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SPYRO REIGNITED TRILOGY Remaster E3 2018 Gameplay Demo

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Text Comments (103)
Rigoberto McFarlane (3 months ago)
JTundra (3 months ago)
“Hes really excited to play this game” “So i cant headbutt the dogs right” Fuckin idiot. 7 year old me even played better than him lmfao
Ikonaka (3 months ago)
Bosman hype
Holly Van Hart (3 months ago)
😊 Thanks, can't wait to see you other videos! 💖 👏 🌟
Foxotic (3 months ago)
Guy playing just totally dissed the franchise - "I was a tough boy playing metal gear solid" , Doesn't even understand the general concept of platforming, interrupts the spokesperson.. Kiss my purple dragon ass
Tayzor Azul (3 months ago)
Gamer's Little Playground I suggest checking the difference between REMASTER and REMAKE. Remaster = Just better textures while still using the same engine. Remake = New engine, start from scratch. Fix your video title before you make a fool, out of you're self.
MageCaster24 (3 months ago)
Watching this, you'd think IGN is playing it lol
Kettz (3 months ago)
well shit, not bad at all. color me impressed tbh, this looks great.
Squanchmaster Squanch (3 months ago)
Bastards wont stop talking. Doesnt even let us hear da conversation between Spyro and dragon.
JoshhMarshh (3 months ago)
that was the most painful gameplay EVER. they did this with crash last year.. why do they get the worst players to showcase the game?!
Affliction66 6 (3 months ago)
I played the fuck out of metal gear solid/twisted metal 1234 and black
You Have No Choice (3 months ago)
Is the guy playing a meme yet? Poor thing.
Goron Gamer (3 months ago)
3:20 Tomorrow
xXSilentAgent47Xx (3 months ago)
4:27 I'm glad that he did interrupted/interrupt him because no one is interested about him being MGS "tough boy". They could've gave to someone who plays Spyro normally instead talking about his background that no one is interested to hear (unless the developers talk about the game).
Mark Koetsier (3 months ago)
You can't suck much worse than that guy, and the scarecrow boss still went down in 30 secs. D: Was hoping they would have ramped up the difficulty, even if just a little bit.
Digital Curse (3 months ago)
the person playing was one of the presenters from Gametrailers who went nuts at the SHENMUE 3 Trailer at SONY E3 a couple of years ago.
Midytheimp (3 months ago)
I love the little noise they added whenever you(Spyro) fall off the ledge. Brilliant!
Sunbreaker7 (3 months ago)
I don' want to be that guy who picks on someone being so bad at playing a game, but seriously, nothing turns me off for a new game than watching a person playing it so poorly. Good thing this is Spyro we are talking about, so I know the game will be awesome despite how little we got to see because of this person running the same section over and over again due to constant dying.
The Sandman (3 months ago)
I don't think the developers know the difference between remaster and remake.😒
The Sandman (3 months ago)
unwichtig You're right but,you would think them being the developers they would know the differences.
unwichtig (3 months ago)
why do people care so much 😒 we still know what they mean
Noxol101 (3 months ago)
Would LOVE the choice of turning the Dynamic Music off though. Copeland's original tracks sounded fine as is when fighting enemies. I fear that in levels like Treetops, the back and forth between the shifts in music will be annoying, especially for peeps like me who enjoyed the original tracks as is. Could just be something to get used to though so, not a huge complaint....the choice would be nice though.
Thobias Sandst (3 months ago)
As a selfproclaimed discofan. Did he just say the 21 night of september?
Buckeye Beezy (3 months ago)
Why in every preview for a game is the guy playing always completely clueless?
Toom (3 months ago)
Barely recognised tree tops soundtrack. The level itself looks good but I can't say I'm a fan of the audio.
Umi Ebon (3 months ago)
This gameplay is painful to watch. Why is it always someone who sucks that's on the stick?
Eric Cartman (3 months ago)
They changed the tree tops enemies a bit. Which is good in a way cause now we won't have to deal with easily offended PC police cry RASISMS. I was fearing that would happen with this level.
The Majestic Spider (3 months ago)
Maximus Powerz I concur. Ironic to the nth degree.
The Majestic Spider (3 months ago)
HoennMaster You mean like those Native American looking dudes? Fuck off, no one's gonna bitch about that. If they haven't for the Crash Remaster (first game), then they won't here. Jesus... lol
The Majestic Spider (3 months ago)
Wait what?? Why the hell would anyone complain about those in this level in this game? I feel like you losers are looking for any opportunity to start shit with the "PC" crowd. Lmfao
You Have No Choice (3 months ago)
What was supposed to be racist about it?? Perhaps if *you're* seeing it, *you're* the problem.
