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Minecraft: Far Cry 3 Map, Ep.2 | Dumb and Dumber

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Check this out! "SUPER MARIO HALLOWEEN ★ BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES MOD" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt_sdCW6LLY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Dumb and Dumber bring you Minecraft videos, Custom Maps, mods like Tekkit, Feed the Beast & other gameplay videos like Call of Duty (Modern Warfare, Black Ops 2), Custom Zombies, and much more. YouAlwaysWin is about playing games, having fun and sharing a laugh or two. Official Minecraft Far Cry 3 Map Download link, http://far-cry.ubi.com/fc-portal/en-GB/minecraft/index.aspx Need a Low-Cost, quality Minecraft server? Click here, http://www.aim2game.com/minecrafthosting/ Our Twitter link, https://twitter.com/#!/YouAlwaysWin Meatwagon22's Twitter Link, https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 GUNNS4HIRE's Twitter Link, https://twitter.com/#!/GUNNS4HIRE . FREE TO PLAY MOBILE GAME, UDLR:SWIPE. TRY TO BEAT GUNNS4HIRE'S TOP SCORE OF 93! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/udlr-swipe/id686245456 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ElevenElevenStudios.UDLR
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Text Comments (98)
Jason Shands (2 years ago)
I name is Jason
Michael Spence (2 years ago)
make a fans and the money will leave you alone
nobody here (3 years ago)
NovA GazeR (3 years ago)
Julian Acevedo (3 years ago)
i love your mincraft skin
tyler jesse (3 years ago)
Thejoshieb 101 (4 years ago)
Whats the ip and name?
gio m (4 years ago)
or 100000000000000000000
COZMATICKIDS (5 years ago)
I am only 7 my brother is 9
COZMATICKIDS (5 years ago)
That is a funny name for a mount inane
Charles Farrell (5 years ago)
its mountain dumb and dumber!
sam lane (5 years ago)
4:52 take a screenshot
Tywanda Calvillo (5 years ago)
sauce father (5 years ago)
Pigs look like boars :$
tsage2007 (5 years ago)
I downloaded this map, but my laptop isn't power full enough to play on anything higher than short render distance, and it can't use the texture pack. I'll probably wait til I get my gaming pc to play this :/ To bad to, it looks so sick.
Darkmoon22 (5 years ago)
go back to 21:58 and watch the sheep fall
Dennis Pagco (5 years ago)
meaty go on survivle
Alex Olsen (5 years ago)
car mod+gun mod+far cry 3 map=perfect match
Donna Hadley (5 years ago)
ops I mean thumbs up if you the creeper at 26:00
Donna Hadley (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you saw the creeper at 24:03
Francis Dayrit (5 years ago)
TheRictile (5 years ago)
it wasent a fail :3
lourdes santillan (5 years ago)
You never take your s
lourdes santillan (5 years ago)
Your lame
alexander livanos (5 years ago)
6:54 the hardest button to button! the white stripes!!!
elias dafesh (5 years ago)
Skeleton 4 days!!!
Marina Mustać (5 years ago)
TheRictile (5 years ago)
27:34 its so funny
Reginald Pooftah (5 years ago)
I'm not defending him or anything, cause he's an ass-hat, but opinions can't be invalid......they're just opinions lol.
TheHalomanification2 (5 years ago)
i think the mest up the food and health bar in this texture pack
plushiepenguin (5 years ago)
@Nathaniel San Nicolas "Rei's mini map"
BKLINE1984 (5 years ago)
I hope they make a better texture pack for this, something like a HD pack would look great. not digging the default look.
SpeCifiC0507 (5 years ago)
Your opinion is invalid, too bad.
m1garandisthebest (5 years ago)
this is like the coolest map yall have done! Great series!
gamefiever (5 years ago)
desmond's office? well ubisoft knows what to do
Nathaniel San Nicolas (5 years ago)
Does anyone know the name of that Mod that meaty has the map thing
mdc10203 (5 years ago)
at 23:00
mdc10203 (5 years ago)
you guys missed tnt in the back of the mil behind the big cookery :)
Akamigit Hernadez (5 years ago)
Wow guns wus almost ded
jaloviinatonttu (5 years ago)
They are so noobs at minecret gotta love it lål
Nick (5 years ago)
Wow epic map!
gloar987654321 (5 years ago)
Like this if anybody else saw the falling sheep get hurt at 21:55 xD
WarPig395 (5 years ago)
Great series. It's getting me even more pumped for farcry 3.
