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I show 3 good t rated viper world games for the 360!!
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AllowedMoney795 (8 months ago)
Not to be offensive but can you please show the front and back of the games thanks
DaFlyKiwizYT (1 year ago)
My dawg, do u have a table? I know it's been like 3 years....but you never know. You could be poor as FUCK
Gracen Shaw (1 year ago)
Look I no you were doing the best you can so great vid I will defiantly go check out those games keep up the great vids
king kion (1 year ago)
Yika Magika (1 year ago)
Wasting the whole day on games?!What an idiot.
colby stewart (1 year ago)
luv ur vids
The Purple Onion (1 year ago)
Your wierd!
PolarFTW (1 year ago)
The purple Onion Well You Make People Cry....
xXNebulaNinjaXx (2 years ago)
nice vid m8
Life Is Like A Podcast (2 years ago)
omer hamed (2 years ago)
Larry Kohut (2 years ago)
i think its e rated games that suck ass. cause most of them r sports games.
Gracen Shaw (1 year ago)
Hay he is doing the best he gots so give him a break
TrickyJawa (3 years ago)
i strongly reccomend bully
Aaron Stits (10 months ago)
"Are you inbred, or just naturally dumb?"
Exo scoPeZ (3 years ago)
i am the 10,000 view
Just Some Guy (3 years ago)
10,000th view
Alex Tumm (3 years ago)
i like assassins creed black flag
Yika Magika (1 year ago)
CR3ATOR 303 Fallout are the best.
Dr. Phil (3 years ago)
fuckin taint play sum real m rated gams no t rated gam is gud
king kion (1 year ago)
Dr. Phil what r doing watching this video i love your show
StoicSauce (2 years ago)
+Hugo Vlogs yeah if your parents are with you like mine always are it's fine. they always ask my parents if there first ever with the m rating. and I'm 12
Hugo Harington (3 years ago)
+jtechandmore You need to be atleast 17 to BUY m rated games on your own. Also stop bragging about how good your parents are. This is obviously a troll.
Impartial magic (3 years ago)
Wtf dude im sure hes not 18 and you should be at LEAST 18 to play rated m and if you can and youre not that old you have horrid parents
Max Carpenter (3 years ago)
And I don have aerospable parents my dad plays them first to see if the are OK or watches a trailer
MatthewIsTrash (3 years ago)
+Max Carpenter Irresponsible maybe?
Max Carpenter (3 years ago)
No they would end be M they are rated porley
Max Carpenter (3 years ago)
I am 9 and I can play M games I have skyrim and Assassincreed.
Jake Guy (8 months ago)
lol those are the least inappropriate m games
king kion (1 year ago)
Max Carpenter me and you are the same in video games
RyanCreations (1 year ago)
+Max Carpenter well you really shouldn't my parents allow me to only play T games because I'm 12 and in 3 days I'm 13.
Hyptic (2 years ago)
+Sir Whiskers III I feel your pain bro :(
Nathan Scahill (3 years ago)
Caleb (3 years ago)
you should of done wheelman
Little Skyy (3 years ago)
Arkham City is freaking amazing.. Jus' sayin.
Tom Holland (3 years ago)
An you do a vid on 12 rated games not t
Are u trolling. Cuz I cant tell
ASchnauzerCalledFredv2 (3 years ago)
Thanks so much
BraxtonBDK (4 years ago)
chrismas is coming up and i looking for games
Mitra dey (2 years ago)
+peyman akradi cool
peyman akradi (3 years ago)
Me too.
Penguincamp (4 years ago)
same :D
Jackey jax (4 years ago)
Mercinaries 2, skate 3, midnight club la
FILM on the RUN! (4 years ago)
I liked it I want a part 2

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