+TheBlasian96 Josh Brolin and Maisie Williams...just saying..
Vali-Lucifer (3 years ago)
David suffers the same fate as Gareth.
i smoken worm cum XD (2 years ago)
Vali-Lucifer (3 years ago)
+Whats up Sophie right! lol
Snazzy Soph (3 years ago)
OMG THE SIMILARITIES I HADNT NOTICED only difference is that this machete's handle is blue not red 😂 👌
Miles Curtis Watson (3 years ago)
I love this scene, I really do. But your title downplays the importance of it. He doesn't rescue her, she rescues herself, and its the ultimate expression of just how strong and powerful this young girl is.
N Burke Officials (1 year ago)
Miles Curtis Watson Joel saved her from taking it too far
iLink Graal (2 years ago)
I think no one rescues anyone in this scene. It's just pure art. Should've just called it David's death scene xD
Eoin O'Hanlon (4 years ago)
Ellie rescues herself man.
nextpkfr (4 years ago)
It was him saying "baby girl" that made me lose it.
frootygroovin (3 years ago)
Blue Ombré (3 years ago)
Yeah :'(
Alan Paterson (3 years ago)
Me too dude, very deep
Marsh Earnest (4 years ago)
Does anyone know what Joel was saying when it fades to the music? I can't quite manage to lip read it. I know the last thing he says is "Do you understand?"
Shay Lacey (11 months ago)
Marsh Earnest I think he said I'll never let anyone touch you again, okay.
Jinksyfire (4 years ago)
I can't quite make out the side view right when it cuts into the music, but when you see Joel's face, he could be saying something like, "I'll never leave again, do you understand? Understand?" I'm not sure if that's right, that's just what I see. O.o
Asoranth (4 years ago)
What's beautiful is when Joel says "Baby girl". Which is the exact thing Joel called Sarah. You can  see that Joel now sees Ellie as a daughter like figure and will do anything for her. And you can see in Ellie's face that she knows that when Joel was holding her face in his hands. So touching and beautifully written. Also, it wasn't a cliche saving a damsel in distress.
sunshine 777 (4 years ago)
Maddie2088 (4 years ago)
Once I get to this part of the game im recording it from the tv
Maddie2088 (4 years ago)
I love this scene I keep watching it over and over lol
bisto davey (4 years ago)
Ellie is cute
Jada (4 years ago)
Oh, god, who put onions in here..
DestructiveDave1900 (9 months ago)
*in Squidward's voice* Hey, who left this bowl of onions, here?
Ellie Johnson (4 years ago)
this was a intense moment in my life
Sav Joz (4 years ago)
He didn't have to rescue her. That's the best part.
Giraffe Out Loud (5 years ago)
...IMO Ellie rescued herself.
Daniel Robson (5 years ago)
Oh baby girl awwww
magnieto1 (5 years ago)
"Oh, baby girl." Awesome game.

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