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Minecraft: 10 DROPPERS (Dumb and Dumber)

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Check this out! "SUPER MARIO HALLOWEEN ★ BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES MOD" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt_sdCW6LLY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Minecraft Adventure maps, survival, parkour and funny moments. Enjoy Dumb and Dumber Minecraft, whether it's vanilla or modded, including Minecraft Survival Maps, mini games, zombie battles and much more. YouAlwaysWin is the place to experience it all. Join our community and subscribe today! Have any suggestions for our Minecraft adventures, or would like to follow more closely which games we play? Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date: YouAlwaysWin - https://twitter.com/YouAlwaysWin GUNNS4HIRE - https://twitter.com/GUNNS4HIRE Meatwagon22 - https://twitter.com/meatwagon22 MAP DOWNLOAD, http://www.minecraftmaps.com/dropper-maps/10-droppers
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Text Comments (295)
Andrew Walk (1 day ago)
It's not the fall that kills you it's the sudden stop at the end.
Eric Storks (14 days ago)
Fall then heal then fall then heal
Andrew Walk (27 days ago)
Would anyone mind if I double numbers? 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192,16384,32768,65536,131072,262144,524288,1048576,2097152,4194304,8388608,16777216,33554432,67108864,134217728,268435456,536870912,1073741824,2147483648,4294967296,8589934592,17179869184,34359738368.
theunkown_ gaminglegend (2 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Rhett Halves (3 months ago)
Jordan Beach (3 months ago)
Matthew Gauthier (4 months ago)
This never gets old. Hilarious
Rainbowgirl (4 months ago)
Rip for headphone people 17:53
DRAGONSLAYER6 (4 months ago)
17:52 severe headphone warning
Tammy Cartwright (4 months ago)
Andres Pacheco (5 months ago)
Gunns should never play with you anymore
Everything siblings (5 months ago)
You have to regenerate when you fall
Becky Mosher (5 months ago)
take the corners
Becky Mosher (5 months ago)
Becky Mosher (5 months ago)
Becky Mosher (5 months ago)
hahhahhahahhahahahahahhahahhahaahahhahahahhahahha LOL LIKE THIS ONE
Becky Mosher (5 months ago)
brotherGUNNS he did cheat Meatius didn't
Becky Mosher (5 months ago)
he fell in the water he did survied
Guns is a cheater
Anthony Parsons (6 months ago)
Nothing has changed a bit from you guys
NO_SOUL_GAMER35 gg (7 months ago)
So cool
teody dela cruz (7 months ago)
I am so used to hearing the death sounds because they keep on dying.
teody dela cruz (7 months ago)
Anyone? 2018?
Brynn Lovee' (8 months ago)
Montae Woodford (9 months ago)
Best video ever
DemonWolfFire546 (9 months ago)
And Meaty sticks the landing first try in dropper 1 and 2 IN YOUR FACE GUNNS PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IN
Camron Rauls (9 months ago)
B Kellermann (9 months ago)
17:53 lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol
B Kellermann (9 months ago)
I'm going to make a dropper video out of this
B Kellermann (9 months ago)
B Kellermann (9 months ago)
What The Duice???
Awesomegamer 13 (9 months ago)
21:06 put that in your pipe and smoke it no TP for meaty
taxoshell 212 (9 months ago)
Headphone warning at 1:47
Pxe pro xp3 elite (9 months ago)
i have a youtube pxe pro xp3 elite
Alfredo Ramirez (9 months ago)
Max Jaszewski (10 months ago)
I like watching them do the dropper
Maya Rodgers (10 months ago)
Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
sarah thomas (10 months ago)
If Meaty would stop screaming I'VE GOT HEADPHONES ON!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh equals Meaty
Connor Mikinka (11 months ago)
that map was LoL a,k,a,
Freddy Fazbear (1 year ago)
my cousin and I love your videos signature
Wayne Blair (1 year ago)
love it
NICOLIA 426 (1 year ago)
Rip hed phone users
sarah thomas (10 months ago)
That's me then
Zombies For Me (1 year ago)
17:51 RIP ears
Zachary Brewer (1 year ago)
KSP Thanabus (1 year ago)
21:03 R.I.P Headphone Users
Lim Kee Chee (1 year ago)
popularmmos did level 8 effortlessly
Lim Kee Chee (1 year ago)
lol level 4 made me go bonkers
Fade Range (1 year ago)
Like the library dropper they did 2013 but less levels
zigmas81 (1 year ago)
Dajan Kubat (1 year ago)
go F1 to get rid of jour crus
Uncle-Gamer Martinx (1 year ago)
Great map Love it...
