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Minecraft Modding 101 - How to Install Minecraft Mods Using Minecraft Forge (Any Version!)

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In this video tutorial, I'm going to show you everything there is to know about installing Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Forge. Keep in mind, this tutorial applies to ANY recent version of Minecraft Forge. Minecraft Forge 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.9, it all follows this exact procedure. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe to KreekCraft for more stupidly funny content! http://bit.ly/JoinTCN Minecraft - https://minecraft.net/ Minecraft Forge - http://files.minecraftforge.net/ - Other Media - ★ Twitter - http://bit.ly/TCNTweet ★ Facebook - http://bit.ly/TCNFace ★ KreekCraft Subreddit - http://bit.ly/KreekandFans ★ FREE KreekCraft browser extension - http://bit.ly/TCNWips Join Curse's Union for Gamers (Youtube Partnership!) http://bit.ly/UFGApply Outro Music - "Nova" by Ahrix http://bit.ly/1tu8ZYp Check out the AMAZING artist Ahrix! https://www.facebook.com/ahrixmusic?fref=ts https://www.youtube.com/user/AhrixOfficial https://soundcloud.com/ahrix https://twitter.com/Ahrix "Nova" by Ahrix is licensed under a "Creative Commons" license. http://bit.ly/1lUkiYG
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Text Comments (18)
DJWitNoHairline (1 year ago)
s u c c (1 year ago)
Ariana Torres (1 year ago)
TurtleSwag21 (3 years ago)
do u have Skype
Jonathan McCarthy (3 years ago)
i figured it out i had to download other stuff and put more stuff in my mod folder. thanks for all the help and the video was great.
KreekCraft (3 years ago)
@jonathan McCarthy No you don't. What is required and isn't required is detailed in the installation instructions. If other mods work and Millenaire doesn't, then it sounds like a Millenaire issue. You'll have to take that up with the Millenaire mod dev. It might be a bug.
Jonathan McCarthy (3 years ago)
and the chicken b ones mod has alot of other downloads for 1.7.10, do i have to download them all to get it to work?
Jonathan McCarthy (3 years ago)
chicken bones mod works but i did millenaire mod the same way so i dont understand why its not on my minecraft
KreekCraft (3 years ago)
@jonathan McCarthy Does it work with any other mods? Try it with one of the mods shown in the video.
Jonathan McCarthy (3 years ago)
i put the millenaire mod into the section and it doesnt show up when i launch forge
Jonathan McCarthy (3 years ago)
but it wont work, i tried and it didnt work so i thought it was because i messed up making a cean .minecraft
KreekCraft (3 years ago)
@jonathan McCarthy As long as you created a new .minecraft it doesn't matter where you launch the game from. I'd go ahead and proceed to see if the installation is successful and if it works. If not, you'll unfortunately have to start over.
Jonathan McCarthy (3 years ago)
so i messed up making a clean .minecraft because i didnt open the minecraft from the files, I  instead opened it from a shortcut on my desktop. any way i can fix this without starting all over?
WolfianDecadence (3 years ago)
And in a mere 15 min you have ushered in a new crew of modded Minecraft players. Excellent and well presented tutorial, Kreek.
KreekCraft (3 years ago)
+WolfianDecadence Thanks! :) I get asked how to do this a lot, so I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible.
MartinosRS (3 years ago)
Nice video :D (as always)
KreekCraft (3 years ago)
+Martinos Spa XD Thanks!
KreekCraft (3 years ago)
Here it is - A full guide on how to install Minecraft mods start to finish. I've had a few people ask for this, so hopefully it helps you guys out! :)

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