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DOOM Eternal – Official E3 Teaser

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Announcing DOOM Eternal, the direct sequel to the award-winning and best-selling DOOM (2016). Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal brings the ultimate combination of speed and power with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. As the DOOM Slayer, return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell. Set to an all-new pulse pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, fight across dimensions as you slay new and classic demons with powerful new weapons and abilities. Witness the worldwide unveiling of DOOM Eternal gameplay at QuakeCon 2018 in Dallas, Texas on August 10th! The reveal will be live for attendees and livestreamed for everyone. For more information on DOOM Eternal, follow these channels: Website - https://beth.games/2MjRmdh Facebook – https://facebook.com/DOOM Twitter – https://twitter.com/DOOM Instagram – https://instagram.com/DOOM ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.
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Text Comments (12861)
swagatam mukherjee (3 hours ago)
The 2016 doom was awesome can't wait to play the sequel
Diego Cordova (5 hours ago)
If they add tons of glory kills to perform, maybe doom guy will be happy. Also love the dash, gonna make the game play somewhat faster.
Darko Luketic (15 hours ago)
Star Knight (3 hours ago)
enjoy henrik for wasting your money with stupid Halo infinite Microtransaction.😜
Henrik Nilsson (4 hours ago)
+Star Knight Imma' go ahead and label you soulless unappreciative pricks as "mortally challenged"! 😃
Star Knight (13 hours ago)
meh, Halo Infinite is more terrible.
F.D.S gaming (19 hours ago)
I knew about this
rein l (1 day ago)
Los Angeles doesnt look that different
Richard Barros (1 day ago)
Will this game make u feel like spider man?
RiverSnakes (10 hours ago)
I got the joke now. No it's too tiny
it clearly says: inappropriate content, for social justice warriors or weeping children so refrain from seeing the traile and even give a dislike
SmythFan94 (1 day ago)
Is the armour Doomguy is wearing at the end an updated version of the original armour
Henrik Nilsson (4 hours ago)
Kind of I mean...he's not Doomguy, he's the Doomslayer, though a similar kind of ass-kicker. I think this armor is a hybrid from that of DOOM (2016)'s and the original games.
sum dude (2 days ago)
Testosterone The Game
Север КБ (2 days ago)
I love listen to metal music and dooming demons. Such porn game!
Filo (2 days ago)
I'm scared of demons, but of them that scare them? Now I know
Markodds (2 days ago)
0:53 Me when my friends begins eating my french fries at McDonalds
Henrik Nilsson (4 hours ago)
C.E.L T.V (2 days ago)
France? Germany? Oh s*** this is a video game. Ops
Lapin- Furax (2 days ago)
ding ding (2 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaand we're back to games having standards and being fun again. SJWs cry blood for this one.
PorkFreeGaming (2 days ago)
590 sjw’s dislike this
Jon Kraemer (3 days ago)
Fuck EA's game line up I'm getting Doom eternal
Korvin Carry (3 days ago)
Doom guy does not check under the bed for demons because hes scared of them, he checks under the bed for demons because he has invaded their home, killed their entire family, and is now searching for the last one. And he can smell its fear...
Xavier Tomato (3 days ago)
Get those fuckers off our planet
GlitchByte (3 days ago)
Skorpi Music (3 days ago)
On Nintendo Switch plz
Miguel Ortega (3 days ago)
69k likes... Nice
Sean Turner (3 days ago)
0:54 As he loads shells into his super shotgun, the doomslayer mutters to himself, "hell it's about time.."
Sebi Ciobanu (4 days ago)
Când o să apară doom eternal pe ps4 și cât e prețul
james m (4 days ago)
They should make a movie of this game and it should star Dwayne Johnson that would be awesome..... Oh wait
PC gmes (4 days ago)
Newsflash: Guy TOO angry to die
Henrik Nilsson (4 hours ago)
Stop pulling the same fucking jokes.
Aakash kumar (4 days ago)
I played doom 1 in 2003.....I still love it.....90's games are invincible if they had good graphics at that time
Rain Riley (4 days ago)
Trailer 2 Please!
TheDistorted (4 days ago)
I can't be the only one who's actually even more hyped for the new OST than the game itself?!? XD GIMMIE A "HELL YEAH" IF YOU AGREE!!
Lalaria (4 days ago)
Just a another day at work.
smurffik (5 days ago)
Ждём за трейлер большой респект и музыкк
장성하 (5 days ago)
BFG Big Fuc*ing Gun
Henrik Nilsson (3 hours ago)
Not all of us live under a rock...
