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10 Misconceptions About Gamers from Non-Gamers

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There are sadly many misconceptions about gamers from non-gamers. We hope to debunk at least ten of them and bury such nonsense. Let's know in the comments your personal experiences. SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV Art: V. Chen
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Acrozi (47 minutes ago)
Idk what you mean, Minecraft is a very manlike game that us fellow adults play.
Monika Kincelová (1 hour ago)
One of the misconceptions worth mentioning is "Elderly people don't/can't play video games." (in this I mostly mean popular stuff like GTA or CoD) I actually have a grandpa (he's 79) and we usually play video games together when I go to his place. We usually play World of Tanks, some of the older CoD games, Portal 2 or Far Cry 4. And to be honest, he isn't bad at these games. Not great but then, he's an old man. :'3
shadowmaster40k (5 hours ago)
When people say games make you violent I gotta call bullshit
Simon Lu. (8 hours ago)
fucking cringy video
VitalSTRATS (1 day ago)
I have never met a girl gamer that has been good
Keegan Sparks (2 days ago)
Walks into living room mom's PLAYING 3hours of God of war
Keegan Sparks (2 days ago)
I agree 100 percent with 8 it helps with my anxiety
Lord Absol (2 days ago)
So is no one going to say the fact he is friend with AH
Brandon O'Dell (2 days ago)
The only one stereotype that I have is no friends but personally I could care less I’d much rather stay to myself than have to deal with BS
Itz_PC_Gaming : (2 days ago)
Odyssea (2 days ago)
3:04 Geoff and Ray :D
TheIronWolf2018 Z (2 days ago)
Gaming is for nerds
catlover67803 (2 days ago)
On that part about girls playing video games, my mom is weirdly good at Smash 4 😂
catlover67803 (2 days ago)
Marco Brancorsini (2 days ago)
"uhh your videogames are a waste of time". Oh really? You know why I'm not that bad at driving? Because of racing games. No, I'm not talking about Need for Speed or Burnout. Not even about Forza or GT. I'm talking about Assetto Corsa or iRacing with a decent wheel. These games have very realistic physics, they can seriously improve your driving skills.
Lukas Stevens (2 days ago)
This is super important *rolls eyes*
GearZ25 (2 days ago)
i learned a lot about WWII, just by playing WoT and WT edit:vehicles in wwii and their characteristics
Jill Smith (2 days ago)
Minecraft was originally made for young adults not kids. But Microsoft gets it and turns it into a easy to use kid game....
Game over 232 (2 days ago)
My eldest sister is the best at racing I'm more of an rpg mmo player
ALEX99X (3 days ago)
0:48 says peacfull While there's kids who rage a lot
marius siegen (3 days ago)
Kids play mature games too if they dont have overprotective parents
Real fake Pewdiepie (3 days ago)
Teacher - People who teach Programmers - People who write codes Youtubers - People who upload videos on Youtube Gamers - People who play games I don't understand why people don't get this simple idea.
Saucerimp Yt (3 days ago)
I have 69 friends and any body who hates us gamers can go f@#! there self
Death Dragon (3 days ago)
This video made my day thank you.
Glowing Papel (3 days ago)
Company? No, leave me alone.
Ignas S (4 days ago)
video games are for evryone !!!
Total Roblox (4 days ago)
I hate how they say games make you violent
CitricMantis 615 (4 days ago)
I have to deal with people saying I'm lazy for playing video games even though I make high grades in school and play an instrument and most of of the people I get that statement from get worse grades than me and they don't even want to play an instument
Ivan Ocegueda Garcia (4 days ago)
You make me want to die
Rapt0r Randomness (4 days ago)
NOT MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prestige Plays (4 days ago)
I smacked my brother because I lost a game of fortnite
Ryan Connors Jr (4 days ago)
I'm ten and I play M games and T and sometimes E but pretty much the only E game I'll ever play is minecraft
Dragon Lights (4 days ago)
My parents believe that online friends aren’t actually your friend. It makes me want to scream when they say that.
Craptrap Memes (4 days ago)
Daf does the thumbnail have anything to do with this
Toby ._.s (5 days ago)
most girls are rubbish
Oliver_Sanders (5 days ago)
I have over 1100 friend requests on roblox and 500 followers. Not to brag or anything...
Wohox (5 days ago)
2:00 my dad always told me that video games are making me stupid, but the reality is i got 3rd grade soooooo. He still doesn't belive me :'(
Samthesinger 456 (5 days ago)
People who say gaming is a waste of time only say it because they are really bad at gaming.
