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Minecraft | The Ex-Communicated: Dragon Ball Z Mod | Ep.8 | Super Foxian!

2339 ratings | 86925 views
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Text Comments (159)
noahtehderp (10 months ago)
anyone watchin in 2k17? i remember dis series!
TheNoob (1 year ago)
New Year same me
Matt Manguiat (1 year ago)
i like the music
Yourboy Tahj (3 years ago)
that fucking song is to funny
Yousef Abdallah (3 years ago)
Plz do more
mymoca100 (3 years ago)
Tangamations (4 years ago)
Go to snake way so you can learn the spirit bomb and kaiokane
Nhia Alberts (4 years ago)
dude u can only kill those golems with pickaxes                       IDIOT
Puppyy Loverr (4 years ago)
I laughed so hard when you said i'm dyin-- OH DINOSAURR!!
James Barnes (4 years ago)
Steve Harvey (1 year ago)
James Barnes same
I shi7 bricks (4 years ago)
Holy shit while Nova was singing the soundtrack i was eating noodles and i laughed so hard they came out of my nose. Too bad they were spicy and now it burns like a mofo. :(
Starry island (4 years ago)
Kaleb Pyle (4 years ago)
Seamus is so quiet but when he says something it's funny.
mjmonkeys (4 years ago)
That was AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scoops 8 Pancakes (4 years ago)
Finger Beam is a stronger version of dodon ray
purejshots1 (4 years ago)
Seamus isn't talking much.
Jh (4 years ago)
Aww man, in Finland there is no DBZ coming on a regular basis... atleast I havent seen any, in all my 13 years. Have I missed alot of my childhood? I mean if I have missed, then give me the link to watch it like a bro and Ill go have a marathon ;-)
EvilMyselfVG (4 years ago)
just search on google it's not that hard
bluewolf1202 (4 years ago)
Sly can u make a back story for next video I have some good lines here that go: I was just a little boy about 10 they we're training me to be the strongest foxian there ever was but my power didn't have effect yet so they disowned me and for years I traveled and i found some friends a cookie sayin and a boo sayin and together we make the strangest team in the world How was that be free to change it if u want message me for more back story's thx
Marcus Ng (4 years ago)
Should they fight each other ?
EpicMelons (4 years ago)
Sly your power is over 9000
EpicMelons (4 years ago)
I like your videos :)
Xxskyfox (4 years ago)
Sly just take raditzs pod
FoxTheKid1 (4 years ago)
Dododododo super shit
Vaunt (4 years ago)
UK dud is the best dud ever
guardian g (4 years ago)
Just as a future reference buu is actually of the majin breed.
Vaunt (4 years ago)
What version is this?
Vaunt (4 years ago)
Budokai 3, come on, do it
FlamenWolf (4 years ago)
Someone give me the name of the song Nova was singing. It's on the tip of my tongue...
Deathking97 (3 years ago)
vegeta super sayian theme
ToS Productions (4 years ago)
There should be a Naruto mod too. There's Pokemon, and Dragonball. WE FUCKING NEED A NARUTO MOD! :D
Carlo Fuego (4 years ago)
there is 1
Dylan Feiling (4 years ago)
one exists!
Caveman Jim (4 years ago)
Love dis shit
Dylan Garrou (4 years ago)
What happend to daily
Matthew Tate (4 years ago)
SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 (4 years ago)
Sly, in the description show which update of the mod you guys use.
Plz do the saga sly
SwordsmanMike (4 years ago)
Dat FOV tho
mikesky 64 (4 years ago)
More kataw
omgbubbz (4 years ago)
Play some Pixel Piracy...its fun!
Jeremy Gomez (4 years ago)
The Dragon Ball is at your flying house the first house you made
Aѕнℓєу Garcια (4 years ago)
Wth XD
Cubarno (4 years ago)
Could we have Steven instead of Seamus. Sorry, but he seems so depressed all the time.
Jordan Adkins (4 years ago)
You can get on by beating Ratax I thank that's how you spell it
David Cruz (4 years ago)
I don't get how killing Saybaman leads to Raditz. Shouldn't it be Raditz and then the Saybamen, according to the Saiyan saga storyline I mean ?
Frost (4 years ago)
Tape down c :)
Angus (4 years ago)
you guys are the worst super saiyans...
Smalltownboy673 (4 years ago)
What happened to Katawa Shoujo sly? You posted on twitter that there would be a new one this weekend. Is it cancelled? :O
Gevo Kinevo (4 years ago)
Can you make your item slots bigger and your menu slots bigger because I wanna know what's being pick or whatever and on my phone there's barely any room to actually see/view it. This would make watching your amazing videos even more awesome. Please trust me...I cry everytime. Lol please and thank you. Sly you're the best.
Vince778 (4 years ago)
When u fight raditz he will have a space pod cuz that how he comes to earth
Mr.Electronics 101 (4 years ago)
Like the under me sly if you love us post this series as soon as possible
Mr.Electronics 101 (4 years ago)
Nate Muller (4 years ago)
After you kill raditz you can take his pod and I think scouter
Kelly Coleman Jr. (4 years ago)
Dammit sly what happened to minecraft marriage
Brian Wells (4 years ago)
I think he dropped the senzu bean...
unplannedgamer (4 years ago)
I realize the dragon ball light up
Mikey Vesce (4 years ago)
Love these vids
KittyWell (4 years ago)
This series makes me want to watch DBZ again C:
Joy Rawlins (4 years ago)
Me too!!!