DoggieBad (5 years ago)
this adventure map just set the bar
baekmints (5 years ago)
does he watch Adventure Time?
tiesha6981 (5 years ago)
Gunns dont get inside meateus
TurboShark (5 years ago)
epic map
cj johnson (5 years ago)
yes they can
Bob Mit (5 years ago)
ian santana (5 years ago)
hhehehe im in new york
ian santana (5 years ago)
its sandy
ZH Gameplay (5 years ago)
spino2000100 (5 years ago)
Unless they use a nuke mod, how are they going to barbecue this?
Tyler Williams (5 years ago)
Chest at 23:09
Zac78859 (5 years ago)
That factory is NOT OSHA certified
KC OH (5 years ago)
I like how meaty stops to look at the coconut
SemperJ550 (5 years ago)
Harvey Roberts (5 years ago)
The texture pack looks different to mine, aka: water is different and there is zombie bodies in my version
elijah overmon (5 years ago)
GrimZ (5 years ago)
The bones look kind of inappropriate , just sayin' .
Deafdoom33 (5 years ago)
My vid won't start :/
Tyler Johnson (5 years ago)
This texture pack sucks
ongames (5 years ago)
There was some info leaked in this video: Gladiator people have been chose, and the series has started recording. Or, they misplaced names.
ongames (5 years ago)
I haven't heard of this game and now Iwant it BAD.
TheBeav360 (5 years ago)
21:15 LOL
NightWalkeR (5 years ago)
yes i know that but some of the features of this texture pack is cool and some of the things are not that good, they could have done a better job taking in that they are UBISOFT and they design and create games. overall its good but i expected a bit better for some reason :)
matt jones (5 years ago)
Look for the sand outline under the pressure plates if you see it don't walk on them ones.
Itachi Uchiha (5 years ago)
use this texture pack for other d&d vids, its awesome :)
Osaid Khilfeh (5 years ago)
ugly texure pack!
Nicolas (5 years ago)
I love when you two say some words with a french accent, cause I'm french and your accent make me laugh so hard :p Love your vids, you're the best duo ever, keep it up ! :D
Stubborn_Jeff (5 years ago)
for glateator it dose not matter if you win or lose if you try you are a winner
MrJJPATTO (5 years ago)
This maps excellent they have done a good job it looks cool an its played by the best duo anywhere D&D to the rescue
RJ1FROST (5 years ago)
meaty i have a question for you , If you didn't like gooollldd what would you like?
NightWalkeR (5 years ago)
04:50 WOW it looks awesome
mocthemerc (5 years ago)
The Texture pack is for the map and it was made by Ubisoft
NightWalkeR (5 years ago)
Great video and great map BUT not THE best or ideal texture pack for this map. just saying
Lennert Bontinck (5 years ago)
stupid texture pack :/
JLA (5 years ago)
Do a Lets play on KOTOR! Like if you agree!
Morten Gotliebsen (5 years ago)
well fuck you then! Bitch!
Auzan (5 years ago)
u guys should make a far cry lets play
MrChil1Zz (5 years ago)
Hey gunns make sure you play the new "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs".
lynn kelley (5 years ago)
HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!!! Dumb and Dumber XD You Guys are such a Treat ( tee hee )
LapDog95 (5 years ago)
Epicness strikes again!
LapDog95 (5 years ago)
to eat a guys douche
Hunter Lambrechts (5 years ago)
Shut Up U Are Annoying
Soukarya Ghosh (5 years ago)
Zirael (5 years ago)
Kefjo Vd (5 years ago)
MrSnurribass (5 years ago)
Mr.Plzholdthemayo (5 years ago)
Nathan Dunphy (5 years ago)
mateo juarez (5 years ago)
War Stories (5 years ago)
and awome series i love this
War Stories (5 years ago)
Ismaak5 (5 years ago)
Ross Gartland (5 years ago)
Philippe Dufour (5 years ago)

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