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DOOM Eternal – Official E3 Teaser

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Announcing DOOM Eternal, the direct sequel to the award-winning and best-selling DOOM (2016). Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal brings the ultimate combination of speed and power with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. As the DOOM Slayer, return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell. Set to an all-new pulse pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, fight across dimensions as you slay new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities. Witness the worldwide unveiling of DOOM Eternal gameplay at QuakeCon 2018 in Dallas, Texas on August 10th! The reveal will be live for attendees and livestreamed for everyone. For more information on DOOM Eternal, follow these channels: Website - https://beth.games/2MjRmdh Facebook – https://facebook.com/DOOM Twitter – https://twitter.com/DOOM Instagram – https://instagram.com/DOOM ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.
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Text Comments (8330)
Robert Aff. (3 minutes ago)
The most METAL game ever
Smk (37 minutes ago)
how people cant see that its a similar, but different, suit is beyond me. the studs everywhere, metal plates on the stomach, no arm covers, and the helmet. the helmet looks similar to the first skeleton we see, so could be that its just a whole play on the "this is for my bunny" thing again. Hell killed a earthlings bunny. this earthling has a similar suit to the doomslayer due to UAC working on the praetor suit. If being betrayed by the demons and gaining unstoppable pwers from it, it might not be impossible that this human becomes a new doomslayer after his bunny is killed? gonna be great to play this no matter what though
Snowy Derps (3 hours ago)
*Here comes flame boi*
Kenjr Suzuky (3 hours ago)
Doom Guy is the definition of AWESOME!!!
de medic (4 hours ago)
I just found out that doomguy is using his old suit in doom eternal
de medic (3 hours ago)
Does anybody agree with me??
de medic (3 hours ago)
It also might be a remake to doom 2:hell on earth(and that explains why he has hiw old suit)
Futurama pop (4 hours ago)
I can't wait to play this.
Spookbumps (4 hours ago)
Fucking archviles
Omar Moemen (4 hours ago)
3rd most viewed trailer from E3 2018. *HELL YEAH*
lets hope that the tentacles aren't a reference to Hdoom.
Asder Qwertson (5 hours ago)
Dylan Kitts (5 hours ago)
that same fuckin kickass music soundtrack FUCK YEAH
4 C r v z y 4 (5 hours ago)
Doom Guy just brought hell himself to Earth.
Sean Turner (6 hours ago)
Doom guy is going to do more than just crash dr. Samuel Hayden's internal hard disk drive. He's going to install some malware too and capute his motherboard. Those are just a list of things he's going to do.
Soy Boy 2006 (6 hours ago)
Holy. Fuck. In. The. Ass. I. Want. It.
Bobby Marley (7 hours ago)
Eternal Doom. :( hope not,hope all is well..who all thinks it's the end of times , raise your hand?
KRS Movie (7 hours ago)
Looks like Mick Gordon is in action again!
Raptor086 (7 hours ago)
Nothing two colors remind me of classic Doom more than that dark pink and concrete grey in the new logo.
Marquize Randall (8 hours ago)
Deadpool: Damn DoomSlayer you sure your not from the DC Universe
Rainy Day Inside (8 hours ago)
Worms? I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
Marquize Randall (8 hours ago)
Rainy Day Inside LMAO Good one
Preston Garvey (8 hours ago)
If you listen closely you can hear the demons shitting their pants when they see Doomguy show up.
Josef Dietrich (8 hours ago)
Joe Sapiens (8 hours ago)
Looks like Mick Gordon is back to wrecking our eardrums again.
yeastori (9 hours ago)
Satan’s should’ve gotten his ass and left the milky way and terrorize aliens instead
yeastori (9 hours ago)
Damn, the demons sitting in the Bethesda conference must’ve crapped themselves when the guitar rift started playing
Marquize Randall (8 hours ago)
lol im sure they did
super nova gaming (9 hours ago)
Like if anyone played the original doom
XLuke Gaming And More! (9 hours ago)
i hope eternal's snapmap (IF IT WILL EVER COME) has more variation than the original one, like a elite guard npc or something..