Michael Soho (5 days ago)
im a gamer i play clash o- ''gunshots''
Dangerous Owl (5 days ago)
im only 11 i play M rated games
Dangerous Owl (5 days ago)
Yo playing games makes money too
Young Wavy Davy (5 days ago)
If only this had a more appropriate thumb nail I would send it to my parents
Tired Eyes (6 days ago)
I'm a woman I play games People say I can't shoot in COD *Gets over 20 kills and get the final kill*
Clara Monica (6 days ago)
The only non-gamer in my family is my mom😂
The Coon (6 days ago)
I deal with this all the time
Random fire (7 days ago)
So emotional :')
Detective Bohobe (7 days ago)
Wonderful video!
Potato Bro (7 days ago)
America isn’t real!
sans w.d (7 days ago)
My teachers say Everything is art but anime and games aren't and I'm like wha
Rektdopesy the one (7 days ago)
i used too have stage fright video games *THATS WHERE YOUR WRONG KIDDO*
Michael Ovalle (7 days ago)
I hate when people say games are for kids, it's so stupid
Sean Gaming (8 days ago)
My grandpa thinks games and youtube make me stupid
Hrithik Gupta (8 days ago)
a lot of people told me they don't game anymore because they're not kids anymore, those motherfuckers were killing hookers in gta sa at age 12!!
Madison Myers (9 days ago)
To anyone who ever said video games aren't art, I don't mean to be too aggressive but, screw you. My dad is a video game scenic artist and you have no idea how much hard work and effort he puts in to create these beautiful virtual worlds. He is an amazing artist so don't you (anyone who ever said this) claim that what he does isn't art because let me assure you with all his brilliant creativity and hard work he puts into it, he is a true artist whether or not it is the typical medium you'd expect.
Madison Myers (9 days ago)
Also the game was mentioned in the video.
Madison Myers (9 days ago)
He designed levels on THE highest grossing game (I don't feel like mentioning it by name because he tells me not to because there are haters out there who get aggressive) and those levels are beautifully detailed (though I am not claiming they are the best and most detailed graphics ever seen but they are very good). I have seen him work from home and greatly admire how he makes sure to get in all the texture and chips in the walls and all the little details to make it as real as possible.
Flank.t4nk (9 days ago)
What was the thumbnail about
Vorticon Fury (9 days ago)
Gaming is my hobby and everyone says im addicted so i feel so trigerred when i hear that.
blue pixels (9 days ago)
Only reason I passed my ww2 test at school was because of call of duty ww2
CrazyCrezarak Arak (9 days ago)
R.i.p totalbiscuit
ABC (9 days ago)
my mom tells me this ALL the time. I'm glad im not the only one who think that these sterotypes are dumb
Ameer Rehman (9 days ago)
I hate it when a non gamer says video games are time wasters, and then proceed to watch 8 hours of a romantic drama
Dylan Calbayram (10 days ago)
Hate it when a noob fucking calls you a noob, it sucks
Carlos Danvers (10 days ago)
I totally agree with number 1. It so frustrating when People say that Video Games R just 4 kids
Totalyzerogaming (10 days ago)
F non-gamers and what they Think about us gamers
Totalyzerogaming (10 days ago)
Everyone thinks im stupid becuz I play alot of games WELL f you Hypocrites
Flaze07 (10 days ago)
I'll tell you something, snakes is easier to make than pong
Twisted Tempest (10 days ago)
3:56 Rip TotalBiscuit you shall be missed
Pro Vitamin (10 days ago)
I'm tired of the misconception that all gamers are out of shape virgins or premature ejaculators.
anonymous shedevil (10 days ago)
As a girl who plays games (not a gamer girl that sounds too professional Im just an rpg lover T^T) Imma just say that A. MARIO CART IS MY JAM B. Yes, I do suck. Im sorry C. GODDAMMIT IM NOT A MIDDLE AGED BALDING FAT MAN LYING ABOUT MY GENDER ON THE INTERNET ISTG YALL BE MESSED
Lorenzo Friz (10 days ago)
i don't understand why games are considered worse than social medias, once i was plaiyng on switch on the couch, while the rest of my family was watching tv, and my mom told me to turn it off because it was damaging my brain, she said that i should better watch tv with them! WTF
Turtle God (11 days ago)
So people telling me movies are better art than Video games... BUT A VIDEO GAME IS PRETTY MUCH A MOVIE YOU CAN *INTERACT WITH* *THINK*
SLOGY SLOGY (11 days ago)
I love this vid it makes me feel better about myself and reminds me not to listen to my non gaming elders
Agent Oklahoma (11 days ago)
Assassin’s creed has helped me learn history way better than school has, and my Xbox friends do funny shit on halo 5 forge and Minecraft
zeckmon3 zeckee (11 days ago)
SE in alpha tho. Nostalgia...
