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Minecraft Daily | Ep.311 | A Dungeon Finally accepts us!

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Text Comments (611)
Sean Piggy (2 years ago)
Sean Piggy (2 years ago)
# baitching
SunWolfSummoner (4 years ago)
Gavin Toner (4 years ago)
Henry Is dead *retypes* awesome
EnderBorn (4 years ago)
 bring immortal back god damit  bring immortal back god damit bring immortal back god damit bring immortal back god damit bring immortal back god damit
Roadhogg (4 years ago)
hush child
Christy Fernandes (4 years ago)
I love the theme song!!!
N S (4 years ago)
CalebPlays YT (4 years ago)
I know a mod it's called bitchen
Dq productions (4 years ago)
Steven: but its not sametricle sly:sametricle my ass hole
Vidia Ree (3 years ago)
ActionBrowniez (4 years ago)
lol learn how to spell
Dq productions (4 years ago)
started form the bottom now we here started from now my whole team is fucking here
jkk 643 (4 years ago)
Everbody spam. WE WANT ALEKS,
EnderBorn (4 years ago)
+PurpleDJGaming PurpleDJ bring immortal back god damit
jkk 643 (4 years ago)
everyone wants aleks
jkk 643 (4 years ago)
no we want aleks
Dq productions (4 years ago)
shut the fuck up purpledjgamingpurpledj
Maddness Jankins (4 years ago)
i wan't pixlmon
Bryan Zamora (4 years ago)
MC-Daily is Boring with out pixel mon
TheMostHolyPotato (4 years ago)
That's what everyone said when they replaced Divine RPG with Pixel Mon
Colonel Cbplayer (4 years ago)
Bryce Cloud (4 years ago)
What da heck dose herobrine do for the fan thing
TheGamingGuys (4 years ago)
I liked it better with pixelmon :(
Drydenwarrior33 (4 years ago)
MainEvent (4 years ago)
Started from the bottom now we bitching
Tristan Acosta (4 years ago)
Crimson Heart (4 years ago)
#kevinandstevenbebitchin sorry had to do it DX
Calvin Allume (4 years ago)
Who sings these songs
Calvin Allume (4 years ago)
Homies unite
lovewolfes66 (4 years ago)
Started from the bottom now we're here! hahahahaha
Jayden Yam (4 years ago)
WTF! * what the fuck*
pinkimperfections (4 years ago)
What were you doing...BITCHING
Matthew Fuda (4 years ago)
I want Alex back bad
Muncen Buncen (4 years ago)
what were you doing MOTHER FUCKING BITCHING i did it right yes ???
Parker Ma (4 years ago)
your xp didn't come back it justs needs to load after you kill something it will show it again
webbandid (4 years ago)
What were you doing... BITCHING!
Dakota Mason (4 years ago)
well i guess someones got to do it
jack garvin (4 years ago)
4:00 + Steven: "blow me mod" Sly: "ow god its coming up
Pappyboy (4 years ago)
Sly has a semetrical butthole
boxnblocks2 (4 years ago)
k :D
boxnblocks2 (4 years ago)
It's not, there is a armor cap, and if you have dragon armor you can still reach that armor cap.
Abbie Shepherd (4 years ago)
sort out ya chests im slightly OCD n its killin me
neil lang (4 years ago)
What where you doin BITCHEN
blizk24 (5 years ago)
I like more beign fabulous in Skyrim
MAINBAHAMIAN (5 years ago)
your laugh is bad ass sly
Bananananana - (5 years ago)
His mask is off omg
JOKERHOLIC12 (5 years ago)
Pixelated Gamer (5 years ago)
Wow 35 dislikes :D
Keltonseiler (5 years ago)
Stevens face
Andrew Underwood (5 years ago)
Pimpin Aegislash (5 years ago)
connor gregory (5 years ago)
blizk24 (5 years ago)
i have bad news.... i have a dragonbone full armor.
Digital Guardian #617 (5 years ago)
Advanced Hipos... that explode.... Creepos?
Hannah Avelar (5 years ago)
wat was he doing? BIETCHIN!!
Keyan Whitenack (5 years ago)
Mikhail Chambers (5 years ago)
Henry is dead 11:15
CorgiZzz (5 years ago)
MrPeterGoldman (5 years ago)
1 mil subs and I never heard of you xD SUBSCRIBED!