Doom Guy (5 days ago)
All the dislikes are from demons
huniepop fan (5 days ago)
Earth in Hell
“May contain content inappropriate for children”
Henrik Nilsson (3 hours ago)
Ikr, this is what makes men out of weeps
AltRight Serbia (6 days ago)
Zero tolerance for the aliens, no human rights for the enemies! Hail Victory from Serbia!
Ryu (6 days ago)
I think I saw evil version Brainstorm of Ben 10 at 00:21
Klapp Stuhl (7 days ago)
*"Oh boy, here I go killing again."*
Gamers channel012 (7 days ago)
The hype is real :-)
Ptolemaios (7 days ago)
White man
Henrik Nilsson (3 hours ago)
Hahah, gtfo of here, Diceboiiiii!!!!!
Fyru Hawk (7 days ago)
Darude Sandstorm (7 days ago)
I hope the soundtrack will get the goosebumps ALL THE TIME <3 Definitely hyped for this one!
DemonDays 144 (8 days ago)
Hold on, how the fuck did doom guy get to earth
Mr Lucifer (8 days ago)
at 0:30, you can actually see a baron of hell howling in the air, signalling the rest of the demon to hide their wives and children
Boris Peit (8 days ago)
Girls in Sweden and Germany would be like, -Demons welcome! open the borders! no one is illegal! And one Christian, white male is the only hope to save race from dirty Invaders from Hell!
Eternal WOOD
The Adminator (9 days ago)
Is this really... doom what I think????
1toneboy (9 days ago)
I'm fired up! Best ad ever, shame I can't 'like' a video twice.
Patrik Archy (9 days ago)
Spirits - SFD (9 days ago)
I want a Duke Nukem (from 3D not 4ever jeez), Doomguy and that Wolfenstein dude Team up! I want killing Nazis, Demons and Monsters and Aliens!
Spirits - SFD (1 hour ago)
Doomguy *stomps skull* Me: Thats copied from *Terminator 2: Judgement Day!* :D Tbh, i feel like the new Doom has become too much of a mixture between Master Chief (armor and sword) + Alien Vs Predator 2009 (Finishers and atmospheare, wristblade and shoulder caster) and that chain is come on, straight on stolen from Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Some of the tech for the demons,also reminds me of Skynet. I no longer feel like its a remake of the original Doom (for that we got Brutal Doom), but something based on it, thats taking stuff from different media and slams it together. The music is still good though. ;)
Spirits - SFD (1 hour ago)
+Henrik Nilsson Woops, typing error fixing that now ;d Also we agree the trailer is awesome? ^-'
Henrik Nilsson (1 hour ago)
+Spirits - SFD Read your comment again! :DDDDDD
Henrik Nilsson (1 hour ago)
Spirits - SFD (2 hours ago)
+Henrik Nilsson Hey! Read my comment again, before attacking me! I was only pointing out that i tought that the new Doom was slamming together stuff from different games and media, but i didnt write that that was necessarily a bad thing. And yes, i did watch the entire QuakeCon reveal footage, *including for all the planned artwork* , and thats basically where i got all the info for writing my comment on. Also, Fun Fact: All the original founders of ID Software are long gone (https://www.vg247.com/2014/07/10/where-are-they-now-the-dissipation-of-id-software/), and its now aquired by Bethesda Softworks. I just think that its not that original, thats all. Glad that we could agree on the music.
Henrik Nilsson (1 hour ago)
Things have the ability to inspire each other, cancer. And who are you to say what is 'directly copied' from something else? I don't you've even taken the time to watch the gameplay reveal. I'm telling you, DOOM is as unique as it can get and will stay that way as long as the fate of the franchise is in the hands of talented people like those at id. Edit: People like Mick Gordon are in fact a deciding factor in it all. I truly do not think many can compose as befitting music which makes the DOOM experience SO special.
Hauptman Tyson (9 days ago)
Black Ops 4 like to dislike Ratio: 3:2 Battlefield V like to dislike ratio: 3:5 Doom Eternal like to dislike ratio: 116:1
Kyle Philipe (9 days ago)
Ok this is epic
Darth Derp (10 days ago)
The best thing about this game besides the story and doomguy kicking demon glass through their mouth is that the developers actually fucks with sjw which makes the game better because doom guy doesn’t give little to no fucks given besides your legs
Edward V (10 days ago)
Europe 2040 simulator looks amazing.
Bezimienny Nameless (10 days ago)
Battlefield V is better :) kappa
William Anderson (11 days ago)
Tod Howard is my dad
Ethan truth (11 days ago)
Hell yeah, Doom Eternal is gonna be fucking sick. I think Mick Gordon will still be the music composer and if so, the soundtrack is going to kick ass as well.