Richard Pucci (3 months ago)
Yes most gamers are NOT SJW's (naturally since games are destroyed by them). Unfortunately some of the game companies PR has bought into it, hence why you have the HUGE backlash by battlefield fans with what DICE did with BFV (aka social justice field 2)
Aurang (3 months ago)
1:50 look how spyro moves. That's so awesome. I'm so excited. They just need to increase that Bass some more
Juan Fumero (3 months ago)
The guy playing really sucks. He probably doesn't play platform games too much.
rootisroot (3 months ago)
He apparently had a large amount of input lag.
SNC2319 (3 months ago)
Like that guy who got stuck in Cuphead’s tutorial level.
Cameron Pearce (3 months ago)
I don't think really many people do nowadays..
Aurang (3 months ago)
J. Payne (3 months ago)
I wish it was that simple where us fans can clamor for something and they just do it. I got quite a few games I wish would comeback. Onimusha Syphon Filter X-Men Legends Legacy of Kain Sudeki
Dark Sonic Smash 2015 (3 months ago)
im sorry im gonna be the king of nitpicks of spyro i knew i had this feeling when any gameplay is shown..*Takes a deep breath* cinematic on spyro 1 after beating the boss? NO Should be when he frees the dragons form the crystal jail. The camera is to close to spyro and a little above, even when hes jumping when really it shouldn't be to close and to high. the wings would spread like the original. the way the camera is to near when he glides and the unnecessary effect when gliding and i dont like it that it looks like hes barley doing much for gliding animation much like the original. Spyro himself mostly the thickness he has is not something i want cause his head is a little bigger then that. THEY NEVER FIXED SPARKS WHO LOOKS LIKE A BUGS LIFE REJECT! they should have there own huds like spyro 1 changed to 2 and 3 not all games, should be back to the golden turning 3D slowly going around. This is a Remaster!, and remasters are suppose to look like the same form the original but up scaled not redesigned (and Toys For Bob should know this and yet they screwed up) PLEASE!...just please can we get some options to change graphics settings like I know MOTION BLUR is an issue and maybe other settings as well. (if a pc version please mod the crap out of this game for the better) not a fan of the sound effects of the gem and a gem with spark, like the volume but not the sound effect, it sound like it came form a matching game for ipad. really thats so fair i have about this game and really im scared for them to show 2 and 3 since its a difference, so hoping they wont do what crash n san trilogy did was copy and paste and just get rid of this, and if anything if they listen to us they delay it and fix alot of mistakes what fans want and not what this looks like league of legends looking world of spyro was in if a crossover (i dont hate league of legends im just saying thats what it looks like) Please agree with me if you think this list is something and if you had other things they wish the brought back like the originals let me know i wanna hear it.
KAT (3 months ago)
That was annoying to read..
First Order Stormtrooper (3 months ago)
Dark Sonic Smash 2015 It's not even a remaster, it's a remake ffs. If it was a remaster it would be exactly like the original but with better graphics. Did the dragons have hats in the original? No. Therefore, it's a REMAKE not a remaster.
Hayden Rucinski (3 months ago)
what the fuck kind of autistic bullshit did you just spew
chris journee (3 months ago)
My god just be happy we are getting this game...there is nothing wrong with it
TheStrangr (3 months ago)
I do agree that the camera is too close, however: On the note of Sparx, remember that this is Spyro 1. Go back and play that today and take note of Sparx's design in that game. We could chalk this up to Sparx's youth, as he is newborn in the first game. We'll have to wait and see what he looks like in 2 & 3 before judging. And secondly, this is NOT a remaster! This is a remake. Toys for Bob is building everything from scratch, and re-imagining it in a design of their choosing. You're spouting about "what fans want", but most of your complaints seem to be an issue of your personal preference.
Thunder 2.0 (3 months ago)
can't wait what a year to be a gamer
dmapp zoom (3 months ago)
Jeff Goldblum (3 months ago)
Has he played a videogame before? Does he realise you can turn the camera in videogames?
Texas Most Wanted (3 months ago)
The twisted metal trilogy should be remastered and Legend of Kain
Campa Jay (3 months ago)
Texas Most Wanted legacy of kain - that's a must
I NeedSomeNuggets (3 months ago)
They dodged the Nintendo Switch question...... *VERY INTERESTING*
Mason Graves (3 months ago)
I NeedSomeNuggets I'm betting it will probably announce it at Nintendo e3 video
Gamma (3 months ago)
I NeedSomeNuggets I thought the Switch version appeared on Nintendo's website
Milan Tique (3 months ago)
he doesnt move the camera as he moves spyro. that either tells me that the camera isnt on the joy stick or he doesnt usually play platform games. also it would of been nicer to have someone whos obsessed with spyro to play because the feed back would be better but maybe they just wanted someone to show off the game. idk seeing it is great. but idk how ill feel at the end. i may be one of those people that just wont feel the same. lol. but i am one of those people that love the really polygonal models. idk why lol
Milan Tique (3 months ago)
the bumpers were common for the camera among games back then. probably easier to program. but when there was nothing to compare it to, it wasnt that bad. now its awful lol
EternalDahaka (3 months ago)
I wonder if they'll still have options for the active and passive camera options.
