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Minecraft Daily! - Ft. SlyFox, Kevin, and Micheal! THESE GRAPHICS!!!

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Hey guys! We're back with more Minecraft Daily! This time I try out the shaders mod and see how well it works with this modpack! People involved in this episode: SlyFoxHound - http://www.youtube.com/user/xXSlyFoxHoundXx Kevin - http://www.youtube.com/user/goldenblackhawk Micheal - http://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelBahhh Leave a like if you enjoy this series! Thanks! ============================================= List of Mods in Minecraft Daily: ( Minecraft 1.4.7 ) ( SMP ) - Custom Mob Spawner 1.4.7 - GUI API 1.4.7 - Minecraft Forge 1.4.7 - Mo' Creatures 1.4.7 - Chicken Bone's API 1.4.7 - Not Enough Items 1.4.7 - Crafting Guide 1.4.7 - Twilight Forest 1.4.7 - Pam's Harvest Craft 1.4.7 - Pam's Weeee Flowers 1.4.7 - Pam's Water spawn 1.4.7 - Pam's Get all the Seeds 1.4.7 - REI's Minimap 1.4.7 - Tree Capitator 1.4.7 - Backpacks 1.4.7 - SCMowns Patches/Configs 1.4.7 - Familiars Mod 1.4.7 - Shoulder Surfing 1.4.7 - Flan's Planes Mod 1.4.7 - Jammy's Furniture 1.4.7 - Better Farming 1.4.7 - Rival Rebels 1.4.7 - Chat Bubbles 1.4.7 - CoroAPI 1.4.7 - Weather and Tornado's 1.4.7 - TropiCraft 1.4.7 - Auto-Join 1.4.7 - Minecraft: IMPORTANT UPDATES AND WHERE I'VE BEEN! - Little Blocks Mod 1.4.7 - Fossil / Archeology Mod 1.4.7 - Secret Rooms Mod 1.4.7 - Balkon's Weapon Mod 1.4.7 - XP Books Mod 1.4.7 - Aurora Rubealis 1.4.7 * Please don't ask me for a download of this modpack, it's against Mojang's Terms to distribute. * Texturepack: R3D Craft or Sphax http://bit.ly/R3DCraftTexture Interested in Hosting a Minecraft server with great connection? http://bit.ly/CraftNode
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Text Comments (128)
Akyanos (4 years ago)
I love Kevin and Steven.
Lps lover (5 years ago)
I love this mod! So realistic
Thea (5 years ago)
What mod has the oranges and lemons and stuff?? :3
james bensel (5 years ago)
he says what mods they are just go and download them
DUCKGO (5 years ago)
How do u get the texture pack 3d
Nova Mccoy (5 years ago)
that new mod you got it is incredibly painful on the eyes
Lucy May (5 years ago)
leaves moving messing up my eyes
Kai Jordan (5 years ago)
Midori (5 years ago)
the shades thing is kinda trippy
DeadlyScorpion (5 years ago)
@creeperdud22 are you retarded?
Leon Salazar (5 years ago)
no he uses the texture pack that sly uses on HomieCraft
Elisha Halevi (5 years ago)
Add smart moving
Sky Army (5 years ago)
Look in your basement sly put bombs
GunterBjörn (5 years ago)
Well what steven cant see is that Tekkit dint ask the mod creators and is still there he can publish it
tristan alva (5 years ago)
goes to kevin's house, takes his coal, leaves XD
Asbjørn4real (5 years ago)
its in the R3D Craft
N4tural / D4NK (5 years ago)
you should make an outro
coolalek122 (5 years ago)
STEVEN MAKE A VIDEO OF SHADERS MOD PLEASE i realy need you to make one please!!
N4tural / D4NK (5 years ago)
Where is rachelkip
Expresiions (5 years ago)
Probably, but the textures for the other player would be messed up.
DomoStash (5 years ago)
but does it still work if i only put it on the server?
Riugi Lukem (5 years ago)
what is that texture pack
kaleksi (5 years ago)
I have no Idea what the hell that guy just said.. Whatever it was he said the same thing over and over and over
Aidan (5 years ago)
If you read his description it clearly states * Please don't ask me for a download of this modpack, it's against Mojang's Terms to distribute. *
Byzantium when (5 years ago)
OMG Steven i want so fucking much that Mod-Pack asking damn mojang or the mod creators.I seen many dudes giving Minecraft.jars downloads plzzz steven or just make a download for the Mods Folder and make another folder for the stuff u need to put on Minecraft.jar plz steven just ask the Mod creators :( PLZ
anthony webster (5 years ago)
jazzielev (5 years ago)
I love u legit Steven!!! So much!!!
Alberto Guzman (5 years ago)
Bring back moosroms from the mushroom biome with weat Then right click it with a boal
Alberto Guzman (5 years ago)
Use the old tp
Alberto Guzman (5 years ago)
Add the poop mod
wesley lau (5 years ago)
seed:4 mushroom biom
Drew Nickel (5 years ago)
nuke something
Alex C (5 years ago)
Mod review on shaders
Mr-E Man (5 years ago)
he is using a texture pack on top of the shaders noob :P
Roxas1711 (5 years ago)
in the future sly will find a mushroom biome an kev will setup a timed bomb
tehkingofpie (5 years ago)
Whats your texture pack?
