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Far Cry 3 - Gameplay/Walkthrough - Part 6 - A. Stealth. Mission. :[

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Welcome to my Far Cry 3 Walkthough. Enjoy! Leave some Support and Feedback :] └Like me on Facebook!┐ http://www.facebook.com/WishGames └Follow me on Twitter┐ https://twitter.com/Wish_Games
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BagOfCans (5 years ago)
Mission could have been done a whole lot easier. After you kill the first guy who's well away from the ship, you don't have to go up and throw about 12 rocks driving both guys mad, one guy is fixing something on the ship, lead the conductor away and kill him then sneak up behind the other guy and knife him. Same for the last two, one of the guys is doing something at the water, no need to go up and around that other sheep to lead both of them away.
White Van (5 years ago)
Pirate:"I am so hot, someone just fucking shoot me". Ha ha your wish shall be granted
djaimy polka (5 years ago)
Eric Valencia (5 years ago)
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Kusant (5 years ago)

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