Braden Hutchins (4 years ago)
-Croutons- (4 years ago)
the other dragon ball is on top of the community chest sly \
TLG Kaden (4 years ago)
What version are you playing on? How come mine is different?
Ernesto Rubio (4 years ago)
I hate Slys FOV
KittyWell (4 years ago)
What does the Foxian say?
harriet drake (4 years ago)
I was the 302 view!
DarkDareDevil123 (4 years ago)
Sly, Raditz Gives A Free Pod.
Sunflower Bed (4 years ago)
Keep inventory mod! And get hairstyles
TerribleTitan (4 years ago)
Sly you cam steal raditz ship to go to namik and he drops a scouter!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Bro (4 years ago)
they need the health indicator mod the one they used for daily
bridget turner (4 years ago)
sly do more minecraft marriage plz :3
Jordan Sttaten (4 years ago)
Sky you should get that hats mod and use the super sayian hair hat
EvilMyselfVG (4 years ago)
well they also could've used the hair which comes with the mod I guess they dont want hair
thebboy102 (4 years ago)
stop hating bro
Jordan Sttaten (4 years ago)
+thebboy102 Nazi
thebboy102 (4 years ago)
Blazing Chimp (4 years ago)
what version are you guys using... because when i download the "latest" one it doesnt look like yours D: 
Pedro (4 years ago)
Y'all Should make a Z swords 
Xirdneh (4 years ago)
i like how they become super saiyan before even fighting radits xD
dont update it the update sucks
Hunter Boston (4 years ago)
#xxslyfoxhoundxx   make this a technicpack modpack
Pedro (4 years ago)
you should change you skin like to goku or gohans or gotens outfit
Drake Blaster (4 years ago)
Make the videos larger plz!
javier neri (4 years ago)
Katana shoujo pleas
MCCW (4 years ago)
jim murphy you have to get a hair style other wise your powers don't work and sly the red bar is your dragon block c heath when 0 it takes you minecraft heath
erbebo03 (4 years ago)
what do the beans do?
Dontrell Turner (4 years ago)
ha james doing vegeta's transformation theme 
Tobias (4 years ago)
Get hair style
Randomchallenger (4 years ago)
Another episode of nothing
MelBunny (4 years ago)
*Avatar the last airbender mod* its awesome. Its nothing the bending in the movie(Thank god) its a really cool and fun mod for multiplayer. Try it. You wont regret.
Magearna (4 years ago)
Fucking Nova doing the Super Saiyan Vegeta theme XD
YoungMafiaBoy (4 years ago)
BlazefireX (4 years ago)
More more more!!!! I can't get enough and no else but you people are doing it right now and my minecraft don't work so please post as much as posable please!!??!!?!?!
Gopal Gianchandani (4 years ago)
WOW, Sly i love jacking off to your videos because they are so damn good!
TheLordRoberto (4 years ago)
What happened to minecraft marriage
Medua (4 years ago)
Fuck this mod
Brandi Dean (4 years ago)
I was the 253 person to like the video
Cole McEgg (4 years ago)
Brandless (4 years ago)
Where's katawa shoujo sly I need it
Fox Guy (4 years ago)
I'm loving the Dragon Block C ex-com series! I really hope this doesn't loses steam for all of y'all. Because it is so entertaining seeing you guys freak out and getting hyped with the new things y'all discover. And I hope it'll appear in the Technic mod packs, I don't want to go through the process of installing it manually... Unless there are people who know that it's in there, I would like to know.
Tactical Custard (4 years ago)
Katana shoujo
Tactical Custard (4 years ago)
hero 911 (4 years ago)
put on caps lock charg
Reformed Teemo (4 years ago)
sly can u do pixlemon more
Wat (4 years ago)
seamus is either not into this or still depressed
Wat (4 years ago)
+Cyntistic sorry I am in the middle of my six days in row 14 hour long shift. its hard to make myself respond random poeple on youtube in my spare time but my main reason is that I dont want to start fighting with anyone if I bring this up. its nothing secret. you know about it too but you probably wouldnt base your opinion on that as I do. just forget about this
Cyntistic (4 years ago)
*As we set our adventures onward these two strangers came to an understanding and set their journey's onward without looking back, tears fill their eyes but not a single word was spoken... and they never heard from eacother again*
candude (4 years ago)
+MrJackoash9 all of niceness *teary eyed* 
MrJackoash9 (4 years ago)
oh my bad... you continue with your life as you would have if I wasn't stupid :D  
Cyntistic (4 years ago)
Srry i was talking to MilesProwerTails :P was just asking a simple question
Perceus TJasianpower (4 years ago)
Go get some hair in your favorite color and change into super sayian because it spikes up and looks cool
WhiteThorn (4 years ago)
I really like this series =D
Jody McNiel (4 years ago)
Best series I've seen In a while!!!
VladOx (4 years ago)
Love that opening xD nostalgia
Kevon Hilton (4 years ago)
you can wish for chips from the dragon
Johnny Hows (4 years ago)
this has inspired me to watch dragon ball z
Kevon Hilton (4 years ago)
you can get the space pod from radiz vegta nappa
adrian amezquita (4 years ago)
Use a pickaxe to hurt the big guy

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