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Far Cry 4 - Paul (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is a video depicting all cutscenes with Paul, a secondary antagonist in Far Cry 4.
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Text Comments (50)
Jacob Rorke (2 months ago)
Paul is a second Todd Wiliams. If you know Detroit Become Human you know what I mean.
Dudegotgts Phone Edition (2 months ago)
I liked Paul
Jordan S (2 months ago)
aww good dad.
Jawf94 (5 months ago)
Paul really didn't get nearly enough screentime. Compare this to the amount of screentime the secondary antagonists in Farcry 5 got such as John Seed.
Nivram Smith (5 months ago)
We wronged this dude.
LOGAN LOOKER (5 months ago)
I feel bad for him he believed what he was doing was good and cared deeply for his family he was a broken man who needed healing and what dose he get in return his wife cheats on him he gets locked in a cage and crys for his daughter and in the end he was good Sabal and anmita where evil one a drug lord who captures kids and kills kids the other a man who is stuck in the past so far he cares little for the furtrue
LOGAN LOOKER (3 months ago)
Joshua Willis he was sick and needed to be healed he truly believed he was doing good and even said he was the good guy and the golden path are the bad guys witch turned out to be true Amita was a drug lord who forced kids into slavey and Sabal was a religious fanatic who killed every one who did not want to join him and remember how Amita killed badrha to get total power paul is not a good man but then again who is every one has skeletons in the closet the haunt us every day it's just that Paul can't has no emotion to the people he kills because he truly believes there evil and the way he treats his family shows me he is not beyond redemption also Nore is not innocent either remember when so told you to kill Paul she sent a man to be killed by a lion if the man had to die because pagan forced her hand she could hand taken a gun and showed him mercy I'm not saying she's evil I do feel for her and ajay was an idiot for not stopping her suicide when we all saw coming a fucking mile away the worlds not black and white there's only gray light gray and dark gray the world is a cold dark place and all of us have done things that make us monsters but we can always do better make sure others don't make the same mistakes help those in need show emotion and mercy listen to people hear them out understand where there coming from do better because if we won't who will I know it's not easy and not everyone wants or can do it but if you won't just no I want judge you I understand
Joshua Willis (3 months ago)
LOGAN LOOKER that is such bullshit. De Pleur was a sick fuck who knew exactly the type of shit he was doing. He got off torturing people. He deserves what happens to him
LuNi.Fi (6 months ago)
Yeah I'm alive you fucking taxi driver line always gets me.
killed_by_goodby (8 months ago)
I'm sorry, he's suppose to be super intimidating and evil, his name that is given to him by others is deplur. And his actual name is Paul, fucking Paul, I'm not scared by a guy named Paul
killed_by_goodby (6 months ago)
lisa7525 Paul's kinda generic
lisa7525 (6 months ago)
killed_by_goodby At least his name wasn't Bobby or something generic like that
killed_by_goodby (6 months ago)
Brooklyn T. Guy fair point
killed_by_goodby (6 months ago)
8purple even that waste of space isn't that intimidating
Brooklyn T. Guy (7 months ago)
killed_by_goodby at least it wasn’t Jeff.
Edmaro8 (9 months ago)
Wait Ashley she's Paul Daugther that a clihé
Rkects (9 months ago)
I wonder what would happen if you ACTUALLY took Paul to the airport...
Dudegotgts Phone Edition (2 months ago)
Rkects wish you could but I tried
Workowaty Wilczek (4 months ago)
Rkects you will lose a mission. There was option of taking him to the airport but was removed
North Anderson (10 months ago)
I hate this guy.
Shamil Ameer (8 months ago)
Carl Respuesto i feel less enthusiastic to complete the game now that she's dead
Carl Respuesto (8 months ago)
Shamil Ameer She's dead.
Shamil Ameer (9 months ago)
Noore but i love u Noore
Privateer Bouncher (1 year ago)
You forgot his last lines, "Awwe come on Ajay! Don't be like that. Don't act like you give a damn, when you don't! Find your inner truth!"
SirWoozy (1 year ago)
would be cool if you could just free him. i mean he is a psycho and so is pagan but are sabal and amita better in any way??
Joshua Willis (3 months ago)
SirWoozy actually Pagan killed a lot more than some and de pleura is a sick fuck that literally gets off of seeing people suffer. How are these guys better in your eyes?
Joshua Willis (3 months ago)
Merlith Gero true but still the golden path are factually the lesser evil.
Merlith Gero (4 months ago)
Pagan min is a sociopathic dictator and paul is just a sociopath. While Sabal and Amita are more like ideaological extremists/radicals. Either way, its just different shades of evil. Noone of them are "better" than the other.
Devin The Master Of Bees (7 months ago)
Joshua Willis Amita's goal was to make a "better" kyrat. She wanted to turn it into a drug country. She also had bhadra killed. She wasn't a very good person.
Wade Wilson (8 months ago)
Joshua Willis actually Sabal and his sister do force and kill people to do their goals.
The hellhound 36478 (1 year ago)
I found him in a cage at banapur and I just shot him in the head😂
Shamil Ameer (9 months ago)
Noore i love u Noore
thegreat dragon (9 months ago)
Noore he was doing his job
North Anderson (10 months ago)
The hellhound 36478 Good decision. Paul was a bastard.
MLG Mustafa12 (1 year ago)
The hellhound 36478 lol rip
Drewster (1 year ago)
Quan Oliver (1 year ago)
i feel bad for the guy can we just take him to the airport and send him back to his family
Hanzo Kuraiken (15 days ago)
Actually, It's a bit unforgivable because Paul did kill Noore's family and loved ones. I know Noore is a bit of a savage on the arena, but she's a just a bit of a chill woman(Of course when Ajay met her for the first time in the arena)
North Anderson (10 months ago)
Quan Oliver They should find out what Paul realy is.
Privateer Bouncher (1 year ago)
But then again, Laura (Pauls wife) cheated on Paul with this so called Uncle John. But I showed him mercy, I had Army Berserkers and Chargers after me, they followed me to the cage Paul was in. I killed the Golden Path Guard and opened the cage and ran off. I assume they took Paul to the airport although I knew that the game would just remove them.
Privateer Bouncher (1 year ago)
same, he was neevr mean towards Ajay, fking GOLDEN MONKEYS!! I hope that Far Cry 5 will be your choices only and not what developers want.
Amen Allah (1 year ago)
@Solid Snoot : That's nt good mate. In the end, his wife and daughters didn't knew the true nature of his "work", even if he loved them so much, he still lied to them. They don't have to suffer the consequences of his dirty deeds :/
colten boyd (2 years ago)
Daddy's not here
Christine Brandt (1 year ago)
colten boyd lol
Warrior of Slaanesh (3 years ago)
Varför är alla av mina favoritkaraktärer i spel alltid de största psykopaterna? :L

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