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How to Increase Steam Download Speeds - Guaranteed

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How to Increase Steam Download Speeds - Guaranteed Today I shall be going over a few tips and tricks in how to increase the download speed for your games through Steam, follow all these tips and you will notice an increase in your download's speed. steampowered.com/stats/content ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like to Support the Channel for $1 ? ► Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/RagingChaos ► Twitter : https://twitter.com/RaginChaos ► Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/RagingChaos? ► Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/ragingchaosgaming/profile Remember to #freetherage And Subscribe to Raging Chaos Channel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #freetherage,how to speed up steam download,increase steam download speeds,increase stream download,increase steam download speed,increase steam download,How to Increase Steam Download Speed,how to increase your download speed,how to download steam games faster 2017,how to get steam games to download faster,Increase Stream Download Speeds,speed up steam downloads,How to Increase Stream Download Speeds,steam download speed,how to download steam games faster
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Text Comments (615)
Faris Aanensen (1 day ago)
Thank you, it went from 1 hour to 60 minutes😍
Isaac Yolo (1 day ago)
Hey man, I wanted to say thanks! This really helped! I was at like 500kbs, and now i'm at 8MB per second. So thank you again so much! :D
Ezra Banks-Baddiel (6 days ago)
i'm watching this but i get over 20 mbs
yes iam Noob (6 days ago)
thanks bro you just earn new subscriber from india
Chef I (7 days ago)
200kb ps to 2mbs ik its shit alright but its better
Technical Kane (7 days ago)
i was in 3 to 4 mbps download speed before now i got 45 Mbps To 54 Mbps it really really works i swear
thank you so much!! my daughter (nine) plays Ark and it was taking forever to download updates and new parts. Now it's downloading at four times the speed :D She's one happy girl. so thank you once again :D
lukas lebednykas (8 days ago)
Thx it worked
KJSKrazy TV (9 days ago)
Still works to this day 😂😂 helped me 20mbs
Fizzy Supra (9 days ago)
omg thank you! i was running 5.8 mbps now im running 60 mbps!
i got 70+ MB
Atticus gaming.RP. (12 days ago)
Wow disconnect phone now I cant really watch this video
ThomasTheLoser (12 days ago)
Went from 1-2 mbps to 20mbps. Thank You!
Bambik!. (12 days ago)
i love you im from poland and i use poland download or frankfurt and i got maximum 2 mbps now i got 3.1 mbps THX <3 now im looking and i got 4.5 mbps! *SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE!!!*
Rafi Ahmed (13 days ago)
Thank you it’s went from 600kb to now 20 mbps and I am not lying!
Revedge (13 days ago)
Helped tremendously thank you
A.k (13 days ago)
Thanks Bro, It's Worked!!! <3
Marius1212 YT Gaming (14 days ago)
Pady (15 days ago)
OMG. i went from 0.50kb to 6mb thanks :D
Sanel Subašić (17 days ago)
100% working
JohnmarkfromYT (19 days ago)
it works from 15 hours when i saw it againe its only 12 minutes what the heck
WasdDeluxe (20 days ago)
Lol from 10mbits to 100 for me
JohnmarkfromYT (21 days ago)
w0w ITWORKS thank u so much
Silent Lips (22 days ago)
Thanx it work (Y)
Samarth S.Hosamani (22 days ago)
Plz help..
Samarth S.Hosamani (22 days ago)
Bro my disk usage while downloading is limited to 20% of the download itself
Savitar (24 days ago)
They should really fix steam downloads. My own says it will take 48 hours to download gta5, but it took 2 hours
xPlqto Bedwars (14 days ago)
Lucky, I've been download GTA 5 for 3 hours, it's only 6%.
RTV_KinG (24 days ago)
Changed mine from 6 to 52
Cialex Shekai (24 days ago)
And your help didn't change a fucking thing. Exact same download speed
Cialex Shekai (24 days ago)
The locations are alphabetized! If your gonna say your gonna pick central America ACTUALLY PICK IT!
Cialex Shekai (24 days ago)
Why the f*** did you exit out of steam settings if you were just gonna go back in?
Cialex Shekai (24 days ago)
Well you know theres already a term for other programs your not using that are using the internet It's called a bottleneck. Its PC 101 if someone doesn't already know that they shouldn't have a pc
Lil Smit (22 days ago)
shut up
VOID NESS (26 days ago)
my got from 10 to like 80+ thx alot
mrmikes21 (26 days ago)
Thanks this was so helpful!
DestinyPlayz54 (27 days ago)
thanks man i now have 24mb/s with no ethernet +1 sub
RobloxUser (27 days ago)
Oh dude 328 days guess im going to sit for a while ...
TheVoodooman1 (28 days ago)
TheVoodooman1 (28 days ago)
Close down any videos you are watching. Me:(Closes video) Now what?
milky way (28 days ago)
when you said close any video i closed your video then i dont know what do next.....
BETA (29 days ago)
For some reason the more stuff I open the faster it gets
4hin3x Games (1 month ago)
just got 57 mbps
Omq (1 month ago)
finally something that actually works
Aaron Gem Aguillon (1 month ago)
I download csgo 3hours 43minutes
TheCabbageSoup (1 month ago)
holy fuck mine went from 21mbps to 34
hellobooom (1 month ago)
LA is not in central america...... the US is not in central america.....
Hoxtalicous (1 month ago)
Went from 250 kb/s to 300 kb/s nice job thx
Stonned Sinner (1 month ago)
while downloading in torrent i get about 3mbps n in steam i get 100kbps why?
iulian11234 (1 month ago)
boi wtf is this my download speed when i use a speedtest is like 50and when i try to download things its like 1 lol
Saad Ali (1 month ago)
i got 2.0 mbps
Ayaz Chandio (1 month ago)
its just showing mb's but its acutely same kb's speed left timing is same as u can see
Drunkscottsman (1 month ago)
Bruh you picked US.... thats the busiest servers lmao
Panossapidis (1 month ago)
From 700kb to 5mbps thnx broo!!!
