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Rc Adventure with my New K5 blazer and my friends

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Took my new blazer K5 out of the box for test with my friends and got some nice video clips. i hope you like!
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Text Comments (9)
a brilliant video..!
Chris Customs (3 years ago)
Excellent video ;-)
Carlos Eng (3 years ago)
+Chris31 Productions  Thanks Man!
DanZig WraiTh (3 years ago)
Nice view location ,cool rig too awesome guys,likes this video!!
Carlos Eng (3 years ago)
+DanZig WraiTh  Thanks Man!
Victor Barajas RC (3 years ago)
Excelente video Carlos, te quedo muy padre con muy buena edicion
Carlos Eng (3 years ago)
+Victor Barajas Gracias Vic espero que para mañana se suban los que me hacen falta
waffett (3 years ago)
Great video!! Compliments!!
Carlos Eng (3 years ago)
+waffett Thanks Man!

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