Jeremiah McPlus (5 years ago)
I so called the quote XD
Sofie Anderson (5 years ago)
William Orta (5 years ago)
Rare Cande Plis...
Sarah Robertson (5 years ago)
Started from da bottom now were here XD
Arien Hosseini (5 years ago)
Sly, make videos with facecam:D
marley konkol (5 years ago)
i love steven when he does his voices X3
TheVeryWeirdGamer (5 years ago)
nice reference
Andrew Bratosin (5 years ago)
Forced baked bread
junior23452 (5 years ago)
May I ask...Have you had anything to drink this evening?
trekkervision (5 years ago)
Now for me to quote something that relates to this situation! "How can I believe, when this cloud hangs over me?" -Forget It by: Breaking Benjamin
patryk wojcik (5 years ago)
bit hen ololololololol
ChilledVenom (5 years ago)
that was like two or three episodes ago
Pee Cee (5 years ago)
Bit hen
kiracattell (5 years ago)
Ive missed 5 episodes, they didn't turn up in my new feed :L
blizk24 (5 years ago)
Wohohoa calm the fuck down buddy,..... Since when is there a dragonbone battleax, where can i steal it from?
botjr (5 years ago)
No that are not cupquake and sly are friends. That can have the same idea
Lynnie M. (5 years ago)
wow they r copying CUPQUAKE idea!
JPKProductions100 (5 years ago)
What the fuck
Stratzee Dzn (5 years ago)
No, just atheist probably.
1080p 16x9 (5 years ago)
You call them and idiot when you try to say Heaven is a real place. I'm not going to say if it's fake or if it's real because no one knows that for a fact. Heaven is merely an idea of many religions as a reward for following how they want you to live. I would love if I got to go to a paradise when I die for having to deal with being around assholes all day every day. As far as I'm concerned, no one can prove if Heaven or Hell exist, but they can sure use the concept to scare people.
rhm35z (5 years ago)
make longer videos
1080p 16x9 (5 years ago)
Minecraft daily is only going to 365.
nrwatk0202 (5 years ago)
Hint hint steven is going to kill all zefers in the 400th episode
cobraglatiator (5 years ago)
don't mean you gotta be an ass about it. i'm refering to "if i'm going to a fake place can i go to heaven?"leading people to assume you think anyone who isn't an athiest is an absolute idiot.
cobraglatiator (5 years ago)
cobraglatiator (5 years ago)
Fluky Luky (5 years ago)
Gabrielle Payne (5 years ago)
I actually like that song by Drake...
iMrPaperBagGuy (5 years ago)
Do you know what would be a great plot twist? If Henry's mom was the giant Christmas Tree from Minecraft Daily Christmas Edition and she migrated to Guam. Sadly, that tree already died.
Triforcesoul (5 years ago)
Satanist much?
miniclip7951 (5 years ago)
i was on my subscriptions and it showed only episode 313 and i though 'wait,where's mc daily episode 311 and 312 but i went on your channel and it twerked... i mean worked
Ghem Gabriel (5 years ago)
Just check ihascupquake she is doing a series about this
Lewis Thomson (5 years ago)
steven you bitchen
Jimi Omeara (5 years ago)
get rid of ather
Crystalxdr (5 years ago)
Steven being all Kawaii and shit, quoting The Lion King... xD <3
MrCandyChaos (5 years ago)
Hey, I would LOVE to go to HEVEAN! Wouldn't you?
Ryan Stoner (5 years ago)
In due time :D
cammo353 (5 years ago)
No. You will go to Tony Starks house of ribs and you WILL LIKE IT!
cobraglatiator (5 years ago)
TheExpensiveLemon (5 years ago)
We had the same idea... Best friends?
TheExpensiveLemon (5 years ago)
Click "Show the Comment" to go on an ADVENTURE :D
Jack Shellenbergar (5 years ago)
hey sly im a new subscriber even though ive been watching daily for awhile but how about u guys try voltz its a mod tht has missiles sentries and stuff like tht
TylerMcFluffBut (5 years ago)
jorge duran (5 years ago)
i wanted be in this conversation
Chief Keef (5 years ago)
ASA akira would be proud
TheBufmaster (5 years ago)
Alper Meow (5 years ago)
Who's Alex? Oooohhh Aleks.

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