TheStrangr (3 months ago)
Yes, the original games used L1-R1 for camera control. It wasn't optional. Unless I had some issue with my Dualshock 1 when I was younger, only the left stick was ever implemented.
Milan Tique (3 months ago)
yeah thats gona be sooooooo much better than the bumpers lol. well then i guess hes just not used to playing platformers.
Lance Medina (3 months ago)
Milan Tique watch at 4:44 you can see him use the right joy con to control the camera. Which is awesome!!!
I Hate Social Justice (3 months ago)
Just like Crash we have people who suck at playing the game. Why do you keep having people who suck at these games play them? Expert my fucking ass he obviously lied.
Skeletøn SB8 (3 months ago)
Next trilogy remaster should be DEAD SPACE please!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Eric Cartman (3 months ago)
SB TMS Its Medievil. Go look it up for proof.
TREJAN CRIGER (3 months ago)
He got real upset about the switch 😂
The Dragmire Empire (3 months ago)
He shut that shit down lol
Sketchy Madness (3 months ago)
TREJAN CRIGER lol he was OKAY! Real quick. Then he interrupted lol
Toya Brown (3 months ago)
gernand the great (3 months ago)
The next trilogy should be Sly Cooper
Aussiefan19 (3 months ago)
Thepianist126 (3 months ago)
Dude yes!
Dankina (3 months ago)
Jak and Dexter all 3.
dmapp zoom (3 months ago)
Even tho i have the trilogy on ps3 along with sly cooper 4 i honestly want sly five so bad. if they do put sly cooper trilogy on ps4 i would be happy, because people can experience one of my favorite gaming franchises.
luke4smith (3 months ago)
Gondola Sides (3 months ago)
tamenga88 (3 months ago)
HaloSalo (3 months ago)
Getting it!
Whoawtf (3 months ago)
Wow this is exactly what we want out of a Remaster *cough dark souls cough*
Neon Socks who the fuck cares about you
Gimini Salazar (3 months ago)
Aaron Martinez no I don't know this lame game so stop lying
The_Pedro (3 months ago)
I think you are confusing remaster and remake, let me explain :) The Spyro Reignited trilogy and Crash Bandicoot NSane trilogy are remakes, even tho Activision decided to call them remaster because they thought it would sell more copies (which is true, they sold more because remaster is a more friendly and less scary term than remake, but they lied). They are remakes because the original games were RE-MADE from zero, with almost nothing of the original code left, they just looked at the original games, studied them and tried to replicate them. Instead, the recent Dark Souls "Prepare to Die Again edition" is a remaster: they took the original game, all of it, with the original code, and technically improved it to make it reach 60 fps, improve the quality of the texture and fix online issues etc. So, you're comparing 2 different products that have nothing in common, saying that Spyro remake is better than Dark Souls remastered is nonsense: you can compare a remastered with another remastered, or a remake with another remake, but you can't compare a remake with a remastered. You could say you'd rather have Dark Souls redone instead of remastered, that's another thing and I would agree with you, but putting the thing like you did in your comment is wrong and misleading I'm sorry. Hope that this helped you understeand the difference between the two products :)
First Order Stormtrooper (3 months ago)
Aaron Martinez That joke went over your head...
Hayden Rucinski (3 months ago)
youre dumb
Alc King (3 months ago)
Feel bad for the guy playing 😂
Aurang (3 months ago)
Alc King The dude keeps saying Boss man and Interrupting Jeff and the Developer. You can tell by the End both hate this dumb youtuber.
Midytheimp (3 months ago)
He needs to go back and play the first game and anyone who wants to try the demo should go back and play the first game(those two levels) before live playing the demo. Save them the embarrassment xD
Aurang (3 months ago)
Alc King I don't I'm glad he was given shit
I Hate Social Justice (3 months ago)
Its his fault that he sucks at it so I don't feel bad for him.
Gabe newell (3 months ago)
Alc King Why?
Altiar Beezelbub (3 months ago)
Got my preorder on deck boy
trcsonic (3 months ago)
Since Crash will be in Smash Bros, i wish for Spyro too. Even If just an assist
DisneyTLK110 (3 months ago)
Nothing has been stated yet. Wether or not Crash will be in Smash, we'll just have to wait and see, it would be cool though! The same goes for Spyro.
Justin Tromba (3 months ago)
Beautiful! Cant wait

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