BballRealm (5 years ago)
Plz nuke something
ArtCribble (5 years ago)
Booring get a snazzy mod a show it off !!!
Ash (5 years ago)
how do you download the shader mod?
Seth Fernandez (5 years ago)
steven doeznt mine..... he steels! :DDDD
Paul Brettschneider (5 years ago)
best intro ever
DomoStash (5 years ago)
for the mods on the server does everyone have to download them to work or is it just the server owner who puts it into the server file?
8jayj (5 years ago)
:( i like MissRachel :(
Mark West (5 years ago)
super computer!
Stephen Kim (5 years ago)
whats the new mod you have?
TurtleGalaxies (5 years ago)
OOHH!!! that's a great idea!
TurtleGalaxies (5 years ago)
TurtleGalaxies (5 years ago)
a normal private one :)
TurtleGalaxies (5 years ago)
BLOOD DRAGONS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?!?
99superdragonslayer (5 years ago)
what pack are you using for the shaders mod?
Crown Studios (5 years ago)
Can u give the realistic mod plz
Lowry (5 years ago)
Is this sonic ethers unbelivable shaders mod with vanilla alpha water shaders?
David Peddle (5 years ago)
oh my god it looks so real!!!!
djjzxy12 (5 years ago)
steven can you please make a tutorial about install the shaders mod pleeeeaaaase :3
sisher2864 (5 years ago)
Diego A Vazquez (5 years ago)
i dont like how it looks :(
Fighto13795 (5 years ago)
On your server make blood dragons a little mor common
Demo Titan365 (5 years ago)
Steven update mine and blade battle gear mod 1.4.7
MrPercygaming1234 (5 years ago)
I agree do a shader tutoriall PLese your the best tutorial and are acuttly understandable
SmolFennec (5 years ago)
Steven you gotta make the others in the call louderr
Nairb (5 years ago)
What kind of server do you use that you can put so many mods on?
a duck (5 years ago)
One is a texture pack, the other is Sonic Ether's unbelievable shaders i think.
roy Diepen (5 years ago)
pls unban royvanD in jour server ...
Toby van Berkum (5 years ago)
Don't use this mod please it's ugly!!
nickyds92 (5 years ago)
has steven found the c4 yet in his cave?
MrJorgen622 (5 years ago)
Steven! What mod makes all the shaders and fancyness?
Shockwave663 (5 years ago)
Mincraft daily looks so beautiful...
jaeman11-plays games (5 years ago)
sorry for the mess up on that comment but youget the picure:)
jaeman11-plays games (5 years ago)
there is lots of shaders out there which one is this? The one im useing now is sonic ethers shaders but its a blur when you move but the one is use is much better:)
Eclipse Moonshine (5 years ago)
That book case looks like something from dr. Suess
ninjaman570 (5 years ago)
read the description. they cant do that -_-
stillalive2000 (5 years ago)
Steven spell rubbish instead of trash ( or bin)
xrobot9 (5 years ago)
Steven you thief! =0 Coal stealer!
Nicholas Almond (5 years ago)
Lol. Go to a web called skydaz
Tarik Hannuch (5 years ago)
hur hur :P
mike walling (5 years ago)
yea about to say i am michael and its ael not eal lol
Dilyiah (5 years ago)
:( wat happen tomlittle house D:
Ryan Buck (5 years ago)
Why is ur server never open
Anvity (5 years ago)
wow that graphic, my video card is not much, GT430 :(
Anvity (5 years ago)
I got 2000 ping in SCMowns server. WHY! :v
Wild West (5 years ago)
Franky Ralph (5 years ago)
Get out my channel and sub me please
Vincent Pham (5 years ago)
If you do happen to read the whole thing please support this guy, AznPenguinPanda. He is just starting out with his friend and needs a little promotion. If you don't like his content then don't hate. Just check it out if your interested. He is making a minecraft series right now.
Runemaster580 (5 years ago)
there is something like a trash can its called the rubbish bin its in the jammys furniture mod
Rich Burkhart (5 years ago)
Steven do galatic craft mod i dont know how and the ferrlos gun mod
SplatProductions (5 years ago)
Gather trash can is a rubbish can just look for it
Tyler-Stephen Sahady (5 years ago)
Jinova (5 years ago)
No, the texture he is using is called Ovo's Rustic Redemption.
kyoya Poster (5 years ago)
Zombie awareness mod its really epic can be challenging and would be really fun you guys
armando lopez (5 years ago)
R3d texture pack
Phillip Macleod (5 years ago)
Steven look in your basement
Michael Bah (5 years ago)
Filip Elfsten (5 years ago)
It's the familiars (spelling) mod ;)
wizardfiend (5 years ago)
Why are there random floating mobs?!
JustDatGuhy671 (5 years ago)
I am from guam
Gavin Rose (5 years ago)
Micheal :-)
Dylan Fire (5 years ago)
your sever dose rip people off like a diamond to get 10 oranges
MFAW (5 years ago)

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