Err or (9 hours ago)
Doom is back...
We need A Demon Translator
Gaming Plus (10 hours ago)
this sequel is gonna be epic af when it comes out but probably not for a year or 2
Derek Robiou (10 hours ago)
*yes and yes*
Carl Relyea (10 hours ago)
The Doom Slayer has Returned.
Travis Nunley (10 hours ago)
I'm so fucking buying this!!
Destroyer SB (11 hours ago)
When you hit the snooze button too many times and arrive late to work
Те же яичка лишь в профиль..
SadREDIN (11 hours ago)
Демонам пиздец! translate- Demons are fucked!
videogamehunter820 (12 hours ago)
The demons are FUCKED!!!
Hilman Mauludin (12 hours ago)
What happen if I go near that tentacle thingy ?
Loquito Raro (12 hours ago)
The Pain Elemental and the Archvile will be back. Prepare your assholes.
Brett Perry (13 hours ago)
The Bethesda representatives after this trailer aired have said that there will be twice as many demons to fight compared to the last DOOM game. That could be either twice the TYPES of demons encountered, or simply the sheer number. Let's hope so much that it's the former! :)
Ian Ziminsky (13 hours ago)
I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but the skull that Doomguy smashes looks like the cyberdemon from Doom 2016.
Miretazam Ciptaprima (13 hours ago)
The Hell Knight looks like a sport guy
indeed (13 hours ago)
great now i wont be able to sleep until Quake con
william delarosa (13 hours ago)
Who would win? Master chief or Hell's worst nightmare
Marquize Randall (8 hours ago)
Doom Slayer, i love em both but Doom slayer will win
Pablo Colon (13 hours ago)
Since doomslayer is a demons worst nightmare. Imagine if doomslayer was in the conjuring 1 and 2
Marquize Randall (13 hours ago)
Samuel Hayden your blood will be Doom Slayer MasterPiece.
Alphazoid (13 hours ago)
All I'm asking for is that we get E1M1 as a real battle theme this time around. While Doom's soundtrack was very good, it was a slight disappointment that it got relegated to opening credits material. Still, looking forward to this!
Eileen L (14 hours ago)
Why don't Warhammer 40k games look like this.
神JoJo (14 hours ago)
*DOOM II: Hell On Earth Rebooted*
pirrracy (14 hours ago)
Bruno Sousa de Liz (14 hours ago)
Bethesda é foda pra caralho, só lança teaser épico! Assim como foi o DOOM 2016 e de todos os Wolfenstein. Mais um jogaço pra minha coleção!
Noah Galow (14 hours ago)
They came to earth 24 years ago. Now they come back again. It'll be the same..... Not this time (Pulls out a gun) Lock and load. Cause it's about to be hell on Earth. (Loads shotgun)
Sun bro (15 hours ago)
satan his going to shit his pants when he sees doomguy on his door step with his chainsaw in hand
Zoltán Ormosi (15 hours ago)
Doomguy aims?! *Sadface*
Awesome_Sac_Boi (15 hours ago)
0:59 (me, Oddsock, Toggle, Swoop, and other heroes with Doomslayer) me: Well (cocks shotgun) here we go again.
Mr Peanut (16 hours ago)
The world didn’t end because Hell broke out and invaded... The world ended because Hell was trying to escape from Doomguy!!! And that music sounds like Ol’ Mick Gordon is going to be back again for the soundtrack!!! Hell yeah! 😁
ryanspears1986 (16 hours ago)
Mick Gordon's music is so good, it gives me anxiety.
Urod Blyat (16 hours ago)
"May contain content inappropriate for children." "May"
HawkSick (16 hours ago)
DOOM Eternal: Hell on EARTH BABY!!!!
