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KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer (E3 2018)

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Text Comments (75)
MynjStynj (8 days ago)
0:25 Moana, make w- To be continued.
Abhishek Shrivastava (9 days ago)
The fuck is happening in this game
meta527II (9 days ago)
HOW STUPID IS NOMURA? He's seriously going to have Kairi dump Sora for Axel! We've been waiting to see Sora and Kairi get together for 16 years! (well actually for me it was only 11) but WHY? WHY IS NOMURA DOING THIS TO US?
castlevaniax1 (9 days ago)
I just bought a ps4 today so that i could pre order kingdom hearts 3,devil may cry 5 and later resident evil 2 :)
Aidan Bennett (9 days ago)
You I’ve had a shitty month girlfriend left me to go back to her shitty ex.. but seeing this trailer gives me such a feeling of excitement and hope that next January is going to be the best time of my life.
☢Kalle🚀 (9 days ago)
Games these days: Kingdom Hearts 3 = Legendary Fallout 76 = Will be shit.
Rush Maverick (9 days ago)
How many live action worlds have Sora, Donald, and Goofy been to already? I know they’ve been to Pirates of the Carribean and Tron but are there any others?
Rush Maverick (9 days ago)
Davey Jones ain’t got nothing on Sora
Arkey (9 days ago)
they really need to add sound effects instead of just the voices during the singing part, its too empty.
n543576 (10 days ago)
AXEL????? But he's dead!? NANI!!?
Emilie L (9 days ago)
Play DDD! You will understand nothing if you have only played KH and KHII
chad christopher (10 days ago)
I'm not a Kingdom Hearts fan, but i will defintely get this because of Jack Sparrow
Sebastien O. (10 days ago)
chad christopher Lol same
raoul galban (10 days ago)
we may lost aqua but damm that kairi new looks so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
raoul galban (10 days ago)
kairi kawaii
gigaswardblade (10 days ago)
kingdom hearts: black flag ps kairi's new look is adorable
Rod B (10 days ago)
I knew it, Riku’s clone is the “other me” Riku was referring when his keyblade broke!
Best Kinda Mess (10 days ago)
better pirate game than Sea of Theives
MikuXC (10 days ago)
to lazy to cut the trailer?
ベラグ ジョン (10 days ago)
I have never like the live action disney worlds in KH.
abiola oretade (9 days ago)
I love emmmm
Battle Memes By Omari (10 days ago)
ベラグ ジョン I know right. Kinda weird looking
Beep Beep Richie (10 days ago)
Riku is checking himself out lmao
Dorian Zane (10 days ago)
Spartan8950 (10 days ago)
Never played this series. Is it good?
Aj Godsey (10 days ago)
Wow the difference it looks so real
Matheus Mota (10 days ago)
Plz can someone tell me the name of the song?
Scarlet Xerxes Auxo (10 days ago)
Matheus Mota Don't Think Twice - Utada Hikaru
Iryu (10 days ago)
Kairi is hot AF!!! Love that she has some of Xion look................
rRecoveryProd (10 days ago)
Riku Replica is back?! WHOA!
Halsband (10 days ago)
Where goes Axels green strips under his eyes?
☢Kalle🚀 (9 days ago)
Play Dream Drop Distance.
Halsband (10 days ago)
Mr. Roblinx not yet
Mr. Roblinx (10 days ago)
You haven't played Dream Drop Distance?
this game will be amazing
☢Kalle🚀 (9 days ago)
Oh My God | Shinje Scraw *Legendary
LordBeurette (10 days ago)
Look at this man reaction OMGG HAHA I CANT STOP LAUGHT https://www.twitch.tv/twitch
so waited for Jack Sparrow theme when his ship appeared in a Davy Jones locker
Coldsummer91 (10 days ago)
Kairi's look though.
Pues la verdad sora no se tardo casi nada en regresar a port royal jajajajja
Como es que la primera vez que visitaron el mundo no cambiaron de traje?? 😅😅😅😂
Tedi35 (10 days ago)
wtf....what a joke
LambertO Bri[ck]enkos (7 days ago)
ha u fokin is gay
☢Kalle🚀 (9 days ago)
SnortimerJones (10 days ago)
Tedi35 uhhh how?
Megan Kanitz (10 days ago)
awesome video GLP 😁
Amiel Blue (10 days ago)
Bruh u fast af
XenoBlazeVA (10 days ago)
Oh Hells YES! Pirate Sora looks fantastic :D
GoukenslayWAO (10 days ago)
lea is back to axel wat
Drew Ford (10 days ago)
GoukenslayWAO she probably just likes calling him that
Kate Asib. (10 days ago)
So if Aqua is "Norted" does that mean that Xehanort knows where Ventus is now?
David Mozeliak (10 days ago)
Kate Asib. I think it's more corruption from being in the Realm of Darkness.
Mr. Squeeps (10 days ago)
Kate Asib. Doesn't mean he could get through castle oblivian with his memory intact.
Tybuster (10 days ago)
Maybe, I mean Xehanort didn't have full control over Terra in 0.2, so maybe the same is happening with Aqua, except with her keeping her mind locked up or something like that.
William Taylor (10 days ago)
Sooner or later
ReduxEditor335 (10 days ago)
Not gonna lie: I almost mistook the POTC gameplay for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag.
Nawaf Dallas (8 days ago)
So people well keep saying this to every pirate game, of course it will "look similar" they are both naval games smh. You could say that to every ww2 game.
Warfare Seven (10 days ago)
Sora Light (10 days ago)
POCT is like a Mix of Atlantica & Deep Jungle, btw the Power Wilds are back
platuim knight (10 days ago)
ReduxEditor335 Oh thank goodness I wasn't the only one!
Nidnoms (10 days ago)
take my fucking money now and give this to me please!!!!!
Benjamin Rentas (10 days ago)
My eyes are orgasming
Benjamin Rentas (9 days ago)
My everything
mriddley (9 days ago)
Benjamin Rentas just your eyes?
Jacqueline Romo (10 days ago)
Donald better have learned Curaga after all of these years
Kingdom Crown (10 days ago)
Jacqueline Romo the way the amount of heartless , nobodies and unversed are appearing. He better learn fucking curaza
Jinx198 (10 days ago)
Jacqueline Romo *Uses firaga on a Fire based enemy*
DeadmanInc336 (10 days ago)
Please tell me that Davy Jones and the Kraken are bosses! And looks like they actually got Johnny Depp to voice Jack this time. Either that or the voice actor from KH2 has improved tremendously.
Marl H (9 days ago)
Dalton Williams Hopefully a Heartless Kraken,we see his body on the beach this is KH.
Dalton Williams (10 days ago)
Takes place during world's end so kraken is most likely dead by this point
Percy Espinoza (10 days ago)
Caolan Lennon (10 days ago)
I’ve waited over a decade and I’ll have to wait longer now! Just take my money!
Ivan Garcia (10 days ago)
"yo ho yo ho"- Sora's dialogue with Larxene
Daniel Tinsley (10 days ago)

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