CryptedBoi (1 month ago)
Thanks, my rate went from 748kb to 7.4mb
Aman Raiyani (1 month ago)
Try switching to New Zealand server. I literally got a speed of 40-45 Mbps from a speed of 250kbps in Mumbai
reyons lobo (1 month ago)
I have fuckin 300 kbps speed like wtf ?
Dylan Plos (1 month ago)
If i had a 20mbs wifi and my download speed is at 2 to 2.4 mbps can i get to 7 to 8 mbps download speed?
Visionary (1 month ago)
I went from 1 mb to 12 mb and I haven’t changed my region or anything
Tamás Tóth (1 month ago)
Payday 2 20gb Take 10 hours
Half-Life Universe (1 month ago)
it works now i have 10mbs
Officer Rush (1 month ago)
holy shit it put mines up 6 mbps
Tom Dadds (1 month ago)
thanks it worked
EmoGamerDro (1 month ago)
I downloaded Watch Dogs 2 @ 38.4 Mb/s in about 8 minutes while playing on a GTA V RP server, is that good?
DarkLightBoy (1 month ago)
I subbed :)
DarkLightBoy (1 month ago)
thx :D
Pessimistic Eric (1 month ago)
Went from 2-21mbps
Tom Webb (1 month ago)
omg, i was on 5-7 mbps now im on 41+
Boss Meep です (1 month ago)
If you have 10mbps Internet speed. You can download a file with 1.25MBPS. Remember mbps and MBPS is different. mbps - megabits MBPS - Megabytes. Hope this help you calculate your Download speed in MBPS from your mbps internet speed plan.
Wagreed :3 (1 month ago)
I might be a greedy bastard but my download peak is 6.2 MB/s and I still want bigger numbers xD
tombruv (1 month ago)
0:54 closes pornhub
The Comment (1 month ago)
Tip 1... steal WiFi
Jersey Piney (1 month ago)
Thank you I went from 25 mbps to 37
muzammil ahmed (1 month ago)
even when i disconnect all the devices connected,i get the speed at about 100kbs or 200kbs😓 bcz of the shit internet connection😢😢
Xtviuch MV (1 month ago)
CadeMad (1 month ago)
OMG Thank you !!! I had 2.5 mb/s And now i have 20.1 mb/s Really thank you :D
Austin Gamer Bros (1 month ago)
Mine went 30 mbps faster thanks
White Ghost (2 months ago)
Dude thx went up to 6 up mbps I have bad internet
Dorota Strozyk (2 months ago)
This got my download speed from 2mbps to 15
Telako (2 months ago)
thanks, i am currently using the slowest internet atm because the fastest internet is not on the internet list. and the slowest internet mb/s was 2 mg before now it is 6mb/s thanks alot! this worked perfect just as i wanted :) +1 sub and +1 like from me of course EDIT: Don't worry am not gonna be an inactive subscriber :)
Gamomeister (2 months ago)
james (2 months ago)
Ty i had 10 mbps and noe 80 mbps
karol wojtyła (2 months ago)
I still got 1.3mb/s :(
thanks bro csgo downloading in 30 minte
Blind (2 months ago)
Thanks, changed my download server from the Netherlands to Ireland, which made my download speed go from 2 mb/s to 133 mbp/s *that's my average internet speed at my home*
Jacinto Delens (2 months ago)
Defenitly helped me out Alot went from 500kbps to almost 10MBPS !!
John Ojascastro (2 months ago)
ppl from london dont like gaming
Exzplexz mao (2 months ago)
139.8mbps CURRENT 145.4Mbps PEAK 1.6 GB Total 17.3 MB/s Disk Usage IS THAT GOOD OR BAD ?!?!?!?!
Exzplexz mao (2 months ago)
Ok but I already installed my game then refunded it BC im trash and better on Controller It R6 Siege plus i can't link my ps4 acc to my PC so RIP But thanks anyways
jonsku (2 months ago)
I have total 5.0 mb
jonsku (2 months ago)
lol i can SAY its amazing, i have all of those at kb/s
Limitless 1 (2 months ago)
Very useful Thanks You :)
Cryonic Future (2 months ago)
When I do a speed test im getting 12mbps but when downloading a game steam says I'm getting 1mbps
Jun Man (2 months ago)
Dude I went from average 500 kbps to 6 Mbps Insane!!!
Arrogix (2 months ago)
holy shit, my download went from 10 hours to 13 minutes
Arrogix (1 month ago)
nope im not
jonsku (2 months ago)
Roasted Diabetes (2 months ago)
I think i just decreased my dowload speed, lol, my speed is pretty fucking fast. Its just that im downloading a 70 GB game .-.
Burke McCabe (2 months ago)
changing my region changed it to 3 MBPS to 20 MBPS!!! Thabks so much dude youre amazing!!!
Comrade Jakobi (2 months ago)
Whats is the best place if i live in the united states
VertexHD (2 months ago)
could you link the powerline adapter that you use?
Nemix (2 months ago)
I have 150mbps download, but it only uses 20mbps o.o
x Wolfxz (2 months ago)
i download gta and it takes 24/7
KHAIRUL BITCHES (2 months ago)
When i go offline the game wont doenlosd How do i do this
Misha Maestro (9 days ago)
You need to be online to download
Eagankid (2 months ago)
Jesse said (2 months ago)
You made me kms

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