Henrik Nilsson (11 days ago)
It has been confirmed that Mick Gordon will be doing the soundtrack.
Ape Slavic (12 days ago)
Iann (12 days ago)
Me arrepiei todo
Jake Rivers (12 days ago)
Gosh the soundtrack is a bit the same but sounds a little better - this game is so satisfying
Mat Secret (12 days ago)
*sees another spider demon* THERES MORE OF THEM?!
Joey Glasgo (12 days ago)
smash ultimate dlc character. calling it now, you heard it here first folks
planet earth (12 days ago)
I can feel my eternal blood boiling for this game
Sugith Eranda (12 days ago)
I have feeling that Doom Eternal is the prequel to Doom 2016..
Dvhf Dhdhdv (13 days ago)
Where is the Elder Scrolls VI?
Adolf Hitler (13 days ago)
my name is my name (14 days ago)
white genocide
Hoovy (14 days ago)
How to be immortal Get angry
ConceptBro (14 days ago)
I keep coming back to this trailer and it always gives me the chills. That bass guitar riff will never cease to get me pumped.
Bad movie Parodies (14 days ago)
Even though it’s about hell invading, feel like I’m in heaven... because game looks freaking awesome!!!!!
Kevin Rojo (15 days ago)
00:28 shit got real when that music started playing
TheBigKiddo x (15 days ago)
A unfriendly reminder: Don't fuck with the Doomguy.
Gas the S.J.W’s (15 days ago)
Nutted at 0:51
Thiccr than u (15 days ago)
I want doomguy to rip and tear my asshole
The Darkest Soul (15 days ago)
I can officially say that Bethesda is not only putting there foot down to Sony, or making elder scrolls 6, but has made the doom series awesome again
SinonMercer (13 days ago)
Bethesda didn't make it they published it.
Brandon Cutler (16 days ago)
Arch-vile sees Doomguy Arch-Vile: TAKE ME AWAY!!! I DO NOT WANT THIS!!!
Evan Taylor (16 days ago)
Doomguy: I have come to pet my rabbit and kick ass. 0:51 And you fuckers killed my rabbit.
Lilz.MonkeyBoy (16 days ago)
What is this 30 fps?
Bannock49 (16 days ago)
Doom Guy for Smash!!
Devhead39 (16 days ago)
Where can I get this music?
Shashank Adluri (17 days ago)
Music is epic
Neel Ghost (17 days ago)
I've watched this teaser trailer at least 15 times so far and everytime it sends chills down my spine lol. Holy shit this is an epic teaser and fucking Christ.... I cant wait to play this game. <3 you id software!
Michael McGehee (17 days ago)
Does anyone else miss how in the 90's doom games the demons made individual sounds and screamed when you shot them? Now when you shoot them all you hear is your gun going off. Those are really cool sound effects that gave immersion to the game. I wish they'd bring those back for Doom Eternal. Fingers crossed but doubtful.
Adam Apostol (17 days ago)
Doomguy: let's fucking kill more demons
Nerf Maestro (17 days ago)
I've watched this trailer 12 times already and my mind can't even comprehend the fact that another doom is going to come out. I can't wait for finally something else than battle royale thank god.
Tairy Hesticles (18 days ago)
Thank you SJW's for drawing my attention to this game, looks awesome. Wasn't going to buy, but I am now. Screw Battlefield 5.
Aleee Aztekka (18 days ago)
Doomslayer turned out to be chuck Norris
Yes Sir! (18 days ago)
Those Alex Jones voice over memes sold this game to me. Epic.
scott stenhouse (19 days ago)
Is this for Xbox one?
Hugo (19 days ago)
Time to fuck demons again lmao
McSuto (19 days ago)
Has anyone noticed that at 0:28 sounds a lot like the Doom '93 intro? Sounds like we got more OST Easter Egg hunting!
Luis Miguel Ribaya (19 days ago)
No more fucking Overwatch to steal GOTY this year
Randy Rogers (19 days ago)
Now Earth, Mars, Phobos, AND Hell are trapped with Doom Slayer.
Collin Beleth (19 days ago)
I looooovvveeee iittt
NooB man (19 days ago)
So cooooooooooool
HOLA SUKAH (20 days ago)
i really HATE DOOM...because you never made any cinematic cutsceme...showing the badass figure of the doomslayer...AND DONT FOLLOW DISNEY...THEY NEVER ALLOW BLOOD AND GORE AMD HARDNESS
Kenx00x (20 days ago)
im scared i think i just pissed my fucking pants ;(
Captain catnip (20 days ago)
Deeth Irteen (20 days ago)
Apparently it's racist to shoot demons now. Fucking SJWs.

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