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Far Cry 5 Frame Rate Drops PS4

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Far Cry 5 PS4 Frame Rate Drops. This is the only time i had frame rate drops in over 26 hours of playing on the PS4. the game runs pretty smooth. Far Cry 5 PS4 Framerate Drop
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Grzegorz Grabacki (6 months ago)
This fucking console is a one big bug.there is no games with no issues This is my last console from This developer
filipsvk01 (7 months ago)
Hey, its on launch PS4 version?
LopMuSiC1 (7 months ago)
2014 normal ps4 in white
paul deangelo (7 months ago)
is not a frame drop but a simple bug...try to send this video at ubisoft ;)
KlassicKrusty (6 months ago)
I've experienced it for long durations which requires a reload or a death to refresh it. I'm on PS4 Pro. It's really astonishing how it got past play testers. Might have something to do with long sessions but it'll go on for over a minute and I don't even remember if I got it to clear up one of the few times it's happened short of not dying or reloading the save. Glad I didn't buy it.
LopMuSiC1 (7 months ago)
its the only time it happend so its not that bad
Mr-Bärwolf (7 months ago)
LOL dasmuss ätzend sein „ wieso Bin ich noch in einem Stück“
LopMuSiC1 (7 months ago)
jo haha

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