Zaid (11 days ago)
2:54 where is that random point in the Atlantic beside New Brunswick
I only watch these because they suk me off
Gerry Straatsma (12 days ago)
I know 4 computer languages lol
Ashley AMV (12 days ago)
I really really dont understand how people cant consider games arent art. Its the best form of art there is xD theres a reason the people who design the visiuals are called 'game artists'
Ashley AMV (12 days ago)
I have no friends
RogueSpartan 285 (12 days ago)
Dude I think you have made a job with videogames
RogueSpartan 285 (12 days ago)
I think some video games do make people violent, and i don't have any money to afford online memberships kn xbox so i dont really have any friends online
ashton matute (12 days ago)
well said bro. Bcs Games keeps all happy and helps us to reach out to someone who understand you online.)so nice bro
River (12 days ago)
Fix someone’s computer or phone for FREE? FUCK NO! I’m going to get paid if I go out of my way to fix your shit.
well a kid thought he was playing gta so he stole a car crashed it and got arrested a teen drives his car into a store
Grant Lauzon (13 days ago)
Games do make people violent. Have you seen a Hockey fight or Serena Williams destroy a tennis racket? I propose a law that ban all competition. No more Chess or NASCAR. No more infuriating, aggressive, stressful rounds of UNO.
Gaddiel Morales (13 days ago)
I hate how people always blame video games for terrorist attacks and shootings. If someone sees a shooter game like GTA and thinks "I wanna do that irl", then they are the ones who are ducked up, not the games.
Arrow Hutch (13 days ago)
Hell yeah I subscribed!!!!!!😁😁😁
Arrow Hutch (13 days ago)
I’m only in at 2:19 and I’m relating to this Whole thing🤯😱🤯😧
Dylan Rose (14 days ago)
Going back to what you said about having dodging cars like I have spidey sense. I’ve never crashed my car & I was born a gamer lol
Cryicoltic (14 days ago)
fighting games dont make kids agressive. they become agressive becouse their parents tell them to stop playing such games becouse they think it makes them agressive
Cryicoltic (14 days ago)
if you love doing your own hobbies irl them why stop people from doing their hobbies in ivw (in virtual world) its basically the same but ivw have more diffrent posibilities that irl cant offer like there has been brobably a time when you wished you could fly,then go to the vw (virtual world) there u can fly.
Azariah Joshuas (14 days ago)
This makes me feel good for a change
Tiny Pony - (14 days ago)
people that say playing video games is a waste of time, is simply because it's too hard for them to use their brain to deal with challenges/problems. just admit it.
Gabe L (14 days ago)
Final Fantasy has actually made me amazing at my English. You can suck it Mrs. Gladstone. My imagination has led me to music and I'm doing great at it.
Layne The Saiyan (14 days ago)
I'm told i have no friends bc i only play db games..
Lee Hong Jin (14 days ago)
3.5k non-gamers disliked! Send to gulag! BTW say hi to josef stalin 4 me ;)
ShxdyMew (14 days ago)
These are stereotypes that all us gamers relate with
Daniel Rausl (14 days ago)
Hes talking about stereotypes about how videogames are for kids and then says Minecraft is for kids... LOL... Hes proving stereotypes wrong and he IMMEDIATELY thinks of one... Its kinda like Anakin says in The Phantom Menace that no one can kill a jedi, and he slaughters most of them about 2 decades later...
Daniel Rausl (14 days ago)
The point is... MINECRAFT IS NOT FOR KIDS....
TheAbsol (14 days ago)
Today, rated E games are extreme aimed at everyone, and not just kids. ...Which is what it stands for.
plasticboi (15 days ago)
Can some1 make Turkish version of this video so I can show this to my dad
Electroll (15 days ago)
Me: (plays video games) Mom: get off the freakin computer its ruining ur brain Me: ugh fine 3 hrs later Me:(watches tv) Mom: get off the freakin couch and do something Me: fine.. 3 hrs later Me: (goes out with friends) Mom: ur going out too much, and ur spending too much money Me: srsly? Fine (Returns home and starts playing games) Mom: how many times did i tell u to get off the computer?? Go makes some friends. Get a new haircut. Get a girlfriend. Me : ;/
bed (15 days ago)
If you don't believe those charts saying 45% of gamers are women. It's probably just because half of those are middle aged women who play candy crush.

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