you were right
Dumer deals ulot
Aliyah I (1 year ago)
the dropper ery
ViperDemon 020 (1 year ago)
Level Two dessert...... it might be cheesecake
Fade Range (1 year ago)
Lucas Beltran I like... Cheecake
HM47 Miah (1 year ago)
brothermeaty don't push brothergunns in that's mean
Cohen Lyons (1 year ago)
Anyone watching this in 2023
Super man The bost (1 year ago)
The best youtubers ever
i like the part said u know what i heard 😝
Alex Wiedersberg (1 year ago)
maybe you can jump one and the heal drop another heal so on
Cameron Moore (1 year ago)
you should make a lot of videos and I LOVE your videos
MrBeeDay (1 year ago)
back when they were in next gen omg time has changed but they haven't one bit
Flipgirl 808 (1 year ago)
Meaty stop yelling on the mic 😆🎤
Alexis R (1 year ago)
CHEEKY MONKEY (1 year ago)
Mason Lehman (1 year ago)
Yaw is my favorite
Mine too
Alan Sutherland (1 year ago)
that's great guys
JacobTV OBrien (1 year ago)
the reason why black and whit was so hard is cuz some one said its as simple as black and white XD
Shelly Henry (1 year ago)
Hello isn't the only word you can say
Family Dozeman (1 year ago)
17 51 time
peteyhut jr (1 year ago)
Nika Zeragia (1 year ago)
you guis now Star Wars ?
killercoregaming 22 (1 year ago)
head phone warning plz
12:42 The Srruggle is REAL😂
SergentCow 375 (1 year ago)
I remember watching them in 2014. They are still the same
Scarlett Millson (1 year ago)
your you're really really really dumb
Milhouse Houten (1 year ago)
Kai Millson your dumb too
Rosario Polanco (1 year ago)
Oligarch Toad 4853 (1 year ago)
awsome work guys keep it up
Majesticwolf Lover (1 year ago)
I watched these guys back in 2009
Alfie Farrow (1 year ago)
Meaty hacked on the through the hole 1 because he hit the brick and then wen't on to the water and survived so U both cheated hahahhhahhahahb LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alfie Farrow (1 year ago)
Nice vid :) 😄😄😀😀😊😊 good vid and good job on that dropper
Joseph Lewis (1 year ago)
Head phone warning
axe killer (1 year ago)
yeah they could be the greatest they could be the best they could be the king Kong banging On their chest
Eugene (1 year ago)
axe killer your drunk go home.
Skullz the Amazing (1 year ago)
Dude wait til you hit the first layer wait til your gel regents and then repeat that
Murrell Kids (1 year ago)
In my PS3 Minecraft, I usually make up stories in Survival. Maybe you should do more stories ex: Without mods, cheats, or hacks.
Sarah Vonn (1 year ago)
Mr. NoName1234 (1 year ago)
At 1:48 R.I.P head phone users
Ash Official (1 year ago)
I watched u guys before u guys had 10k
Ash Official (1 year ago)
Omg this was the first ever Minecraft video I have every seen and it's was almost 5 years ago guys have grown so much!!
Ze UltraGamer (1 year ago)
never seen meatwagon that happpy all like WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Monica Sanchez (1 year ago)
Rip headphones users in the first level
Dark Spirit303 (1 year ago)
"That's not a good hole". - BrotherGUNNS -Oct,6 2016
Alfie Farrow (1 year ago)
Brotherguns is a cheater hahahahahahhahahahaa brother meaty won yay 😺😹😹😹😹😹😻😻😎😎😎😎😑😑🍒🍒🖕🖕🖕🖕brotherguns
Murrell Kids (1 year ago)
Alfie Farrow Cheating is wrong!
alex hoover (1 year ago)
speakers too
alex hoover (1 year ago)
rip ears
Killerpanda 975 (1 year ago)
The could of cheated on level 9
Phillip Gibson (1 year ago)
love you
GamingForYT (1 year ago)
Meatius remember F1
Michelle Pedere (2 years ago)
I like your video so much please make more
MrJJPATTO (2 years ago)
More minecraft from D&D
Emily Kirby (2 years ago)
Well done

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