Chun Wong Yip (17 hours ago)
Finally Nintendo switch catch up the train
Sukma Dick (17 hours ago)
This trailer looks like it was made by the exact same people who did the Duke Nukem Forever trailer. But the Duke Nukem Forever trailer was more exciting than this. My advice is to stick with Duke Nukem Forever trailer.
Michael Scheuchenpflug (17 hours ago)
E-U197 (17 hours ago)
*talking to demons* really guys....really....how many times has he blown the face off almost all of you and yet your still trying?...you know this is going to go to sh*t....just wait till he gets the bfg -_- then your all triple fucked from being double fucked by being fucked in the first place👌
Patrick M. Blanchard (17 hours ago)
Please tell me Mick Gordon will be doing the soundtrack
Eric Williams (18 hours ago)
Doom has 3x more views than the Halo Infinite trailer. Welcome back to the throne Doom.
Это, попросту, ахуенно!
George _ (18 hours ago)
Remake of Doom - Badass - Remake of Doom 2 Hell on Earth - Even more badass. And to the guy that said doomguy arrived pretty late.. In the original dooms, he arrived pretty late too. Just the game tech back then didn't allow for this level of awesomeness.
Jos Cosmosbos (18 hours ago)
It's gonna be a bloodbath
Lumin0us7 (18 hours ago)
Onibyron (20 hours ago)
I will replay this vid till the soundtrack comes out!
Vincent Plekan (20 hours ago)
Doom guys passions: He likes to kill demons. He likes to reload his shotgun. And he likes to kill demons again.
Platinum Viper (20 hours ago)
Time to have a HELL of a good time
TheDiglettCave (21 hours ago)
Hell yeah (;-;)
paradix (21 hours ago)
Do any of y'all know if Mick Gordon is doing the soundtrack again?
paradix (20 hours ago)
Great to hear
Oliver White (21 hours ago)
M.C.DragonMasterX (22 hours ago)
It's time to... *_R I P A N D T E A R_* Once more
Boring Guy (22 hours ago)
This game is going to be fucking wild.
Phobo Phobia (22 hours ago)
They need add co-op for story and let other players join god damn !
Emiel Booth (22 hours ago)
*Demons:* "Oh my Satan! We're DOOMED!
DragonGamer 38 (23 hours ago)
0-0 I don’t think my gaming computer can handle both games!
Bat Crap (23 hours ago)
Then run it one at a time.
CptPhoton223 (23 hours ago)
Insta smile on my face as soon as the boot dropped! I can't wait!
Natthanon Sriwantha (23 hours ago)
super doom human
Lance Oberlechner (1 day ago)
VR support?
Kevin B (1 day ago)
who ? (1 day ago)
Yes... The angry *BOI* is back
Ricardo Carrillo (1 day ago)
Where the pre-order button tho?
michael cridland (1 day ago)
i can't wait to see the game play on you tube and watch it until the sun comes sun and the moon go's to heaven laugh blow demos away and stuff awesome.
ildur (1 day ago)
If this is earth, I'm sure Madascar is still safe and sound.
kttsflips (1 day ago)
Another platinum here i come
Cheetah SPN (1 day ago)
My money is ready
Jaune Brando1776 (1 day ago)
-1000 points because of arch-vile
blisteredvision (1 day ago)
Jesus titty fucking Christ. Nevermind my money, take my soul.
There is more ass to be kicked...
L U S K Y (1 day ago)
Replay button 🅱roke
carson westman (1 day ago)
“Man literally too angry to die”
TheInfernoMaster (1 day ago)
10 million views in 10 days. Wow
TheInfernoMaster (1 day ago)
"I can't kill you, but I won't have you standing in our way"-The famous cliffhanger from doom 2016
Intse (1 day ago)
Arch-Viles? Fuck!
Brett Pexx (1 day ago)
0:33 - 0:45 got me mad hype. END OF DAYS, BABY.

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